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Sr. Project Manager Resume

Des Moines, IA


  • Experienced leader with 15+ years of experience and consistent success in partnering people, processes, and technology together to drive business forward. An impassioned manager who understands that strong working relationships create great teams and produce exceptional results, seeking to exceed technical, business, staff leadership and project management expertise to a challenging senior-level position."
  • Outstanding capability to uncover needs, diffuse conflict, and bring about harmonious results, gaining accolades from management and global clientele for ability to build first-rate relationships and partnerships.
  • Excellent strategic and tactical planning, working within disparate groups to ensure success of complex financial services programs and initiatives, with a professional "can do" work style that gains cooperation and respect.
  • Superb communication skills, along with exceptional leadership skills and a track record in building relationships in a purposeful fashion with internal and external professionals to achieve defined objectives.
  • Expertly manage million dollar projects, maximizing profitability while minimizing risks through hands-on management, sound budgeting, forecasting, scheduling, clear communication, and follow-up.
  • Exceptional ability to manage end-to-end start-up, scope, forecasting, staffing, scheduling, and budgeting of multiple simultaneous projects, resolving complex technical and business issues.



Technology: Mainframe

Languages: COBOL, JCL, ROSCOE, EZtrieve

Databases: DB2, IMS-DB, Datacom


Sr. Project Manager


  • Lead cross-functional business teams to achieve on-time and on-budget results for world-class clients including Wells Fargo, Philips, Agilent Technologies, Travelers Insurance, Capital One and M&T Bank.
  • Provide clarity and direction to customers, explain complex issues and processes, and facilitate effective and efficient resolution within multi-million dollar projects.
  • Successfully manage multiple cases simultaneously, in a professional and quality-driven manner, establishing and maintaining a strong personal rapport with all customers, regardless of situation difficulty.
  • Apply creativity, intellect, and analytical skills to assimilate data, evaluate facts and arrive at equitable solutions, achieving positive feedback from clients, co-workers, and management alike.
  • Plan and coordinate all work, devise schedules and timelines, monitor progress, determine and supply client needs, escalate key concerns, and evaluate overall project outcomes.
  • Participate in creating and managing project budgets, make key contributions to project vision and planning, and consistently recommend alternate methods of saving time, money, materials, or increasing effectiveness.
  • Achieve strong and sustainable revenue for the company through consistently completing projects on time and within budget, receiving praise from clients and management alike.
  • Provide subject matter expertise in areas including project management, project scope definition, cost/benefit analyses, risk identification, resource allocation, facilitation, and other areas.
  • Create estimates, oversee overall work to ensure quality and timeliness, and regularly communicate progress and issues to senior-level management.
  • Played leadership role in all aspects of project management including understanding current processes, identifying challenges, providing possible solutions, and applying project performance monitoring.
  • Gain expertise in complex areas including regulatory/compliance, risk assessment and reduction, and deliver insights of operational process opportunities to improve compliance and operational risk.
  • Facilitate discussions with accountable leaders and key stakeholders across business, technical, and operational teams to share program status updates, discuss key project components, and agree on key business decisions.
  • Identify process improvements for better communication between onsite and offshore teams, and effectively employ SAP, NET and other DWBI-related technologies to ensure 100% compliance, and report timely metrics.
  • Apply human resources skills to develop, monitor, and review performance expectations, determine areas of strength/weakness, and implement appropriate actions for staff development and improvement.
  • Manage, mentor, and lead staff of up to 60 diverse team members, resulting in strong quality mindset, superior product/services knowledge, and commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Evangelize the positive results of SCRUM and Agile development methodologies to all levels of staff, ensuring a progressive and forward-thinking group and total accountability in the eyes of clients.
  • Work closely with technical and business teams of high-level clients including TSYS to identify key requirements, timelines, engage in project planning, and establish communication points

