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Project Manager Resume Profile


Formerly, a Senior Principal Consultant with middle-tier system integrator, team member and major contributor on 12 PeopleSoft implementations HCM, CRM, EPM and FSM. An analytical, disciplined, productive and accomplished Project Manager / Senior Technical Architect / System Integrator / Oracle PeopleSoft DBA with extensive experience in Project Management and infrastructure. Performed major tools and application upgrade. Experience includes PeopleSoft versions 5.0X through 9.0. Industry experience includes Education, Non-Profit, Retail Banking, Health Care, Telecommunications Services, Media and Pharmaceuticals. Seasoned Oracle Database Administrator, business process innovator and systems integrator with extensive hands-on experience and project management experience across the full IT systems life cycle encompassing visioning, planning, execution and support. Proven track record in ERP PeopleSoft , CRM Siebel , OSS TBS , Telecom Billing Billplex and in-house development initiatives.


  • Hardware: Sun-Fire-V445, Netra-T12, Sun-Fire-V240, Sun-Fire-480R,ULTRA Enterprise E4000/E3000/E4500, E10K, SPARCserver-1000E, SPARCUltra2, Sun RSM2000 Disk Arrays, IBM/RS6000, DLT Tape Storage devices from Legato, 8mm Tape Storage Libraries
  • Operating Systems: Solaris 6.x, HP UNIX, IBM/AIX, MS-DOS UNIX AIX 5.x / 4.3.x / 4.2.x, UNIX SVR3.2 and SVR4, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux 6.x,7.x,8.x, Windows NT/95/98/XP, Windows 2000 Server, OS/2, VAX/VMS, MVS/XA , NETWARE 4.1/5.x
  • ERP: PeopleSoft EPM, PeopleSoft Financials V9.0/V8.x/V7.x/V6.x, PeopleSoft HCM, Payroll, Benefits, T L V9.0/V8.x/V7.x/V6.x, CRM 8.0, Oracle Financials 10.7
  • Data Archiving Tools: IBM Optim
  • Data Privacy Tool: IBM Optim
  • Languages: PeopleTools V8.49/V7.x/V 6.x, PeopleCode, Application Engine, HTML, Javascript, Sql Plus, PL/SQL
  • RDBMS: Oracle 10G and lower, MS SQL Server 2000, and Microsoft Access2000
  • Tools: TOAD 8.0, Oracle Enterprise Manager, Platinum DB Vision, Microsoft SQL server Enterprise Manager, Desktop DBA, SQLSPY, SQLLAB.
  • DB Monitoring Tools Quest Monitoring Suite - Foglight, SpotLight, SQL Xpert, Space
  • Manager,SQLab, TSReorg, Enterprise Manager, Source Safe
  • Middleware: Bea Tuxedo/Jolt, Cognos, ODBC,LDAP, Oracle Application server, PeopleSoft
  • Application Messaging, Mercator
  • WebServers: IBM WebSphere 6.0, BEA WebLogic, Apache, IIS, PWS
  • Reporting Distribution Tools: Brio, Cognos, Convoy, Crystal, SQR
  • Version Control Software: PVCS, Quest STAT
  • Job Schedulers: Tivoli Maestro, Autosys
  • Project Management: Plainview, MS Project
  • OSS: Telecom Business Solution
  • Connectors: Vitria/Siebel
  • Telco Billing: Daleen-Billplex
  • CRM: Siebel eCommunication 99.6/2000



Manager IT

  • Led E9.0 upgrade, deployed into production in January 2012
  • Managed CNC administrators project plans and tasks list
  • Installed and configured Weblogic 11g, SOA and BSSV
  • Provided backup for primary CNC administrator
  • Conducted status meeting and compiled status reports for stake holders during upgrade
  • Liaison between infrastructure service provider, Database Management service group in getting tasks done as scheduled in the upgrade plan
  • Technical lead for the upgrade

Senior Systems Architect

Environment: Oracle 10G, Financials 9.0, HCM 8.8, CRM 8.9, PeopeTools 8.51/8.49/8.47/8.44

