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Senior It Infrastructure Project Manager Resume

Littleton, UsA


  • PMP and ITIL certified creative, innovative and results-driven Project Manager and Analyst with a proven track record of delivering on time on budget.
  • 15 years of experience in IT Project Management and Business Analysis including on-site and offshore project management, consulting, planning, implementation and maintenance.
  • Experience includes project management, project coordination, service delivery management, software development, relationship management and business analysis experience for various mission critical client projects.
  • Deep experience in project and requirements management with extensive knowledge in managing complex IT projects with sound understanding of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Extensive experience in estimation, planning system development, gathering business and application requirements, business processes, identifying risks, impact analysis.
  • Experience working with business users as well as senior management and possess strong analytical, verbal and presentation skills that help in communicating with team members as well as project sponsors.
  • Capable of leading & motivating individuals to maximize levels of productivity; a customer-centric professional and knack for motivating large workforces for exceeding customer expectations in delivery of committed services. Excellent communication, Leadership qualities and inter-personal skills.
  • Problem solver with a passion for technology; skilled in grasping the big picture, conceptualizing, developing, implementing solutions & partnering closely with business leaders & stakeholders.
  • Result-driven professional with good experience in leading teams and working in medium/large teams.


  • Working as Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager at Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. (2.3 years)
  • Worked as Problem Manager, Supply Chain & E-Commerce domain – HPIT (5 years)
  • Worked as Confidential Service Center, E-Commerce IT Deployment Manager – Confidential IT (1 year).
  • Worked in the capacity of Confidential IT GADSC Auditor for HPIT ITSM Process Maturity Evaluation.
  • Worked in the capacity of Service Delivery Manager for Content Management Application- Confidential IT
  • Worked in the capacity of Team Lead for Confidential IT, Content Management applications viz.
  • Infoworks, HUB, Confidential Documentum, EDR II, P&S Catalogue, Trados, Product Information Tool (PIT),Structured Content Monitoring (SCM) used in all stages of content management life cycle viz Create, Acquire, Store & Manage, Localize, Provision and Publish.(For 3 years, managing headcount of ~14).
  • Designed, Developed and Implemented Automated Monitoring of application for Confidential Support Team. (Support effort reduction of ~20 hours per day)
  • Worked in the capacity of a Web Master & Project coordinator - Confidential - (1.5 Years).
  • Worked in the capacity of E-Commerce IT Quality Lead for the Content Management production support team and was instrumental in achieving the ISO 9001:2000 certificate for the support Organization.


Operating Systems: DOS, Windows 95/98/NT, Unix

Programming Languages: HTML, XML, ASP, Visual Basics, VB Script, Java Script, C++, Java.

Database: Oracle, MS-Access.

Office Software: MS-Office 2000. MS-Project, IIS, Visual Source Safe.

Utilities: Tidal, Replication Management Tool, SharePoint.

Others: LAN, WAN, Internet, Internetworking with TCP/IP, Concepts of Microsoft Index Server,, Site Server, Web Logic, Microsoft Visual Interdev 6.0



Role: Senior IT Infrastructure Project Manager

Project: Enterprise Services

Project Description:

The Enterprise Services Project Management team is accountable for the successful delivery of projects, specifically related to Enterprise Services deliverables


  • Scope Management, Prepare Project Charter & Support creating Business Case
  • Prepare WBS, Project Plan
  • Conduct Status meeting & Publish status report
  • Manage activities assigned to multiple vendors, associates, scope, schedule, cost management, procurement management.
  • Conflict resolution
  • Issue and risk management.
  • Develop/ update project plans for IT projects including information such as project objectives, technologies, systems, information specifications, schedules, funding and staffing.
  • Manage project execution to ensure adherence to budget schedule and scope.
  • Prepare project status reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing information and trends.
  • Assign duties, responsibilities and spans of authority to project personnel
  • Direct or coordinate activities of project personnel
  • Coordinate recruitment or selection of project personnel.
  • Develop and manage annual budgets for information technology projects
  • Develop implementation plans that include analysis such as cost-benefit or return on investment
  • Establish and execute a project communication plan.
  • Oversee the Change Management process.


