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Asset Protection Project Manager Resume


25 years of IT experience in project management, business analysis, systems analysis, operations and application design crossing the following business areas: internet, accounting, finance, billing, payroll, direct deposit, point of sale and customer care applications. Experience also includes full SDLC, PMO, Infrastructure Operations and Internet Applications and Site Creation. My background is extensive and portable across industries: Telecommunications, Entertainment, Insurance, Utilities, Staffing, Fulfillment Services, Government and Scholastic. This experience is also portable across platforms and languages: HP minis, HP and IBM mainframes, Client Server/Networks - Java, Weblogic, C, C++, Progress & Access and databases/servers/operating systems - DOS, OS2 Windows, SharePoint , UNIX, Sybase, Oracle and Progress. I have had all of the following responsibilities on an individual level: requirements definition, process & work flow design and re-engineering, application design (functional and technical), GAP analysis, JAD facilitation, data mapping, data scrubbing, testing (unit, functional, user), implementation, training, and application support. I have also managed those functions and technical design, construction (appl and dbases) and implementation on a project management level. This experience crosses new development, package implementations, upgrade implementations, conversions and operational maintenance/support (hardware and software).

I am PMP certified and have a strong background in project management, development and design methodologies including creating PMO processes and re-engineering PMO processes. I communicate effectively with both technical and business personnel at all levels (DBAs, developers, analysts, IT and business front end users and executives). I have extensive experience in SDLC on large single projects, multiple smaller projects and projects that cross multiple departments. These projects have ranged in team size from 5 to 25 and monetary value from 1 million to 10 million.


CONSULTANT - Confidential 01/09 - Current Asset Protection Project Manager - Project Manager for IT Asset Protection Systems [hazmat, security, closed circuit, etc.]. Release centered environment with 4 releases per year. Each release contains multiple projects:

  • Create and manage project schedules,
  • Identify, manage, resolve project risks and issues through the complete project life cycle,
  • Maintain and manage project budgets,
  • Facilitate project movement through the formal project implementation review process.
  • Perform all reporting to IT management,
  • Perform all reporting to company PMO.

Java, Hyperion, SQL, Weblogic, PWA, Windows, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Project Server 2007

CONSULTANT - Confidential - IT Division 10/08 - 12/08 IT Business Practices Project Manager - Project Manager for the Information Technology Division managing multiple related technical projects within one or more programs following client's version of RUP methodology.

  • Facilitated project planning and controlling including but not limited to schedule creation, risk identification and tracking, issue identification and tracking, etc.
  • Mentored resources in tasks definition, estimating work efforts and issue management.
  • Created or managed the creation of project artifacts such as Vision Document, Business Requirements, Application System Development, Architecture Design, etc.
  • Responsible for project status reporting - team and management.
  • Responsible for project close out [issue completion, document inventory, lessons learned documentation, etc.].

Active Directory, Weblogic, Java, SharePoint, UNIX, Windows, Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft Project Server 2007.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 06/07 - 05/08 ITPMO Project Manager - Managed multiple development projects [large and small] through the complete SDLC cycle for the Atlanta Journal Constitution [project examples: new product launch, development enhancements to ad processing software, new customer service inbound module implementation].

  • Created project staffing profiles, project charters and project schedules [tools used: MsWord, MsProject, HP Project and Portfolio Mgt -Mercury also reported status in SharePoint].
  • Mentored resources in tasks definition, estimating work efforts and issue management.
  • Managed technical and business resource groups to achieve project goals.
  • Performed end client management.
  • Track, report and manage project issues.
  • Responsible for project status reporting - team and management.
  • Responsible for project close out [issue completion, document inventory, lessons learned documentation, etc.].
  • Created project and task estimation guidelines for IT Management.

TA/DCP, Blade server, Active Directory, IVR, Reader Boards, Aspect Unified IP [unified contact center], Aspect M3 Services [customer programming of Aspect package], Chatterbox [Customer Care IVR], IPS [packaged ad software], CAM [proprietary ad software] VoIP, XML, Flash, Crystal Reports, Mercury HPP - Program and Project Management tool.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 02/06 - 04/07 Project Manager - Project to install a new court management system for the City of Atlanta Municipal Court. The system, CourtView, is a MAXIMUS 'off the shelf' application that is customized via complex parameter/code setups and contractual application modifications. This system includes multiple interfaces and IVR & Web Payment modules. This project was a full SDLC and data conversion project [converted 2 legacy systems into new application].

