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Project Management Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • Integration Project Management
  • Data Mining & Data Analysis
  • Production Support & Monitoring
  • Systems Implementations – Y2K, System ESS, DI Migration, OneUS
  • EDI Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst
  • Customer Logistics Specialist
  • Message Mapping


Confidential Alpharetta, GA

Integration Analyst

  • Act as Project Manager and 1st Point of contact responsible for new trading partner on-boarding & all communications, including set up, testing, gap analysis, QA & map development, connectivity & certificate management and on-going maintenance & support. Provide enhanced messaging services through SOA-based Data Exchange Platform.
  • Conduct workflow and practices assessments, identify business improvement opportunities.
  • Manage all aspects of integration from custom solution design & assessment based on client’s business needs & trading partner’s capabilities to end-to-end testing and successful migration to production with hands-on knowledge transfer.
  • Responsible for document format, data validation and data translation.
  • Ensure vendor compliance with client specifications and format standards (EDI, XML, flatfile, Embarc)
  • Maintain and modify trading partner custom look up tables used in translation.
  • Analyze data & perform data mining using relational database to ensure accurate set up.
  • Promote customer satisfaction by providing 1st Level Support to client based on contractual SLAs
  • Lead Client Priority Meetings to address client’s Production issues & weekly status meetings with key stakeholders to ensure project milestones are met
  • Led continuous improvement effort by identifying business need and worked with Development and Infrastructure team to implement, streamline and improve business processes
  • Functional Acknowledgement Reconciliation
  • Production Support, on-call & after-hours support as needed.
  • Troubleshoot problems by identifying and escalating issue, working with internal resources (Infrastructure, Development Team) if needed & communicating issue/subsequent resolution to clients
  • Submit monthly billing activity report to client (detailed and summary level for XML and EDI activity) & project hours for resource management to client.


  • Design custom B2B solutions, Data Analysis, Connectivity setup & testing (EDI, FTP(s), HTTP(s), VAN, AS2), Map development, testing & production support, SOWs, Expert knowledge of EDI standards (UCS, X12) & transactions, Strong knowledge of data formats used (XML, Flat file, Embarc), Message Mapping, Oracle Data Mining tool (TOAD), Windows XP 2000, MS Office, MS Sharepoint, Unix, webMethods 6.1, webMethods Trading Network Console, Contivo, proprietary Data Exchange Platform (Hub), HEAT (Production Support Call Management system), Sterling Commerce Support on Demand, Site Scope & Big Brother (System Monitoring Software), Filezilla, WinScp, Putty (telnet, ping, traceroute), Ultraedit, Base64, webMethods servers, server logs, FTP Mailbox management, XML Spy, edifecs

Confidential Atlanta, GA
EDI Specialist (Consultant)

  • Identify & implement process improvements from cost saving measures to integrating internal systems.
  • Responsible for implementing business process to solve critical inventory issue with top account
  • Acquired software Bartender 7.51, integrated into business & EDI infrastructure and trained office and warehouse personnel
  • Prevented loss of top account’s business and brought in $2.5 million in lost revenue
  • Discontinued sending of unused data through EDI
  • Created saving of approximately $30,000 a month
  • Create new process to improve efficiency of ship tracking at distribution center
  • Work closely with Account Managers & clients in resolving critical customer EDI issues and address feasibility of new transactions and projects:
  • HP and Wal-Mart Gift Cards
  • Target and Firefly
  • McLane
  • EDI Team lead working with trading partners, VANs, internal stakeholders to maintain flow of EDI data including soliciting new EC business, profile set up, map development from testing to production
  • Uphold data integrity, manage EDI transactions and troubleshoot & resolve all EDI related issues.
  • Project lead in charge of inhouse migration of EDI activity from outsourced EDI Solution package, True Commerce, to inhouse EDI package Gentran Integration Suite.
  • Design & implement plan to successfully migrate all trading partners to new platform
  • Work with management, vendors, 3rd party software providers, VANs and customers (EDI & business contacts) to ensure seamless transition.
  • Responsible for all business documentation and knowledge transfer
  • Interface closely with Finance to reconcile account billing discrepancies.
  • Assist in Accounting software upgrade and integrate new version with current EDI platform.
  • Approve monthly EDI expenditures for payment.