Websphere 5.1/6.0 Tuxedo 8.0/9.0

  • Installed and configured IBM Optim application for PeopleSoft Financials archiving
  • Installed and configured IBM Optim application for HCM Data Privacy
  • Technical Lead for PeopleSoft Financials upgrade from 8.4 to 9.0
  • Leading 3 other administers in the group
  • Performed SQL tuning of Application Engine data conversion scripts, fine-tuned the Change Assistant steps.
  • Supported upgrade team in troubleshooting PeopleCode, Security, including all general upgrade issues
  • Lead the Test Moves to Production and the Move to Production
  • Tools upgrade from 8.44.16 to 8.47.15
  • Applying Tax updates to HCM Databases
  • Lead PeopleSoft Financials Archiving project
  • Deploy PeopleSoft releases into production on a quarterly basis
  • Configuring new PeopleSoft environments
  • Providing leadership for PeopleSoft Infrastructure, Engineering and Operate and Maintain groups
  • Established PeopleSoft Software Migration group to operate and maintain, deployment of FDM/HCM/EPM/CRM software changes
  • Install/Upgrade configure nTier PeopleSoft environments
  • Responsible for administering 18 Oracle/PeopleSoft Environments QA, Stage, Training, Production
  • Support System testing, Stress testing effort
  • Performed capacity planning for creating production databases
  • Administered Performance testing with a user base of 5000
  • Working with Application Testers to tune long running processes
  • Responsible for implementing Change Control Management and Migration procedures


PeopleSoft Architect/DBA, HR, Benefits, Payroll

Environment: Windows 2000, Oracle 8.17, PeopeTools 8.18, Weblogic 5.1.0, Tuxedo

  • Responsible for administering 10 Oracle databases Demo, Development, Quality Assurance, Test, Production for PeopleSoft HRMS
  • Created infrastructure strategy, Database Capacity Planning.
  • Administered Performance Testing
  • Prepared test bed for performance testing
  • Executed performance testing on HR and Payroll modules with a user population of 200
  • Configured and administered Stress Test
  • Developed Instance strategy, application standards, implementing customizations, identified interfaces and bridges.
  • Responsible for implementing Change Control Management and Migration


Project Manager/Oracle DBA, PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS upgrade Project

Environment: Windows 2000, Oracle 8.17, PeopeTools 8.18, Weblogic 5.1.0, Tuxedo

  • Managed a Team of 10 Consultants and 5 client employees to upgrade PeopleSoft Financials 7.51 to 8.0 SP3, EPM and Upgrade HRMS 7.52 to 8.3
  • Installed and Configured PeopleSoft Financials 8.0, HRMS 8.3
  • Responsible for internal and external audit of the project
  • Provided a Data archiving strategy for archiving GL AP transaction data
  • Managed Financials and HRMS upgrade Project Plan
  • Allocated resources and assigned tasks
  • Conducted Status Meetings, Steering committee meetings to update status of the project
  • Worked along with DBA's in running upgrade assistant tasks
  • Created different databases required for upgrade
  • Performed capacity planning for building out production environment
  • Performed extensive performance tuning post upgrade Web Server, Database, Application
  • Installed and configured Financials 8 SP 3 and HRMS 8.3 applications and Demo databases
  • Established Changed Control, System Testing, Patch applying Policy, Software Configuring Management procedures


Enterprise Systems DBA

Systems include PeopleSoft HR/Financials Version 8.0, CRM, Siebel e-Communication Version 2000, TBS, Vitria, and Billplex

  • Responsible for enterprise Oracle Databases and Application administration with the goal of satisfying the information requirements of the organization. Specifically tasked with:
  • Upgrade PeopleSoft HRMS/Financials from Version 7.51, 7.52 to Version 8.0 Service Pack 1 using upgrade assistant.
  • Implemented archiving solutions for archiving GL and Asset Management data
  • Planned and managed upgrade project plans which included assessment, construction and deployment.
  • Installed and configured PeopleSoft 7.5/8.0 Financials and HRMS 7.5/8.0 using the PeopleSoft Physical 3-tier architecture. Currently supporting 10 PeopleSoft databases. Installation, configuration and maintenance of client, middle tier and back end components of PeopleSoft application.
  • Sizing and configuration of Sun E4500 Servers with A1000 storage arrays for PeopleSoft, Billplex, TBS applications.
  • Installed and Configured PeopleSoft CRM and performed package evaluation
  • Performed Fit/Gap analysis for PeopleSoft CRM and presented the findings to evaluation committee
  • Managing ESPs and subcontracted resources.
  • Assisting in defining Onsite Access's enterprise systems architecture to enable the full Telco supply chain across product development, order fulfillment, provisioning, billing and customer service. eCRM/Commerce, CRM, OSS, BI and ERP .
  • Interact with PeopleSoft Global Support Center GSC to resolve problems, research and download patches from PeopleSoft site and apply patches, test and migrate to production.
  • Perform data conversion, data loads and customized development work changes to delivered PeopleSoft panels, records, etc. as new PeopleSoft modules are implemented. Perform minor and major application and PeopleTools upgrades.
  • Perform database administration tasks for the Oracle relational database management system RDBMS : define, create, and maintain Oracle databases, establish and maintain database backup and recovery procedures to support point-in-time recovery, migrate and refresh databases between the development and production environments, support the use of database import/export and load utilities.
  • Responsible for setting up web servers for accessing the PeopleSoft HRMS and Financial databases using the web browser.
  • Tune and troubleshoot application issues related to JOLT
  • Install and configure Siebel eCommunication software. Provided support in upgrading Siebel Communications 99.6 to Siebel eCommunications 2000.
  • Installed Application Siebel servers, mobile and thin client installations. Mobile client Database extraction, synchronization.
  • Performed data loads using EIM and SQL loader.
  • Installed and configured Daleen Billplex, OSS-Telecom Business Solution TBS software
  • Administered Performance Testing, created test bed, documented results
  • Administering Development/Test/Production TBS and Billplex database.
  • Provide support in integrating of all application components, new and legacy, across Onsite Access's systems environment via Vitria's EAI middleware platform as well as point-to-point batch interfaces.


