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Salesforce System Analyst And Project Manager Resume

Catonsville, MD


  • Highly experience in IT Industry working as a Salesforce Solution Analyst, Administrator and Project Manager.
  • Proficient in collaborating with project stakeholders, end - users, business partners, and technical team members to deliver high quality projects.
  • Extensive experience in SFDC implementation and customization and an In-depth understanding of SFDC CRM business processes.
  • Proficient with Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Call Center, Chatter, CRM Content and various App-exchange applications including but not limited to Conga - Composer and Conductor; CRM Fusions - Dupe Blocker, Demand Tools and People Import; Apttus - Price quote and contract management, DocuSign, Big Machines etc.
  • Expertise in various Salesforce administrative tasks such as
  • Managing users - Created users, profiles, roles, public groups, queues etc., Creating standard and custom Objects and Fields; Tabs, Detail pages, related lists etc.
  • Created Custom Formula Fields, Picklists, Field Dependencies, Validation rules, Page layouts etc.
  • Lookup, Master Detail and Many to Many relationships (Junction object).
  • Import and export of data using the Data Loader, Designed and created Analytic Snapshots.
  • controlling object, field and record level security via Profiles, Roles, Org wide Defaults, Role Hierarchy, Sharing rules, Manual Sharing and Permission sets.
  • Created workflows to send Email alerts, Update Fields, Assign Tasks and send outbound messages. Designed Approval process, steps and actions.
  • Designed standard and custom - Tabular, Summary, Matrix and Joined reports. Created Dashboards and added components such as Charts, Gauges, Tables and Metrics etc.
  • Implemented Chatter and customized field tracking, record following, chatter groups etc.
  • Professed in CRM business processes such as Account Management, Opportunity Management, Activity and Task Management, Campaign Management, Forecasting and Territory Management, Lead and Pipeline Management, Case Management, Entitlement Management and Contact Management etc.
  • Experienced in Validating and Deploying both Inbound and Outbound Change sets to deploy code from Sandbox to Production.
  • Experienced in various requirement gathering techniques such as, Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions, Brainstorming, Interviewing Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) etc.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, experienced working in both large and small team environment; ability to effectively communicate technical issues and resolve problems at all levels of the organization.


Confidential, Catonsville, MD

Salesforce System Analyst and Project Manager


  • Engaged with all levels of internal/global clients in providing recommendations and proactive best practice advice through all phases of the project management cycle.
  • Interacted with Users, Developers, Product Owners to understand the business process, identify and gather Business Requirements and prepared use stories, as well support, maintain and develop existing Salesforce instance to maximize usage.
  • Reviewed latest application releases from Salesforce.com and other vendors on regular basis to determine new features that are appropriate for end users; make recommendations within budget to department leadership.
  • Created and executed project work plans and revised as appropriate to meet changing needs and requirements.
  • Defined and managed overall project goals and successes for implementation of new processes and procedures.
  • Participated in Joint Application Development (JAD) Sessions for communicating and managing expectations.
  • Created and managed user stories in JIRA and worked with the product owners to prioritize the user stories into the sprints in appropriate quarters.
  • Shared the facilitation of daily stand-up, retrospective, backlog grooming and iteration planning meetings serving in a Scrum Master role.
  • Worked with the business users and technical teams to perform a smooth transition from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning and worked with Salesforce Communities to provide the client an optimal experience while navigating the application.
  • Responsible for translating user stories into functional specifications and test plans. Closely coordinated with both business users and developers for arriving at mutually acceptable solutions.
  • Developed Self Service usage and user reports, helpful solutions reports, case history and solution reports etc.
  • Configured Salesforce CRM content, Files and Libraries that simplified organizing, searching, subscribing, previewing, contributing and sharing content.
  • Installed and configured various application from the App Exchange.
  • Provided support to all users and acted as the primary point of contact for end-user support.
  • Assisted with users during User Acceptance Testing (UAT), developing and maintaining quality, procedures, and ensuring that appropriate documentation is in place.

