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Manufacturing/quality Engineer Resume

Portland, OR


  • More than 15 years of manufacturing engineering experience
  • CAD skills to optimize design, featuring, and processes
  • Knowledge and experience with injection molded plastic products, extrusion, rapid prototyping, prototype manufacturing processes, stampings, sheet metal, castings, CNC equipment, milling machine, lathe, welding, brazing, soldering, adhesive bonding, machining, fasteners, and manufacturing environment
  • Knowledge of Tools and tooling process, including interaction with tooling vendors
  • Vast knowledge and experience with creating new product concepts, developing new products, providing product documentation and bill of materials, developing and testing of prototypes, wiring harness, quality system such as AS9100 and ISO, FMEA, Six Sigma process, Reliability Analysis, tolerance stack - up, worst-case analysis, GD&T, and general practices relating to 2-D mechanical drawings
  • Excellent understanding of mechanical engineering principles, materials, mechanics, mechanical design processes, quality control, manufacturing engineering principles theories, concepts, practices, techniques, and costs
  • Testing and instrumentation experience in the development process
  • Ability to coordinate with staff and understand design for manufacturing
  • Ability to validate design through analysis and testing
  • Ability to perform stress analysis test on materials
  • Strong analytical and troubleshooting skills
  • Ability to coordinate with R&D, design, manufacturing unit and clearly present design concepts to customers
  • Outstanding ability to transform customer requirements into a product


  • Certified Shainin Statistical Engineering Journeyman
  • Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
  • Variation Reduction
  • Statistical Analysis
  • AutocCad v.13.0
  • IGES/Works v.4.0
  • Fortran 77
  • Microsoft Office


Confidential, Portland, OR

Manufacturing/Quality Engineer


  • Responsibilities include working with design and manufacturing engineering on quality and lean manufacturing improvement opportunities. Assisting manufacturing engineers and production with tooling and fixture design improvements. Conducted plant tryouts and proposed improvements through process, design and tooling changes
  • Instituted inline inspection into the aerospace passenger service unit assembly process
  • Developed and implemented a color coding build scheme for diffuser assembly builds. Change increased yield from 180 to 300 parts per day. Saw a 25% reduction in PPM and elimination of a head count - $45,000 annual savings.
  • Presented to senior management a process improvement to eliminate repacking of Boeing 737 PSU mask. Change implemented on 777x program. Change will result in a two headcount reduction an $90,000 annual savings.
  • Addressed customer quality concerns. Provided corrective action responses. Coordinated with cross functional teams to implement long term corrective actions. Dispositioned and drove continuous improvement for internal nonconforming material.
  • Developed and updated internal work instructions. Ensured changes controlled through ECN process
Confidential, York, PA

Process Engineer


  • Managed team charted to execute BAE effort to bring online a new military vehicle (MRAP) manufacturing facility
  • Planning and development costs review for product development
  • Implementation of manufacturing, quality and materials related processes and procedures needed to reach required production line rates
  • Product development and mechanical design
  • Rolled out plan to senior mgt to bring new manufacturing plant up to HVM capability
  • Chair weekly status meeting to track team’s progress against key milestones and deliverables
Confidential, OR & WA

Manufacturing Engineer


  • Managed cross-organizational team chartered to execute Intel’s strategic plan to consolidate the PCB sorting process to a single factory
  • Forecasted and oversaw project budgeting, man power projections, and material needs
  • Developed and oversaw tool incoming inspection process
  • Responsible for ensuring team met performance, quality and schedule goals
  • Magnitude of tasks; 60% of Intel’s revenue would come through the Aloha sort factory
  • Successfully oversaw the installation of 85 DeFT Modules with a 90% up to production on time rate
  • Developed technician training package and work instructions; allowing 24/7 installation operation
  • 100K savings realized over 24 month period through “copy exactly” and lean manufacturing practices
Confidential, Dupont, WA

Senior Quality & Reliability Engineer


  • Quality and Reliability engineer for CSMO Systems Commodities
  • Ensured compliance of Systems Commodities, roadmap suppliers to material qualification requirements and driving continuous quality improvement
  • Led supplier health assessment activity for Laural Blade Program
  • Developed a QOS based tool and process to understand Intel’s customer risk for Laural FRU items shipped directly from IBM’s supplier base
  • Developed process to analyze a key supplier’s outgoing quality data. Effort led to an annual cost savings of $180K
  • Team lead in supplier selection and SBR processes and the strategic planning of Far East supplier audits
Confidential, Baltimore, MD

Senior Product/Quality Engineer -Plant Support Team


  • Supervised team composed of GM and supplier personnel on JD Power top twenty-five quality issues, opening effort of sliding door on Chevrolet Astro and GMC Safari vans. Employed the use of Shainin Statistical Engineering to eliminate concern. Project resulted in a reduction of five JD Power points. (approx. $2.5 million).
  • Led statistical methods study to improve productivity by reducing in-plant scrap. 8% of HVAC housings cracked during assembly causing frequent line stops. Investigation determined strength variation in HVAC housing units due to injection mold parameters. Results include $85,000 in annual scrap reduction and 3% (approx. $1.2 million) improvement in productivity.
  • Supervised team composed of GM and supplier personnel on a JD Power top twenty-five-quality issue, opening efforts of cargo doors. Shainin Statistical Method was implemented to determine cause for large range in opening effort. Elimination of latch variation produced “Best of Class” in opening efforts.

Assembly Manufacturing Engineer -Plant Support Team


  • Responsibilities included supervising hourly work force, working with suppliers on design changes and quality concerns with emphasis on lean manufacturing and design for manufacturability. Assisting production with tooling and fixture designs. Conducted plant tryouts and proposed improvements through process, design and tooling changes.
  • Supervised the development and coordinated the introduction of a new transmission shift cable. Performed analysis to improve the manufacturing process, resulting in reduced assembly time and elimination of one operator per shift, and an annual savings of $450,000.
  • Supervised hourly and salaried personnel on a special assignment designed to significantly reduce dutch door water leak PPH. Project resulted in the elimination of two repair operators per shift.
  • Eliminated the park brake equalizer spring. The result was reductions in both warranty and JD Power complaints on excessive brake wear. Spring removal provided a $160,000 annual savings.
  • Responsible for assembly tooling buyoff and implementation for product development team.
  • Responsible for establishing the corporate Bill Of Process (BOP) for Headlamp Aim & Waterleak Testing.
  • Worked closely with lead auditors in ISO 9002 certification audit of assembly plant operations.

Graduate Assistant


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics of High Speed Flows (thesis)

Engineer II


  • Computed thermos regulation tests on a prototype photomultiplier tube-mounting box for the CDF End Plug Calorimeter upgrade.

Engineering Physicist


  • Position gained from outstanding evaluation during summer internship
  • Development of radiation hard scintillating optical fibers for the main ring calorimeter of the proposed SSC Laboratory

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