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Performance Engineer Resume

Springfield Il, NJ


  • Extensive 8+ years of experience in Quality Assurance and Performance testing of web based and Client - Server applications. 
  • Experience in full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Methodologies and Validations to ensure the Quality Assurance Control.
  • Strong analytical and QA/ testing skills, capacity for work and diagnostic ability, Gathering different kind of projects requirement. Covered Agile and Waterfall models of SDLC.
  • Expertise in Analyzing Business Specifications and develop Test Plans, Test Cases and Test Scripts and execute them.
  • Excellent skills and experience in performance testing using HP LoadRunner and Performance Center tool.
  • Professional experience in designing Test Cases and Test Scripts for Windows and UNIX environments. 
  • Expertise in developing Test Automation Script, Creating Test Scenarios, Analyzing Test Results, Reporting Bugs/Defects, and Documenting Test Results.
  • Performed Load and Stress Test using LoadRunner.
  • Proficient in LoadRunnerVuGen Scripting.
  • Worked with LoadRunner Scripts, enhanced scripts with C functions, Parameterized, and stored dynamic content in Load Runner functions.
  • Text checks were written, Created Scenarios for Concurrent (Rendezvous) and Sequential Users.
  • Designed and Developed Test Cases for manual testing as well as automated testing using Test Director.
  • Extensive experience in analyzing performance bottlenecks such as very high CPU usage, memory leaks.
  • Strong knowledge of using Single and Multiple protocols in LoadRunnerVugen like Web Http, Webservices, Ajax Tru Client, SAP GUI, SAP Click and Script, Web Click and Script, Citrix ICA, ODBC, Flex and Oracle NCA.
  • Significant experience Load testing various applications including .Net, Websphere, J2EE and Citrix implementations.
  • Involved in Planning and Translation of Software Business Requirements into test conditions; execution of all types of tests; and identification as well as logging of Software bugs for business process improvement.
  • Expertise in Manual, Automation and Load Testing.
  • Experience in Analyze test results and identify possible performance related issues.


Testing Tools: LoadRunner11/11.5/12.01/12.53,HP Performance center 11/12.1/12.53 TestDirector, JMETER, Winruuner, QTP, Test Director

Languages: C, C++, Java, VB Script, Visual Basic, .Net, SQL, PL/SQL

Internet Technologie: JavaScript, XML, HTML

Database Technologies: Oracle, MS-SQL Server 2000/05, Mainframes.

Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP/HTML, SOAP, Web services, Web Click & script, winsocket

Web/Application Servers: IBM Web Sphere, BEA Web Logic and Microsoft IIS, EJB, Iplanet 7.

Others: MS-Word, MS Excel, MS-PowerPoint

Platforms: MS-DOS, Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP, UNIX, LINUX


Confidential,Springfield,IL NJ

Performance Engineer


  • Conducted Walkthrough Meetings of the Test Artifacts with the SMEs for new functionality and changes\upgrade in the existing application.
  • Used load Runner version 9.5 to perform load, stress and duration test.
  • Created and executed scenarios in Performance Center and LR controller according to Test Plan.
  • Responsible for creation of Test Strategy, Test Procedure documents andmanaged the Test scripts, analyzed requirements, created Test Scenarios and Test Conditions.
  • Responsible for selecting Test scripts for load, stress andPerformance Testing
  • Working on Web (HTTP/HTML) protocol.
  • Created, maintained and enhanced Vusers scripts in VuGen according to the Test Scenarios.
  • Inserted the Transactions, Checkpoints like Image Checkpoint, Stress Points (Rendezvous points to load test specific transactions), and Parameterized the scripts.
  • Used Automatic and Manual Correlation to ParameterizeDynamic values like response key and Session IDs.
  • Managed Virtual Users across various servers (Web, App) to ensure Load balancing.
  • Analyzed the Response Time (Avg, Min, Max & 90th percentile) for criticalTransactions like login, lookups, submissions and Inquiries.
  • Generated graphs (Running Vusers, Hits/sec, Throughput and Transaction summary) and analyzed the reports to monitor the application performance based on the different scenarios of performance testing.
  • Used Hp Diagnostics&Wily Introscope to further monitor various graphs like VM Heap, GC, threads status, Java Process utilization, JVM exceptions, collection leaks and context switch\sec to pin-point issues.
  • The Average CPU usages, memory, hits\sec, throughput, response time, transaction per second are analyzed for each scenario.
  • Using Oracle SQL Developer to run SQL quires using Joins and Sub-Queries for data creation, validation, optimal performance and scalability under real-time workloads.
  • Communicated with developers and management to ensure delivery of a Quality product on time.
Confidential, Houston, TX 