  • Created a consolidated project plan for the MAXIMUS, City of Atlanta Court and City of Atlanta DIT [Department of Technology] teams.
  • Managed the consolidated project plan after creation.
  • Created & provided project reports for City executive level status meetings.
  • Created project infrastructure including processes and forms.
  • Managed all project level issues and assisted teams in team level issue management.
  • Advised the MAXIMUS lead PM and City of Atlanta PM on project scope, strategy, status and major project issues.
  • Provided resource management as needed throughout the project.

Packaged court management software - CourtView, Uniface, Oracle, XML

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 10/05 - 02/06 Project Manager - Working through national professional services vendor Panti Inc. and assigned to the Business Management Group - Project Management Office.

  • Managed technical and business groups to achieve project goals.
  • Created project schedules - MSProject.
  • Performed issues management.
  • Reported project status within the formal PMO process.
  • Performed executive presentations on project status.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 04/05 - 06/05 Project Manager - A short-term contract to lay the foundation for the creation of a Project Management Office in a privately held start-up technology licensing and services company focused in the area of low-power RF wireless mesh networking and Internet related technology.

  • Set-up format for creating communication, issues management, risk management and resource management programs including templates and base project schedules [MSProject].
  • Created a project plan/schedule template based on company technology and organizational structure.
  • Implemented issues management methodology and process.
  • Mentored Management in project management best practices.

CONSULTANT - Confidential- Atlanta, GA 06/04 - 01/05 Project Manager - Internet Development Enterprises - brought in to take over the project management of 7 existing projects and 1 new project. This department develops and supports (application and hardware) internet sites for Turner Broadcasting (Turner Classic Movies, Turner Broadcasting, Cartoon Network). 2 of the projects were largely development projects (software applications) and 5 were infrastructure projects (database upgrades, server splits, and array re-configurations).

  • Re-evaluated existing projects - objectives, timelines, resources and deliverables and then Project Plan/Schedule rewrite.
  • Evaluated new projects - objectives, timelines, resources and deliverables and then Project Plan/Schedule rewrite.
  • Managed projects through implementation - schedule, issues, and resource and client management.
  • Executive reporting.
  • Introduced and facilitated assimilation of project management principles and disciplines to a department that was struggling with succeeding on project deliverables.
    • Work estimate concepts and tools,
    • Issues tracking and resolution,
    • Managing expectations,
    • Coordinating multiple departments for deliverables 'owned' by 1 department,
    • Client management.

Oracle 8i and 9i, Unix, Linux, SQL, XML, DB2, Weblogic, Java, Flash, Project Server 2003

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 10/03 - 04/04 Project Manager - Project charter was to Sunset AskJack (Cinuglar's corporate FAQ system used by all employees) to the new FAQ system launched in shell 6 months previously and to share CIQ Program Management with another Project Manager (Program Manager out on extended leave).

  • Created AskJack Sunset Project Plan, Managed Plan, Change Management, Issue Resolution, Reported Project Status to Stakeholders and entered Project Status Weekly in Cingular Project Tracking System.
  • Managed Business Owner in determining components that were required re-coding in new system including design improvements, communication plan and training new users.
  • Manage two development teams (old system, new system) in creating and executing plans to archive data, create new code, unit test and implement.
  • Guided development team of new system to create release management procedures and understand PMO processes (were functioning outside of company standard).
  • Managed and mentored Business Analyst in project tasks and PMO project methodologies.
  • Created Program plan for all CIQ projects and maintained transitioned to returning Program Manager.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, GA 02/03 - 06/03 Client & Project Manager - INFORMiam Client Manager (vendor) on-site at Cingular (client). Project to develop and install a web based business micro-dashboard version of INFORMiam's Crisis Management System already in use at Cingular and to expand current Crisis Management system from supporting IT Ops only (for which it was originally developed) to include IT Engineering creating the basis for organization wide expansion to meet possible future needs. Dashboard rolled out to 25,000 desktops - call centers, retail centers and business management.

  • Guided Client in determining and managing Cingular project tasks and driving to scope and time-lines.
  • Presented weekly status report to Cingular Steering Committee.
  • Presented weekly status report to INFORMiam CEO and VP of Technology.
  • Represented INFORMiam at Cingular site - manage scope creep, application development issues and assist Cingular in resolving mass roll-out issues (remote and silent rollout to multiple environments).
  • Managed project for INFORMiam - scope and time-lines.
  • Socialized INFORMiam's rapid development methodologies and Crisis Management application to Cingular executive contacts.
  • Develop project documentation to be used in future rollouts.

