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Implementation Coordinator Resume

Profie Bloomington, IL


As represented in this resume, my experience and skill sets in Information Technology extend across a variety of industries, were obtained at venerated companies that hold rigorous standards, and includes progressive roles and responsibilities. At no time have I failed to deliver a quality product/service on-time, within budget, and to-specifications, despite changes in employers, changes in industries, employment gaps, or deficiencies in my academic credentials. My career in Information Technology started with a long gap between my initial studies and employment in the field, but this did not deter my success. My career in Information Technology was primarily accomplished while possessing merely a diploma from a technical school, but this did not deter my progress. In fact, I would submit that my success, juxtaposed with these factors, merely highlights my aptitude, commitment, and passion. My current employment gap is a reflection of, and coincides with, the economic crisis that began in 2008. However, I've utilized this time to address my academic credentials, and my studies have been aligned with, and subsequently augment, my expertise in Information Technology.


  • SDLC 15 years Software Development and Software Development Management.
  • CM 16 years release/maintenance implementation Change Management.
  • ITIL 10 years software development and infrastructure Incident/Problem management.
  • PM 8 years software development and infrastructure Project Management.
  • BC 7 years service level agreement and disaster recovery Business Continuity.

Skills/Tools Overview:

  • Management Resource management hiring, mentoring, assigning, evaluating, terminating staff , software development management SDLC , project management PMBOK , implementation/release management, business continuity, incident/problem/change management ITIL , budget management.
  • Operating systems MS-DOS, Windows, Unix, Solaris
  • Database/SQL dBASE, FoxBASE, Sybase, Oracle
  • Methodologies Waterfall, Agile RUP
  • Standards SS7, DMH, ANSI
  • Programming dBASE, FoxBASE, EDI, SQL, C, C , HTML, Perl
  • Managed Services Remedy Help Desk, Remedy Change Management, NewScale Request Center, HP Service Manager
  • Microsoft Office suite MS Project, Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Outlook, Lync



Implementation Coordinator

  • As an implementation coordinator, I was responsible for implementation activities involved with CUCILync Cisco Unified Communication softphone implementation projects within the Enterprise Telecomm group.
  • Release Management
  • Accountable for implementation of upgrades and installation of softphone activities at various agency sites.
  • Change Management
  • Accountable for creation, monitoring, and completion of HP Service Manager change requests.
  • Significant Accomplishments
  • Successfully deployed CUCiLync softphone solution to approximately 10 locations throughout the United States.
  • Skills/Tools
  • Word, Excel, Outlook, Lync, Visio, HP Service Manager, and Lotus Notes


Project Manager

As a project manager, I was responsible for supporting AT T U-verse enterprise network performance and monitoring applications.

Project Management

  • Develop, maintain, and execute project schedule
  • Develop estimates and monitor project budget
  • Develop, gain sign-off, and control documentation
  • Develop and execute communication plan
  • Identify risk and develop mitigation plans

Significant Accomplishments

  • Successfully managed up to 12 concurrent projects of varying complexity.


  • Word, Excel, and Outlook


Software Developer

Resource Management

  • Hire, mentor, assign, evaluate, and when necessary terminate on-site/off-site/off-shore staff of employee/contractor developers, functional/business analysts, and system/database administrators
  • Direct reports 6 software developers, 1 business analyst, 1 functional analyst
  • Indirect reports 2 database administrators, 2 system administrators
  • Monitoring, purchasing, and maintenance of hardware
  • Monitor and evaluate performance, availability, and capacity
  • Develop and implement fail-over and disaster recovery plans and architecture
  • Develop and champion proposals for hardware purchases
  • Monitor and negotiate license agreements


Project Management

  • Develop, maintain, and execute project schedule
  • Develop estimates and monitor project budget
  • Develop, gain sign-off, and control documentation
  • Develop and execute communication plan
  • Identify risk and develop mitigation plans

Implementation/Release Management

  • Ensure development of implementation short interval schedule with milestone and roll-back points
  • Ensure development roll-back plan
  • Ensure development of implementation impact assessment and stakeholder sign-off obtained
  • Ensure development and execution of implementation communication plan
  • Champion implementation of changes at Change Review Board for applications within my area of responsibility
  • Participate in Change Control approval process for implementations impacting applications in area of responsibility
  • Ensure post-implementation testing completed successfully

Incident/Problem Management

  • Develop and maintain Service Level Agreements
  • Provide 24x7x365 management of incidents within or impacting applications in my area of responsibility

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