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Project Manager Resume

Piscataway, Nj

Professional Summary

Accomplished Technology Professional with over 15 years of experience in leadership roles working for Fortune 500 organizations including J.P. Morgan, Citi, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers and Thomson Financial . Ability to mentor and manage globally distributed teams. Good understanding of various technologies and businesses within financial markets including Fixed Income, Prime Brokerage, Equity Derivatives, Risk Management and Accounting.

In addition

  • Designed and implemented several complex global full life cycle projects in the areas of Financial Accounting, Structured Finance, Equity Derivatives, Fixed Income, Decision Support systems.
  • Experienced in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Comprehensive technical, business and functional knowledge in the areas of Fixed Income and Equity Swaps.
  • Ability to integrate management policies, user needs, process techniques into a practical problem solving methodology
  • Ability to relate to both technical and business users at various levels
  • Strong knowledge in Project Management with emphasis on PMBOK methodologies to manage scope, time, cost and quality
  • Passed Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)
  • Strong expertise in Relational Database Systems, Data-warehousing technology, Data Architecture, Web Technologies, SOA, Object Oriented Technologies, JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, C, C++, UNIX, Linux, SYBASE, Oracle, Perl, Shell, Apache Administration, MQ, Autosys, SQL Server and Control-M

Technical Skills

Languages: JAVA, Perl, C++, C, Python,PRO*C, EsqlC, SQL, PL/SQL

Databases: MS SQL Server, SYBASE-15, SYBASE-12.5, ORACLE9i, MySql, INFORMIX

Web: JSP, JavaScript, HTML, CGI

Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Solaris7/8/9/10

Software: MS Excel, MS Project, Autosys, Control-M, SYBASE SQR, ERwin, Apache ,Web Server, Tomcat

Tools: Ant, HP Quality Center, Eclipse, SVN, RCS



Role :Senior Technical Consultant

Responsible for development of Global Entitlement Reporting System (GERS), an internal web portal, that monitors, tracks and reports on the database servers throughout the enterprise and feeds various systems. Database logins, DBA logins, functional ids and applications are tracked and monitored through application managers. Responsibilities involve analysis, design, coding, testing, documentation and deploying in UAT and production.

  • Developed Critical Data Asset Identification process
  • Modified the Application Manager and TISO view reports to identify the servers with Critical Data Asset
  • Add Critical Data Asset to EERS feed
  • Add RITS id to Group Mapping and to EERS feed
  • Designed and developed GERS reporting data store called GERSRptDb

Technology Used: Core Java, JSP, Perl, Shell, Sun Solaris, Linux, Microsoft XP, Sybase, Apache, Tomcat, SVN


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Development of PricingDirect applications and enhancements to PricingDirect web site. PricingDirect offers product expertise in fixed income securities and derivative products.

  • Developed price challenge email response system so that the clients can subscribe and receive email updates on the challenged prices.
  • Developed and enhanced an interface to price bonds in Athena using Python.
  • Developed price comparison reports for new clients.
  • Wrote Sybase stored procedures
  • On boarded new clients
  • Provided production support

Technology Used: Core Java, Perl, Python, GWT, Linux, Microsoft XP, Sybase, MySql, Ant, Apache, Tomcat, SVN, RCS


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

  • Development of the MarketView channels for the US Treasury trades between Morgan Direct Internal and External Markets.
  • Analysis and implementation of Broken Dated Project where trades can be performed on Any To Any dates for Interest Rate Swaps using Morgan Direct
  • Release of Leave Orders including new pug-ins for Ion’s MMI
  • Implemented a Web Report for Morgan Direct Trades grouped by dates and client

Technology Used: Core Java, Multithreading, JSP, Linux, Microsoft XP, Sybase, Oracle, ION MarketView, Morgan Direct, SVN, Ant, Apache, Tomcat


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Development and support of the Equity Swaps.