Proprietary set of technologies that exploit the flow of both real-time and historical information in today's enterprises on J2EE platform utilizing open standards such as XML, Web Services, and RDF. Software runs on industry standard platforms such as Linux 2.6, Microsoft Windows Server 2003, and Sun Solaris 10. Cingular specs - Windows 2000 Pro, Windows Explorer 5.5 and higher, JVM, JBoss, Webserver, Webstart, MS SQL Server 2000..

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 09/02 - 12/02 Project Manager - I and two other Project Managers were assigned to work in tandem on the following items.

  • Reviewed existing PMO methodologies and process to make improvement recommendations to PMO Director (had recommendations for existing processes but also recommended client management via scope and requirements sign-off, code freeze agreements, issues tracking, and resource management accountability for timelines and work product).
  • Reviewed all existing project life cycle documents/processes and made recommendations for improving and streamlining (including but not exclusive to functional requirements, technical requirements and project plan).
  • Created new templates and documented new and updated processes when recommendations where approved.
  • Mentored Project Managers in project management skills with emphasis on client, executive and resource management.
  • Performed Project Management functions to facilitate removing the project backlog on project timelines and project documentation.
  • Created a common project plan shell format that all project managers will use going forward allowing for consolidation of plans for status and dependency evaluation (many projects were intra dependent).
  • Recommended and created templates for weekly and monthly executive project reports to replace the multiple ad hoc requests for information currently being received.
  • Advised PMO director on major management and structure issues.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 01/02 - 07/02 Project Manager - Special Projects Manager for IT Field Operations (ITFO) Executive Director - Responsible for projects crossing all 8 national regions including defining strategy and methodology, for assigning ITFO responsibilities/timelines and for managing projects to completion. Note: Strategic directive to release all contractors occurred before all projects were scheduled for completion.

  • Create and Implement a Common Modify, Add, Change and Separation (MAC) Process - MACs are all modify, add, change and separation request for user access, hardware, software and telephony. The formation of Cingular from many companies created an organization with many different procedures and policies for all support tasks. This project was to create one point of entry for all user requests (web site with linked forms), one Support Level Agreement and one Approval Level Standard. The new process will be followed by all of Cingular's employees making requests and all ITFO personal working these requests.
  • Managed ITFO Regions in transferring all billing responsibilities to newly formed Centralized Billing Department.
  • Managed ITFO Regions in defining auditing and billing requirements for new billing tool, BroadMargin, to be implemented in the Centralized Billing Department.
  • Managed ITFO Regions in creating a common process for ordering telephony circuiting. Including determining division requirements for web based ordering system to be implemented with the defined processes.
  • Managed the transition of Cingular (all employees) to new conference bridge vendor. Created plan and timelines - managed old and new vendors to the plan, created a company wide communications plan, managed test of transfer process and communication plan.

Project Manager- reported to Director of the Enterprise Command Center. Determined approach and strategy for transferring applications and systems monitoring and support from multiple regional centers nationally to Atlanta HQ's newly built Enterprise Command Center. Created methodology, project plan, resource assignments and established rollout schedules and timelines.

Project Manager - Operations had 12 initiatives with over 80 projects to combine the 11 separate original organizations into one organization at a 'world class' operating level. The initiatives were both tactical and strategic including re-organization of all of IT Operations, crisis management and change management policies and procedures.

  • Established Operations program management functions.
  • Assisted with the implementation of the NextStrat Strategic Planning methodology.
  • Created detailed Methodology for Operations Program Office.
  • PM coordinating and advising Directors and Project Managers on creation of plans for all initiatives.
  • Established deliverable and reporting expectations to Directors and Project Managers
  • Created processes for tracking projects.
  • Validated the quality of the management teams' project plans and deliverables.
  • Supported the management functions of organization, planning, execution and control.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 05/98 - 01/01 Project 7- Project Manager - Conversion - Confidential current data conversion to Spherion live systems and Norrell Front Office historical data to new Spherion historical datamart - Managed 4 programmers, 2 database administrators, 1 systems designer/administrator, 3 business analysts and team of 10 user acceptance testers.