Role: E-Commerce/ Supply Chain IT Problem Manager – HPIT Problem Management Team

Project: Confidential IT Problem Management

Project Description

Problem management aims to resolve the root causes of incidents and thus to minimize the adverse impact of incidents and problems on business that are caused by errors within the IT infrastructure, and to prevent recurrence of incidents related to these errors. Problem Management leadership & governance to significantly reduce the number of end user generated reoccurring incidents for the Supply Chain & Ecommerce production environments within Confidential IT Organization..


  • Drive “end to end” ownership of Problem Management.
  • Responsible for the facilitation, performance, effectiveness and improvement of the standard ITIL/ITSM Problem Management process within the IT domain.
  • Responsible for Support demand reduction and Driving ownership for higher levels of Availability and Productivity.
  • Promote organizational adherence to the Problem Management Process and provides process consultancy and training as required.
  • Organize and facilitate a virtual team of IT sub domain and or function process leads as needed to perform process related activities
  • Periodically conducts audits to assess the maturity, efficiency and effectiveness of, and adherence to, the HPIT Problem Management Process
  • Manage and ensure effective integration with other standardized processes
  • Represent the IT domain in the HPIT Problem Management process governance forum
  • Implement HPIT Problem Management process, standards and tools and where necessary, develop and maintain level 4 specific procedures in HPIT central shared collaboration space.
  • Ensure that metrics and performance indicators are accurate and reflect IT organization activities
  • Evaluate and provide input for the improvement of the Problem Management process
  • Lead the deployment of new Problem Management processes and tools within the IT domain.
  • Identify sub-domain and/or function leads as needed to perform process related activities
  • Support Demand Reduction opportunities by performing incident trending & problem identification.
  • Problem identification and recording, Problem classification, Problem investigation and diagnosis
  • Facilitate corrective action definition & implementation.


Role: E-Commerce IT Service Center Deployment Manager - Confidential IT Strategy and Transformation Team

Project: Confidential Service Center Deployment

Project Description:

Confidential instance of Radix/OVSD with IT Confidential Service Center. HPSC offers comprehensive service management capabilities so support organizations can implement ITIL based processes into a single, seamless workflow.


  • Manages the project for E-Commerce IT domain.
  • Engages with E-Commerce IT Business to understand what is needed to migrate the teams in the Business unit, and executes the plan.
  • Reports status back to Global deployment Manager (GDM).
  • Migration preparation acceptance (accept tool, processes drafts, configuration).
  • Migration execution.
  • Coordinates and Participates in the User Acceptance Testing.
  • Provide Communication throughout the deployment.
  • Define requirements for deployment processes/tools, develop processes.
  • Data collection and processing.
  • Validate external tools for required for integration.
  • Ensures that process transformation and adoption occurs in E-Commerce IT area.
  • Provides information needed to configure HPSC based on process and organizational requirements (users, workgroups, categories, etc.).
  • Prepares for coordinated delivery of Training
  • Coordinate UAT testing participation in the E-Commerce IT area
  • Provides Communication throughout the deployment to E-Commerce IT.
  • Ensures smooth and complete migration of users to HPSC in E-Commerce IT.

Confidential, Houston, USA

Role: Confidential Service Operations Subject Matter Expert - Confidential IT Strategy and Transformation Team

Project: Confidential Service Operations

Project Description:

Focused in Providing Application Monitoring Services to meet Service Level Management, improve application availability and enhance customer satisfaction. These processes provide command and control capabilities, as well as continuous service improvement and support for the IT environment.


  • Identify and document scope of work.
  • Interviewed representatives from the GADSC Support teams for Data Collection viz., Monitoring activities performed by the various support teams, Head Counts required for monitoring activities, Technologies used and Technical Skills required
  • Provide robust end-to-end working practices.
  • Identify resources and define roles and responsibilities.
  • Risk management and mitigation plans.
  • Plan & Communicate process and progress report.
  • Standardization of Tools/Processes required in providing/managing services at agreed levels.
  • Help shape and define Service Strategy, Service Transition and Continual Service.


Role: GADSC ITSM Process Auditor

Project: ITSM Process Audit

Project Description

Broad objectives of this assessment was to understand how well GADSC Support is complying with the ITSM framework both from an implementation of the ITIL process and management of these process from a quality standpoint.

Activities Included:

  • Baseline maturity assessment using Quality checklists, to measure how well we design our processes with respect to the ITIL standard and how well we manage our processes from a quality point of view by interviewing the Incident, Change and Problem Management process leads and examine their documentation.
  • Baseline maturity assessment using Process compliance checklists, to measure how well we operate our processes. This will be primarily assessed by sample audit of the incident and problem management tickets created by the different GADSC Support populations.