Senior Principal Consultant

Consulting Assignments with Technology Solutions Company


Position: Oracle DBA and PeopleSoft Technical Specialist

PeopleSoft HRMS 7.0 Three Tier, Base Benefits, ADP Payroll Interface 5000 Employees

  • As a Technical Team Lead successfully implemented PeopleSoft HRMS 7.0 and migrated Oracle Databases from 7.3.4 to 8.0.5 on SUN E10K.
  • Created infrastructure, capacity planning for production databases
  • Creation and Maintenance of multiple development environments for Design and Construction stages
  • Ongoing administration of development environments, including object migration, updates / patches / fixes, and security
  • Performed Stress Test for PeopleSoft Payroll
  • Presented a Archiving Strategy for archiving Personal, Job and Employment data
  • Managed technical resources for data conversion and PeopleSoft modifications.
  • Database maintenance through PeopleSoft tools DDDAUDIT SYSAUDIT etc
  • Database growth forecasting and capacity planning using sizing scripts and PeopleSoft tools.
  • Database performance monitoring, tuning and error analysis using Trace PeopleSoft Logs
  • Provide Systems Development group with expertise on PeopleSoft's logical database configuration
  • Designed, Developed and implemented the database backup and recovery procedures and scripts
  • Created and maintained multiple databases Demo, Development, Integration, System Test and Production
  • Administer Oracle Application 10.7 GL, PO, AP, INV, PAS FA databases. Refreshed QA databases with Production on a regular basis. Applied Oracle patches to correct application abnormalities.


Position: Oracle DBA and PeopleSoft Implementation Specialist

PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS Three tier and Marcam Avantis and Protean implementation.

Oracle 7.3 on Microsoft NT 4.5

  • Responsible for administering 20 Oracle databases Demo, Development, Quality Assurance, Test, Production for PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS, Marcam Protean and Avantis
  • Developed Instance strategy, application standards, implementing customizations, identified interfaces and bridges.
  • Responsible for implementing Change Control Management and Migration
  • Coordinated with infrastructure teams at various global sites
  • Managed and trained 3 clients DBA's using techniques like DBA mentoring program and PeopleSoft implementation methodology.
  • Performed capacity planning for PeopleSoft and Marcam databases
  • Developed procedures for applying PeopleSoft patches and Marcam Application upgrades
  • Setup and Administration of Marcam and PeopleSoft Integration LIMs, CIMs, MTP


Position: PeopleSoft Technical Architect

PeopleSoft Financials 7.0

Oracle 8.0.5

  • PeopleSoft Financials 7.0 installation and Configuration on Solaris
  • Global implementation of Financials Europe, US and Asia Pacific
  • Managed four resources and mentored client DBA's
  • Worked closely with Infrastructure group in configuring servers in global sites
  • Implemented Database Instance strategy, development Standards and Novell Application Launcher as part of change control and migration procedures.
  • Applied monthly rollup patches for AP and GL


Position: Lead Oracle Database Administrator, Team member for infrastructure setup to implement PeopleSoft.

PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS V6.0 implementation.

Oracle 7.3 on SUN Solaris 2.5 and SUN E4000 with RSM 2000 storage arrays.

