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It Technical Project Management Consultant Resume

Arlington, VA


  • Senior technical project manager with more than 15 years of IT experience in the government and private sectors with specialties that includes:
  • Develop and implementation of continuity of operations planning (COOP) or business continuity plan (BCP) based on business requirement, IT security analysis and risk assessment processes.
  • Data center IT Infrastructure consolidation/migration/refresh deployment experience both in a government and private space.
  • DOD technology project management experience including ECM, ECCM and other defense technology utilized by US frontline combat delivery systems. This work experience intentionally omitted from my employment history.
  • Implementation of Work-Force Optimization program in government and private sector. This initiative encompass the IT Enterprise wide system platforms including IT Call Center/Service Desk, NOC, UNIX/Wintel/zOS/Linux support center with Tier 1 to Tier3 support escalation workflow processes to best balance the shared resources.
  • Extensive IT infrastructure/application integration development experience with enterprise wide situational awareness concept through use of automation and event management tools based on software development life cycle (SDLC) methodology.
  • Business Analytics software product development and global deployment project management with emphasis on Agile and ROI principles through use of rapid system development life cycle processes.
  • Start-to-end (Analysis to Operations/Maintenance) IT infrastructure hardware and web application development/build-out through use of advanced project management tools and rapid system development life cycle method.
  • Advanced SOP publication with use of horizontal and vertical workflow processes to eliminate human error by use of automation where applicable.
  • Over 10 years of complex IT project management, business development engagements and contract proposal writing experience with use of agile project management tools.
  • Specialization in the IT Infrastructure process implementation that allows organization to achieve agility and cost optimization through use of COBIT, ITIL, SE CMMI, SDLC, Agile and Water Fall methodology.
  • Project management of supply chain, marketing, product localization/development utilizing the Agile/SDLC principle. This initiative centered on the customer solution engineering support for Google Web/Cloud computing and Intranet/Internet search engine appliance with firewall capability for clients in US and Pacific Rim.
  • Successfully established trust with COR/C-Level (Federal & Private sector) in all government/private contracts through on-time delivery of all tasks, concise budget forecast/within budget deliverables and quick project risk resolution.
  • Recent project engagement deliverable includes comprehensive analysis of IT Capability/Security Assessment and road map to success for Hitachi Kokusai Electric group business units in North and South Americas in order to increase revenue.
  • Global IT infrastructure provisioning with emphasis on global Active Directory domain, DNS, Exchange Server, SCCM, Lync, global MS SharePoint (Internal/External) development/service delivery, secure intranet email connectivity and Cloud Computing/redundant capability in support of International Business Operations mission.
  • Establishment of Hitachi Global IT Security and Infrastructure Service Assurance framework assessment/recommendation procedures based on risk management.
  • DOD agency wide IT Service Assurance Framework Implementation, Disaster Recovery and data center redundant capability assessment through use of risk management analysis.
  • US Army’s IT Infrastructure modernization data center build out project. Strategic US Army’s IT modernization of hardware, application, disaster recovery solution, database development and deployment. This project was a multi-million dollars development and service delivery project that completed on schedule and within budget.
  • Provided IT Technical Project and Data Center/Production Control expertise to the Department of Homeland Security Customs and Border Protection’s main data center operational management and lead project management for the multi-billion dollars eCP/ACE modernization initiative as a subject matter expert.
  • Extensive knowledge of US railroad industry standards and engineering contract management administration as it pertains to US/Canada railroad’s complex application systems.
  • US Department of Housing and Urban Development data recovery analysis and refinement on existing processes as an implementation team leader.
  • US Department of Justice (INS) data center/production control operations and special project management leader.
  • US Securities and Exchange Commission GAO audit response team leader.
  • Extensive project management of application integration experience utilizing the SDLC/Agile methodology for the development-to-production of major Pacific Rim banking institutions’ system solutions during my employment with NTT America.
  • FDIC Data Center, Production Control and project management for the service assurance initiatives covering data center migration, Banking services application product development and product deployment into production environment. Extensive coordination work with Federal Reserve Bank/Board on secure network connectivity and encryption of data exchange. Extensive experience with bank closure procedure from IT banking systems’ perspective.

