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Program Manager/project Manager Resume



Project Manager with strong business analysis skills and experience in Software Project Management for the biotech, financial, and manufacturing industries. Aligns technology portfolio with technical resources. Ensures appropriate project scope to minimize cost while maximizing functionality. Experience generating guidelines, policies, and SLA’s and SOP’s. Applies excellent interpersonal skills to influence and lead teams that meet critical timelines. Used RUP and uncover major risks early in the project life cycle.


Languages / Software/Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, SQL, Power Builder, COBOL, C, ASP, Rational Suite 2001A, SQA Basic, Win Runner, Microsoft, Office, Lotus Notes, SQA Robot v.2001.4a, Rational, Enterprise Edition Load Runner, RUP Rose Model, Soda Report, Performance Studio, Forms, Reports 6i,Project, Mind jet, Clear case, Clear Quest.

Rational Requisite Pro: Rational Test Manager, Rational Robot, Rational Enterprise Edition, Clear Quest, Clear Case, Documentum, MS Office,GxP, Clear case, Clear Quest,HTML

Data Bases: Oracle 8i, FoxPro, DBASE III, MS Access, Sybase II,Oracle8i, Oracle Clinical4.0 database.

Platforms / Operating Systems: Windows2000, NT/95/3.X, UNIX, MS DOS 6.22, Vista


Confidential, CA

Program Manager/Project Manager/ Business Analyst/QA/Implementation Manger/Technical Delivery Specialist.


  • Ensure the communications between all different Vendors in India, Glendale onsite and offsite.
  • Tracking issues between all the parties. Managed and monitored status report for the management to provide status.
  • Written, managed requirements and QA and implemented the WNS VDI solution for the financial application.
  • Worked as a product manager to help the IT team to come up to speed.
  • Written user story boards and gathered requirements.
  • Managed releases and risk around it.
  • Managed real estate branch moves and provided IT Support.
  • Established routers switches and created our own club link.
  • Managed communication gaps between teams.

Confidential, CA

Project Manager / Technical Analyst / Business Analyst / QA Manager


  • Managed Third Party Draft Project from complete PDLC Initiation to Production.
  • Worked as Liaison between Customer, product Team and Tech Teams to deliver the project.
  • Created implementation Plan, communication plan, Risk management Documents, for all the required apps for TPD test plans across the teams.
  • Helped capture the test scenarios which were most critical for the success of project for all different customers.
  • Ensuring the documentations met with the PMQA requirements.
  • Enter defect and held meeting between cross system to discuss and resolve/prioritize the defects.
  • Analysis and provided recommendations for the problems.
  • Created BRD, FSD and CCR (Business Requirement Doc, Functional Requirement Doc, Change control for all different system.
  • Meeting agenda and re - cap of the meeting with action items and prioritizing the task and following up with the resources.
  • Establishing expectation early on to avoid conflicts.
  • Managed and monitored status report for the management to provide status.
  • Clear written communication between teams and management to keep everyone in loop of project status.
  • Query databases to find out the detail analysis.
  • Gathered requirement, created test data and data flow and evaluated the results.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

QA Manager / Project Manager / Business Analyst


Tax Data Service is a real-time web service (API), which provides latest tax formats to user on demand by storing data of all the known Tax formats for the relevant tax authorities that accept electronic payments through the ACH network.

  • Worked closely with program team, Integrated Product Teams, supported QA efforts, suppliers and customers to establish quality requirements, resolved quality issues and delivered quality product.
  • Identified gaps to optimize system for user.
  • Created and managed the QA Documentation activities that include Test Plans, Test Procedures, Entrance and Exit Criteria and Release Checklist Estimating and scheduling project tasks with detailed project plans.
  • Worked with SOAP UI tool to automate test scripts.
  • Helped programmers to write connector scenarios.
  • Supported root cause investigations, and implemented corrective and preventative actions.
  • Created Test plan and user guide to provide understanding of our methods and scope of testing.
  • Managed a QA team that includes both local and remote employees.
  • Worked with Quality Center.
  • Managed a team of 3 people in operations to managed entry and collection of data from Tax authorities and 5-7 QA team members off shore.
  • Established planned and implemented standard procedure to meet deadlines.

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

Project Manager


Managed the full Project Development life cycle including Project management, business analysis, validation testing, Risk assessment and IT outsourcing to Cittio for Watchtower project. Which is an automated enterprise system and software application.

  • Managed and planned the team activities to improve efficiency.
  • Planned and execution of performance testing, analysis of test results and creation of summary reports.
  • Written SQL Queries to verify the output.
  • Developed and implements the GSP business practices and procedures.
  • Identified the major risks and participated in finding solutions to mitigate, avoid or accept the risks.

Confidential, Thousand Oaks, CA

Business Analyst II / Technical Project manager


  • Managed multiple Clinical Data Management projects.
  • Identified pain points to optimize system for user
  • Applied process improvement, created business cases and requirements to understand the business, and helped resolve critical time consuming efforts.
  • Used clear quest to report issues and provides flexible workflow management and defect and change tracking across the application development life cycle.
  • Helped the QA team to understand and build test cases for most of the systems.
  • Written XML Use Cases for user and developers understanding.
  • Validated systems in accordance with GXP standards.
  • Implemented strategies to ensure the compliance of 21 CFR Part 11 of the Regulatory Requirements by the FDA.
  • Worked with architects to identify and analyze the possible risk to the project at early stages of the project life cycle.
  • Ensured that the documentation adhered to the FDA Regulatory Requirements.
  • Helped the QA team to understand and build test cases for most of the systems.
  • QA on time and attendance application developed by Kronos.
  • Setting up users and cleaning the data and giving permissions in Clear quest.
  • Created Project Plan and establishing resources.
  • Establishing guidelines for the team.

