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Project Manager Resume

Atlanta, Ga


  • Over 12 years of diversified IT and telecom experience in programs such as defense systems, SAP, and automotive telecom devices.
  • Project Mgr for 3 full SDLC of SAP HR /FI implementations for the Department of Defense.
  • Certified International Project Management Professional (CIPM) Issued: 01/2009
  • 6 years of defense network operations management experience in a fast paced environment to include satellite communications and digital data networks.
  • Secret Security Clearance.


Confidential, Stockbridge, Ga

IT Consultant


  • Develops short and long - term plans for Information Technology services, equipment, and facilities based on current and projected Information Technology equipment and services Applies automation and communications methods and techniques, making recommendations relative to the validity of new requirements and the optimal approach for implementation.
  • Advises users concerning modifications of requirements to reduce anticipated technical problems or excess costs, and works out funding arrangements and schedules for providing required services.
  • . Performs analysis and evaluative functions.

Confidential, Atlanta, Ga

Project Manager

  • Leads an average of 3-5 project team meetings weekly for analysis and synthesis of quantitative data and evaluations reflecting performance and progress of projects, making forecasts and projections reflecting quarterly and annual goals; as well as reflecting individual project deadlines. Recommending actions for timely decisions to the PMO and Operational Department Heads; and, guidance to approximately 15 project team members.
  • Maintained effective working relationships with 50 internal and 10 external customers to serve as a point-of-contact for assigned projects within a $300,000-500,000 budget.
  • Created over 50 binary flowcharts using MS VISIO as needed to reflect the high-level design of each project; updating changes to the design throughout the product development lifecycle.
  • Developed project plans and milestones utilizing MS Project for full product life cycle management (PLM) of telematics devices based on customer business and functional requirements. Applied the methodologies of risk management, budget analysis, and resource allocation. Identified and translated business requirements into technical requirements while capturing the information in DOORS.
  • Functioned as the liaison between product development departments and 7 test engineers for the management and execution of test plans. Provided technical documentation for product testing and validation ensuring compliance with functional requirements. Lead weekly meetings to discuss and validate test results.
  • Conducted reviews of product validation testing results with the 7 member Quality & Analysis (QA) team and Operations Department Heads.

Confidential, Newark, De


  • Implemented software that enabled loan officers to manage referrals, quickly access records, and reduce filing time.
  • Conducted comparative/cost-benefit analysis and process improvement techniques using Activity Based Costing (ABC), benchmarking, risk analysis, and other analytical tools to assess the requirements and recommend a solution.
  • Developed plans to ensure an effective and efficient implementation and utilization of all organizational automated systems including disaster recovery plans for system failure.
  • Troubleshot software and hardware problems, resolving issues in less than 24 hours, which reduced repair costs by over $25,000 annually.
  • Planned and installed an inventory and distribution network system

Confidential, Mayport, Fl

SAP HR/FI Project Manager/ Facilities Project Supervisor

  • Provided stream direction in accordance with project deliverables and timelines, for the organization change management project track of a phased, enterprise resource planning (ERP) product implementation.
  • Managed and allocated resources for over 700 people, and ensured accuracy of work hours reported and billed.
  • Defined the project with respect to its scope, requirements; and validation of resources, effort and cost.
  • Organized and facilitated problem-solving discussions with client, internal operations teams, project managers to resolve issues requiring a focused approach to maintain project continuity and requirements. Provided risk mitigation and alternative solutions.
  • Identified and translated business requirements into technical application configuration requirements.
  • Functioned as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for configuration issues to support existing functionality. .
  • Collaborated with developers and QA team to develop and test system functionality
  • Developed and implemented 100 hrs of on-the-job training documents
  • Provided career counseling, written, and oral performance evaluation of subordinates to develop and motivate team productivity.
  • Managed personnel retention program, proactive motivational program planning, and celebrations. Identified and assisted with goals of individual personnel to stimulate retention

Facilities Project Supervisor

  • Utilized and evolved the project scope change process to proactively manage the overall extent of a project including contingency plans.
  • Ensured that any changes to originally forecasted scope is documented and agreed upon before adding to the project's schedule.
  • Provided cross-functional team management including departments outside of IT
  • Coordinated with architects to develop space plans, furniture, and infrastructure needs; network infrastructure installation with IT, including managing contractors
  • Completed work order requests
  • Coached, mentored, motivated and supervised 30 project team members; and, influenced them to take positive action and accountability for their assigned work.

Confidential, Norfolk, VA

Systems Operation Manager/Flag Watch Supervisor/ Training Officer

  • Coordinated efforts with foreign nationals to achieve mission/project objectives.
  • Analyzed, designed, tested, and evaluated network architecture and configurations including: LAN/WAN technologies such as AND, ISDN, Frame Relay, T1, DS3, OC3/OC12, and other carrier-based services, internet/intranet and other data communications systems.
  • Performed satellite interfacing including: line of sight calculations, live operations management, information exchange requirements management, geographic network planning
  • Monitored and maintained systems performance and network security measures
  • Designed and maintained a MS Access database networked to 20 computers.
  • Interfaced computer and communications equipment to include VOIP.
  • Adapted and modified existing software to meet specific business needs
  • Maintained files on the network server and back up files to guarantee their safety in the event of problems within the network.
  • Developed and implemented training program that enhanced the data center’s/ Flag Command Center’s proficiency in operations and the promotion of 15 junior personnel.
  • Created a 75-page technical instruction manual for procedures for installation, use, and troubleshooting of communications hardware and software to aid users in operating equipment

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