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Technology Lead/ Project Manager Resume



  • Experienced Technical Project Manager /Operations Manager who can implement all aspects of project management.
  • Lead and managed the overall Project from an IT PM perspective for Vendor Applications as well as Business Readiness aspects of the implementation of a new processing platform including the new Infrastructure / Platform across multiple branches and regions including several Service Delivery Partners (SDPs). Applications include a new Teller Platform and Item Processing. Managed the IT Infrastructure Implementation team and the System Architects.
  • As a Project Manager in the SCO Branch capture system managed multiple components projects including:
  • The Architecture and Infrastructure implementation.
  • The scope entailed large Infrastructure implementation in 80 branches with Disaster Recovery (DR) and Single Point of Failure Testing (SPOF). My role was to manage key stakeholders, Steering Meetings, develop project schedules, and all other aspects of the deliverables, implementation and execution strategies.
  • On contract to a major financial institution company, evaluated and made recommendations to management regarding methodology, quality assurance, system re - engineering, security and disaster contingency planning. Designed Project Management Guidelines supplementing the internal methodology.
  • Extensive experience working on Fiserv products
  • Over 10+ years in large projects implementing the largest financial institutions in the world with a metric scorecard measurement of ninety-four percent rating.
  • Have held multiple roles wearing multiple hats as a Technical Project Manager, Project Lead, business analyst, QA tester, application tester, Senior Product Services consultant etc.
  • Have written project plans and TDD, BRD and other auditing documentation on last three implementations and mentored other TPM on certain applications and processes including Dashboard for Risk and delivering the resume weekly for status updates.
  • Over 25 years of check processing implementation experience including programming and bank operations including treasury management.
  • Have provided consulting services for over the 10 largest banks in the country.
  • Have recently worked with Branch Teller automation on Aperio platform to train and assist procurement in new document usage for CD/ IRA’s Time Deposits etc. including meeting with procurement for new system ticket utilization including float assignment, holds availability assigned per transaction along with money laundering electronic software and techniques to immediately identify fraud.
  • Helped lead test team on multiple projects using Quality Center and Quick Test Professional

TECHNICAL SKILLS:Languages: COBOL, Assembler, TSO ISPF, JCL & Utilities, FileAid, Comparex, CA7, OPCDBMS & OS: CPCS, VSAM,MVS,Windows XP, DOS, Confidential Payments Director

Equipment: Confidential Mainframes, Confidential 3890’s, Unix 3890B/XP, NCR 7780, Confidential PC's, Windows Server, Bell & Howell Scanner, UT1000 Image Encoder, BancTec 4200, Unisys P1800, DP 500 RR & Power Encoder, SRM Retrieval Module,

Management:Microsoft Project, Microsoft Word, Microsoft EXCEL, Microsoft VISIO, Microsoft

Tools: Exchange, SPFPC, EXTRA, ChangeMan, Endevor, Librarian, SMP/e, HPTS, CIPS, DMS

Packages: Check Solutions and Vector packages.

Carreker: Automated Cash Letter System (ACLS), Branch Truncation Manager (BTM), CASH, Checklink, Check Image Retrieval (CIR), Extract, Float Analysis System (FAS), Float Pricing System (FPS), High Level Language (HLLSERV), Job Submitter (JOBS), Low Speed Kill List (KILR), Multibank Settlement, MICR Plus, Multisite Utilities (Banner, Guardian, ICRE/MCRE Bank Selector (IMBS), Print Control, Supervisor), Non-MICR, Online Reconcilement System (ORS), Sort Evaluator/Simulator, Sort Pattern Generator (SPG), Sprayer, String Deletion Utility (ZOOM), Superfiche, TRAK, XP/Stat, XP/Toolkit

Conix: Cash Letter Automation System (CLAS), Electronic String Generator (ESTG), MICR Utilities (MUTIL), Online String Inquiry System (OLSI), Online Reconcilement and Balancing System (ORBS), Sort Pattern Inquiry System (SPIS), Sort Pattern Management System (SPMS), String Manager (STGM), Control Machine (TCM)