  • Responsible for supporting 10 databases ranging from sizes 3 GB to 81 GB on a 24x7 schedule.
  • Trained and supervised four Oracle DBA's and two Unix Administrators.
  • Responsible for training Desktop Support staff in PeopleSoft workstation setup, Oracle SQL Net installation and configuration for fat and thin clients.
  • Performed requirement analysis, capacity planning and recommended database server farms. Configured and setup Oracle Database Server farms. Created and administered Demo, Development, Quality Assurance, Testing and Training databases for Financials/HRMS.
  • Installed and Configured PeopleSoft Financials/HRMS 6.0 application software
  • Designed Developed and Implemented Instance Strategy and migration strategy along with secured access using Novell Application Launcher for all the different PeopleSoft databases.
  • Designed Developed and Implemented Development Standards, Naming conventions and templates for Conversion, Interface, Reports, Workflow and other PeopleSoft development. Defined and implemented change control management.
  • Managed all database objects including tables, views, indexes, constraints, etc. Provided Oracle Server Manger and SQL training to developers and DBAs.
  • Fine tuned Oracle database parameters and assisted developers to debug/tune SQL statements.
  • Designed high availability failover plans and off-site disaster recovery plans based on the requirements.
  • Configuration and Setup of Oracle Tools like Oracle Enterprise Manager and Performance Pack
  • Enforced and ensured data and Oracle database security
  • Maintained PeopleSoft application integrity using PeopleTools Data Designer, Panel Designer, Menu Designer, Security Administrator


Position: Technical Consultant and Oracle Database Administrator

PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation.

SUN Solaris 2.5 on SUN ULTRA Enterprise E4000, Oracle 7.0 with PeopleSoft Financials 5.0

  • Defined technical tasks and infrastructure including the number of databases PeopleSoft and database security, test data creation, backup/restore procedures, process execution, daily support, and migration plans.
  • Installed HRMS 5.0 software. Mentored client DBAs on creating, maintaining Oracle databases, and administering PeopleSoft applications. Upgraded HRMS/tools 5.0 - 5.1 - 5.12.
  • Tuned system performance. Performed fit analysis business processes, reporting requirements, and interface requirements . Defined conversion strategy and wrote conversion programs specifications.
  • Customized records, panels, menus, and queries. Defined and managed change control and migration. Defined testing methods and conducted system integration testing.


Position: Technical Team Member and DBA

PeopleSoft HRMS Implementation.

IBM/AIX on RISC6000, Oracle 7.0 with PeopleSoft Financials V4.0, 5.12

  • Installed and Upgraded PeopleSoft HRMS, upgraded from application version 4.0 5.1.
  • Installed and configured SQL Net V2.1
  • Identified storage requirements, prepared file server, installed a PeopleSoft demo database, system database and prepared batch environment.
  • PeopleSoft HRMS upgrade, prepared the database for upgrade, upgraded the PeopleSoft database, compared application data tables, altered and loaded tables, modified PeopleSoft reports and interfaces, developed test procedures, and tested the database/reports/interfaces.


Position: Oracle DBA

PeopleSoft Financials AR/GL

IBM/AIX on IBM RISC/6000, Oracle 7.0 with PeopleSoft Financials 5.0

  • Mentored in-house Oracle database administrators on administering PeopleSoft Accounts Receivable and General Ledger applications.
  • Oracle Installation and Database configuration
  • Database backup and recovery Procedures
  • Configuration management and change control
  • Database and PeopleSoft application security
  • Acceptance and volume testing
  • Administering databases and user support
  • Database and application performance tuning.


Position: Technical Team Member

Compensation Application, and a Pilot Customer Profile Application

SunOS 5.3 on SUN SPARC 2000 with Oracle 7.0

  • Reengineered and designed Field Force Compensation System.
  • Performed capacity planning. Created, modified and maintained primary database storage structures
  • Tuned the PL/SQL code.
  • Controlled and monitored user access to the database.
  • Monitored and optimized the performance of the database.
  • Participated in performance tuning, unit testing, module testing, user acceptance and training.
  • Involved in formulating database backup and recovery policies and procedures.
  • Developed over 35 on-line inquiry and data entry forms in SQL Forms 3.0.
  • Developed stored procedures and database triggers for on-line application.
  • Loaded Physician, Prescriber, and Hospital data using SQL Loader.
  • Created and maintained over 30 views.
  • Downloaded data through views using MS Access by connecting to Oracle Database via ODBC.

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