Confidential, Long Beach, CA

Lead QA Analyst


  • Environment: RUP, Rational 2001.4a, SQA Suite, Win Runner, Load Runner, VB, HTML, XML, Oracle, NT, C, C++, Java, Use Cases, Story Board, Rose Model Soda Reports, Clear Quest and Clear Case.
  • The project involved the conversion of Confidential ’s US order management system from its current Mainframe environment to a Client Server based application. In addition the new system integrated all the existing US Confidential Ordering Systems into one new process that could handle Fleets, Rental Companies, Dealers, Vehicle Services and Special Orders. Worked on behalf of user as the Lead UAT tester.
  • Wrote SQL scripts in order to verify the test results.
  • Managed test cases and tracked defects using Clear Quest.
  • Analyzed the test results and discussed them with Management and Business Analysts.
  • Wrote VU scripts using SQA Robot for performance testing and created Virtual Users for load testing.
  • Written XML use cases to structure, store and transport Data.

Confidential, Groton, CT

Lead Performance Test Engineer


  • Environment: Rational Suite Enterprise 2001.4a,Rational Clear Case Administration, clear quest, Rational Soda for word, Rational Requisite Pro, Rational Unified Process, Rational Robot (GUI,VU), Rational Test Manager, Rational Robot, Rational Rose Enterprise Edition, Rational, Oracle, Windows 2000 Professional and TOAD.
  • Pfizer Lifecycle and Retooling Effort (PfLARE), Leader of the QA team that was responsible to ensure the compliance of the functionality of Rational Suite products with the COTS process, which is a brainchild of the Rational Unified Process (RUP).
  • Implemented strategies to ensure the compliance of 21 CFR Part 11 of the Regulatory Requirements by the FDA.
  • Ensured that the documentation adhered to the FDA Regulatory Requirements.
  • Ensured the compliance of FDA Regulations by creating test cases using the Rational Enterprise Product.
  • Developed test Plan, test cases and test scripts using Rational Robot, Rational Test Manager, Clear Case, Clear Quest, Requisite Pro, Soda
  • Used clear quest to report issues for the application development life cycle.
  • Preformed Performance Testing using of VU scripts and Recording Sessions.
  • Wrote the code to properly execute the scripts work, created about 100 Virtual Users to run scripts with different task assigned to each Virtual User. Set timers to see the Time duration of each transaction.
  • Created, ran and analyzed reports, reviewed the scripts of team members.
  • Configured the system for UAT testing, Involved in System Testing, Performance testing and Integration Testing.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Project Manager / Lead QA


  • Environment: Rational 2001.4a, Win Runner, Load Runner, VB, HTML, XML, Oracle, NT.
  • Citibank Escrow Services “CES” is a Trust Third Party Guarantor for transactions between a Buyer and Seller.
  • Held weekly meetings to review test results via clear quest.
  • Created test plan, scripts, data and scenarios for negative and positive testing.
  • Used Rational 2001 to automate system testing.

Confidential, Tarrytown White Plains, NY

Implementation Manager / QA Lead


  • Environment: Windows NT/95, UNIX, SQL Server 6.0/7.0, Oracle 8i, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP.
  • It is a Child and Family support project. The project is on Visual Basic. It takes care of child custody and child support where the parents of the child are separated. It also takes care of money disbursement.
  • EDI written in Clipper and Visual Basic.
  • EFT used to recover money where warranted.
  • Re occurring Automatic Withdrawals.
  • Designing, building, implementing and installing custom windows applications to support the payment disbursement and validation of the child support for various states around the country. It also includes archiving and managing images.
  • Highly involved in different Internet applications for the product (Internet, Intranet) related to the product.
  • Used clear quest to address issues.
  • Continuous technical and program level communications between customer, user, developers and management staff.
  • Understanding the complexity of the system.
  • Created manual for operations staff use.
  • Modeling and analyzing performance.

Confidential, NY

Lead QA / Business Analyst


  • Environment: SQA, Windows NT, Power Builder, Sybase.
  • This system was responsible for maintaining and distributing files that are commonly used by several of the AMEX online systems. These files contain information that identifies and describes instruments (equities and options) and other supporting files. Those files related to working environment or configuration for processing equities and options. It also contains lists of valid firms and traders. This is a strategic system since it operates on data that is essential to the proper operation of the systems.
  • Developing automated scripts using SQA on Windows NT for client server applications. The automated scripts are targeted at system testing, regression testing and data integrity and cross-functionality.
  • Extensively involved in system integration testing of the application, which have been developed in Power Builder and Sybase.

Confidential, NY

Lead QA / Tester


  • Environment: GUI Automation, SQA 5.1, Visual Basic, VAX/VMS, Power Builder, Sybase, UNIX, Power Builder.
  • User acceptance and system testing of a customized application, which was developed in Power Builder and Sybase.
  • Developing a testing methodology guide for the QA/Software testing.
  • Proposing project management ways to improve software testing and GUI Automation process.
  • Developing test automation scripts in SQA and Visual Basic on detailed test procedures and test cases.
  • Extensively involved with parallel testing integration, performance and stress testing of the application.
  • Developing automated scripts to ensure accurate data transaction between the application and interfaces with VAX/VMS systems.
  • Understanding and analyzing the business requirements and supporting the application at rollout.

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