Role: Subject Matter Expert

Project Name: Knowledge Management

Project Description:

The objective of this project was to provide HPIT support organizations with a comprehensive set of Knowledge Management tools which would facilitate more efficient resolution of support calls for any and all products in our environment.


  • Point of contact for the KM activities.
  • Assist Domain manager in identifying/attaining a data owner for the product or service.
  • Co-ordinate agent training (i.e. Ensure all support staff are ready to support their product upon implementation).
  • Provide Training to the user community.
  • Work with Service Management engineers to prevent the need for support where possible.
  • Enable the solution to be successfully supported.

Role: Service Delivery Manager

Project: EDRII

Project Description:

It is a structured content authoring, acquisition, and repository application. Allows businesses to define, author, acquire, and store presales, sales, and marketing content. This in turn supports and enables product information delivery as well as readiness for new product introduction and content maintenance and management.

Technologies: XML, Java, Oracle, Internet Information Server, Web Logic.


  • Service Support Management & Service Desk
  • Incident Management using tools BLT, OVSD, Follow the Sun Model to provide 24hrs support coverage & Holiday Coverage
  • Managing Escalations
  • Managing Release (Move) to Production Activities
  • Problem Management
  • Service Level Management
  • (Support) Service Continuity Management
  • Headcount Planning
  • Recruitment (Involved in interviewing candidates for the support team)
  • Training coordination

Role: Team Leader

Project: Content Management Applications

Project Description:

HUB: This is a product-specific web page directory and redirection system for HP.com. It acts as a router, working to connect Confidential customers to the specific product page they are looking for within a directory of tens of thousands of product web pages on HP.com. HUB provides URL abstraction services within the hp.com enterprise portal environment that benefits both Confidential internal content developers as well as Confidential customers who utilize hp.com for product reference, knowledge and support

(Technology Used): Java, Apache, Tomcat, XML / XSLT, FTP)

EDR II: It is a structured content authoring, acquisition, and repository application. Allows businesses to define, author, acquire, and store presales, sales, and marketing content. This in turn supports and enables product information delivery as well as readiness for new product introduction and content maintenance and management. (Technology Used: Oracle, Unix, Java)

The Products and Services Catalog (PSC): Is an automated system that Creates a common products and services catalog (undeclared and segmented) in multiple languages and countries. Includes IPG, PSG, and some ESG products. Is based on customer experience strategies. Provides consistent, high quality product catalogs in all regions for customers of IPG, PSG, and ESG, initially ISS and NSS products. experience.

Technology Used: SQL Server, XML

Product Information Tool (PIT): Product Information Tool is a database repository. The PIT database consolidates all product, sales and marketing information into one place to help locate quickly and ensures easy access to most accurate and timely information available. PIT is intended to capture all products, sales and marketing information and providing easy interface to browse, search and upload information by authorized users.

Technology Used: Site minder, SQL Server 2005, IIS

Structured Content Monitor (SCM): SCM was built to support a total quality approach for structured content management in EMEA region. It collects metrics on various processes and assets related to structured content. Reports created by the SCM contain information on issues, potential causes and suggestions for fixing the issue. Day-to-day measurement of open versus resolved issues allows the discovery of trends and the prioritization of certain issue categories.
Technology Used: Java, Oracle, XML, FTP

Responsibilities included:

Financial: Ownership for monitoring TANGO (Time Tracking Tool) on a monthly basis.

Business Performance:

  • Ensure day-to-day and project commitments are met (planning, resources, priorities).
  • Ensure business fundamentals (metrics) are established, reported and monitored (STHP) and put in place corrective actions.
  • Manage relationship with customers and suppliers. Manage relationships related to special issues, non-standard requests and escalations.
  • Ownership for the proper execution and improvement of internal team processes (STHP, Escalation, ACD, support coverage, backups, bank holidays, etc.).
  • Ownership of escalations within the team.
  • Make sure communication to customers is correct.
  • Deliver high quality support on the application which is their primary focus.
  • Ensure application training for engineers when they come on board.
  • Provide high level resolution and guidelines whenever an engineer needs help.
  • Coordinate with support engineers to establish work schedules during holidays, weekends (if needed) and during days on which engineers go on vacation.
  • Facilitate implementation of changes.
  • Mentor engineers on applications & technologies.
  • Provide independence and freedom to support engineers to do the job at the same time ensuring that it is within the established framework.
  • Ensure that handover/takeover to and from Mexico/Bangalore takes place.
  • Contingency plans ( when a resource leaves until the new resource is recruited and trained)
  • Daily follow up on Open BLT tickets with engineers
  • Follow up of issues. Being in contact with Service Delivery Manager.
  • Weekly meeting with the team to follow up on processes
  • Transitioning New/Existing application support across globe to local team