Employment History

Independent IT Consultant


  • Contract proposal and issues/risk management consultant representing client Prime Contractor as a lead contract proposal team member on various US Federal IT government contract. Provide timely and accurate preparation & delivery of all RFPs, RFQs & RFIs, and post award document requirements as well as production functions (i.e., printing, binder assembly, coordinating delivery, etc.). Post contract award duties includes but not limited to - working with client (Prime) contracting companies with close coordination with Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) for quick response on cost, performance or delivery schedule issue/risk management.
  • Independent Contract Proposal Consultant to the multi-national companies in West and East Coast. Specialization in publication of SOW, SLA, Cost Proposal and Service Agreement Contract specific to South American countries. Highly specialized in South American taxation regulatory workflow breakdown processes and South American import/export customs regulatory remediation process by creating the ROI mitigation strategy such as “preferred trade agreement” to reduce the operating cost for clients.


Global IT Technical Project Manager

  • Assigned to Hitachi America Ltd as a Global IT Technical Project Manager on the Global IT Solution service delivery and support initiatives. Currently assigned to multiple projects within domestic United States and International business operations units to perform the full IT capability security assessment and establish service assurance framework. Followed by road map to success that includes the IT provisioning and deployment of Hitachi IT Global business solution to ensure full compliancy with HQ governance and policies. System environment consist of IBM AIX, UNIX Solaris, SharePoint 2010, Windows, Linux and SCCM environments with complex Global Network/Active Directory/Cloud computing (IBM SmartCloud & Oracle Cloud) technology. Tasked with implementation of global MS SharePoint 2010, Cloud computing and secure remote VPN connectivity for Hitachi group companies in North and South American region. This task includes SharePoint customer requirement capture, web page design and development, and production roll-out. Extensive work with Cloud computing, Active Directory, DNS and global Exchange domain deployment. All associated task must be in full compliant with Information Assurance governance and policy. One of the key IT implementation objective is for all Hitachi business units in North America and South America to comply with Hitachi IT Security Governance and Policy which includes disaster recovery and business continuity capability mandated by each group company’s head office in Japan. Deployment of new global ERP (SAP) and Cloud computing platform implementation support for each group company. Major development and deployment of IBM Cognos Enterprise, Sales Performance Management, Cloud Computing Platform, Express, Insight, Advanced Visualization, TM1, Disclosure Management, Automation and Integration. Extensive work on the integration with other vendor applications through use of application program interface (API) utility program. My task includes assurance of full functionality of ERP systems and ensure that each business unit’s IT network environment has the necessary bandwidth to handle the ERP traffic between North America, South America and Pacific Rim.
  • Report to the Hitachi Head Office C-Level for assignment of high priority program management projects.


