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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume

Boston, Ma

Objective: To obtain a position as an analyst/developer in mainframe development, testing and project coordination.


  • Extensive expertise in IBM Mainframe applications using COBOL, TSO/ISPF, JCL, DB2, CICS, IDMS/R and IMS DB/DC.
  • Experience in interface development, support and consultation for system entities.
  • Experience with re - engineering and deployment work.
  • Experience in all testing environments: unit, integration, quality assurances, system, regression, end to end, and performance testing.
  • Experience in complete SDLC process from requirements gathering to implementation.
  • Coordinate projects work with Onshore/Offshore teams as an Analyst.

Technical Skills:

Software Skills: MVS, TSO/ISPF, JCL, COBOL II, CICS, VSAM, MQ Series, DB2 Stored Procedures, DB2, SQL/PL, IMS DB/DC, PL/I, DB2 Stored Procedures, Java/J2EE, SyncSort, Xpediter, ChangeMan, View Direct, CA software tools, File Aid, Easytrieve, Web Technologies.

Testing Skills: Mainframe software test plans, cases/scripts.

Management: Business Analysis and Project Coordination, Project Management.


Financial System: Installment Loans; Collection Management; Credit Card Processing,

Accounting System: Passenger Revenue Accounting, General ledger, and utility billing.

Insurance System: Accident, Healthcare, Life, Property Casualty.

Healthcare System: Medicaid and Medicare.

Securities: Bond processing and SWIFT telecommunications.

Miscellaneous: Dealer System and Retail Pricing System.

Professional Experience:

Confidential, USA

IT Consultant

Assignments included the following projects.

Medicare - Membership System.

  • Worked on membership eligibility processing involving data for pharmacy benefits for Medicare and commercial providers.
  • Installed link between Caremark and clients for media handling to load incoming files from various sources.
  • Worked on problem tickets and created DB2 queries to analyze and correct the problem.

Medicaid - Healthcare System - Claim Processing.

  • Worked on managed Healthcare delivery system for both Provider and Participant Services.
  • Worked on all aspects of the project life cycle..
  • Work with peers and team leaders to ensure assignment deadlines are communicated and being met.
  • Worked on claims tickets, analyzed issues and provided solutions for Medicaid Eligibility.
  • Conducted technical reviews and prepared technical documentation for testing.

Retail Test Environment Management

  • Worked with batch jobs and incidents to find the root cause and provide resolution.
  • Coded JCL, Procs, Parms and modified COBOL programs, DB2 Tables and some Java programs.
  • Worked on Store Technology Lab Service - work request forms. Install and Request for Refund Management. To build versions to be deployed.
  • Worked on Stores Environment Management: Internal Interfaces- Message sampling System.
  • External Interfaces - Return Services, Pre Screen and more.
  • Set up meetings with client SME’s and with Offshore Team as a Business Analyst.


Project: Customer Information System and Billing System for Regulatory Project.

  • Participation in functional review meetings with the customer. Studied the business requirement documents. Analyzed 40 programs. Updated DB2 tables.
  • Prepared high level design strategy documents by creating mock screens to display the changes on the online screens. Updated the low level documentation to show the existing code in the programs and the changed code according to System Requirement Documents and Business Requirement Documents.
  • Coding and unit testing was completed on time with test result verification. Tested the CIS system and verified changes on customer account screens.
  • Set up accounts with service plans, created orders, change of name, turn-on, shot-off, and meter readings to generate bills and statement for customer and reports.
  • Involved with the CIS test team and the Billing Job Scheduling team for the project integration testing and system testing. Reviewed the test cases and deliverables and implemented the reports
  • Moved the job into the production environment using ChangeMan and provided production support.

Confidential, Boston, MA.

  • The project assignment consisted of analyzing and documenting business requirements, documenting the existing processing system, and preparing System Maintenance Technical Documents and functional documents.
  • Initiated meetings and coordinate with the offshore team and SME’s and conducted playback sessions. The work was assigned to offshore for support.
  • Worked with SWIFT code (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), an internationally-recognized identification code for banks around the world. Received many interface files from different applications sent by brokerage companies into the bank system. I worked to convert these files into the SWIFT format as output and to update a database.
  • Coding of various modules which involved complex coding logic.

Confidential, Chicago IL

Mainframe Application Tech Lead

  • Worked as a Project lead used Microsoft Office for project planning.
  • Did analysis, designed and coded COBOL, CICS, DB2 programs and JCL.
  • Created test plans and test cases, debugging, Unit testing and System testing.
  • Worked on Business requirements, Coordinate Meeting Scheduling, documentation of minutes of meetings and tracks approval acceptances and exceptions.
  • Worked on Application Modernization fundamentals about returning applications to best support the needs of the business.
  • Worked Mainframe Configuration Management tools and the Configuration Solutions.