Fiserv: Source Capture Optimization (SCO), branch capture, NexgenFidelity/Metavante VectorSGI: Vector: Sort (3, 3000), Vector: Capture, Vector: Returns (5), Vector: Adjustments (4), Vector: ECP (VEPS), Vector: Inquiry, Vector: Reporting (TAS, 10)

Microsoft: Suite 2003, 2007 and 2010Panini and Unisys: Scanner technology, Unisys NDP and sorters DP1100 image transport

Argo: Teller Express branch capturePROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE:Confidential

Technology Lead/ Project Manager


  • Was responsible for the project to have multiple drops of code and defect review for resolution
  • Held weekly meetings to mitigate on an ongoing basis and provide CR’s PR’s and IR’s while providing production support
  • To meet weekly with the Infrastructure team to identify hardware requirements
  • Held weekly meetings and met with all vendors on several occasions to determine the plan flow as well as document action items and issues to have continual follow up for closure to keep the project in a green status
  • Mentored and trained BSAs/BA’s oncoming PM’s on the process for reporting while speaking to the status to the Senior Director weekly


Technology Project Manager


  • Was responsible for the project plan development and stage gating milestones, using the IDM methodology to provide gives and gets and high level milestone view for fast and easy reporting to ensure the project remained in a one step ahead approach
  • Held monthly risk meetings to mitigate on an ongoing basis
  • To meet weekly with the Infrastructure team to identify hard ware requirements including but not limited to the NFRW the RA the AAO documents as well as other required documentation
  • Held weekly meetings with multiple PM’s in the US and Canada to provide and receive status on ongoing inter-dependencies
  • Held weekly meetings and met with all vendors on several occasions to determine the plan flow as well as document action items and issues to have continual follow up for closure to keep the project in a green status
  • Mentored and trained BSAs/BA’s oncoming PM’s on the process for reporting while speaking to the status to the Senior Director weekly
  • Updated budget for internal employees/contractors and vendors for hours worked on the project as well as the travel expenses

Confidential, MI

Project Manager


  • Ability to assess problems and meet with project managers to provide a status of the overall project by a color code
  • To mentor and make suggestion on risk to mitigate solution time
  • Build a work stream that could be measured and reported in a weekly resume
  • To meet weekly with the core team on recommended and documented changes in a living project plan in Clarity and MS Project
  • Held weekly meetings with multiple PM’s to provide and receive status on ongoing inter-dependencies
  • Met with all vendors on several occasions to determine the plan flow as well as document action items and issues to have continual follow up for closure to keep the project in a green status
  • Mentored and trained oncoming PM’s on the process for reporting while providing the two week look ahead of tasks that may be running late or starting late

Confidential, MI

Technical Project Manager


  • Ability to assess problems and solve them with a strong sense of urgency
  • Analytical and creative thinker
  • Client-oriented (internal and external)
  • Ability to motivate team to work together in the most efficient manner
  • Flexible during times of change
  • Able to communicate with all levels of the organization and ability to deliver sensitive/difficult information tactfully
  • Has a good technical understanding of the system he/she represents and how it impacts the business
  • Able to handle multiple aggressive deadlines and juggle responsibilities
  • Test management on a global scale to ensure all applications are included in testing for Unit, SIT and UAT testing plans and scripts.
  • Responsible for collecting an all - inclusive Tech design documentation and changes to convert Check, Safe box, Cash Vault, Rebranding and RBC tracks form for Sterling and Bank of the Hills conversion.
  • Mentored five BA’s and PM’s to assist in System Requirement and Business Requirements.
  • Utilized the development life cycle methodologies including PEMBOK.
  • Set up Technical project Plan and communicated testing dates for each Mock cycle up to conversion date. Tracked defects with pass and fail status to all levels of Management.
  • Engaged with vendors to coordinate changes needed as well as data retention and contract recommendations.
  • Met weekly with technical and operations Sr. VPs to provide project status with color coded system (Green, Yellow and Red).
  • Met weekly to provide report status to Stakeholder and Steering committee

