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Project Manager Resume

Alexandria, VA


Information technology Director, technical project manager and solutions architect professional with twenty - five years’ experience. As a technical IT director and development project manager I have experienced in all aspects of IT strategic planning, computer system architecture, requirements, design, development, implementation, and operations for large and small ERP applications, custom applications, and business intelligence/data warehouses. Project team and budget management experience includes managing matrix and virtual technical teams ranging in size from five (5) to forty (40) staff members with budgets ranging from $1 million to $40 million dollars. Project methods include PMBOK and SCRUM with current certifications as a PMP and CSM with PgMP certification in progress.

Technical project and operations management experience includes:

  • Technical Director and Technical Project Manager - Fifteen years’ experience working with executive stakeholders to define system requirements and design, and develop and implement: custom business applications, COTS business applications, data warehouses, business intelligence dashboards, and security solutions.
  • Scrum Master - Five years’ experience running rapid development projects using SCRUM and Agile-Waterfall hybrid approaches for requirements definition, business intelligence dashboards, COTS implementations, and strategic governance definition projects. Scrum approach included: team building, user stories, sprints and release planning, defining units of work with team, daily stand-ups, coaching team members and product owners, managing sprint reviews and retrospectives, testing and delivery progress, and managing backlog through scrum boards, and a variety of velocity and build up charts.
  • ERP Project Manager: Over fifteen years’ experience working as an Oracle ERP Project Manager (eight years as an Oracle employee) implementing and operating Oracle Enterprise Business Suite applications and associated business process improvements.
  • Development Manager: Over ten years’ experience working as a data warehouse, business intelligence, and custom application Development Manager overseeing the design, development, and implementation of key performance indicators, custom data warehouses, portals, mobile applications, and business intelligence/scorecard dashboards.
  • Operations Manager: Over ten years’ experience working as a data center Operations Manager overseeing small-medium computer operations with 5 to 180 servers with experience in overseeing security and server virtualization solutions.
  • Consulting Services/Sales Manager: Over ten years’ experience working with consulting and IT product sales teams and executive clients to execute client discoveries, proposals and contracts.

Industry experience: (a) state e-licensing, (b) federal records management and eRM, (c) banking, finance and accounting, (d) broadcasting, (e) higher education, (f) state government K12 education, (g) information systems security, (h) hospital healthcare services, (i) social services for chronically ill patients, (j) medical malpractice insurance, (k) medical health insurance, (l) manufacturing and supply chain (discrete), (m) publishing, (n) CRM and human capital, (o) retirement benefits, (p) portals, and (q) telecommunications.


Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Solutions Architect

  • Team coach and advisor for reinitiating a fail $20 million dollar e-licensing application and process improvement implementation.
  • Business process requirements and specifications solution architect working with seven (7) business analysts and conversion staff professionals to sunset a mainframe legacy licensing system. Responsibilities include: (a) defining the project’s strategic approach, work schedule, SCRUM process and sprints, (b) developing business requirements and detailed business specifications methods and templates, (c) defining business specifications for select professional licenses, and (d) guiding the business analysis team to rapidly develop business functional, technical, system governance, and operational specifications using MS Project, JIRA, JAMA, VisionOne, Oracle OPA for over 100 professional and professional business services licenses, registrations, and permits.

Confidential, Alexandria, VA

Project Manager/Solutions Architect

  • Project manager responsible for redesigning three stalled records management governance, process improvements, and eRM system design projects with a $1.5 million dollar budget and a staff of five (5) SME records management professionals. Responsible for: (a) project initiation and schedule development, (b) charters, scope and solution design, (c) budgeting and budget tracking, (d) resourcing, (e) project execution, (f) executive reporting, (g) project execution, and (h) maintenance of the associated project SharePoint and MS Project Enterprise Server project schedules.
  • Solution designer for an enterprise high-level eRM and email archiving architecture for integrating agency’s existing transaction application systems with an eRM-CMS solution.
  • Solution designer for an Oracle APEX and database proof-of-concept subsystem for preparing and submitting federal data collections to OMB.

Confidential, King of Prussia, PA

Program Manager

  • Program manager responsible for reinitiating a $5 million dollar a business process improvement project that was three months behind schedule for consolidating five different international ERP applications into a single global application.
  • Rapidly re-scoped project and work plan, and re-staffed project with a project team of fifteen (15) SMEs that focused on preparing current-state and future-state migration and sunset plans to consolidate diverse CRM, print production, financial, and support enterprise applications distributed across five divisions located in US, UK, Spain, and LATAM to a global platform.
  • Project deliverables were created using hybrid waterfall-Scrum method.

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Project Manager

  • Project manager responsible for managing multiple concurrent projects staffed with internal matrix virtual development teams. Projects included: (a) NCQA data extract file creation and transmission to Versik for HEDIS measures, (b) report creation for fifteen qualified health care companies for exchange plans, and (c) re-engineering of membership processing.

