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Senior Test Lead Automation Resume



  • 15 years of professional experience in Software Testing (Manual/Automation) in Applications, Storage, Embedded systems, Telecommunication, Finance and Networking.
  • Projects include building distributed applications, software installation, testing and maintenance.
  • Experience in reviewing Business Functional Specifications and Detailed Design Specifications.
  • Act as a liaison to keep communication flowing between QA, development, performance, operations, and business departments/users through all stages of testing.
  • Assist project team in making solid “go/no - go” decisions for the launch of each testing phase like Acceptance testing, Soft Freeze, Hard Freeze.
  • Provide Management with test case coverage and defect metrics to substantiate decision.
  • Assist testers in the development of all testing related documentation, including test plans, test cases/scripts, and defect reports. Ensure review of QA documentation for accuracy, feasibility and consistency.
  • Build infrastructure and provide training to help testers better diagnose and distinguish between test environment issues, test data issues, and functional defects.
  • Understanding of SDLC with agile and waterfall methodologies.
  • Ability to suggest improvements and collaborate with others to generate ideas and improve process.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, pragmatic and possess the ability to work in groups.
  • Experience in configuration and management of storage environment of EqualLogic and Compellent arrays with Dell, Cisco, Force10 and Brocade switches using iSCSI and Fiber Channel connections
  • Provision storage that includes array selections, disk drives (Flash, SATA and Hybrid) iSCSI connections, RAID Configuration (Raid5, Raid10, Raid50 and Raid6), LUN presentation from disk arrays to various hosts, software provisioning, installations and troubleshooting
  • Working Knowledge with CISCO products like routers, VLANS, switches, DNS and DHCP servers.
  • Requirements gathering and analysis, Use Case, UML, RUP, SDLC process.
  • Experience testing Firmware, Hardware, Software, Web application and standalone desktop applications.
  • Documentation and Automation of testing using Mercury TestDirector, WinRunner, QTP, Test Partner and SILK for GUI, Client/Server, Web-based and Stand-alone applications.
  • Working knowledge in clusters RHEL 6.x, 7.x and ESX 5.5 and ESX 6.0
  • Experience in Integration, Interface, Functional, Feature, Regression, Compatibility, User Acceptance, Stress, Load, Scale and System Testing using Software Black Box and White Box methods.
  • Strong skills in back-end Database testing using SQL/PLSQL on Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Strong Windows experience, including familiarity with Platform Testing and Compatibility Testing on Solaris, Linux, Win 2K, Win XP and Win 2008 and Windows 2012 Servers and Initiators
  • Hands on experience with Section 508 accessibility testing and screen readers.
  • I-18 Internationalization testing on various foreign operating systems.



Senior Test Lead Automation

Environment: WebServies, SOA, Web Applications, Oracle, DataBase

Testing tools: SoapUI, SQL, TOAD, HP ALM, Jira, XML Spy, Jenkins


  • Managed a team of test engineers and act as liaison for development and project management teams
  • Create weekly status reports on test execution for both functional and regression test suites
  • Analyze the business requirements and functional requirements to better understand the client needs
  • Involved in working in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies.
  • Used agile methodology to ensure the new features meet the customer requirements and acceptable quality assurance standards
  • Discuss with functional testers and Business Analyst (BA) to identify the critical test cases to be automated
  • Updated test results and maintained Traceability matrix and Gap analysis documents
  • Developed test scripts using UFT for Regression Testing.
  • Developed process of validating XML through SoapUI for SOAP and REST API’s
  • Automated SOA functions using XML request and response files
  • Performed GUI, regression testing to verify functionality of the application after defect fixing
  • Ensured proper version control and configuration management of all test objects for development and test environments
Confidential, NH

Senior QA Engineer

Environment: Microsoft iSCSI SAN, FCIP, CIFS, NAS, SNMP, VMware vSphere, Array Controllers, DisksChassis, Blade Servers, ESX 5.5, ESX 6.0, Clusters, Hyper-V, MWKA, HBA Configuration, Storage Virtualization, Force10 Switches