Lead Analyst


  • Expertly worked on issues in Quality, Verification and Production regions of this complex system with more than 400 modules and 8 levels of dynamic calling.
  • Ensured success of project through involvement in all project points, from requirement gathering, feasibility analysis, and budgeting for both batch and online programming projects.
  • Conducted analysis, design, development and implementation walkthroughs, and led the junior software professionals in quality and standard programming for better readability and future enhancements.
  • Collaborated across multiple functions to ensure adherence to quality standards, and took action to drive the analysis, and solutions resolution to all issues/roadblocks in a timely fashion, exceeding client expectations.
  • Deep dove into technical aspects of the solution to better understand and evaluate options/efficiencies, conducted project status meetings, and ensured in-depth reporting, tracking and analysis, and issue resolution.
  • Accurately diagnosed system issues, created corrective action plans, determined solutions for long-term success, and ensured that a high quality of service for all TSYS customers.
  • Proactively communicated and collaborated with external and internal customers to analyze information needs and functional requirements to deliver accurate solution documents and test plans within tight timeframes
  • Collaborated with developers and subject matter experts to establish technical vision and analyze tradeoffs between usability and performance needs.
  • Assembled project team, assigned individual responsibilities, analyzed work plans, reviewed project estimates, and developed status reports, project tracking and analysis for project close out.
  • Developed an excellent knowledge of numerous areas within the company, especially within the Credit Card division, by actively seeking out new information and learning from the many system experts.



  • Played key role in integral Pier 1 credit card enhancement projects, including new 3-month deferred account types, new reward calculations, and billing, deferral, and statementing changes.
  • Participated in business specification reviews to ensure that requirements were adequately understood, and assessed impacts on related business and technical areas prior to writing comprehensive test plans and cases.
  • Expertly created, executed, and tracked plans, scenarios, cases and scripts to ensure optimal performance, quality standards, and stress testing limits for product and ervice enhancements, installations or upgrades.
  • Ensured unit tests and coding initiatives underwent in-depth reviews with technical and business teams to proactively validate appropriate applicability, accuracy, feasibility, usability, clarity, and testability.
  • Worked closely with technical and business analysts, and other team members to identify, report, and troubleshoot defects, and verify problem fixes in a detailed, efficient, and timely manner.
  • Planned and scheduled project timelines and milestones using appropriate tools while tracking project milestones and deliverables and delegate task and responsibilities to appropriate personnel.

Consultant -


  • Played a leadership role in the initial analysis, design documentation, design, testing, and conversion of customized customer billing improvements for corporate customers.
  • Extensively utilized COBOL, DB2 CICS, and JCL in batch conversion programs, FILE-ID & Platinum tools to compare expected results, and EZtrieve to generate reports to show the statistics of the data being converted.
  • Acted as mentor to the testing and production support teams in creating detailed unit test data and plans for each program, unit testing all programs before moving to the acceptance and then production regions.
  • Made sure that Validity of data in Production by comparing the data with the old database.
  • Planned and managed project tasks with descriptions, schedules, milestones and critical paths, resource allocations and tracking procedures for a staff of up to six.
  • Headed performance meetings to communicate performance achievements, identify concerns, and relay important project-related concerns to senior-level management.



  • Extensively used COBOL, DB2, IMS and JCL to develop a ticketing system to better address and solve customer queries raised by customers about their insurance claims and billing Information.
  • Wrote new and/or modified DB2 COBOL batch programs to call IMS database, resolved any issues, and ensured rigorous testing for each program before moving to the acceptance region.
  • Carried out extensive coding and testing to meet tight time frames and documented the changes made to the code for future references and for training purpose.
  • Trained, managed, and motivated a team of seven to ensure top-level support in meeting project tasks and descriptions, on schedule delivery, adequate resource allocations, and accurate tracking procedures.



  • Played key role in the design, development, and testing of a complex online customer information system interface that dealt with the billing information of MCI residential customers.
  • Wrote and/or modified DB2 COBOL batch programs, created unit test plans, actively unit tested each area, and resolved any issues before moving to acceptance region.
  • Achieved excellent coding and testing results despite very strict time frames, ensured detailed documentation for future references, and planned and managed project tasks for team of five.

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