Confidential, Owing Mills, MD

Solutions Architect

Solution Architect and Interim Project Manager for:

  • Upgrading of Oracle 11 to Oracle R12 EBS financials.
  • Supporting the design of business processes transformations using the new Oracle EBS to sunset the legacy mainframe system to service new health exchanges.

Solution Architect supporting the following projects:

  • Improved reporting for medical loss ratio estimating, forecasting and refund processing applications.
  • Design solutions for the replacement of mainframe legacy financial modules that process medical insurance enrollment premiums and claims data from NASCO, TDN, and Facets systems with Oracle R12 EBS;
  • Design and implementation of Compliance Sheriff Security software to enhance SharePoint 2010 security.
  • All projects used a matrix project team structure requiring the solution architect engage and coordinate all resources for solution contribution, documentation, and signoff.

Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Technical Director

  • Technical Director and federal grants manager with oversight responsibilities for the development of thirteen (13) IT systems projects with budgets ranging from $2 million dollars to $5 million dollars with a total budget of $23 million dollars. General management responsibilities included: planning and management of all project budgets, staff hiring and management, procurements, risk mitigation, and project status reporting to: (a) Office of the Governor, (b) Maryland’s State Department of Education Superintendent, (c) Maryland State Longitudinal Center’s Advisory Board, and (d) US Department of Education grant managers. Projects used a combination of Agile and Waterfall development and implementation methods.

Technical responsibilities as Technical Director included the following activities:

  • U.S. Department of Education grants manager for FY 09 SLDS grant with a $5 million dollar budget and grant author for FY12 SLDS grant for $4 million dollars.
  • U.S. Department of Education technical grant author for Race to the Top 2010 that resulted in a $250 million dollar Grant award in April of 2010.
  • U.S. Department of Education technical grant author for FY12 SLDS grant for $4 million dollars. Grant was awarded in June, 2012.
  • Managed a staff of approximately forty (40) consultants, five (5) project managers, and seventeen (17) stakeholder groups using matrix and virtual project teams. Consulting staff included: (a) business analysts, (b) OBIEE developers, (c) Informatica ETL developers, (d) Java Portal developers, (e) Help desk and technical writers, (f) Oracle database administrators, (g) security administrators, (h) data center operations staff, and (i) educational subject matter experts.
  • Development project manager for overseeing a Oracle Webcenter portal development using Java, JavaScript and J2EE for mobile.
  • Scrum Master and solutions architect for the development of four (4) data warehouse initiatives for an operational longitudinal data stores and data marts for K12, P20, and early childhood. Each project has its own development team. Estimated total budget for four projects was around $15 million dollars for labor, servers, and software licenses. Scum method used for development of Oracle APEX, OBIEE UI, and databases included: (a) user stories for dashboard design, (b) sprint planning by defining units of work with team, (c) daily stand-ups, (d) weekly product owner feedback reviews and improvement iterations, (e) coaching team and product owners, (f) managing sprint reviews, testing, and backlog progress through scrum board and build up charts.
  • Planned and managed the business analysts and communications teams for collecting data requirements and providing project communications for twenty-four (24) state agencies and stakeholder groups for the prototype StateStat and SLDS-P20 data warehouse projects.
  • Developed and implemented project management portal and project standards.
  • Developed and implemented a multi-agency private cloud and hosting solution for shared agency costs and to lower costs for a virtualized VMware infrastructure.
  • Solutions architect that worked with database and OBIEE development teams to design and develop K12 operations data store and BI data marts with a portal, security system, and a business intelligence dashboard system containing over one-hundred and twenty-five (125) accountability and performance reporting dashboards. System was integrated with a SAS server for trend analysis using statistical control programs that were embedded in the Oracle ETL staging database.
  • Solutions architect that worked with database and OBIEE development teams to design and develop a P14 higher education operations data store and BI data marts with a portal, security system, and a business intelligence dashboard system containing over 25 accountability and performance reporting dashboards.
  • Solutions architect that worked with database and OBIEE development teams to design and develop a P14-20 college and career readiness education operations data store and BI data marts with a portal, security system, and a business intelligence dashboard system containing over 50 accountability and performance reporting dashboards.
  • Solutions architect that designed and managed the design of a K12 strong security solution using Oracle OAAM and IDM, OBIEE roles, Oracle Vault, and Oracle Advanced security solutions to support 60,000 teachers and 200,000 casual student users.
  • Solutions architect and project manager for the design of a co-located/co-managed data center for the three data warehouses, portals, and business intelligence reporting systems that included; three virtual data centers in VMware, and two hardware-based production environments consisting of; Oracle 11g databases, SAS server, 11g OBIEE, 11g Oracle IDM, Oracle 11g OAAM, 11g Oracle Spatial, Oracle 11g Web Center Suite, Oracle 11g Content Portal, Oracle11g Advanced Security Suite, Informatica, Oracle OWB-ETL, SAS server, and Cognos 8 on Dell platforms.
  • Supported the requirements development and procurement cycles for several SaaS and Cloud hosted solutions for K12 testing and e-learning solutions with Pearson and Blackboard.
  • Designed online, multi-media training modules with avatars using Captivate to support end-user dashboard training.
  • Selected and implemented Tibco Managed File Transfer system.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Business Analyst

  • Designed hand-held CAC card and biometric reader for personal identification scanning system for USMC military base security. Project used Agile development method.

