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Qa Analyst Resume

Tampa, FloridA

Seasoned Software Quality Engineer with over six years of professional experience in the functional, usability, automation and performance testing of client, mobile, and web applications. Consistent application breaker who strives to deliver the highest quality application to end users. Quick learner with the ability to modify testing techniques as needed and incorporate tools for effectiveness and efficiency. Background in many different projects, with hands on testing experience with Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Graduated First Class with Distinction. A Bachelor of Engineering degree holder with a focus in Information Technology. Currently pursuing Masters degree.


Confidential, Tampa, Florida Jul 2011 - Present
QA Analyst

Elsevier / Gold Standard's drug information tools and databases are utilized at the point-of-care, for reference and during medication transactions. The content is updated in real-time ("live") and offered via Internet, mobile, integrated and local PC/Intranet environments.

  • Created test plans and test cases in Quality Center for the upcoming product enhancement and products,API calls
  • Logged and tracked issues in the QC, TFS.
  • Performed stress testing of the application, analyzed the data, and reported findings to management.
  • Won accolades from the business side of the company for out of the box thinking and finding very critical issues.
  • Interfaced with developers, project managers, BAs and other QAs to understand the features being implemented.Helped in the design documents creation.
  • Underwent HIPPA training for understanding of the Health Care system in America.

Environment/Tools: Oracle Server Management Studio 2008, SoapUI, Quality Center, QTP 10.0, LoadRunner, Microsoft Office, Windows 7.

Reason for Leaving: Relocating to Pittsburgh with my family. Want to use my skills for more test automation and performance testing in a more challenging role.

Pune, Maharashtra, India Jul 2006 - Jul 2011
Module Lead

Persistent Systems (PSL) is a global company, headquartered in Pune, India, specializing in software product and technology innovation. While at PSL I was instrumental in six different projects.

  • Approva
  • True Demand
  • Biz Sciences
  • MyEdu
  • Mobclix
  • Decision View

Reason for Leaving: Moved to the US with my husband.

Confidential Oct 2006 - Sep 2007
Confidentialis the leading provider of continuous controls monitoring software and is the industry standard for three of the five largest audit and advisory firms. I was involved in the development and testing effort of making the BizRight product compatible with the JD Edwards' ERP system. The project was planned in three distinct phases, Data Extraction Engine, Development of rules and reports, and the Runtime assignment of roles to users, as well as user creation.

  • Tested the Data Extraction Engine, which would fetch data from the JD Edwards' ERP system's underlying database and store the information in the BizRight's database.
  • Tested the devised rules and reports to check for violating data.
  • Tested the run time user creation and assignment of roles to users using QTP.
  • Tested the generated reports with MS SSRS 2005 and Crystal Reports.
  • Developed feasible and modularized tests which can be easily set up, run, and evaluated.
  • Assisted project manger in making the test plan.
  • Performed data driven scripting in QTP to create multiple users to test the rules.
  • Developed scripts and parametrized data in QTP.
  • Handled dynamic objects in QTP using both parametrization and regular expressions.
  • Created shared repositories to store common objects in QTP.
  • Utilized standard, text, and bitmap checkpoints in QTP to verify that script works correctly.

Environment/Tools: Bugzilla, Oracle 2000/2005, QTP, Microsoft XP, Crystal Reports, .NET, Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2005.

ConfidentialOct 2007 - Feb 2008
Confidentialempowers retail account teams to achieve a dramatic and sustainable lift in sales. Our solutions and services identify the root causes of lost sales at the shelf and enable swift action in the store to align product availability with true client demand. Using daily point-of-sale (POS) data from retailers, TrueDemand supports the most critical consumer goods priorities

  • Validated that product met the requirements by thoroughly testing.
  • Devised tests cases to maximize information gained.
  • Performed exploratory testing on the basic functioning of the application to learn the flow.
  • Executed and analyzed complex test cases and compared the results against expected results and product requirements.
  • Developed test plans for particular modules of the application.
  • Met with management and developers constantly to discuss defects, bugs, and other observations.
  • Investigated software bugs and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues using Bugzilla.
  • Used valency partitioning to test data ranges.
  • Contacted developers to know the changes they made in the application.
  • Designed test cases to use both valid and invalid data.
  • Managed requirements, test cases, and defects in Testopia.

Environment/Tools: Bugzilla, Testopia, Microsoft XP.

ConfidentialMar 2008 - Sep 2008
A website which deals with online vacation/holiday home, resorts and timeshare auctions. i.e Rental auction, Rental listing and Rental Auction. Any user located at any part of the world can exchange or list their resort/timeshares using the website. A user can book vacations, register his properties. There is a system on the website which automatically matches the holiday desires of a user with the auctioned property. A user can also write blogs on the website. A user can use loyalty points registered on other websites in the transaction within HolidayJuggle. The administrator can control all the events and user activities.

  • Established testing strategy, entry and exit criteria, and timeline with team lead and project manager.
  • Functionally tested the application's integration with Paypal for e-commerce.
  • Created test cases based on the business requirements documents, functional requirements documents, and the use cases.Also developed the logic to avoid the deadlock situation between the users of the Product along with the Performance Engineering developers.
  • Contacted developers to recommend fine tuning of the application or DB based on test results.
  • Attended change request meetings to document changes and implemented procedures to test changes.
  • Created manual test cases in Testopia.
  • Verified that the testing process was documented comprehensively.
  • Designed test cases which followed basic, alternate, and exceptional flows.
  • Developed test cases which focus on security features such as session state management, idle sessions, and active sessions.