Testing tools: MIB Browser, SharePoint, Bugzilla, Jira, Microsoft Initiators, NetBSD, Unix, RedHat Linux, GUI, CLI, Bugzilla, Perl, Python, Shell Scripts, Java Script, LDAP, IPSec, Wireshark, Jetstress, SwiftTest, Kiwi Syslog Server,GIT, JProfiler, C, Java, VMware vSphere Client, WSDL, CICD, XML, XSD, SoapUI, Selenium, REST API, TOAD, LDAP, Clear case, Clear quest


  • Manage offshore team and onsite resources
  • Reviewed Business, Functional requirements, Design Documents and Help files
  • Worked closely with remote and offshore teams to resolve issues
  • Developed Systems test plan and test cases to improve SDLC Quality process.
  • Responsible for execution of Functional, Integration, Performance and Systems Test Cases using Web GUI and Command line interface
  • Setup arrays, installed/updated firmware on controllers, maintained PHY, SEP, CLPD and Power Modules
  • Configured arrays with Dell and Broadcom switches 1G and 10G SFP’s
  • Created connections using Microsoft iSCSI storage area network using various initiators and running I/O with various block sizes reads/writes and access data using CIFS, FTP and NFS
  • Installation and administration of PS series, configuring the disks, creating pools, volumes, assigning hosts
  • Configured volumes, pools, snapshots, clones, templates, syncrep, compression and replication partners
  • Experience in Storage Test automation framework and test scripts development in Perl and Python
  • Performed Stress, Profile, Limit, Negative, Performance, Network throttling, bottleneck, data driven testing
  • Conducted requirements and design reviews on new features
  • Performed security testing using https and ssl layers for web applications
  • Worked on front end web applications build in Java, verified WSDL and XML request/responses files for SOAP and REST API’s using Soap
  • Executed JUnit tests for various functions and unit tests
  • Performed user acceptance test and ran smoke and sanity tests on QA builds
  • Updated test results and maintained Traceability matrix and Gap analysis documents
  • Performed end-to-end iSCSI connections for facilitating a multi-member distributed storage solution
  • Developed process for data validations and data migration for storage and cloud applications
  • Monitoring system debug logs, latency, CPU memory, analyze process cores and dump files
  • Worked closely with developers during bug report walk through and creating reproducible scenarios.
Confidential, Merrimack NH

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst

Environment: Microsoft .NET, UNIX, Linux, MS Word, MS Excel, SQL Server 2008, SOA, JSON, eRoom, SNMP, IIS, SOAP, Restful services, XML, XSL, WSDL, TOAD, SQL, Jira

Testing tools: SoapUI, SQL 2008, TOAD, SharePoint, JBoss, HP ALM, Jira, XMLSpy


  • Proposed and Developed the Test Plans, Test Strategies and procedures to improve the Quality of System
  • Developed the process to maintain the test metrics
  • Reviewed Business, Functional requirements and Design Documents using HP ALM
  • Developed test cases and executed for various Service Oriented features
  • Verified WSDL, XSD Schema, GUI, API and SQL Server data validations
  • Tested Dashboard GUI application functionality.
  • Developed process of validating XML through SoapUI for REST API’s
  • Automated SOA functions using XML request and response files
  • Executed SQL Queries to compare data in User Interface and Backend
  • Developing the Test Strategy and Test Plan for each initiative and change requests
  • Involved in complete Regression Testing and end to end testing
  • Verified various products billing and pricing integration
  • Tested interoperability of old and new code for each web service.
  • Worked with remote and offshore teams
  • Reporting to Management with Test Metrics, status reports and schedules
Confidential, MA

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer


Testing tools: XML Spy, ClearCase, ClearQuest, TCL/TK, Perl, VMware, Oracle, LDAP, Junit


  • Developed Systems test plan and test cases to improve SDLC Quality process.
  • Maintained Chassis, Line Cards, OLT and ONT’s, STB, DSL cable modems
  • Installed Firmware, bootrom and bootstraps on GPON's and other embedded systems
  • Responsible for maintaining regression suites
  • Responsible for execution of Functional, Integration and Systems Test Cases.
  • Executed test cases as per business requirement documents.
  • Tested various server functional Java API’s.
  • Executed XML and CLI tests on QA Builds.
  • Automated XML request and response files.
  • Worked with customer service, sustaining, remote and offshore teams for regression and patches
  • Worked closely with developers during bug report walk through and creating reproducible scenarios.
  • Performed negative, positive testing and data driven request/response testing.
  • Worked with Development and Project Management team in product Change Management.
Confidential, San Ramon CA