Confidential, WI

PMO/Project Manager

  • Coordinated six (6) project managers overseeing a variety of healthcare process improvement and IT self-service web-based projects that were part of a $1 million dollar patient-centric Six Sigma process improvement project.
  • Managed development and rollout of customer registration web services.
  • Prepared and issued weekly consolidated projects status report
  • Provided technical advising and project development standards
  • Prepared requirements and rollout planning standards
  • Prepare organizational model, technical requirements, and proposal for $3 million dollar call center
  • Performed quality and risk reviews on all projects

Confidential, Chicago, IL

BI and ERP Project Manager


  • Worked with higher education consulting team supporting PeopleSoft Campus EPM proposals and integration with Sungard’s Banner higher education solutions.
  • District of Columbia, Dept. of Education/ Washington D. C. - Project QA and data warehouse architect support.
  • Wells Fargo, San Francisco, CA. - Project manager implementing PeopleSoft EPM Data Marts.
  • Samuel Merritt College, Oakland, CA. - Solutions architect BI dashboard and scorecard system design.
  • Cache Creek Casino Resort, Cache Creek, CA. - Business Intelligence Report solutions architect.
  • State of Utah, Dept. of Ed/State of North Dakota, ND. - Architect for K12 longitudinal data warehouse proposal.
  • Performed discovery and design hosted solutions for Oracle clients for Oracle ERP solutions for several Oracle prospect proposals.

Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

ERP Implementation Project Manager

  • Project manager responsible for re-planning and managing a failed Microsoft Navision ERP implementation project in a job shop manufacturing environment. Managed the ERP implementation to completion within six months. Project was implemented with a staff of five plus off-shore support for conversion activities.
  • Project Management Methods: PMBOK, SCRUM/Agile, RAD/JAD, SDLC-SDM70, Oracle AIM
  • Project Management Tools: JIRA, JAMA, VersionOne, Rally, Clarity, Remedy, MS Project Enterprise Server
  • Business Analysis: BPMv2, BABOK, Use-Cases, Story boards, UML Activity Flows, RUP, JAMA
  • Oracle ERP: Oracle e-Business Suite 12R
  • Microsoft ERP: MS Navision Financials and Manufacturing
  • Business Intelligence: Oracle OBIEE 11g, Cognos 8
  • Data Warehousing: Oracle DWHFT, Kimball & Inmon design principles
  • Security: Oracle OAAM, Oracle IDM, Oracle DBVault, Oracle Advanced Security
  • Data Warehousing: PeopleSoft EPM, Oracle OWB, Oracle Data Quality
  • Data Modeling: ERWIN, Visio
  • ETL: Oracle OWB-ETL, Informatica
  • Middleware/Portals: Oracle 11g Portal, Oracle Web Center Suite, Oracle Content, Oracle BPEL, Aqua Logic Portal, SharePoint 2007/2010
  • Databases: Oracle 11g, 11g Spatial, SQL Server 2008, MS Access, SAS server
  • Programming Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, HTML 5, Java, JavaScript, C++
  • Document Management: Alfresco, FileNet, HP Exstream
  • Gaming: Construct2, Unity 4, Blender, 3dsMax
  • Load Testing Tools: HP Load Runner, LoadStone
  • Change Management: PVCS, CA Panvalet, SCCS, JIRA, VersionOne
  • Bug Tracking: Bugzilla, Remedy, Custom Tracking Systems

Sample Papers/Presentations/Special Projects

  • London, R. (2015). Using Agile and SLDC to Sunset Legacy Systems. Paper submitted to PMI.
  • London, R. (2015). Seasonal Affective Disorder: Survival Guide for Teenagers and Young Adults: (manuscript in production): Oktopus Inc.
  • London, R. (2012). Growth models; vaporware and heresy. NCES 2012 Summer Forum and 25th Annual STATS-DC 2012 Data Conference, US Dept. of Education. July 9-13, Washington DC.
  • London, R. (2012). P - 20W data warehouse — Selling the Value for Sustainability. NCES 2012 Summer Forum and 25th Annual STATS-DC 2012 Data Conference, US Dept. of Education. July 9-13, DC.
  • London, R. (2012). Longitudinal Data System (LDS) Multimedia Training and Coaching. NCES 2012 Summer Forum and 25th Annual STATS-DC 2012 Data Conference, US Dept. of Education. July 9-13, DC.
  • London, R. (2012) How to collaborate effectively across state agencies for economies of scale using a private cloud and enterprise licensing. Maryland Digital Government Summit 2012, Baltimore, June 18, 2012.

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