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Lead Software Engineer Resume

Minneapolis, MN


Seeking a competitive and challenging professional fulltime position with a technical corporation interested in a highly assertive, self - motivated, quality-conscious, results-oriented, and organized leader


Operating Systems: Unix, Solaris, Linux, Windows

Languages: C, C++, Shell/Perl Scripting, Python, Visual Basic, Java

Network Protocols: TCP/IP, WAP

Databases: Oracle-SQL, MS Access, MySql, MS SQL Server 2010

Version Control Software: Accurev, Clearcase Server, Dimensions

Requirement Management: DOORS

Embedded Platform (RTOS): WindRiver, VxWorks

Project Management Tools: Windchill, MS Project Server

Agile Development: JIRA, DevCloud



Lead Software Engineer

  • Lead Software Engineer in the Vehicle Health and Data Management Group.
  • Primary responsibilities include developing, coding, and peer reviewing the airborne software for the airline services product.
  • Developed airborne software for Airline Services using C on VxWorks platform.
  • Successfully deployed use of new tool SmartBear - Code Collaborator for assisting in technical reviews of document, code and any review artifact. This was done in compliance to the current peer review process (SYS-PRO).
  • Developed ANT build script for build automation of Airline Services product using ANT and Python.
  • Implemented ARNIC 429 message parsing for product using C
  • Delivered quality results in a timely manner. Networked with cross functional teams/ leads to communicate firmware strategy.
  • Confirming to DO-178B standards.
  • Developed SDLC document, Software Verification Plan for the Boot Program of the device.
  • Debug firmware code based on system design. Perform Unit and Integration testing for the software being developed.
  • Lead geographically disperse teams and Managed Technical Projects (MS Project, Earned Value Management)
  • Developed a tool in python for generating ATU Qualification report.
  • Recipient of “Above and Beyond Award” for Imagination and Courage in Flight Management Systems.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Software Lead Engineer

  • Primary responsibilities include leading the Firmware/embedded PG team in developing protocol strategy, coding, and peer reviewing their work, including mentoring junior engineers and delegating tasks to the team which comprises of 6-8 software engineers
  • Lead teams in AGILE Development methodology
  • Feature Lead in developing verification tests based on design specification and system requirements.
  • Debug firmware code based on model design for implantable devices.
  • Validation of model by reviewing model behavior and system requirements.
  • Use model as an Offline Verifier for verifying firmware behavior.
  • Work with different stakeholders - Systems and Firmware Engineers to define product description/requirements.
  • Ensure team adherence to compliance in Design Verification processes, tools and environments.
  • Delivered quality results in a timely manner. Network with cross functional teams/ leads to communicate firmware strategy.
  • Feature Lead on the firmware test development for the Progeny Frontier 100 device project.
  • Feature Lead on the software development for the Sensor Research Device (SRD1) Frontier 100 device.
  • Lead the software development for NG3 device as a feature expert.
  • Supported SCEDL development. (Test development tool developed in Alter language).
  • Recipient of multiple company Spot awards for excellence in quality on the SRD1 project.


Research Assistant

  • Worked on a Confidential funded project for Bus Signal Priority Based on GPS and wireless communication. This research project evaluates the potential use of vehicle-mounted GPS to develop a Confidential system that improves the efficiency of transit. Currently developing an embedded control prototype system using wireless communication to provide bus signal priority which includes developing an on-board unit to interface with the bus GPS system and peripheral I/O to send priority request. My role is to integrate the embedded control system with GPS system, peripheral I/O, traffic signal controller and wireless communication transceivers. This project is implemented using C in a Linux based environment.
  • Confidential ( Confidential ) for transit has been proposed as an efficient way to improve transit travel & operation. Bus signal priority has been implemented in several US cities to provide more reliable travel and improve customer ride quality. Current signal priority strategies implemented in various US cities mostly utilize sensors to detect buses at a fixed or at a preset distance away from the intersection; signal priority is then granted following a preprogrammed time delay after detection. This research takes advantage of the GPS systems installed on Minneapolis buses in order to develop a signal priority strategy which considers the buses’ timeliness with respect to its schedule, its number of passengers, and its location and speed.


Software Engineer

  • OpenWave - IMCE: This project involved development and testing of Wireless Village (WV) standard-compliant Instant Messaging and Presence Service (IMPS) product for OpenWave. This product uses Oracle database and LDAP directory. I was involved in the design and development of the architecture, Debugging and maintenance of the PERL/COM Test-Framework. The Test-framework simulates and creates various inputs in XML/WBXML/SMS format from Windows-boxes and communicates with the IM-Server running on Solaris-boxes. This project was implemented using C, Perl, and shell scripting in UNIX
  • Innopath - MDM: Mobile device management is management of settings and applications in mobile devices such as a cell phones and wireless personal digital assistants (PDA).

    Device management provides telecommunications services (voice and data) to the individual (a subscriber) who uses the device. I was involved in Manual and API testing of OMA-DM Protocol, FOTA, Remote Diagnostics and Configuration Dictionary of the MDM-Server. This project was implemented using Java and shell scripting in UNIX


Project Intern


  • Worked as a project intern in developing a Data Logger System, which provided an environment that allowed user to load data into a centralized location. The goal of the system was to collect the environmental parameters so that the data can be stored for future analysis. This project was completed towards my final year undergraduate degree.
  • The project was broken into the following components: PIC 16F877 Embedded Programming, Interfacing the hardware to the PC‘s COM port, Client-Server Communication. My role was to write the server code, to collect the values that were been sent by the hardware and then upload the data back to the server. The data uploaded was then analyzed in a graphical format. Got hands on experience in developing the system using Visual Basic 6.0, Microsoft IDE (PIC16F877), SQL Server, DCOM Components.

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