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Product Manager Resume

Manhattan, NY


  • Experienced Project/Product Finance professional with strong record of risk management, also successfully structured and managed infrastructure projects in Wealth management, Technology and Data.
  • Expert in building PMO sites from scratch. Especially I have built the robust strategies and PMO functions for successful portfolio management.
  • Expert in SWOT, Vendor Management , PESTEL analysis along with Risk management. Partner closely with Business Owner(s) and multiple stakeholders to manage multiple projects of medium to large scale through all sprints/iterations and phases of the project
  • Experienced with Infrastructure projects in an e - commerce setting which involved: ITIL, Networking, Database, Security, Storage, Datacenters, and Mobile Banking (*Mint App).
  • Agile Coach facilitated learning through workshops, meetings and team interactions.
  • Most of my work was focused on - Project Planning; Quality management; Financial Statements; Process analysis; Financial Forecast; Project implementation along with very good insight on Risk management;
  • Effective Vendor Management Course
  • Proficiency in understanding of project tracking and management tools such as MS Tools (including project tracking, reports and outputs, MS SharePoint 2010/MS project server 2010, MS-Office 365)
  • Strong knowledge in iOS and Android App development; Proficient in Agile methodology & worked on Oracle Database architecture, Oracle Financial implementation experience, Oracle HR implementation experience, Oracle GRC Application, Supply chain management, Invoice automation ( Confidential ), design and developing different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions - People Soft and Sales Force
  • SAP (Enterprise Risk and Compliance) - Reduced the cost and effort of managing governance, risk, and compliance with GRC software from SAP.
  • Good experience in Change Management; Sequence activities; Resource management; Financial management; Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) experience with expertise - SDLC.
  • Expert in MS Project& JIRA; Bright-work PMO site; Trello; Asana; Google Work for Project management; Healthcare Information Application (Insurance, Claims, enrollments etc.)
  • Smart-sheet; Office 365 Suit; Six Sigma - Black Belt experience in various with enterprise point of view.PMP; Lean; Agile: Kanban; Moscow Rule; WSJF; JPACE
  • Create project charter, RFP, Project management plan and maintain it throughout the project life cycle
  • Office-365 Suite; Bright-work; Smart-sheet; Google Work platform used to optimize project management and Data security.
  • Agile Coach facilitated learning through workshops, Scrum meetings and team interactions.


Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Product Manager

  • My role was responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of the company. I worked with Executive Management to grow the company through the use of technological resources.
  • Confidential created Back office for travel agency/tour operator to automate all the booking processes.
  • Confidential provides completely centralized online travel reservation software, so all the bookings, documents and passengers are in one place, in one system. Online booking reservation system to publish your catalogue on the web to increase sales.
  • Travel operators could access any reservation or document from within any of your branch offices. They only need computer and internet access.
  • Mitigate risk by ensuring adherence to all vendor and procurement management processes and contract terms
  • My job responsibilities in various projects equipped me with hands on working knowledge with SQL, Java - Angular JS, Tomcat or WebLogic, Waterfall , Amazon Web Services, Java, PHP, Python or Perl, SDLC, and ETL. All the development is development is agile and I serve as Scrum Master and Agile Coach.
  • I have created and implemented procedures and liaised with an internal consultant to technical managers and team-leads to execute e-commerce Project solutions for Confidential . Also worked with leadership, architects and clients to establish and enforce technology standards along with best practices and approaches followed by the Confidential team.
  • Improved vendor performance of key deliverables by 15 percent through introduction of balanced scorecards, quarterly reviews and incentives
  • Confidential reservation management system allows Tour Operators to create ad-hoc prices and packages.
  • Ensured different dependencies are tracked and resolved on time. Also to troubleshoot complex technical issues on projects. Helped and streamlined the setup of the different environments (development, testing, staging, production etc.).
  • Significant hands-on experience in solution design, architectural analysis and development of financial system (trading/risk/compliance system or related) leveraging advanced Java 1.7 or above features like Multi-Threading, Serialization, RMI, Sockets, JDBC, NIO, Cloning, Annotations.
  • Helped in developing mobile applications using - Swift for iOS & Android Studio SDK for Android App.
  • Confidential website and mobile site uses more frameworks like SWING, Spring MVC, AJAX, Angular, Node.JS, and JavaScript.
  • Provided both Supportive and Comprehensive Case Management Models to clients based on level of need.
  • Successfully migrated more than 25 projects from Waterfall to Scrum within 6 months
  • Confidential ’s Centralized data dashboard helps travel operators to organize the entire reservation process and provide them with all relevant information. They can see the paid amount, selling price, expected profit, customers, travel dates, travel product information and more, for every reservation, all of it in one place.
  • Experience developing Web-services; Office-365 Suite; Bright-work; Smart-sheet; Google Work platform used to optimize project management and IT- Data security.

