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Adobe Experience Manager Resume

Minnosota, MN


  • Experience AEM Technical lead working for 5 years since the beginning of Day CQ towards Adobe Experience manager with hand - on day to day development experience.
  • Experienced solution architect adept at designing and implementing effective technical business solutions.
  • More than 15 years of experience in Technical management, project management, analysis, design and development of software in Object Oriented Technologies.
  • More than 15 years of experience in wide variety of applications - web development, content management, catalog management, digital marketing, trading and telco billing.
  • Involved 10+ Years in leading complete Software Development Life Cycle from concept to implementation in Agile, Test Driven and Waterfall techniques.
  • Experienced in designing and developing applications hosted in cloud(Amazon Web Services)
  • 4 years in Digital Marketing in technology suites like AEM, Hybris, Eloqua
  • Experience in many industry domains- Telecom, Finance, Retail banking, Manufacturing, Consulting
  • Experience working in offshore-onsite model with globally distributed teams


Confidential, Minnosota, MN

Adobe Experience Manager


  • The client had a dealer portal that was running in ASP framework.
  • The business requirement to keep the backend webservices that provide the data but completely migrate the frontend to AEM 6.2 framework.
  • The critical use cases were responsive and security
  • The portal is available at https://portal.mythermoking.com/
  • We build the whole frontend site and used secure webservice integration with backend to fetch the order and warranty data.
  • The navigation was completely personalized for the signed in user. Users will be able to see the navigation menu and the pages only they are authorized to.
  • We used AEM Client context to personalize the home page, marketing pages according to the particular dealer company (AEM makes call to backend webservices to fetch the current signed in user’s profile and as per the current user’s company data, user will be presented different marketing content.
  • We have used Adobe AEM forms along with custom form actions for dealers updating the warranty information. We used Adobe OOTB AEM form fields along with custom validations configured them. We have written a custom POST action where the form was submitted which in turns submits the data to backend webservice.

Confidential, Pennsylvania

Adobe Experience Manager


  • The client has 3 million products to offer. The existing catalog system was in-house custom built along with ASP based content management system.
  • In 2014, the plan started to reachictect the entire system using Hybris as product catalog,
  • We reachitectured the entire system from front to back using Hybris as product catalog system, Endeca as search engine and AEM (AEM 5.6 and now upgrading to AEM 6.1) as content management.
  • My role is AEM technical lead and I lead and architected the redesign of te.com website using AEM 6.0 .Main technologies involved were AEM MSM architecture, Angular & JQuery for frontend, Hybris for 3 million product parts data and Endeca as search engine.
  • I have around 5 years of Rich development experience in AEM (Adobe CQ) and Java/J2EE using AEM 6.1, 6.0, AEM 5.6 as Content Management
  • Current role as AEM technical lead in implementing the new redesigned www.te.com in Adobe AEM 6.0. Main roles include
  • Working with business in collecting and drafting the requirements.
  • Architected and designed the solution for new te.com templates/components, integrating with third party AEM libraries (AEM Commons)
  • Lead the offshore team in developing the solutions
  • Designed and Built workflows AEM DAM different image rendition work flows.
  • Designed and built OSGI services and bundles to interact with external systems like Eloqoa and Endeca.
  • Integrated with Endeca backend for search and Hybris for eCommerce product catalog./
  • Worked with front end team who handle the frontend (jQuery, Node, CSS3)
  • Integrating with Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Tag Manager, Adobe Analytics and Adobe Design cloud are part of the current roles.
  • Recently I implemented Adobe Target for AB testing and personalized experience on te.com.
  • I have deciphered and used AEM for Component, Templates, Services, Servlets, Schedulers, Apps Development(via JAX-RS and Spring Framework for exposing Content services), Localization, Personalization, Sightly, Sling Models, WorkFlows, Analytics(both SiteCatalyst and Google Analytics) along with Java/Groovy for Backend Customization, CSS, Jquery for Scripting and User Interface Part .
  • Specialities/Technical Forte: Adobe CQ, API Development, Web Content Management (WCM), SoCo(Social Collaboration), Apache Solr, AEM Forms, Java/Groovy, Spring, Jax-RS FrameWork, Web Services(Soap and Rest based), Sling Rewriter, Touch UI, Jquery, CSS, User Generated Content (UGC), DAM, Analytics(Site Catalyst, Google Analytics), Angular JS.
  • Solution architect for Hybris B2B Product Content Management functionality.
  • Implemented PCM authoring by customizing product and import cockpit, new workflows and business processes.
  • Led the product search integration with Endeca using PCI templates
  • Led implementation of more than 15 inbound and outbound interfaces with corporate systems using spring integration framework
  • Capacity planning, performance tuning to handle 5 Million products and 400 concurrent users
  • Design and developed application to be deployed in AWS
  • Provided consulting services to the business team for implementing new taxonomy, business processes and managing acquisitions and divestures.

Confidential, Herdon, VA

Project Lead


  • As project manager with Confidential I was leading a team of 12 members to support the eBusiness strategic project for AT&T.
  • The project involves presenting various strategic report to management depending upon the access level. The app was built in J2EE.

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