Confidential, FL

Project Manager


  • Responsible for sending out agenda for weekly stakeholder meetings.
  • Implementing Remote Branch Capture platform
  • Mentored Corporate officers to install and use of Treasury merchant capture product
  • Isolated controlled disbursement items for earlier presentments for availability for Treasury
  • Managed the testing aspects for new software Treasury merchant upgrade
  • Identified tasks and wrote project plans in MS project and put them on SharePoint for vendor and Bank staff viewing.
  • Held multiple management meetings with teams including Risk, Compliance, Info Security and Auditing.
  • Held several meetings with COO to discuss status of the overall project.
  • Held internal meetings with Market Presidents and Senior Vice Presidents of Item processing for procedure writing and software deployment.
  • Held meetings for back office exceptions, returns and chargeback testing and assisted in newly designed workflow

Confidential, CA

Sr. Product Consultant/ Project Manager


  • Developed Software Requirements and Specifications
  • Tested and Documented Procedures for Canada’s T.E. Confidential .P Project
  • Created New Documentation for Fiserv SCO Product including the User Manual
  • Tested and Trained Staff in New Scanner Technology for Chase/Wamu Conversion
  • Performed various Lead Roles throughout the Chase/Wamu Conversion Process
  • Acted as Implementation Lead Publishing Implementation Plan, Impact Documents, Documented and Tracked Post Implementation Issues and Lessons Learned.
  • Directed In-house Staff and Other Consultants on Implementation Tasks
  • Gathered, Tracked and Distributed Test Decks, Files and Results for System and Acceptance Testing
  • Mentored Various Staff Members on How to Validate Test Results
  • Interfaced with In-House Turnover Packages and Security Systems when Required

Confidential, OH

Sr. Programmer Developer/National City Consultant


  • Provided Support for Windows Server and the MICR 8000 Package.
  • Provided Installation and Support of the CIPS Package
  • Team Member on the CPCS PTF25 Conversion which involved Three Capture Regions and Three Mainframe LPARS
  • Team Lead for the Credit Union Image project available to all CU’s in the Upper Midwest.
  • Team Member on the Virtual Image / ECP Project. Responsible for Source Management of 500+ Vendor Packages using Changeman.
  • Argo express tester for the technical and business side of the bank


Programmer / Analyst

This project was to be the Lead on the Changeman to Endevor conversion requirement. My role was to perform as a CPCS programming expert as well as supervisor to the team in a fast paced CPCS programming environment. Held and assumed responsibilities of various staff members and became their mentor when necessary.


  • Mentored New Staff Members
  • Responsible for Source Control of Large Scale Check Processing Environment
  • Prepared Project Data Definition and managed SLDC for ECP Operational Transparency.
  • Was Responsible for Sort Patterns, Extract Parameters, Test Documents for a Florida Bank Conversion

Confidential, Memphis, TN

Technical Operations Analyst


  • Documented Customer Complaints Identifying Programmatic Deficiencies.
  • Implemented Communication Procedures to Track and Distribute Technical Changes Quickly and Accurately.
  • Gathered and published Major Scope Definitions.
  • Contributing Team Member on Multiple Paper-to-Image Conversions.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing and Pre-Production System Verifications for Multiple Clients.
  • Conducted Unit, System and Volume Testing and Support Client Go/No Go Decisions.
  • Trained Internal and Client Staff on CS Packages.
  • Performed Workflow Consulting for Clients

Confidential, Detroit, MI

Sorter Operator through Operations Officer


  • I managed and designed the major project to rework the accounting system in the back room balancing of Central’s ATM network. This included creating specs for systems, modifying operational procedures, verifying testing, and managing the implementation of the project.
  • I became a supervisor of the Proof department on the second shift. My duties included ATM processing area, ACH processing area, Error Correction, department proof desk, and cash letter dispatch.

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