  • Data Analysis, Map development, testing & production support, Expert knowledge of EDI standards (UCS, X12), Worked with numerous transaction (810, 812, 816, 820, 824, 850, 852, 856, 860, 861, 864, 875, 880, 997), Bartender ASN Shipping Labeling Software, True Commerce Integrator (EDI package), Familiar with Gentran Integration Suite V4.0 & Application Integrator, MAS 200/500, Python (ASN Software), FTP, AS2, XML, EBridge Software (EDI translation software), MS-Excel, MS-Access.
Confidential, Kennesaw, GA

Customer Logistics Supply Chain Analyst

  • Manage customer programs designed to improve supply chain & replenishment efficiency and to optimize business processes.
  • Masterfoods Efficiency Program – Analyze customers’ orders & provide pro-active support to help manage their orders and qualify for incentive program
  • Item Restriction Process – Team Lead
  • Awarded “Make the Difference” Spot Award for improvements & continued efforts to improve the Item Restriction process
  • Order Management Optimization Project – Team Lead responsible for pilot implementation
  • Monitored pilot & provided data analysis for success measurements which led to process harmonization across multiple business segments
  • Interact with Sales, Logistics, Operations, Planning, R & D and Finance to resolve supply chain issues.
  • Identified warehouse sourcing error, evaluated impact to business and provided recommendation.
  • Develop reports to analyze business performance relating to customer-specific metrics and long-term goals and to identify cost saving opportunities and business opportunities
  • Customer Ordering Pattern MAT for Drop Ship and Pricing Analysis
  • Identified account abusing Drop Ship program, saving annual revenue of $240, 000
  • Customer Service Levels by commodity by customer
  • Regional Subject Matter Expert on Business Objects, EDI and Data Management database.
  • Conducted monthly Business Reviews


  • Data Analysis, Business Objects reporting, Data Mart testing (Customer Logistics), MS-Excel, RCMG (Regional Customer Maintenance db), NAIRDS (North American Item Reference Database System), CSS (Order Management), FGS (Finished Goods System), IBM Vendor Managed Inventory, DRP (Distribution Resource Planning), IRI (Information Resources Incorporated), Vehicle Load Management, MARC (Materials and Resource Planning)


Vernon, CA

EC/EDI Specialist/Team Lead

  • Manage IBM EDI Translator to ensure vendor adherence to ANSI X12 & UCS Standards, uphold data integrity and act as knowledge manager for EDI vendor database.
  • Proactively manage vendor relationships & problem solve complex EDI issues by working with customers, EDI support, software providers, VANs, IT and the business.
  • Solved critical EDI issues with top accounts, recovering millions in lost revenue
  • Resolved Target ASN issue resulting in $800k in paid deductions and prevented loss of $4.5m in business
  • Resolved Target invoicing errors resulting in $1m in paid invoices & 50% improvement on vendor scorecard
  • Resolved Wal-Mart invoicing errors resulting in $8.6m in paid invoices
  • Work on map development, problem solve map issues and perform gap and risk analyses.
  • Solicit & manage new vendors from map development to production (an increase of 60%).
  • Publish monthly EDI activity reports.
  • Identify & develop EBusiness initiatives to improve business processes & supply chain efficiencies.
  • Advocated use of redistribution houses (Central Garden, ALI) to improve product flow
  • Customer Service intranet
  • MyPetStop.com
  • Integral member of several national projects:
  • Managed business simulation testing, data migration/integration & conversion, problem resolution, user acceptance testing and production application support for national projects:
  • Developed & implemented plan for Y2K platform migration for 300 + trading partners
  • Implemented Unix based order management system, System ESS, from design to deployment.
  • Created ad-hoc map customizations and worked with application support to ensure successful data transfer and translation from EDI to the new order management system.
  • Developed System Guide & User Procedure Manual
  • Member of OneUS Integration project, successful migration of three business units into one.
  • Worked with teams to identify all touchpoints and merge all customer data, UPCs, order management systems, affected downstream systems & any customized processes built into the current infrastructure into one primary system.
  • Communicated with users and technical & non-technical stakeholders to ensure smooth transition. Provided user training and documentation.
  • Received “Make a Difference” Award for success on OneUS project


  • Data Analysis, Data Validation, Map analysis, development, testing & production support - IBM Data Interchange, Conversion to Unix-based Order Management System (System ESS) - User Acceptance Testing, Script based testing & Implementation, Expert knowledge of EDI standards (UCS, X12), Worked with numerous transaction (810, 824, 832, 850, 852, 855, 856, 864, 867, 875, 880, 997), Migrated existing Trading Partners from DEC to DI, Upgraded 300+ partners to V4010, Maintained TP database, Worked closely with Application Support, FTP client, MS-Excel, MS-Visio, TSO ISPF, MVS/OS390, Kleinschmidt (Carrier related EDI), EDISIM, Data Flow Charts.


Vernon, CA

Customer Service Coordinator

  • Manage Southeastern Brokers, focusing on Top 40 accounts and address account inquiries and related logistics issues to control and improve service levels
  • Responsible for managing production planning, inventory control and forecast accuracy issues to ensure continued customer satisfaction
  • Lead monthly business awareness sessions, conduct regional broker training & publish monthly account analysis
  • Manage logistic initiatives and programs from Cross Category ordering, Adopt a Shift, High Thru Put, Damage Trak and Double Pallet projects.

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