Confidential,Woodbridge NJ

Technical & Functional Solutions Analyst

  • Involved in gathering requirements from business users spread over the Sales, Marketing and Customer Service departments and performed detailed analysis of business and technical requirements to design the solution by configuring Salesforce.
  • Managed and resolved all of the Salesforce Support cases for various business departments.
  • Responsible for providing support to all of the salesforce user, working with development team if needed to debug, troubleshoot and resolve any problem detected.
  • Created and Modified Profiles and Roles based on Organizational role hierarchy and implemented Field-Level security. Also configured Record-Level Security using Org Wide Defaults and sharing rules.
  • Created Workflow Rules, Approval Process, Tasks, Email Alerts, Field updates and Outbound Messages to manage the business workflow and approvals.
  • Assisted in designing the Case Management process including defining Case Assignment rules, setting up Auto Response rules, setting Case Escalation rules, Capturing cases from website - Web-to-Case, Capturing cases from Emails – Email-to-Case. Customizing the Case sharing model and setting up case team.
  • Worked with the business team and gathered requirement to reevaluate the Opportunity Management process and implemented the changes to capture booking process between discreet and matrix pricing deals (created new Record Types, Workflows, Approvals, Page layouts and several different custom fields: formula fields, look up fields, text fields, etc.).
  • Designed the Lead Management process by creating Email Templates with merge fields, defining Assignment rules, setting up Web-to-Lead and Auto response rules and customizing the lead sharing model via roles.
  • Enabled and Configured Data.com to get accurate and real time Contacts, Leads and Account information thereby maintaining the most up to date data within Salesforce.
  • Configured Salesforce for Outlook to automatically synchronize Contacts, Calendars and Emails.
  • Recommended and Configured DupeBlocker for business, created DupeBlocker Scenarios for standard and custom objects and added DupeBlocker Scenario Rules.
  • Provided post implementation support and trained users to help them maximize the utility of the service cloud.
  • Managed Sandbox Refreshes in coordination with various integration teams. Also used the sandbox for testing while working with various IT teams and migrated the code to the production instance post testing.
  • Interacted with Salesforce.com Premier Support and to enable feature requests and resolve certain user issues.
  • Developed many Reports and Dashboards (including but not limited to) help the client measure, monitor and manage customer service across the entire spectrum of product offerings.

Confidential, Berkeley Heights, NJ

Salesforce Administrator/ Business Analyst

  • Identified the high-level customer requirements, deliverables, milestones, resources and overall project scope and feasibility.
  • Created Account Hierarchies; Set up Account teams, defined their roles; and configured their access for Account, Opportunity and Case.
  • Designed the Opportunity management process based using Workflows and Approvals to update deal information, create a big deal alert, recording customer interaction, tracking competitors and creating quotes
  • Configured the Activity and Task Management process that allowed users to schedule tasks and events, assign tasks to other team members, prioritize tasks and events by due date, set automatic alerts and then track tasks through custom lists and Dashboards.
  • Responsible for developing the Campaign Management process including defining goals, categorizing and tracking campaigns; setting up campaign sharing and influence; creating a target list, tracking response and analyzing campaign effectiveness
  • Configured Salesforce Forecasting and Territory Management by setting up customizable forecasting, Building territory hierarchy, Assigning users and accounts to territories etc.
  • Populated Accounts, Contacts and Leads with data from CSV files using Data Loader.
  • Enhanced the customer service process by implementing Salesforce Knowledge including creating article types, importing articles, setting up data categories and data category visibility, creating workflow rules and approval processes, enabling article options for cases and providing articles in customer and partner portal.
  • Created various Reports and Dashboards to monitor the Sales Metrics such as Forecasts, Revenue etc.; Campaign ROI, Open Task and Activities, Leads and Opportunities’ reports etc.
  • Enabled real time collaboration by implementing Chatter that helped to close cases faster and reduce case escalations by tapping into the organization’s collective intelligence.
  • Configured Google apps in salesforce, activated Google Apps Services: add google docs to salesforce.com, Gmail to Salesforce, Gmail buttons and Links and Google Talk sidebar component.
  • Provided post implementation support and trained users to help them maximize the utility of the service cloud.

Confidential, New York, NY

Salesforce Administrator

  • Primary point of contact for day-to-day user requests, managed operational requests and troubleshooting issues while working with internal clients.
  • Performed Administrative functions including but not limited to User Management, Configuration, Customization, Data Management, and Training.
  • Analyzed business requirements, entity relationships and converted them to Salesforce custom objects; created lookup relationships, master-detail relationships and many to many relationship by creating junction objects.
  • Managed all new user set-ups and deactivation and transferring ownership of accounts/contacts/opportunities for deactivated users.
  • Designed various Reports and Dashboards such as Pipeline opportunities by closed date and stage, Stage Movement Report, Completed Activities per person per sales team etc.
  • Maintained Data Integrity by designing data definition, data conversion, and data de-duplication rules for the enterprise; utilized CRM Fusion tools (DupeBlocker, DemandTools, PeopleImport)
  • Migrated Data from Legacy system to Salesforce using Apex Data Loader and Informatica on Demand.
  • Utilized Work Bench to query Salesforce database by using SOQL & SOSL.
  • Used Change Sets to deploy code developed by developers in Sandbox to Production Instance.
  • Configured Security Controls by modifying sharing settings, field accessibility, password policies, session settings and network access etc.
  • Supported the company’s legal contract automation process, Managed electronic signature applications using app exchange applications like Adobe EchoSign and DocuSign.

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