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Service-oriented Architecture (soa) Architect/manager Resume

El Segundo, CA


Exemplified expertise in project management/development, emerging technology, evaluation, and cost/benefit analysis. Proven ability to configure and empower high - performance IT organizations around the needs of a business. Thrive at procuring, installing, and operating state-of-the-art technology systems with reliable management information tools specific to a company’s business and its markets. Talented in implementing and managing diverse programs concurrently, along with excellent team building, facilitation, and presentation proficiency. Adept at dealing with multiple, interdependent projects leading toward organizational improvements through innovative solutions.


Architecture: Zachman Framework, Federal Enterprise Architecture, DoDAF, TOGAF, OMG-MDA, C4ISR, MVC, MVC -Type 2, OASIS, OAGIS, WEB 2.0, SOA

Object-Oriented Languages: Java, C++, XML, Smalltalk, Forte 4GL, VB.Net, C#, Ruby on Rails

Software Development Methodologies: RUP, SCRUM, IBM OOTC, Agile, XP, CMM

Object Modeling Tools: Rational Rose Enterprise, Select Enterprise, TogetherJ, Shlaer-Mellor Object Technology, Microsoft Visio

Message-Oriented Middleware : TIBCO Rendezvous, SonicMQ, IBM MQ-Series, Microsoft MTS, JMS

Platforms: Sun, HP, DEC VAX, IBM AIX, AS/400, 3270, Compaq Himalaya, PC, PDA

Operating System: Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, VMS, DOS, WIN 3.1/95/98/NT/2000/XP,2K3, VM/370, AIX,

Other Languages: C, COBOL, PL/SQL, Perl, Python, PHP, TCL/TK, JME, BREW

Relational Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, Sybase, MySQL, PostgreSQL

Communication Protocols: TCP/IP, DECNET LAT, IPX/SPX, IPv6, WAP, SMS, 802.11b, RF, GPS, WLAN, CDMA, GRS, GSM

Other Development Tools: Adobe Flex/Flash, ColdFusion, iPlanet Portal Server & Application Server, BEA WebLogic, WebMethods B2B Integration Serverr & Entreprise Server, IBM WebSphere Studio, IBM WebSphere Business Integration, TIBCO Rendezvous/ActiveEnterprise, ERwin, Oasys, TIBCO, Broadvision, HP Virtual Vault, SAP basis, PeopleSoft, Microsoft BizTalk, Microsoft HIPAA Accelerator, JD Edwards One World XE, TOAD, TSQL, Requiste Pro, ClearCase, Popkin System Architect, OASIS, Thompson, SunGard, fiXML, ebXML, Clarify

Open Source Tools: Apache, Squid, KDevelopment, OpenOffice, Redhat, Ubuntu, Centos, jBoss, OpenAdaptor, Eclipse, Omondo


  • IT Strategy
  • Process Improvement
  • Operations Optimization
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program/ Project Management
  • Policy Development
  • Information Resources Management
  • Operational Streamlining
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Systems Integration
  • Technical Architecture
  • Software Design


Confidential, El Segundo, CA

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) Architect/Manager


  • Successfully instituted Common Access Card security intended for existing website.
  • Conceptualized, developed, and implemented web services for the exchange of data between SMART and CCaR.
  • Substantially introduced and rendered support to virtualization prior to the adoption of its use into the development lifecycle.
  • Planned, created, and executed long-term plan for the adoption of service-oriented architecture (SOA), as well as new flex-based product offering as substitute to a legacy client server application.

Confidential, Seaside, CA

Senior Consulting Enterprise Technical Architect / I.T. Manager

  • Carried out the selection and evaluation of existing and emerging technologies to best fit business and Information Technology needs.
  • Took part in setting strategic technology direction and identifying methods to apply and use the technology across the enterprise in order to achieve positive business results.
  • Productively created and executed processes and methodologies to efficiently apply IT architectural principles, guidelines, best practices, and standards within the global enterprise environment.
  • Spearheaded the globalization of DMDC enterprise architecture principles, guidelines, standards, processes, and methodologies.
  • Devised enterprise-wide Technology Blueprint, as well as the Portal strategy for DMDC.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Senior Consulting Enterprise Architect / Project Manager

  • Handled the enterprise integration and strategy as well as enterprise management of Software Development Lifecycle. Held accountable for managing budgets for hardware and software.
  • Efficiently directed design, organization, and plans for systems upgrades; merged Rational Unified Process and CS.
  • Introduced “new” technology into corporate environment.

Confidential,  New York, NY

Chief Technical Architect | Chief Technical Officer

  • Sustained detailed working knowledge of the Rational Unified Process's use-case modeling techniques, such as software design techniques, object-oriented analysis and design techniques, and the Unified Modeling Language, as well as architectural knowledge of .NET technologies.
  • Drove technical effort across the team; created sound and critical decisions under pressure.

Confidential,  Atlanta, GA

Senior Technical Architect

  • Pioneered and launched new development centers in Littleton, Massachusetts and Melbourne, Australia.
  • Created, applied, and allocated design of technical frameworks for development team, including technical practices.


Technical Architect, Confidential - Littleton, CO

Project Lead, Confidential - Denver, COStaff Scientist, Confidential - Englewood, CO

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