Senior QA Systems Engineer

Environment: Microsoft .NET, Java, UNIX, Linux, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS SQL, Win 2003, Win XP, Win2K, AS/400, IE, IPTV, SIP, STB, RG, SSL, LDAP, NTP, Channel Maps, EDW, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, RADIUS, SNMP, IIS, SOAP, XML, XSL

Testing Tools: WinRunner, Quick Test Pro, Test Director, NUnit, Evista, Exchange, CVS, ChangeMan, Csh


  • Developed Systems test plan and test cases to enhance SDLC Quality process.
  • Prepared and executed test strategy as per the Functional requirement documents.
  • Tested shell scripts to automate the manual procedure.
  • Monitor Network Performance with SMARTS, MOM and supported server maintenance.
  • Generated automated test scripts with WinRunner used for Regression testing.
  • Maintain QuickTest Pro test beds for account validations.
  • Tested Hardware devices like video STB, RG and G2 and their interfaces with other components.
  • Tested channel configuration and various packages
  • Validated server SOAP responses and IPTV API functionality.
  • Executed various shell scripts for network tracing and data validations.
  • Tested data flow between various systems as part of integration testing.
  • Set up test lab and test harness to execute end-to-end system testing.
  • Tested LeapStone Content Manager and Service Manager using various simulators.
  • Tested Amdocs billing software for various customer purchases.
  • Worked with remote and offshore teams.
  • Worked closely with developers during bug report walk through and creating reproducible scenarios.
  • Performed negative, positive testing and data driven testing.
  • Worked with Development and Project Management team in product Change Management.
  • Performed manual QA testing (QAT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) activities for new releases.
  • Used TestDirector for updating the status of all the test cases & test scripts that are executed during
  • Testing cycles and generated bug reports.
Confidential, NH

Software QA Analyst

Environment: Win NT4, Win 2K, Win XP, Win 2003, C#, Managed C++, VB.NET, JSCRIPT, XML, SOAP, Perl, VBA, 4NT, Visual Studio .NET 2003 Test Partner, Track Record, QA RUN, QA Load, Perforce, Nunit, IIS, MS Project, FileMon, RegMon, Altiris deployment server, VMware Workstation, I-18 on French, German and Japanese OS’s


  • Maintaining Test Harness, running daily test suites and automating new test cases.
  • Review requirement documents and writing system test plans based on product baselines.
  • Implemented QA methodology and developed test plans, test procedures and test cases based on Business and Functional requirements.
  • Automated GUI test cases using Test Partner and VBA Applications and inserted check points to verify the correct behavior of GUI objects.
  • Performed Regression testing on daily builds using automated test scripts.
  • Executed integration tests on different versions of Visual Studio and .NET Framework.
  • Instrument and profile various .NET applications written in C#, Managed C++, VB.NET,
  • ASP.NET, ADO.NET and JSCRIPT for Performance and Code Coverage Analysis.
  • Command line testing to verify correct analysis types and compiler versions.
  • Product testing on Windows Terminal services and Remote Desktop Protocols.
  • Report product defects to management using TrackRecord.
  • Verify software bug fixes and validate enhancements.
  • Tested product with single seat, borrowed and distributed licenses.
  • Executed Platform testing on Altiris Deployment Server and VMWare Workstation.
Confidential, Chelmsford, MA

Software Quality Intern

Environment: Win NT4, Win 2K, UNIX, Solaris, Red Hat Linux, Debian Linux, Tuxedo, HP/UX, AIX, UML, RUP, ClearCase, ClearQuest, QAPartner, SILK, Expect, Python, TCL/TK, CVS, DHCP, DNS, IP Address Management, NFS, VLANS, Cisco 7600 Internet Router


  • Duties include GUI testing in SILK, running various regression tests on multiple platforms.
  • Writing functional test plans for DNS and DHCP servers in Expect, TCL/TK and Python.
  • Implemented and tested DHCP interface with other components using Rational Robot and QAPartner.
  • Configure and troubleshoot VLANS for IP Address Management.
  • Wrote test plans, which detailed the testing scope, strategy, hi-level test requirements, and necessary resources.
  • Performed System testing by executing the test scripts.
  • Published the design documents and highlighted product change for future releases.

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