Confidential, Peoria, IL

Senior Programmer Analyst (Consultant)

  • Dealer Online Registration System (DOLRS). Enhanced IMS online programs and DB2 programs.
  • Coded and implemented IMS /DB programs.
  • Converted DB2 COBOL programs to E-COBOL.
  • Documented Sarbanes and Oxley rules and updated ChangeMan and Peregrine documents.
  • Performed Project Lead duties conducted meetings and walkthrough of programs and JCL.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Coded COBOL programs with IMS code to convert the General Ledger Master File and transaction history files to the Bank of America format, and then created balance reports and transmission files to send to the Bank of America.
  • Extensive testing was required to insure the accuracy of the work.
  • The daily and yearly files were a combination of VSAM KSDS and sequential files.
  • Did unit testing, integration testing, and system testing.
  • We recalculated DASD space requirements for the production environment.
  • Prepared Changeman packages to move the jobs into production.
  • Participated in the production approval process and formulated a back out plan with the turnover control group.
  • Pre-Implementation - Worked on copybooks layouts, created test plan, test cases/scripts, test data and execution, created JCL and Procs to run the batch jobs for testing and production.
  • Post-Implementation - Verified that the production jobs ran without any issues.

Confidential, Bloomington, IL

System/Analyst Project Leader for Offshore Team

  • Worked at as a Project Leader and directed four team members working offshore.
  • Provided the team with the knowledge transfer and client requirements for the Customer Profile Information (CPI) system.
  • Also worked on a Banker age project (funds transfer) by changing codes and executing test jobs.
  • Communicated with the offshore team through conference calls and the intranet.
  • Worked at State Farm Bank Solution Services working on Deposit, Credit Card, Mortgage, and Community Reinvestment Act Systems.
  • Had experience with State Farm’s SDM and application development forms and coded PL/1 programs and DB2 stored procedures.
  • Made enhancement to existing programs after analyzing user requirements, designing solutions, and coding programs.
  • Was involved with extensive testing.
  • Was assigned to the State Farm Insurance ECS claim management Drop7 testing project working as a Test Analyst.
  • Did analysis of business requirements, designed technical solutions, and developed test conditions for key requirements.
  • For the R12106-ECS-J2EE Architecture/Common Utilities project, did analysis and developed test cases for key requirements.

Confidential, IL

Programmer/Analyst: Students IBM application projects


  • Provided tutoring to students as a professor’s assistance.
  • The projects related to COBOL II, JCL and DB2 assignments on the IBM Mainframe platform.
  • Designed, documented, and created test data and test plans for projects.
  • Reviewed code and logic analysis for student assignments.
  • Conducted walks through and advised students on abends.
  • Have coded many structured COBOL programs with embedded SQL using DB2 and CICS.
  • Have also coded programs which accessed sequential files, VSAM, and external tables.
  • Have used static and dynamic program calls.
  • Used JCL extensively for job streams and have worked on system recoveries.

Confidential, WI



  • Using COBOL, JCL, and ChangeMan for loan applications, billing, and collection of student loans.
  • Fixed numerous issues with the annual interest rate process, modified programs and file layout used File-AID.
  • Fixed online screens by modifying CICS programs and batch programs that update DB2 tables.
  • Created reports and files sent by FTP for the Lender Service Transfer Process.
  • Prepared documents for project requirements, test plans and time estimate for budgeting.
  • Did unit testing, integration testing and system testing.
  • Used ChangeMan to move the JCL, Procs, Parms and programs.
  • Provided production support.
  • Fixed Job abends, with overrides for the files, backup files and restore files, concatenate the files and make the batch complete daily run generate reports and online up in the morning ready for users.
  • Worked on Default Loans and Loan Collection subsystems by coding new programs.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Accident, Healthcare, and Life Systems: used COBOL, IMS and IDMS to code and modify programs.
  • Created new jobs to meet users’ requests and rewrote the JCL to make the daily batch jobs run smoothly.
  • Used ChangeMan to move test systems into production.
  • Attended and coordinated many meeting with users.
  • Resolved problem tickets to correct program errors and to make enhancements and communicated with users.
  • Created mainframe files to send to the PeopleSoft system to generate checks for customers.
  • Provided production support, performed on call duties by fixing production Abend Code, Datasets space problems on DASD and Tape mounting.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Application Systems Analyst

  • Project Leader for a Y2K project, analyzing and planning the task, developing a test plan, performing technical work using Data Ager and Hyperstation.
  • Project Leader for Disaster Recovery Test (Business Continuity Plan) for Collection Management and Installment Loans Systems.
  • Prepared and executed test plan.
  • Installed a new release of the AMS on-line collection system.
  • Worked on system maintenance and upgrades.
  • Analyzed in-house code to retrofit to the new system. Coded with COBOL and IDMS.
  • Prepared documentation for project requirements and test plans and provided production support.

Confidential, IL


  • Responsible for support, maintenance, and development of Corporate Trust System.
  • Converted and updated files.
  • Installed and tested new releases from the vendor.
  • Used Hogan Installment Loan System: made version upgrade, installed custom codes, and provided production support.
  • Installed Computer Associates On-line Collection System.
  • Prepared documentation for project requirements and test plans. Provided on-call support.
  • Met many deadlines with accurate output. Received the "Extra Mile" Award.


Contract Programmer

  • Worked on Consolidated Statements for a mutual fund company.
  • Modified the data dictionary, added code to existing COBOL and PL-1 Programs and tested changes
  • Modified the History Balancing Process programs.

Confidential, Minneapolis, Minnesota


  • Developed programs in DB2 using COBOL II for the credit card system.
  • We met with users, developed specifications, and modified existing programs Developed programs in DB2 using COBOL II on the Credit Card Subsystem.
  • Performed maintenance and backup for the Earned Revenue System.
  • Generated sales reports, billing reports, and customer notices, and calculated sales revenue.
  • We accessed credit card information from mainframe DB2 databases using online SQL.

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