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Principal Architect Resume


I am experienced in the architecture, engineering and construction industry. I was trained in architecture, engineering and construction specializing in institutional, commercial, retail, single family and multifamily residential projects nationwide. My experience includes both new and renovation projects with budgets ranging from $1 million to more than $3.1 billion. I am an integral member of any design team. As a project design architect, I have designed several million square feet of commercial projects and over seven thousand units of family and senior housing projects. Additionally, I have master planned and supervised the design of many K - 12 schools and public works projects. I have established initial project budgets, milestone estimates, as well assists the team in maintaining the budget as the design develops. I also analyze value engineering opportunities and proposed materials costs. I assist in the bid analysis and during the construction phase I review and monitor all construction related documents including but not limited to change orders, submittals, shop drawings, schedules, and cost estimates



Principal Architect

I am responsible for all project design, management systems, procurement of new business, and execution and monitoring of all contracts. I fulfilled the firm’s goal of quality and understanding client needs and established the design process for each project. I have designed and directed many large-scale multi-family residential projects in Southern California. I also coordinated all consultant services, local agencies requirements, and client needs


Consultant Senior Project Manager

I was responsible for the management of the planning, design development and construction of a 187-acre campus at the Rancho Los Amigos National Rehabilitation Center located in Downey, CA. The project provides design services to comply with SB 1953 and the consolidation of the North Campus Site. The consolidation of inpatient services into the JPI hospital building entails the renovation of 24,000 SF of the existing 186,000 SF JPI building and construction of a new 36,000 SF addition building. The consolidation will also include the renovation of the historic Harriman Building, a new main kitchen, a new outpatient building and demolition of existing buildings on the north campus.

The project includes the Campus Specific Use Plan which provides the planning and development of the 62 acre north campus and 125 acre south campus a mixed use development of office, retail and residential commercial uses. The total project development cost is approximately $3 Billion Dollars.

My responsibilities include the project design and construction management of renovations and new construction facilities.


Senior Project Manager

I was responsible for the campus plan, project design and management of the construction of Crozier Middle School for the Inglewood School District. My responsibilities include the coordination of project design and project management of the new construction project resulting in two-story, six-building complex containing 44 classrooms, science and art labs, a gymnasium, an administration building, a library/multimedia center, a cafeteria-style kitchen, an amphitheater, a covered lunch shelter, and sports fields. The new school is designed for 1300 students, grades 6-8. Construction cost is $27,000,000. Completed October 2006.


Senior Project Manager

I was responsible for the management of the design development and construction of K-12 schools for the Inglewood School District. His responsibilities include establishing the design criteria to ensure the needs identified in the Master Plan are attained, developing the Requests for Proposals (RFP) from the design professionals, evaluating the Statements of Qualifications, assembling the information for presentation the Board of Education for approval and award of the Professional Service Contracts. Other consultants required for surveying of underground utilities, and actual surface conditions and environmental studies to ensure the requirements of the Department of Toxic Substances and Control (DTSC) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) are fulfilled. Each of these professionals is subject to the RFP process. The ability to construct each of the designed buildings is assessed to minimize changes to the design and subsequent change orders. My extensive experience as a builder provides the design with the optimum scrutiny for adequate details to ensure a comprehensive design package. I directed the bidding process per the requirements of Public Works, evaluates the construction bids and prepares the contracts for Board of Education approval. My common sense approach to resolving unforeseen conditions minimizes the delay potential at each site. The thorough documentation of all issues daily ensures a comprehensive record for each project. The meeting minutes are shared which include the person responsible for the action identified in the minutes. Payments to all parties related to the contract are approved and submitted for Board of Education approval monthly. The projects are closed out with the contractor, architect and DSA inspector. I assisted in the transition planning with the principals at each site. This coordination ensures a smooth movement into the new facilities. He works hand in hand with the Maintenance and Operation personnel to ensure their knowledge of the new systems is current, that the Information Technology (IT) group has all data and applicable alarms in operation and that all training for the campus operations is complete.


Project Director

I was responsible for all project design, management systems, procurement of all new business, and execution and monitoring of all contracts. He coordinated all consultant services, liaison to banking, and insurance and local agencies. I was responsible for coordination of all project design decisions review and coordination of all field operations and quality control. I supervised all field employees. I also coordinated and scheduled all subcontracting, purchasing and related activities. He was the managing general partner for the King Drew High School for Los Angeles Unified School District. This unique project was successful and earned the recognition of ENR as a successful Design/Build High School in an urban environment. This project included the employment of residents through town meetings and arrangements with the local unions.

The campus is comprised of fie separate structures skillfully integrated on a relatively small lot. The campus is configured in 240,000 SF high school, 52 SF parking garage, 26 classrooms, auditorium, fully enclosed gymnasium, 23 science labs, kitchen facilities and exterior amphitheater.

As general contractor, I have built many large-scale multi-family residential projects in Southern California


Project Architect/Designer/Assoc. Partner

I was responsible for the firm’s design direction for all residential projects. I designed over two hundred multi-family residential and single-family residential complexes. I maintained budgets, evaluated bids, and lead work teams. I also interfaced with clients, engineers and construction personnel.


Principal Designer

I was responsible for all designs including interior designs all residential and commercial projects. I designed over one thousand single family units and coordinated all consultant services, local agencies requirements, and client needs.


Supervisory Architect

I supervised and monitored more than nineteen (19) staff architects. I implemented the agency’s design and construction criteria for more than eight (8) thousand family and elderly housing units in Southern California and Arizona. I established underwriting criteria for all project mortgage programs and assumed lead on all projects with project architects. I also developed Request for Proposals for new construction housing programs.



I implemented the agency’s design and construction criteria for planned unit developments. I supervised and directed many large scaled residential and planned unit developments in Virginia and Maryland. I also established development cost to establish mortgage limits for underwriting purposes.

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