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Perfornce Engineer Resume


Over 7 years of diversified experience as a Performance Engineer. Experience includes Requirement Analysis, Manual Testing and Automation and quality assurance of Client/Server and Web based applications.

  • Experience in implementing customized testing processes that involves requirements review, test planning and Strategizing, test design, test development, test execution, test defect reporting, project tracking and Issue/Risk management.
  • Conversant with all phases of Project Life Cycle including Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing, Software quality standards and configuration management and change management and Quality procedures.
  • Experience in using Web/HTTP, AJAX Click & Script, Winsock, Oracle NCA, 2 Tier protocols.
  • Created Test Scripts and Test Conditions to perform End-to-End testing of the application to ensure requirements traceability using Quality Center for automation testing.
  • Good Technical Experience in Writing System Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Automated scripts, Documentation and Setting up Test lab Environment.
  • Advanced programming skills in enhancing Load Runner VuGen scripts for dynamic navigation.
  • Proficient in developing and executing Test Procedures, Test plans, Test scripts,verification, test result validation, usability, stress testing and ensuring that the software meets the system requirements.
  • Implemented performance testing methodology and worked closely in planning coordination
  • Involved in Test Matrix and Traceability Matrix and performing Gap Analysis.
  • Experience in using different monitoring tools like Wily-Introscope, Jprobe, Jprofiler and Hp Diagnostics to keep track of the test performance and identify various bottlenecks.
  • Knowledge in Oracle, SQL database queries and manipulation using SQL.
  • Well organized, creative and a Team Player with proven ability to complete given tasks on time.
  • Experience in Bug Tracking System and technically sound in knowledge.
  • Responsible for weekly status meetings showing progress and future testing efforts.


  • Operating Systems: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows XP, 2003, 2000, Vista, Windows NT and Linux
  • Languages: C, JAVA/J2EE, .NET, VB Scripts, XML, UNIX
  • Databases: Oracle 9i/10g, DB2, SQL Server, MS-ACCESS, MySQL
  • GUI: VB 6.0/5.0, JSP, Java Applets, ASP, HTML
  • Web Related: DHTML, XML, VBScript, JavaScript, Applets, JAVA, JDBC, Servlets and JSP
  • Testing Tools: LoadRunner, Quality Center, Quick Test Pro, Performance Center
  • Web / Application Servers: Apache 2.x, Tomcat, WebLogic, WebSphere and IIS.
  • Other: JMeter, Silk, Wily Introscope, Sitescope, Jprobe, Jprofiler


Confidential, MA Jan 2011 - Present
Performance Engineer


  • Gathered business requirement, studied the application and collected the information from Analysts.
  • Created LoadRunner Scenarios and Scheduled the Virtual user to generate realistic load on the server using LoadRunner.
  • Involved in developing the Test Plan Strategy, build the test client and test environment.
  • Configured and used Sitescope Performance Monitor to monitor and analyze the performance of the server by generating various reports from CPU utilization, Memory Usage to load average etc.
  • Conducted all tests in the Controller by creating 100, 200, 400 virtual users for load.
  • Inserted Transactions, Checkpoints into Mercury LoadRunner Web VuGen Scripts and parameterized & correlated the scripts.
  • Analyzed Mercury LoadRunner on-line graphs and reports to check where performance delays occurred, network or client delays, CPU performance, I/O delays, database locking, or other issues at the database server.
  • Performed Data Driven and Security Testing.
  • Added and monitored Web Logic, App server and Windows servers during performance testing by using Sitescope.
  • Used monitoring tools to analyze the heap memory statistics for identifying memory leaks.
  • Debugged and enhanced the performance test scripts using C language.
  • Developed and maintained overall test methodology and strategy, documented Test plans, Test cases and editing, executing test cases and test scripts.
  • Involved in conducting stress tests and volume tests against the application using LoadRunner.
  • Used Quality Center to invoke the scripts and initially performed the baseline testing and organized all the scripts systematically and generated reports.
  • Extensively used Quality Center for test planning, maintain test cases and test scripts for test execution as well as bug reporting.
  • Used Virtual User Generator to generate VuGen Scripts for web protocol. Ensure that quality issues are appropriately identified, analyzed, documented, tracked and resolved in Quality Center.
  • Involved in defect tracking, reporting and coordination with various groups from initial finding of defects to final resolution.

Environment:Performance Center, VuGen, Java, Web Logic, Web Services, XML, LoadRunner, Wily, Quality Center, Oracle, Sitescope, Jprobe, Jprofiler.