Successfully transitioned 5 world wide applications into the Delivery Centre


  • Meet as peer group to exchange information, maintain standards and consistency.
  • Working with Metrics. Put in place corrective/ preventive actions.
  • Work with Global Support management on support delivery, change management, strategies for service delivery and others as and when needed by management.

Role: Technical Analyst

Project: Content Management Applications

Responsibilities included:

  • Ensure Application Up-time
  • Participate in the Move To Production (MTP Activities)
  • Proactive job monitoring and recovery.
  • Automation wherever possible.
  • Escalation process followed.
  • Quality audits with zero non-conformity.
  • Follow the HPIT standard guidelines of Incident management. (Escalation processes etc).
  • All mandatory trainings planned and executed on time.
  • Contribute actively to the Knowledge Management
  • Adherence to the Service levels
  • Customer Satisfaction and engagement
  • Ensuring Daily handover/takeover takes place with the counterparts (GDL team).
  • Provide application trainings to new members

Represented Content Management Support team in –
Products and Services Catalogue Transition – Confidential
Confidential EDRII Release 3.0 Rollout – Confidential, Littleton, USA
Confidential EDRII Release 4.0 Rollout – Confidential, Houston, USA

Confidential EDRII Release 6.0 Rollout – Confidential, Houston, USA

Designed, Developed and Implemented Automated EDRII Production Monitoring which resulted in support effort reduction of ~20 hours per day


Executive – Business Support Services, Deputed onsite - Confidential

Role: Web Master & Project coordinator

Project Name: GPS Web-Site Creation and Maintenance

Project Description:

Confidential is engaged in the sourcing of commodities and engineering services to Confidential internal customers. This group got aligned to ESS (Enterprise Storage and Servers) Supply Chain and came to be known as ESS India Supply Chain (abbreviated as ESSISC).

Technology Used: HTML, XML, Active Server Pages, MS Access, MS Front Page, Adobe Photoshop.

Role: Web Master

  • Responsible for creation of GPS Internal Websites / modules.
  • Maintenance of the websites/news room and dashboard (Periodic cleanups)
  • Responsible for data collection with close coordination with World wide GPS Business teams
  • Regular data backups.

Role: Project Coordinator

  • Managing proof of concept from GPS suppliers for the development projects
  • Interfacing with Customers for requirements gathering, functional specifications, change management, enhancements, and feedback.
  • Working with development team to get the deliverables.
  • Involved in User Acceptance Testing.
  • Preparing the Technical Documents & Manuals for the Applications developed.
  • Purchase Order, Inter Company (IC) Billing Maintenance.


Role: Trainee (Chat)

Project: Indya.com online chat community development

Project Description

Confidential personifies the Indian Id - irreverent, witty, wise, wild, wacky and fun, with 42 interactive services and products, across entertainment & leisure; information & knowledge; utilities & services.


  • Online Community Development
  • Ownership for the proper execution and improvement of internal team processes
  • Deliver high quality support
  • Facilitate implementation of changes
  • Participate in Testing Activities.


Quality Assurance Engineer – Deputed Onsite - Infosys Technologies Limited.

Role:Quality Assurance Engineer

Project: Confidential Wrapper Development

Project Description

Confidential is the Online shopping from the earth's biggest selection of books, magazines, music, DVDs, videos, electronics, computers, software, apparel & accessories. Is an American e-commerce company based in Seattle, Washington


  • Worked in the Quality Assurance team
  • Specialist for Confidential Wrapper Development Center.
  • Testing of the outputs generated from the development cycle and suggesting appropriate changes.
  • The job required a good understanding of the Quality Process and ability to put focused efforts
  • Gathered information online and incorporated real-time information into the websites.

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