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

PMO- Product Manager with Wealth Management & Capital Markets


  • Experienced in Infrastructure project - Internet of things (IoT) - Enabled beacons to collect and exchange data over secure network.
  • Project Finance professional with demonstrated record of accomplishment successfully structuring and managing infrastructure projects in Technology and Data
  • Leading project on Enterprise level application (ITIL Project) - Serena Business Management Application (SBMA) - The Project was delivered in fast paced environment and the implementation teams were Agile.
  • SBMA - Deployment release and Change Management Project which involved integration of Service-Now, Jira, SharePoint and other tools. I have built the entire adoption model and application roll out strategies presented with the help of Office 365 Suite.
  • Expertise in Quantitative Analysis of Financial Securities, Financial Statement Analysis, Corporate Valuation, Financial Reporting, 10k/Q filing, Portfolio Management;
  • Oracle GRC Application was used to improve audit controls as well as entry and exit criteria of software projects within the Wealth Management division.
  • Tasks involved - Virtualization, Enterprise Automation, Storage and Backup for long run.
  • Expert on MS Project Server 2013 and SharePoint 2013 for application support (Family Portal-DOE); Most of my work was focused on - Project Planning; Quality management; Financial Statements; Process analysis; Financial Forecast; Project implementation along with very good insight on Risk management; CCAR; Global Capital Markets experience along with analysis on supply chain management.
  • Proficient in Agile methodology & worked on Oracle Database architecture , design and developing different Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions - entire S DLC management
  • Operational Analytics within Wealth Management: Provide clients and their counterparties with detailed information on their operational performance. Also includes a reporting mechanism to ensure compliance with regulatory responsibilities.
  • Working directly with investors, government agencies, and equity groups on complex transportation and infrastructure projects. Established best practices like Entry/Exit criteria to enforce the best technology standards.
  • Exemplary understanding of debt financing and capital markets, including bank debt, bonds, tax equity, derivatives, and private placements.
  • Provide case management service for all Modality II clients.
  • Quantitative thinker with strong technical qualifications, strong understanding of advanced financial analytics, including risk-management principles. Metadata Review System communicator, adept at face-to-face meetings with clients, investors, debt issuers, as well as members of the media.
  • Metadata Review System: The scope of this project was to collect the metadata across the major servers to knowledge management of the systems and applications running across 6K servers. Agile -TDD Life cycle followed for Testing the Metadata Application - (Write Test- Run the Test- Write Implementation Code-Run all tests- Refactor - Repeat) Implementation language used - JavaScript

Confidential, NY

Sr. Manager - (Business Strategies and Planning in Product Development)


  • I assume the role to processes of risk management; issue management and scope management apply to programs as well as individual projects. In my position I established the processes for AIMS - PMO s Also helped individual projects by identifying and evaluating risk, issues and change requests to a program. As a PMO office we also managed the specific reviews and documents key decisions.
  • Family Portal Application: This was a classic infrastructure project within DIIT, As Project Manager on AIMS team we provided Data Security plan with steps to secure sensitive data along with SME’s recommendations.
  • Align Project delivery to critical marketing campaigns throughout the calendar year.
  • Consideration of Supply Chain Management (Dept. of Nutrition and Health) and academic calendar was important factor in Project delivery and communication.
  • AIMS-PMO Establishment; Microsoft Project Professional; Risk, Issue and Scope Management: Share-point based project management tool (Bright-work) used to create PMO structure for AIMS.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration with multiple stakeholders and various key players in given projects.
  • Projects were developed in different environments including -.NET framework/environment, PowerBuilder, JavaScript, JMS, Java- OOPS, J Share-point server; Share point Architecture.
  • Data Governance, Database integration and Data modelling were essential parts in building Family Portal Application. For front end the implementation teams used - AJAX, Angular, Node.JS
  • The projects with DOE enhanced my experience in IT Infrastructure, Data Center Operations, and key elements in enterprise automation. Governance, process and portfolio management, methodologies, standards, tools, techniques, and best practices in project management and process improvement.

