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It Project Manager Resume Profile

Lancaster, PA


To obtain a permanentcareer position in the field of Information Systems Technology.

Personal Profile

An experienced IT professional with a strong background in both web application based analysis and project management ofapplication development efforts on small and large scaled projects. A personable, reliable, and dedicated employee who constantly strives to improve both soft and technical skills. Feedback is taken positively, with opportunities for improvement seen as key to achieving career goals.

Technical Skill Set

HTML, XML, VBA, CSS, JQuery, JavaScript, Java, C , PHP, SQL,MySQL, Pascal, Ajax, ASP, .NET, Ant Scripting, Unix, SAS, Command Line.

Application Skill Set

Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Google Analytics, Omniture Analytics, Macromedia Flash, Microsoft FrontPage, SQL Server Management Studio, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project,Microsoft Visual Studio, SAP, Peachtree Accounting Software, Microsoft SharePoint, Starteam, Websphere,Macromedia Dreamweaver, Exceed,Clarity,CR Software, Pervasive ETL Software,Scorenet,Snag it,First Switch,FTP Filezilla , Collect, Notepad ,Jot Form,Joomla,Zoomerang.


Business and Application Requirement Analysis,Project Management, Yahoo Content Management System,Business Process Analyst, Systems Analysis, Global Procurement Environment, Software Development, Financial and Banking Environments, SDLC, Build and Release Engineering, Data Warehousing, Training, IT Specific Project Management, Scrum, Agile Methodologies, Web Development, Usability Testing,Business Analysis, Networking, Network Security, Enterprise Resource Planning, Materials Management, Graphic Design, Cooperative Group Work, Database Engineering and Analysis, Business Law, Business Ethics, Web Visual Art Design, Web User Psychology, and Business Process Training.

Job Experience


IT Project Manager

Project Manager/Business Analyst hybrid role requiring an employee with diverse professional experience and broad knowledge of both business and technology with the ability to analyze, manage and monitor IT integrated solutions, SQL databases, manufacturing optimization, resolve complex technical or business issues, and to communicate across departments/teams to ensure project s timelines and deliverables are met. Actively participates and interacts with all Primary Project Team contacts to understand business needs, identify the best manufacturing solution, and communicate the processes to meet the needs.

Skill Sets Used

Project Management, Business Analysis, Data AnalysisSQL, SMSS, Perl, Scrum

Microsoft Project, HTML,Analytical Reporting



I was contracted to gather requirements from the owner of a new start-up company, and from those requirements, I was tasked to develop a company website that not only met all of the stakeholder's requirements, but also stayed within the initial budget constraints proposed by the client.

My freelance work always requires heavy upfront analysis to determine the best course of action for the customer, while balancing project time and budget constraints, originally agreed upon during contract signing. Final touches are currently being put on the site to get ready for the final pushes to be made to production as well as further SEO optimization.

Skill Sets Used

Business Analysis, Google Analytics, Web Trending, Online Branding, Microsoft Visio,

Microsoft Project, HTML, Analytical Reporting, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad , JotForm, Project Management

Software Engineer


I was required to travel to manufacturing facilities and gather requirements fromthe client and providing a report that provides a detailed analysis of the client's current system and what will be required to successfully implement client data into our web application, with success being measured by meeting all user requirements while staying in the prioprietary designed software package The APAK Group offers.

My work centerred around client start-ups and improving existing sites running on the APAK Prime software as new user requirement came to light. After gathering requirements from the client, I was tasked to create scope and other business requirement documentation to further support the project effort and goal to meet the needs of each stakeholder, both internal and external.

Skill Sets Used

Business and ApplicationRequirement Analysis, Omniture Analytics,ASP.NET 3.5/4.0,VB C ,Microsoft Visio, Project Management, Writing Scope, Business Requirement and Functional Design Documents, Scripting User Workflows with Diagrams, UML Diagramming,SDLC, Database Diagramming, Analytical Reporting, Microsoft SharePoint Site Analysis,SQL, MySQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL, SQL Server 2008/2012, Visual Studio, Ajax, Dyn, VM Ware, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Silverlight, Project Management



I was contracted, by Smith Paint Products, to gather requirements from the owner,whom I previously worked for and from those requirements, I was tasked to design a sub-site that highlights one of the products that is doing exceptionally well and drive traffic to the sub-site through SEO optimization as well as other web trending analysis techniques.

Skill Sets Used

Business Analysis, Process Improvement Analysis, Google Analytics, Analytical Reporting, Web Trending, HTML, Javascript, CSS, JQuery, Joomla, .NET, Adobe Dreamweaver, Notepad ,JotForm


Web Operations Analyst

I was responsible for the analysis, configuration, monitoring, and management of several web servers and ASP.NET applications within The Hershey Company's network infrastructures.For new web applacation development projects, I was required to serve in a analyst role, by gathering user requirements, and then monitoring each of the set forth requirements from project start to completion using an Agile Project Management Methodology, called SCRUM. Additional responsibilities includedUML Diagramming, Documenting User Workflows .NET UI, ASP.NET 2.0 to 3.5 transition, ASP.NET application code builds and deployments, ASP.NET application code troubleshooting,project management,Sharepoint Site and Workflow Analysis, as well as extensive work with cryptography, algorithms, trending and capacity planning. This position required in-depth analysis, while delivering high-priority new reporting streams and data views, by partnering with various stakeholders spanning multiple business units to continually maintain, update and improve internal and externally facing web applications in a global enterprise class environment.

Skill Sets Used

Business Requirements Analysis, Process Improvement Analysis, Ominuture, Google Analytics, Writing Business Requirements, Writing Scope and Functional Design Documents, Project Management, SCRUM, Agile Methodologies, Microsoft SharePoint,SAP, SEO, Windows and Linux Server Implementations Red Hat , Microsoft Project, Oracle, SQL, MySQL, T-SQL, PL-SQL, SQL Server 2005/2008, .NET 2.0/3.5 Framework, ASP.NET,Visual Studio 2008/2012 , Ajax, Dyn, Remedy, CRM, Websphere, VM Ware

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