  • Architect and develop PERL, SHELL and SQL scripts for database updates and custom reports
  • Write stored procs and triggers
  • Develop new features and enhancements to the web based reporting site available for the external clients of Credit Suisse
  • Application support for trading desks across the globe
  • Front Office Infrastructure Support for Prime Swap applications.
  • Analyzing and troubleshooting problems with Equity Derivatives such as Swaps and other structured products
  • Managing client expectations by providing User setups and client reporting setups.
  • Work with various Hedge Fund clients to fulfill their reporting requirements, troubleshoot and resolve their Web access to Prime Swap portal.
  • Troubleshooting Control-M batch jobs and related issues. Batch monitoring.
  • ITIL/ITSM Supervisor for new development, enhancements and bug fixes to the system
  • Resolving PrimeSwap GUI and Blotter issues, Index Manager and Pricing issues.
  • Work with Front Office Traders, Middle Office, Client Service representatives and Product Control to resolve various issues and to manage external client expectations
  • Testing Pricing feeds.
  • Resolving Swap and Trade issues for Middle Office.
  • Documenting operational procedures on Prime Swap WIKI.

Technology Used: MS-SQL Server 2000, JAVA, JSP, Perl, Shell, MS-Excel, MQ, WebLogic, Control-M, ITSM


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Project Leader on a data-warehousing project, WISE, that supports the Financial Controllers Group (FCG) at Morgan Stanley. The WISE supports many applications such as TAPS, FX, COMMODS, STS, GL , etc. and handles data to the size of over 30 terra bytes using several Linux, Sun Servers and over 40 Sybase servers for six different regions namely Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Korea, London and New York.

  • Led design, architecture, development and production release of new data feeds into TAPS (Trade Accounting Processing System) application using Morgan proprietary ETL infrastructure successfully.
  • Interact with Business Analysts, Mainframe Team, Project Managers and technology development team to understand, create and fulfill the new requirements as well as enhancements to the existing system.
  • Work with Mainframe Team to define data sourcing formats and Mainframe jobs
  • Manage user and project expectations while coordinating the efforts to develop the application and to resolve the issues.
  • Liaise with QA and UAT teams to ensure that the applications comply with functional requirements as well as with SOX guidelines.
  • Hands on development of various ETL feeds using PERL and SHELL scripting.
  • Writing Sybase stored procs and triggers
  • Creation, modification and release into production of AUTOSYS scripts to ensure upstream as well as downstream dependencies.
  • Configuration Management of metadata for end user ad-hoc P&L reporting.
  • Use configuration management to baseline the code, develop release procedures and to perform control activities.
  • Manage and enforce application controls using tools such as Eclipse for entitlements, using reconciliation reports and by observing output logs.
  • Managing job conflict issues by creating constraint groups.
  • Initializing and implementing process improvements.
  • Creation of application documentation and review monitoring process with emphasis on first level support team at offshore.
  • Production support to resolve any application and user issues. Analyze job logs and write SQL queries to determine if application issue or data issue.
  • Setup account access for end users with proper entitlements to use Omega reporting environment.
  • Creating and updating project plans using MS Project.
  • Conduct project and team meetings to track the progress as well as well as to resolve any issues
  • Report to higher management about the progress and issues on all the projects.

Technology Used: Sybase 12.5, Linux, Solaris, Perl, Shell, JAVA, MQ, Autosys, MS Project, make


Role : Lead Developer/Senior Consultant

RiskXchange manages, tracks and updates the internal audits of the company throughout the world. RiskXchange is based on the Control Self Assessment (CSA) methodology.

  • Responsible for architecture, design, development and testing of various modules of RiskXchange
  • Writing Java, JSP, Javascript programs
  • Data Modeling using ER diagrams and ERWIN
  • Writing Sybase stored procs and triggers
  • Installing and Managing development web servers
  • Creating reports using Business Objects

Technology Used: JAVA, JSP, Javascript, Apache, Tomcat, Business Objects, SYBASE 12, Sun Solaris, Linux, SVN, Windows XP

Confidential, Piscataway, NJ

Role :Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Worked as a Project Lead to develop and maintain the Local Line Pricing applications for the Sales and Marketing division of confidential Labs.