Environment/Tools: Bugzilla, Testopia, MySQL.

ConfidentialOct 2008 - Jun 2009
Confidentialis an online web service for students where they can plan their classes, take the best professors, raise their GPA, maximize credits & get serious about a degree. We were involved in scrubbing data as they changed their data structure.MyEDU is a socio-academic utility that helps college students make educated decisions about professors and classes.
Confidentialconsist of two sub-projects:

  • Developing Auto Scraper Framework in .Net
  • Developing individual scripts per university with the help of the .Net tool.
  • Performed data integrity testing by executing SQL statements.
  • Validated that product was fit for use through quality testing.
  • Mentored fellow co-workers on new technology and procedures.
  • Participated with peers in formal test plan inspections to determine adherence to standards.
  • Designed manual test cases in Testopia.
  • Performed end to end testing of the application.
  • Interfaced with developers to resolve technical issues and investigated software for faults.
  • Proposed powerful tests which are more likely to expose errors.
  • Manually performed backend testing by executing SQL queries.
  • Performed ad-hoc testing at different phases in development to see if any more bugs and defects can be found.
  • Performed backend testing by using SQL queries.
  • Reviewing of Test Cases and Test Plans.

Environment/Tools: Bugzilla, Testopia, Oracle 2005.

Confidential Apr 2009 - Jun 2009
Confidentialis the industry\'s largest mobile ad exchange network via its sophisticated open marketplace platform and comprehensive account management solution for iPhone application developers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies. The Mobclix ad exchange provides complete transparency and visibility for developers to maximize revenues and advertisers to increase performance. The application is a dashboard which shows statistics regarding iPhone applications. Enable iPhone developers with the free tools needed to gain real-time analytics and monetization strategies to create best-of-breed iPhone Applications. For developing the application Flex's data visualization components were used.

  • Performed cross-browser and cross-platform testing.
  • Utilized iOS and Android mobile devices to test the application.
  • End to end testing of the Application.
  • Worked with managers, business analyst, developers, and team lead, on functional, non-functional, and supplementary requirements.
  • Documented test cases corresponding to business rules and other operating and conditional conditions.
  • Performed functional testing on the application and logged defects.
  • Organized requirements, test cases, and defects in Testopia.
  • Analyzed the requirements and documented the purpose of the QA effort.
  • Proposed user scenario cases which described how each user's experience with the program would differ.
  • Participated in defect review board meetings to verify and review various defects logged.
  • Interacted with business analyst to know the latest changes in the requirements or additional requirements added.

Environment/Tools: Bugzilla, Flex, Microsoft XP, Mac OSX, Firefox, IE6/7/8, Chrome, Safari.

Confidential Jul 2009 - April 2011
Confidentialdevelops innovative web-based software solutions that enable life sciences organizations to improve clinical trial performance of life sciences organisations. By converging predictive analytics, simulation modeling, rich visualisations and data saggregation into an automated business process, DecisionView solutions deliver faster cycle times, reduced clinical costs and improved clinical productivity.

  • Performed performance, stress, and load testing using Jmeter.
  • Involved in testing and assurance from initiation of the project, as early error detection is more efficient.
  • Recorded basic test scripts using Selenium IDE and converted the scripts to Java for use with JUnit and the Selenium RC to run cross-browser and cross-platform tests.
  • Utilized SoapUI to test the various requests (GET, PUT, POST, DELETE) and responses of Web APIs for non-Flex clients.
  • Exposed the RESTful web APIs after extensive testing using SoapUI.
  • Logging / Closing / Managing of problems in Jira.
  • Designed the load test strategy and chronicled it in the load testing test plan.
  • Engaged in black box testing of the application based on requirements and functionality.
  • Developed scenarios using Jmeter\'s IDE.
  • Contacted developers to report any defects found during testing.
  • Reviewed test results for compliance to specifications and then reported discrepancies to management.
  • Participated in analysis and reporting of load and performance tests using the drill down, filter, and granularity options.
  • Designed test cases which included inputs, actions, expected results, and controlled conditions.
  • Developed test cases for handled, unhandled, and exceptional errors.

Environment/Tools: Junit, Selenium IDE and Remote Control, Jira, JMeter, SoapUI, Flex, Microsoft XP, Firefox, IE6/7/8, Chrome, Safari.Apache, Jboss, Oracle


  • Testing Tools: HP Quick Test Professional / LoadRunner / Quality Center, JMeter, Selenium IDE and Remote Control, JUnit, Bugzilla, Testopia, Jira,TFS.
  • Operating Systems: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7, Mac OS X, iOS, UNIX, and Linux.
  • Relational Databases: Oracle (8i/9i/10g), MySQL (5.0, 5.1.41), and MS Access.
  • Languages: HTML, XHTML, DHTML, XML / XPath, SQL, C, C++, .NET, VB.Net ,Perl, Flex, VBScript, JavaScript, Python
  • Web Tools: Adobe Photoshop and XAMPP.
  • Browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and Opera.
  • Utilities: Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008, Tortoise SVN. Crystal Reports., Apache , Jboss, Oracle
  • Other applications: iTunes.

Confidential, Nasik, Maharashtra, India

Graduated First Class with Distinction

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology

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