  • Project Manager responsible for conversion of Norrell's 225 satellite and franchise offices to Spherion's front office and core system software.
  • Plan creation, execution and control (mapping data, data scrubbing, coding, testing and executing retrieval programs and coordinating the upload of this data).
  • Coordinated and managed unit and user acceptance testing.
  • Resource and Client Management.
  • Schedule and implementation management.
  • Managed project team's determination and creation of specifications for new historical datamart to hold historical data from Norrell's converted offices. Team then wrote and executed retrieval of this data.

Both software and database were Progress - retrieved data was converted and processed through SAGENT. Project management tools used were SQL, MS Project, MS Word, Visio (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management).

Project 6 - Project Manager- Conversion -Back Office Systems to Interim Systems - NorPay (payroll application), PeopleSoft AR and Billing. Directly managed 1 to 2 teams at any time consisting of up to 7 people per team throughout the project (focused shifted as the project progressed). Teams consisted of Leads, systems analyst, programmers and DBAs. Was one of two project managers reporting to Project Director and IT Director.

  • Scope and strategy creation, process flow and management plan creation (day-to-day, issues, communication, etc.)
  • Project plan creation, execution and control (mapping data, coding, testing and executing retrieval programs)
  • Resource allocation and management (advised team and made final decisions on design, coding, database/data scrubbing) issues management and client management.
  • Schedule and implementation management.
  • Coordinated and supported user acceptance testing.
  • Communicated directly with business executives to manage conversion issues and set expectations (Norrell was losing functionality and data as part of the conversion).

Both software and database were Progress - retrieved data was converted and processed through SAGENT. Project management tools used were SQL, MS Project, MS Word, Visio (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management).

Project 5 - Y2K Strategy Analyst - all applications (NorPay - payroll, PeopleSoft - financials, billing and GL, human resources).

  • Brought in at project creation to advise Team Leads, Managers and Directors in business analysis, process flow, data scrubbing, quality assurance analysis and automated testing and to help drive the creation of an overall systems testing strategy and methodology for execution and auditing (had already complete a Y2K project on another contract).
  • With another project manager, created the initial project plan with resource allocations and timelines.
  • The result of the three-week planning session was a corporate strategy and methodology that could be 'tweaked' by application without deviation from the overall plan and a detail project plan reflecting each application. It was successfully managed to implementation within the determined timelines.

Project 4 - Project Manager - Y2K NorPay Weekly Payroll Application- Managed 2 programmers and 2 business analyst in systems analysis and coding (NorPay - weekly payroll system).

  • Created approach and determination of functional and testing requirements methodology.
  • Managed system analysis and data scrubbing.
  • Managed business analyst team in obtaining functional and testing requirements.
  • Managed programming team in analyzing, coding and unit testing.
  • Served as an advisor to testing team - mainly in the most logical testing process flow and as a liaison to the user community (getting them to buy-in on test plans and communications and confidence management).

Both software and database were Progress. Functional and user testing was performed using WinRunner. Project management tools used were SQL, MS Project, MS Word (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management), Visio.

Project 3 - Project Manager - NorPay Year End - Managed 2 Programmers, 1 Systems Analyst, 1 DBA, Tax Department, Payroll Department, IGS (outsourcing for W2 process run and printing) and Mail department. Received the project on December 4th - the project traditionally started October 1 - completed on schedule.

  • Created and managed project plan.
  • Performed system analysis of all needed report changes - business and IT including W2, federal and state reporting.
  • Managed the coding and testing of all program changes (W2s, tapes and internal reporting).
  • Managed development database shut down, temporary database creation and current production over-lay for year-end processing (year-end is not run on production as it takes one week to process all jobs).
  • Coordinate and directed data scrubbing (client and DBA).
  • Managed Vendor - IBM (outsource of all batch jobs) - creation of process flow, management of process flow and issues resolution of all jobs to run.

Both software and database were Progress. Project management tools used were MS Project, MS Word (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management).

Project 2 - Project Manager - Confidential - Managed 3 Programmers, 2 Database Administrators, 1 Systems Analyst, 5 Quality Assurance Analysts (took over role from departing project manager).

  • Managed completion of coding and unit testing.
  • Created and managed system test plan.
  • Facilitated User Acceptance Testing.
  • Directed issues management.
  • Directed creation of implementation plan.
  • Managed implementation (successful, on time and under budget).
  • Directed support of implemented system for turnover period - 60 days.

