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Quality Analyst Resume

New Jersy, NJ

Leveraging experience in quality assurance and programming to attain a suitable assignment with a growth oriented organization.

  • Sixteen years’ experience in the IT industry including over 9 years in the US
  • Knowledge of all phases of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) & experience of AGILE, WATERFALL & COWBOY software development methodologies.
  • Experience in writing and executing test scenarios as a Tester, QC Analyst & onsite coordinator.
  • Successful development & implementation of Freight-Tracking software at DHL
  • Experience of working in Informix, Oracle, SQL Server, Visual Basic. Net, Visio Forms and PowerBuilder
  • Exposure to automated test tools – Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP
  • Excellent academic credentials with Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Pure Mathematics, from IIT Mumbai

Master of Science – Pure Mathematics

Testing Tools Win Runner, Load Runner, QTP, Quality Center/Test Director, Tool for Oracle Application Developers (TOAD), Project Tracking Software (PTS), Bug Tracker, Clear Quest, Shipper Tool, Fakeimage Tool, HL7Gen tool and Diacom Shipper Tool, Vantive and My Workshop
GUI Visual Basic.Net, PowerBuilder and I4GL
RDBMS Oracle, Informix, SQL Server, RDMS (Unisys) and FoxPro.
Languages C++, OOP with C++, OOAD using UML, Java, XML, Visual C++ and Informix 4GL.
Operating Systems Unix, Linux, Windows 7/XP/98/95 and Unisys 2200.
Methodologies AGILE, WATERFALL, E-R Modeling and Star Schema
Req Mngmnt Tools Requisite Professional (ReqPro)
Editors VI, Excel Sheets and MS-Word


Quality Analyst Confidential, (March 2007 – to date)

Confidential,Location: New Braunfels, TX
Duration: August 2010 – present
Harland & Clarke is a one of the biggest & well known retail companies. Jovlen worked on user acceptance testing & end to end testing. AGILE software development methodology was used throughout the project. Jovlen introduced Mind Maps technique to her team. She got good exposure to retail business.
Creation ofMind Mapsusing MindMap tool.
Writingtest scripts & creation of test data.
Testing & Bug tracking usingtest management& bug tracker Mercury tool namely Quality Center & ALM.
Give inputs of roadblocks, if any, in Daily Scrum meetings
To raise impediments
Process improvement inputs.
Single handedly tested project “ALFRESCO” that was on ATG platform.
Team Size: 10

Client: Confidential,
Location: South Burlington, VT
Duration: January 2008 – July 2010

Jovlen worked in General Electric Healthcare onclinical Information System. AGILE software development methodology was used throughout the project. Jovlen\'s area of expertise was Mammography, Medikiosk & patient weighting engine. Iterative Testing/SCRUM technique was used in this project. She got good exposure to Clinical Information System as well as Image storing & retrieving.
Creation ofMind Mapsusing MindMap tool.
Writingtest scripts & creation of test data. In Mammography module Jovlen created various findings/interventional procedures/recommendations as test data.
Testing & Bug tracking usingMercury tool Quality Center.
Give inputs of roadblocks if any in DAILY SCRUM meetings
Send images to PACs archive using various tools such as Fakeimage tool/ Diacom simulator/ shipper tool etc.
Send HL7 messages using HL7Gen & process them in ConnectR tool.
Concurrency Testing
Discovered over 500 defects.
In Medikiosk project Jovlen was the point of contact from QSE (QualitySystem engineering) side to thethird party vendorGalvanon.
Created over 100 Functional test cases & 40 Sanity test cases.
Created over 50 functionality Mind-Map models.
Environment/Tools: HL7Gen,ShipperTool, Fakeimage Tool, Diacom Shipper Tool, Quality Center, MS Access, Vantive & My Workshop
Team Size: 40

Client: Confidential,
Location: Newark DE
Duration: April 2007 – December 2007

Jovlen worked on financial packages in Bank of America. Jovlen’s area of expertise was Credit Cards & Consumer Lending. In this project Jovlen used WATERFALL methodology of SDLC and Black Box Testing technique. Unlike other projects the requirements were not shared with the testers but the testers had to coordinate with the SME (Subject Matter Expert) on day-to-day basis for requirement clarification. LLD (Low Level design) was handed over to testers which were useful in figuring out the actual requirements. The phase was UAT. Jovlen logged in various roles such as Credit Analyst, fraud Analyst, Fraud Manager & carried out the roles.
Study LLD (Low Level Design) document containing UML diagrams, flowcharts
Prepare (1500) UAT test scenarios based on flow charts of the LLD
Prepare test cases & test data based on test scenarios, Peer review of test cases, mocking up data screens in MS ACCESS & also mocking up test files to be received from inbound channels for interface testing.
Setup of UAT environment loading mocked up MS excel files of 10000 records containing applicant & co-applicant data
Testing & Bug tracking using test management & bug tracker Mercury tool namely Quality Center
Creation of screen prototypes in MS ACCESS
Gave inputs in bug-scrub meetings & daily status meetings
Wrote 3000 test cases
Created MS Excel file containing 10000 mocked up records containing applicant & co-applicant data
Environment/Tools: Quality Center, MS ACCESS
Team Size: 4

Quality Analyst & Onsite Coordinator, Cognizant (December, 2005 – March, 2007)

Client: Confidential,
Location: West Point PA

Merck is a leading pharmaceutical giant. Through Cognizant, Jovlen worked for Merck as a QC Analyst on project Customer Interaction Repository (CIR). WATERFALL technique was used throughout the project. She was also onsite coordinator and was handling team of 5 who was working offshore. CIR was one of the main initiatives under an ambitious Merck program called Multi Channel Management focused at improving customer care. CIR dealt with overall customer Interactions of Merck. It was an automation project which involved 800 test cases from System Testing & 100 test cases from System Integration testing. Quality Center was the tool used to document test cases & Clear Quest was used to track bugs. Offshore team used remote connectivity to connect to the Quality Center using virtual machines. Black box testing methodology was used in this project. Jovlen got an exposure to QTP in this project. The test suite was created in QTP.
Requirements analysis reading Conceptual design, FRS (Functional Requirement specification) document & DSD (Design Specification Document).
Preparation of scenarios based on the requirement analysis.
Extensive preparation of test cases & test data, test suite being data driven test suite
Test data using XML Spy tool.
Feeding in parameters to QTP test suite & execute the test suite in batch mode or solitaire mode.
Get test cases & test data reviewed by business analysts to avoid data errors.
Setting up of test environment by setting up environment variables & using xml spy
Test & Bug track using IBM tool clear quest
Communicate with offshore team
Resolve functional and technical issues with client business and technical analysts
Gathered requirements and conducted analysis for the project
Base lined the requirements with project team and business users
Wrote 100 automated test cases
Created of 3000 data records
Staged test cases in Quality Center
Executed test cases giving parameters to the QTP test suite
Onsite-offshore coordination
Gave inputs to test plan & test schedule
Got the test scenarios & test scripts written from offshore team by guiding them from time to time.
Coordinated between SIT (Software Infrastructure Team) and offshore
Facilitated knowledge session between the onsite and offshore
Ensured test environment availability & escalated the red flags wherever necessary
Facilitated access to any data or information between onsite and offshore
Environment/Tools: Quality Center, Clear Quest, sql server 2000
Team Size: 8

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