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Product Data Manager Resume


Professional Summary

Equipped with 20+ years of progressive responsibility and experience, encompassing quality, product data management and document control. Recognized by the customer for my attention to detail. Experience using the 7 step method to find the root cause of problems and formulating solutions. Highly recognized for communication skills with the customer and Project Team members. Highly proficient in the use of all Microsoft products including Microsoft Word and Excel. Possesses a track record of increasing efficiency, improving quality, and contributing to the bottom line. Detail-oriented and well organized. Works effectively independently and as a team player/leader to mee

Professional Experience



Product Data Manager

  • Used MS Project to Track the cost and hours for the BP Chirag documentation team.
  • Maintained and updated schedules for delivery of equipment in Microsoft Excel
  • Created indexes in Microsoft Excel
  • Included hyper linking the documents from Excel
  • Created lessons learned for BP Chirag for discussion with customer upon delivery of equipment
  • Trained additional documentation team members for the BP Chirag team
  • Reported the BP Chirag team performance to the customer and the manager
  • Use of Inspection and Test plans to track documentation for different witness points and tests.
  • Review and interpret customer specifications and engineering drawings to help with bid proposals and contracts for BP Chirag.
  • Responsible for quality deliverables on documentation. .
  • Work with the BP mechanical and electrical engineers to identify issues on engineering drawings.

Professional Experience

  • Use of the Rolls Royce quality system to create and track waivers and deviations for non-conformance issues, which included 7 step analysis of problems. .
  • Use IHS Standards Expert to locate relevant standards
  • Stepped in for the Project Manager on the BP Chirag project when needed.
  • Reconcile build books to documentation to make sure all documents have been received
  • Compiled E-Sol dossiers
  • Creating a project quality plan for the BP Chirag project
  • Creating change records and change orders.
  • Submitting documents to the change management system.
  • Gathering quality documentation and created Dispatch Dossiers and Manufacturing Records Books for BP Chirag.
  • Checking the quality of documentation. Ensuring the documentation meets customer requirements and markings are correct.
  • Checking for errors and accuracy.
  • Work with the Rolls-Royce engineers to ensure good document quality.
  • Interface with the customer to resolve documentation issues.

Technical Data Representative

  • Updating processes and procedures
  • Gaining access to various government databases for acquiring data needed to perform various jobs including ETIMS.
  • Technical Writing and Technical Order changes (AFTO 22)
  • Co-lead of the configuration management team
  • Assume responsibility for administering the Program Information Management System (PIMS) change control process for documentation and change process of the Technical Orders. (AFTO 22, ECO)
  • Reading and interpreting engineering documentation, BOMs, specifications and standards.

Professional Experience

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Engineering Technical Support
  • Filing updates in technical orders and other data used on the floor
  • Pulling engineering documents from Aperture cards and microfiche and maintaining inventory database of all documentation used at the facility.
  • Maintaining and updating vendor commercial data
  • Performing the duties of Office Administrator
  • Filming and archiving documentation.
  • Gaining access to the various Boeing systems for obtaining needed information.

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