IT Technical Project Manager

  • Program management and delivery of FDIC/Unisys SharePoint web sites for daily IT business collaboration tool amongst the senior management, client and technical teams.
  • Met client target system availability of 99% on consistent bases to ensure that FDIC critical IT bank closing processing complete on time.
  • Extensive project management of ETL (IBM Infosphere DataStage, etc.) backend data integration experience utilizing the SDLC/Agile methodology for the development-to-production of banking system solutions during the four years of work at FDIC. Subject matter expert on migration of open system batch processing into Control M Auto-Scheduler. Consistent service deliverables of all tasked orders under the ISC contract with very positive client response to the transparency experienced by all stakeholders of system migration projects.
  • Project delivery of de-installation of excess peripheral devices to release the physical floor space for hardware refresh.
  • Successful delivery of the IBM z/OS z9 to z10 Mainframe hardware upgrade project – extensive work with Network engineers in order to route communication between newly installed z10 (OSA adapter) to the FDIC/Federal Reserve Bank/Board of Director network core.
  • Successful project delivery of new Enterprise Command Center physical layout to increase productivity and efficiency. This project is a component of “WorkForce” Optimization program to attain positive ROI.
  • Successful delivery of WorkForce Optimization program by implementation of cross training methodology. Publication of training documentation for Network Operations (NOC), Production Control (Control M auto-scheduler) and Tier 1/2 service support technician’s role. In addition, the Enterprise Wide Command Center’s new responsibility entails knowledge of Mainframe operations, Open systems (Windows and UNIX) server backup monitoring and Control M operations.
  • Recruited exceptional external candidates for positions within the FDIC ISC contract. Each recruit has become a strong performer particularly in UNIX Development Engineering, Service Support T1/T2 technician, Infrastructure Automation Engineers and Infrastructure Security teams.
  • Successful delivery of conversion of FDIC FOIA applications data output from tape cartridge to DVD format. This effort allowed FDIC to gain additional data center physical space for use by new SAN solution hardware.
  • Successful delivery and implementation of “Enterprise Global Monitoring Initiative” through use of COTS product such as NetCool, NetIQ, Ciscoworks, HP Operations Orchestration and NetBackup Operations Manager tools to monitor the entire IT Infrastructure environment. Our Command Center personnel has the capability to monitor all critical NetCool alerts from a single monitor and implement corrective action in a timely manner. The ITSM Remedy Tickets can be generated from NetCool in 2 seconds where previously it took average of 15 minutes for each ticket entry.
  • The Enterprise Global Monitoring Development Initiative consisted of communication hardware such as Cisco, Juniper and Citrix hardware. Extensive use of MIB files from all vendors in support of event management trap and critical alert generation to the centralized 60” monitors for an immediate corrective action. All development initiatives conforms to the FDIC SDLC/Agile/RUP methodology framework.
  • Major deployment of Cloud computing platforms for secure connectivity with Federal Reserve Bank – Board of Directors.
  • Report to FDIC C-Level for the assignment of high priority program management projects.


Enterprise Technical Program Management Consultant/Systems Integration Engineer:

  • Tasked with major revision of the General Support System (GSS) System Security Plan (SSP) sub-systems for the SEC Office of Information Technology (C-Level CTO & CIO) based on NIST 800-53 and NIST 800-34 Contingency and Resilience - Disaster Recovery guideline and other federal regulations.
  • Extensive technical network collaboration with SEC and other agencies in order to request IP address modification to the firewall rules, DMZ configuration, FIP/NIST compliancy, SSL and SSO configuration. These network compliancy and configuration were critical for project completion in respect to LAN, WAN, MAN, Wifi, Web Portal, Cloud computing and IP project requirement.
  • Developed and implemented the Operating Level Agreement (OLA) processes based on ITIL methodology for Server and Storage Engineering Branch at SEC. Created training materials and conducted training with SEC Project Management Branch managers.
  • Performed system architecture and implementation of MS SharePoint web site and create project provisioning application system based on ITIL service support/delivery discipline and SDLC principle. This system streamlined the server build of UNIX, Linux (RedHat) and Windows based operating systems. The system allows management control of influx of high volume service requests, service delivery and asset management tracking, prioritization of task from beginning to end, automated communication with end users and allows quality assurance analysis of service deliverable to ensure user requirement has been met on consistent basis.
  • Design and implementation of new process improvement plans through close coordination with Technical Assistant Center, Customer Care Center and End User Technology teams. This includes publication of new policies, procedures and workflow processes.
  • Assist SSB with product deployment and process improvement plan through use of BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM).
  • Provide IT consultation services on IT Infrastructure modernization and process improvement specialist based on ITIL methodology and risk management assessment