  • Architect, design, develop and test the various applications for Local Line Pricing Applications.
  • Create various procedures and rules to load the database with information such as rates, discounts, provider information, etc. using PL/SQL and PRO*C
  • Create cron jobs and write scripts to load and back up the database using Oracle’s Import and Export utilities
  • Create, update and run the various scripts to extract the data from Data Warehouse.
  • Production support for all the Local Line Pricing Applications

Technology Used: Perl, CGI, JavaScript, Java, C, Oracle9i, PL/SQL, shell, Sun Solaris, Windows 2000, make


Role :Senior Consultant

Successfully completed and implemented the MXD project in the EQUITIES group of JPM. The MXD system transfers the SWIFT messages generated by European system MOSS to DTC. The MXD system is a lightweight robust application derived from the existing DEMAND application.

  • Analysis of the existing DEMAND application and the requirements of the new MXD system
  • Created the directory structure, database connectivity, formalized the installation process and documentation for MXD in JPM’s proprietary DAM environment under Sun Solaris
  • Creation and testing of SYBASE stored procs, triggers, shell scripts, perl scripts, Java and C++/CT-Lib programs
  • Participated and complied with CMM level-3 certification process for the project.

Technology Used: SYBASE12.5, Sybase Replication, Shell, Perl, Java, C++/CT-Lib, Sun Solaris 8, Win 2000


Role : Technical Specialist (Employee)

As a technical specialist, was responsible for releasing, building and distributing Confidential software PAS and supporting the clients of Confidential on a 24X7 time schedule.

  • Building, releasing and licensing the PAS software
  • Analyzing the problems reported by the clients in Confidential Analytic System.
  • Supporting the clients of Confidential to install Informix database and the PAS application, tuning the Informix engine for performance, advising clients about disaster recovery planning, etc,
  • Sun Solaris administration, installation of Veritas Volume Manager
  • Porting the application from Informix to ORACLE and SYBASE database
  • Creating custom reports for Mark To Market, Accounting Extract, Journal Entry, Credit Risk, Market Risk, Daily Trading Activity, Audit Reports etc.

Technology Used: Perl, Tcl/Tk, C++, Java, Informix 7, Oracle 8, Sybase 11, Sun Solaris 7, Citrix, Motif


Role : Project Manager

As a project manager, was responsible for the development of a web site, www.bioalice.dk, for a client in Denmark. The project followed a strict SDLC and complied with PMBOK standards.

Technology Used: WinNT, Linux, C++, PHP and MySql database on Intel PIII platform.


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Support and Maintain Financial Applications Such As Pricing, Newiss, MBS and WholeLoan

Led a team of three developers and two DBA’s. Was responsible for the support and maintenance of the financial applications such as Pricing, Newiss, MBS and WholeLoan. Created a front end GUI using JAM to access Pricing, Newiss, MBS and WholeLoa applications.

Technology Used: C, C++, Perl, Shell, JAM, Sybase 11, Sun Solaris, Windows NT, PVCS


Worked on the maintenance of the Central Indicative Database (CIDB). Automated the download of Moodys ratings to CIDB. Created the Autosys jils to schedule to feeds from Moodys, FHLB, FNMA, etc.

Technology Used: Sun Solaris, Sybase 10, C++, Perl, Shell, Autosys


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

Fixed Income Group – STARS

Successfully completed the YEAR-2000 project for the Fixed Income Group as well as for the Counterparty Account Setup System (CASS II) at JP Morgan.

Technology Used: Sun Solaris, Windows NT, Motif, Sybase, C, C++, Perl, Shell, JAM


Role : Project Lead/Senior Consultant

As a Project Lead worked on Call Servicing Information Delivery System (CSIDS). Responsibilities involved were design, analysis and development. The project followed a strict SDLC with adherence to AT&T’s internal Software Development Framework. The application used three Replication Servers to maintain three copies of the data at three different locations.

Technology Used: C, DB-Lib, SYBASE, K-Shell, JAM, SUN OS


A Graphical User Interface was developed for the BILLDATS system to collect data using different protocols from various types of network switches and to transmit the data to different billing systems. The GUI also provided facility to configure and schedule network switches and billing systems. The GUI was developed using INFORMIX, Motif, JAM and C.

Technology Used: AT&T System V Unix on NCR machines, Sybase 4.9, JAM, TCP/IP, Motif, C

Confidential. Parsippany, New Jersey (Employee)

Worked for various clients like AT&T, PPG, RAM Mobile Data, New York State Bridge Authority using JAM, C, C++, Sybase, Motif, Windows NT, 2000, XP, Solaris, etc.

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