Confidential, AZMar 2008 - Dec 2010
Performance Engineer


  • Responsible for designing scenarios for Performance Testing, generating scripts and handling Correlation as well as parameterization using Loadrunner and Silk Performer.
  • Extensively used Web (html/http), Web Services, Siebel, SAP and Oracle_NCA protocol in Loadrunner.
  • Executed scenarios using Controller and analysis of results using Loadrunner Analyzer.
  • Identified bottlenecks in Network, Database and Application Servers using Loadrunner monitors.
  • Used Keynote for cloud based load testing.
  • Validated web services and made using SOAPUI.
  • Analyzed Throughput Graph, Hits/Second graph, Transactions per second graph and Rendezvous graphs using LR Analysis tool.
  • Enhanced Vusers scripts by correlation, parameterization, transaction points, rendezvous points and various LoadRunner functions.
  • Responsible for conducting performance benchmark tests.
  • Developing VUser scripts and enhanced the basic script by Parameterizing the constant values using LoadRunner
  • Identified critical process for testing by monitoring the business activity.
  • Extensively used Sitescope and Introscope for monitoring during load tests.
  • Prepared load Test analysis reports (%disk, CPU Utilization, Throughput, %page breakdowns, Response Times, Network Monitors, Web Server Monitor Counters, Captures, System Performance Counters and Database Performance Counters.
  • Configured SiteScope to monitor Siebel and Oracle Servers.
  • Conducted Regression testing and BVT (Build Verification Test) using silk test and silk performer
  • Parameterized unique IDS and stored dynamic content in variables and pared the values to Web submits under Http protocols.
  • Performed load testing with 100/250/500/750/1050 Vusers.
  • Performed load testing from various different locations using Keynote.
  • Designed the Manual and Goal oriented scenarios using LoadRunner Controller module to test.
  • Involved in analyzing Runtime, System Resources and Transactions Graphs
  • Responsible for generating reports using LoadRunner.

Environment:LoadRunner, Performance Center, Wily Introscope, Siebel, Quality Center, Sitescope, Java, JavaScript, keynote, Websphere, Weblogic, HTML, Oracle, SQL, Dynatrace, Clear Quest, Unix

Confidential, MN Jun 2006 - Feb 2008
Performance Analyst


  • Defining the performance goals and objectives based on the client requirements and inputs
  • Extensively Worked in Web, Citrix, Click and Script, Oracle Protocol in Loadrunner.
  • Ensure the compatibility of all application platform components, configurations and their upgrade levels in production and make necessary changes to the lab environment to match production
  • Responsible for developing and executing performance and volume tests
  • Develop test scenarios to properly load/stress the system in a lab environment and monitor / debug performance & stability problems.
  • Partner with the Software development organization to analyze system components and performance to identify needed changes in the application design
  • Involved in analyzing, interpreting and summarizing meaningful and relevant results in a complete Performance Test Report.
  • Developed and deployed test Load scripts to do end to end performance testing using Load Runner.
  • Implemented and maintained an effective performance test environment.
  • Identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks during the development lifecycle.
  • Accurately produce regular project status reports to senior management to ensure on-time project launch.
  • Conducted Duration test, Stress test, Base Line test
  • Used Controller to Launch 300, 500, 700 concurrent users to generate load
  • Used to identify the queries which were taking too long and optimize those queries to improve performance
  • Work closely with software developers and take an active role in ensuring that the software components meet the highest quality standards.
  • Provide support to the development team in identifying real world use cases and appropriate workflows
  • Performs in-depth analysis to isolate points of failure in the application
  • Assist in production of testing and capacity certification reports.
  • Investigate and troubleshoot performance problems in a lab environment. This will also include analysis of performance problems in a production environment.
  • Worked closely with clients
  • Interface with developers, project managers, and management in the development,
  • Execution and reporting of test performance results.

Environment:Load Runner , Quick Test Pro, LDAP, Oracle , MS SQL Server , Web logic , Web Sphere, Load Balancer, JAVA ,Test Director J2EE Diagnostic Tool, JMeter, web, Windows 2000 / XP , Solaris , AIX , IE, Netscape, Firefox

Confidential, CTJun 2005 - Apr 2006
Performance Tester


  • Changed the user loads by monitoring the number of hits on different web pages on the website
  • Change the runtime settings such as pacing, think time, Log settings , browser emulation and timeout settings in LoadRunner VUGEN and controller
  • Used Scenario By Schedule in the controller to change the Ramp Up, Duration and Ramp Down settings
  • Monitored the metrics such as response times, throughput and server resources such as Total Processor Time, Available Bytes and Process Bytes by using LoadRunner Monitors
  • Scheduled Load Tests to run overnight due to unavailability of environment during the day time
  • Analyzed the Transaction Summary Report and graphs generated in a LoadRunner Analysis session
  • Identified the load balancing issues on the servers
  • Analyzed server resources such as Total Processor Time to look for performance bottlenecks.
  • Analyzed the server resources such as Available Bytes and Process Bytes for Memory Leaks
  • Reported the defects using Rational Clear Quest and smoke tested the application after the fix
  • Performed capacity testing on the Enhancements by using Schedule By Group in Controller
  • Worked on .Net Diagnostics tool to uncover the layers, classes and methods responsible for slow response times of transactions
  • Work closely with software developers and take an active role in ensuring that the software components meet the highest quality standards
  • Writes and executes SQL queries in validating test results
  • Used Virtual User Generator to generate VuGen Scripts for web protocol, Ensure that quality issues are appropriately identified, analyzed, documented, tracked and resolved in Quality Center.

Environment:LoadRunner, .Net Diagnostics, Rational ClearQuest7.0, SQL, SQL server 2000, MS Office, MS-Visio, IIS, .Net, and Windows

Masters in Mechanical Engineering

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