Tchnical Project Management

  • Installed English and client native language translation software on the entire IT infrastructure to insure that both the American and non-English speaking client engineering teams clearly understand the critical configuration data, procedural documentation and workflow processes in their native language.
  • Developed and implemented the Command and Control processes unique for the Trans-Pacific disaster recovery requirement.
  • Created the workflow processes and benchmark checklist to insure that each phase of disaster recovery was completed without omission of critical steps.
  • Successful project management of Global Disaster Recovery Solution from beginning to end of development life cycle and product roll out.
  • Extensive work with Network engineers for each co-located client system environment that required its own secured front-end and back-end networking solution. This effort includes Google Search appliances and IDS/IPS functions. The network hardware vendors consisted of Cisco, Juniper and Citrix.
  • Technical Project management of Automated Event Monitoring and alert notification system as a product offering for the co-location data center clients. Worked extensively with the Net Cool development team, internal engineering teams, external hardware vendors and co-location clients to design a customized automated event monitoring and alert system that will meet our customer’s requirements. Established global automated monitoring and alert system that consist of network, servers and storage environment through use of NetCool, NetIQ, vendor probes, eHealth servers and other auto/remote monitoring tools.
  • Extensive project management of application integration experience utilizing the SDLC/Agile methodology for solution development-to-production of major Pacific Rim banking institutions’ system products.
  • Major development and deployment of banking ERP solution such as Cognos Enterprise, Sales Performance Management, Express, Insight, Advanced Visualization, TM1, Disclosure Management, Automation and Integration application systems. Extensive work on the integration with other vendor applications through use of application program interface (API) utility program using SDLC/Agile methodology.
  • Perform risk analysis for potential DR project delays, provisioning of asset and budget control (PeopleSoft) to insure a maximum “price for performance” service delivery.
  • Maintain up-to-date information on the automated tracking system and customer care using PeopleSoft, SAP and other business management tools.
  • Coordinate all DR change management activities with venders and in-house engineering teams to ensure full compliance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA/OLA) across all platforms. Responsible for service delivery of customer initiated IT configuration change through coordination with Change Management, Tier 1-3 technical support team (Remedy), vendor, and NTT Engineering team to insure 100% success ratio.
  • Performed supply chain, marketing, product localization/development utilizing the SDLC principle and customer support for Google Web Intranet search engine appliance in Pacific Rim. I worked closely with Google USA and Pacific Rim systems engineers as the point-of-contact to insure the stability and usability of Google search engine appliance.
  • Become eyes and ears for customer’s requirement and introduce new IT solution that will allow growth, system stability and performance enhancement.
  • Won the largest Managed Hosting contract in history of corporation and received the CEO commendation. Recipient of numerous client commendations for meeting impossible production roll out schedules.
  • Report to the NTT C-Level for assignment of high priority program management projects.


Technical Project Management

  • On time and on budget project management of Data Center Operations, Production Control, End User Technical Support, Configuration/Change Management, Environmental System, ODC IT acquisition and CBP IT (eCP) modernization project.
  • The CBP IT modernization project entails conversion of legacy mainframe applications program to web applications based on e-Commerce Enterprise Architecture. Audit and test all major system components to insure full compliance with the Statement of Work (SOW) and Service Level Agreement (SLA).
  • System build-out environment consisted of very large scaled IBM z/OS mainframes, Fujitsu 2500 SUN Solaris UNIX/IBM P690 AIX UNIX, Large Scaled SAN Solution configuration, Windows Server farm and (WAN/LAN) network configuration.
  • Perform risk analysis on new projects and work closely with all stakeholders to insure that the future growth requirements are captured and create deployment plan based, in part on Capacity Requirement Planning.
  • Maintain up-to-date information on the automated tracking system and customer care using PeopleSoft, SAP and other business management tools.
  • Participate in the full life cycle of System Integration Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Operational Readiness Review and Production Deployment of modernization projects.
  • Participated as the Subject Matter Expert (SME) and voting member of CBP Change Control Board member to assist with critical system deployment activities across all platforms.
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the CBP Disaster Recovery Project (DRP) PMO member with primary responsibility of total restoration of IT capability in a timely manner.
  • Extensive technical network collaboration with CBP and other agencies in order to request IP address modification to firewall rules, DMZ configuration, FIP/NIST compliancy, SSL and SSO configuration. These network compliancy and configuration were critical for project completion in respect to LAN, WAN, and IP requirement.
  • Report to the CBP C-Level for assignment of high priority program management projects.

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