Both software and database were Progress. Functional test scripts were created from my template on MS Excel. Project management tools used were SQL, MS Project, MS Word (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management).

Project 1 - Project Manager - Confidential: Confidential was Norrell's main payroll system. I was the 3rd project manager to head this project and took over the project when it was stalled in the testing phase.

  • Created functional testing plan and script templates.
  • Created 120 test scripts in two wk period and led team of QA's to create another 500 scripts.
  • Lead functional and User Acceptance testing.
  • Coordinated implementation and Support of Product.
  • Managed Client - expectations and satisfaction [Business VP].

Both software and database were Progress. Functional test scripts were created from my template on MS Excel.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 6/97 - 5/98 Confidential an insurance organization that provides numerous types of coverage including credit card debit, auto loan and hazard. Project Manager - Systems and Business Analysts - Managed 7 systems/ business analysts.

  • With the Project Director, determined date expansion approach and methodologies, infrastructure of all project teams, policies and communication and overall project process flow.
  • Hired and trained the systems/business analyst's team - all contractors from various vendors.
  • Coordinated with US Corporate Headquarters and Legal to insure that all teams within the project were providing the required documentation of effort and obtaining sign-offs at the correct points from the correct personnel to support any possible legal action in the future.
  • Worked with other team Managers, Project Coordinator and Project Manager to resolve all project level issues.
  • Created and maintained project plans (Microsoft Project) for systems/business analysis portion of project (as many as four systems being analyzed at one time).
  • Lead team in systems analysis and documentation in determining date change requirements for copybooks, files, programs, CICS screens and reports by reviewing all code.
  • Coordinated team in data scrubbing methodology and performance.
  • Performed issue resolution on system analysis with business.
  • Compiling information to allow easy use of development tools - Millennium Dynamics and Data Warping.
  • Lead team in analyzing and documenting process flows, critical process path, CICS navigation and minimum data requirements for unit and system testing.
  • Lead team in supporting Year 2000 development and quality assurance teams.

Software and databases were largely in COBOL, Lotus, IBM - legacy systems. Code was written in COBOL and executed using MDI (Millennium Dynamics) and Data Warping tools. Project management tools used were MS Project, MS Word (project documentation, team status, turnover documents and signoffs) and MS Excel (quality control management).

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta Georgia4/97 - 6/97 One of the largest telecommunications companies in the world. Confidential's base has been long distance telecommunication but the organization is branching out to local service telecommunications.

Senior Trainer / Ar2000. National Corporate Trainer for AR2000 / local service software design. This job was a placement error by my agency - they thought is was a Senior System Analysis position - created the training manual and started their training program rolling while a replacement was found for the position. Responsibilities included:

  • Train the Trainer class design and facilitation.
  • User Level class design and facilitation.
  • Documentation creation (MS Word, MS Excel and PowerPoint).
  • Documentation upgrade.

CONSULTANT - Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 9/96 - 3/97 A Division of a Fortune 500 company that designs and implements information systems for the telecommunication industry. This was a Point-Of-Sale project with an Object Oriented Design for BellSouth. Senior System/Business Analyst

  • Coordinated and facilitated requirement JADs with BellSouth for business/application process flows and system technology.
  • Analyzed current business and application process flows at BellSouth on all systems relating to project.
  • Analyzed the business and application processes required to make mass changes to the database (i.e. NPA/NXX splits) and defined application requirements (currently done manually) - new requested functionality.
  • Wrote the functional design for business processes and new application including organizational impact analysis.
  • Wrote the detail design for business application including all new screens.
  • Assisted other Lead Analysts in the validation of their sections of detail design (new database, technical specs, etc.).
  • Assisted the Project Manager in client management at BellSouth manager and executive levels.
  • Participated in and facilitated meetings to resolve client issues.
  • Assisted the Project Manager in coordination of design team sections: Business Processes, Application Processes, Database, Interface, Technology, and Hardware.
  • Participated in presentation of functional and detail design to the BellSouth executive team.
  • Managed the Technical Writer.
  • After design end, contract was extended to lead an over-all GAP analysis of the design to business expectations and to guide the team in responding to the client's input.

Project management tools used were MS Project, MS Word, MS Excel and Visio.

Confidential - WIRELESS - Atlanta, Georgia 2/95 to 9/96 A Fortune 500 company that designs, implements, and supports billing software for cellular telephone companies nationally and internationally. Project Coordinator - Project Control- 2/96 to 9/96.