Confidential, Boston, MA

PMO, Product Lead Manager


  • My role was involved with the responsibility to lead projects, supporting and shaping the design and delivery initiatives for program and work across different programs within CRO Change in relation to Private banking & Wealth Management.
  • At Fidelity Capital Market (FCM), my role was to offer products and services to assist traders with trading across all asset classes. We created a trading environment based on the business objectives and needs.
  • Expert in securities lending, prime swaps and collateral management. Sales Force was used for CRM
  • The Oracle Financial Services Behavior Detection Platform Data Interface Specification (DIS) been enhanced to allow clients to provide this additional transaction information, which can be useful when monitoring for fraudulent activity. The project included analysis and integration of Relational Databases like Oracle, Sybase, SQL-Server designing normalized or de-normalized database, writing complex SQL queries & stored procedures and analyzing & fixing performance issues.
  • Oversaw credit review analysis, including examining loan structure, performing risk analysis, reviewing documentation, developing and analyzing forecasting models, and evaluating financing alternatives
  • Gathers requirements and assists business users in building business solutions using latest version of SharePoint, OneDrive and VMware for desktop virtualization services.

Confidential, PA

Project Manager


  • HealthCare Information Application (HCIA) is a web based application, which allow users to input health related data and share them with an authorized medicine doctor. This application was also further developed
  • Medicare advantage - Providing technology solutions for healthcare plans in the government program space utilizing enterprise software and in-house subject matter experts.
  • The various modules of MEDICOM and Medicaid Management Information System (MMIS) experience are fully integrated to automate functions ranging from administrative data, clinical services, streamlines the scheduling, dispensing of medications and management of clinics visits.
  • Dermatology/Tele-medicine Project - Penn Medicine** - Fistderm - iOS & Android App
  • The medical information gathered is stored locally and backed up in a dedicated server. Experience with HCIA and Medicaid Information Technology Assessment (MITA) communicates with a dedicated Internet server, allowing automatic updates of all its software. Since health related data is confidential, securing it against unauthorized accessor modification has been one of the main priorities. Another priority is simplicity of user’s procedures.
  • Workday Financial Management software used during the Penn Medicine Sleep Center expansion in Asia and Middle east to manage people and project costs.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) created Use Case Models with business actors and business use case. Conducted JAD sessions with development team as well as QA team to select the architecture of the application.
  • Freezer-works Management; COMET- Project: Comparative Outcomes Management with Electronic data Technology with four Parties - Confidential .
  • Freezer-works Management projects was more of IoT so that all these Universities can smartly access, track and manage specimens collected across different geo-location.

Confidential, CA

Project Manager-Web based personalized Financial Project


  • Worked on Mint- iOS App Project acquired by Confidential in 2009. Mint's primary service allows users to track bank, credit card, investment, and loan transactions and balances through a single user interface as well as make budgets and goals.
  • Prepare business problem definition, use cases and requirements documentation; generate business design and/or system specifications for the solution of business or technical problems.
  • I was part of dynamic team. We were involve with rapidly changing environment on tight schedule.
  • Analysis of Credit Policy, Regulatory and Legal Requirements, Maintain independent Policy Look-up Tool which needs frequent database updates.
  • Estimation of efforts, Impact Analysis, Design and Draft solution for potential changes.
  • My team worked extensively on designing business logic based on Fair Isaac Business Rule Management System.
  • We documented and tracked the changes through Internal Change Request (ICR)
  • Work also involved as SME and guide team members on Product Structure Playbook (algorithm for pricing lending products).
  • Salesforce integrated to achieve greater levels of operational consistency, efficiency, and quality. The wealth engine style analysis was developed for the few clients.

Confidential, Washington D.C.

Principal Project Manager – Division of Clearing and Risks

  • Cross-channel investigation functions correlation and network analysis along with configurable workflows and access control definitions.
  • Comprehensive cross-functional business data coverage and Integrated, services-based audit and monitoring framework with integrated regulatory reporting and filing.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Coordination with all the departments like Division of Enforcement and Market Oversight with the help of Oracle AML tool - Transaction monitoring systems, which focus on identification of suspicious patterns of transactions which may result in the filing of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) or Suspicious

Confidential, Boston, MA

Program Manager

  • Assists in defining and developing departmental wide program management practices, governance standards, processes and metrics.
  • Science: Overall Cloning manipulations and analysis of the resulting constructs in the frame of given task.
  • Development: Preparation of SOP in Molecular Cloning for the rest of the team.
  • Vector Design: Designed E.coli Plasmid vector expression model for yield of high-level soluble antigens. This lead to development of subunit vaccine.
  • Cross-Team Collaboration: Coordination with all the departments like immune chemistry and proteomics during the term of Vaccine Development Life Cycle.

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