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Project Lead Resume

Dallas, TX


Confidential, Dallas, TX

GIS & Data Specialist

  • Automated GeoTech roles via AHK script and Petra DC modules.
  • Established GIS Dept, with ESRI software rollout, maintenance, and staff tutorials.
  • Linked data across departments w/ mapping front end. Dynamic drilling schedule map based on real time Petra and Land data.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Geotechnical Supervisor

  • Optimization and repair of data links between production, exploration, engineering, and ops data via DB w/ a dynamic spatial map interface.
  • Automation of GeoTech responsibilities.
  • Established GIS Dept. for Laredo North (Tulsa office), which included rolling out ESRI package (Arc Info, SDE, Server) while retaining original SQL DB.
  • Advised on replacement of production software and log management software.

Confidential, Plano, TX

Geoscience Data Administrator,

  • SDE & ArcServer Administrator: Design, install, and maintenance of SDE/ArcServer environment. Responsible for geodatabase schema, structure, replication, security/user permissions, map services, and spatial tables within Oracle.
  • Openworks R5000 rollout, administration, and end user support.
  • A year of auditioning new software for the Exploration Dept. via vendor meetings and relationships.
  • Creation & publication of all SDE feature classes and layers.
  • Automated data update procedures based on complex 75 point criteria.
  • Designed internal silverlight based web browser with security for confidential layers.
  • Wrote scripts to automate SDE feature classes generation based on internal databases.

Confidential, Grand Prairie, TX

GIS Analyst

  • Contract position updating public utilities (storm, water, & sewer) in ArcGIS.
  • Map production as requested.

Confidential, Carrollton, TX

GIS Tech

  • Contract position with the goal of mapping water, sewer, and storm lines in a geometric network using ArcGIS.
  • Lines are topologically edited by geo - referencing asbuilts to corrected parcels and 2007 orthographic photos.

Confidential, Farmer’s Branch, TX

Media Design\Geology Lab Instructor

  • Teaching labs and planning in-field learning experiences.
  • Filming, editing, and maintaining a collection of educational lab videos for the Chemistry department’s website.

Confidential, Moffett Field, CA

Project Lead

  • 12 week internship along with 7 other students from across the US
  • Led a group detecting bromus tectorum within Great Basin region using MODIS satellite imagery.
  • Used ARCGIS and ERDAS Imagine to capture, re-project, and mosaic.
  • Regression models used to accurately predict species presence.
  • Lead author on paper published by the ASPRS in December 2005 and the AGU in February 2006.


  • 3 years of experience in ArcSDE & ArcServer administration. 5 years of ArcDesktop experience, VBScripting, & AHK Script.
  • Completion of several ESRI courses on SDE, management in a multi-user database, and and ArcServer.
  • Several Landmark 2003/R5000 Admin. course completions.
  • Expertise in offshore well core data handling, vendor derivations, and hierarchal blending.
  • Published Remote Sensing\GIS experience at NASA as well as work with UTD's GIS dept. and the Ellison Miles Geotech Institute in Farmer's Branch.
  • 5 Years of experience teaching Geology and GIS/GPS lab courses.

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