  • Liaison for clients and project managers to define overall project(s) and/or sub--projects.
  • Liaison for development analysts and client contacts to define high-level project activities/tasks.
  • Developed project plans and timelines.
  • Developed detailed functional requirements with client, development analysts and requirement specialist as needed.
  • Managed large, complex projects and coordinated with other work groups for resource allocation as appropriate.
  • Accountable for overall delivery of the project to the customer's satisfaction.

Senior System/Business Analyst - Reporting Task Force- 02/95 to 2/96. Facilitated client server application and report development - marketing functional area. ERP design project for cellular businesses.

  • Facilitated JAD and RAD sessions with the client and development analyst and programmers.
  • Managed client design issues.
  • Directed gap analysis for reports.
  • Managed user acceptance testing - focus on marketing area of application.
  • Managed the resolution of open issues pertaining to reports released in the testing environment.
  • Managed all communication between the client and our development department.
  • Communicated a continuous report of development status and client acceptance status to upper management and facilitated upper management's direction for this development.
  • Determined and facilitated conversion critical issues with analysis to upper management of
  • Conversion readiness.

Software was written in COBOL, C and C++ and database was Sybase. Project management tools used were SQL, Project Workbench, MS Project, ABT / Niku, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Confidential, INCORP. - Atlanta, Georgia 8/92 - 2/95 Organization designs, implements, and supports accounting, and billing software and system management for electric cooperatives nationally. System Analyst and Implementer Billing System/Full Life Cycle - 8/92 to 2/95 If the organization being converted was small enough - performed all duties as sole resource, management and worker - if larger, managed conversion team.

  • Obtained and wrote code specifications for software conversions including new business requirements and process flows.
  • Tested and modified conversion programs.
  • Performed data mapping and data scrubbing for every new client.
  • Performed initial setup of customer controls including system parms.
  • Implemented software conversion.
  • Provided complete training on applications, new process flows and system management [4 to 5 week programs].
  • Advised client management on changes in business practices to best utilize the software.
  • Provided telephone and modem support with support team for over 102 companies.
  • Wrote specifications for correcting software errors.
  • Tested software changes and upgrades.
  • Set-up hardware, installed software and trained client on automated cashier systems.

Software was written in COBOL, C and CICS and database was HP3000. Project Management tools used were HP Query, MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Confidential - Atlanta, Georgia 3/91 - 3/92 Manufacturer sales company representing product lines for 25 to 40 manufacturers in the southeastern territory. Manager of Computer Operations

  • Supervised part-time data entry clerk.
  • Computer operator of a PC network.
  • Updated, tracked, and reconciled the company's sales subsidiary ledger.
  • Collected 85% of the company's over-due accounts from vendors.
  • Developed reports for managing shipping and backorders.

Confidential - Ozark, Alabama 10/84 - 9/90 A public aviation college endorsed by several national airlines with an international student body. School trained to FFA certification mechanics (airframe/powerplant), Avionics and Pilots. Computer Specialist

  • Wrote functional and technical requirements for software integration of peripheral departments with the accounting system (payroll, billing, flight management).
  • Systems analysis and design - wrote functional requirements and performed system and functional testing.
  • System manager - TI990 (backups, restores, trouble shooting and support of software and hardware).
  • Reviewed and advised President on all technical vendor contracts - hardware and software.
  • Provide complete database clean-up - data scrubbing.
  • Provided in-house training.
  • Developed computer policies and security procedures that other colleges requested for adoption.
  • Reorganized the accounts payable department's operating procedures resulting in increased efficiency and substantial annual savings.
  • Responsible for proofing the general ledger and producing financial analysis reports.
  • Supervised accounts receivable and payroll record processing and reporting.
  • Established procedures for tracking budgeted [state and federal grant] accounts resulting in increased cash flow.
  • Created accounting procedures for inter-department record keeping.


  • PMP Certified 2001
  • Microsoft Project [2003, 2003 server, 2007, 2007 server) / PWA
  • HP Project and Portfolio Management (Mercury)
  • Project Workbench / ABT / Niku
  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS2
  • SharePoint
  • QA Partner / Test Director / Playback
  • WinRunner
  • HP Query
  • Xptr
  • MDI 2000
  • DOS
  • SQL
  • LOTUS Notes
  • Remedy
  • Numerous proprietary accounting, billing, customer care and payroll applications


  • PMP Certification
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Associate in Applied Science Degree in Computer Science

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