Performance Tester


  • Participated in all phases of planning, such as defining requirements, defining the types of tests to be performed, and scenario creation
  • Participated in meetings with company executives such as business analysts, developers, managers, supervisors, and executive officers in order to understand the product and the testing phases more thoroughly
  • Tested performance of Web Portal using HP Load Runner 8.0
  • Generated scripts in Virtual User Generator, which included Parameterization of various user interface variables, social security numbers, and credit ratings
  • Utilized checkpoints for texts and images in order to better insure each credit card user’s online banking experience
  • Run the script via the LoadRunner Controller workbench to perform stress, volume, and component testing
  • Monitored the performance of portal based on various LoadRunner operating system, network, middleware, and firewall monitors
  • Highly involved in verifying test results with various manual unit, integration, smoke, and sanity testing documents
  • Executed regression cycles of the test cases in order to ensure the product quality and performance after each stage of the code changes
  • Performed Bug Tracking and figured out defects
  • Extensively operated HP Performance Center in order to meet tight project deadlines remotely by coordinating among the colleagues, Performed analysis and reported required data to my managers
Confidential, Dayton, OH

 Performance Tester


  • Developed scripts using LoadRunner Virtual User Generator via http/html protocol.
  • Verified scripts in the standalone mode.Calculated runtime settings data for each use case.
  • Created scenarios using LoadRunner Controller.
  • Monitored system resources using in-house tools.
  • Analyzed the results using LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Reported the results after each test with the appropriate data.
  • Tracked Defects using Bugs as part of standard QA procedure

Lead Performance Tester


  • Identified the testing objectives, planned Load Runner implementation and performed the simulation.
  • Performed Regression, Integration, UAT, End to End testing to verify the functionality with the new codes introduced for modifications and/or enhancement using QuickTest Pro.
  • Used LoadRunner for performing load and stress test for the applications under test.
  • Developed LoadRunner Test Scripts according to test specifications/requirements.
  • Created LoadRunner scripts to load test high traffic end user processes for performance and reliability.
  • Developed test scripts in VuGen. Enhanced the scripts by adding checkpoint, functions in C Language, transactions, rendezvous points, created parameters, and performed manual correlation to enhance recorded scripts.
  • Enhanced script by inserting checkpoints to check if users were accessing the correct page, which they were supposed to be accessing.
  • Using LoadRunner, execute multi-user performance tests, used online monitors, real-time output messages, and other features of the LoadRunner Controller.
  • Analyzed various graphs and generated reports using LoadRunner Analysis.
  • Analyze, interpret, and summarize meaningful and relevant results in a complete Performance Test Report.
  • Attending design walk through and discussion meetings with Business Analysts and development teams.
  • High Level Test Plans were written by incorporating User Profiles, Configurations, Environments, Risks, Test Scenarios, Schedules and Analysis and Presentation of Results.
  • Created detailed periodic status reports for senior management to keep them updated on the progress of testing and implementation.
  • Helping project teams in recognizing possible bottlenecks and potential trouble spots.
  • Met with managers, team leaders and developers on LoadRunner, Scripting, Stress and Performance Testing.
  • Participated in weekly status meetings and defect status meetings.
Confidential,Atlanta, GA

Lead Performance Engineer


  • Used load Runner version 12.01 to perform load, stress and duration test.
  • Utilized various protocols such as Web Services, web (HTTP/HTML), Citrix, and SAP Web.
  • Managing multiple projects at various stages.
  • Managed and create test data for respective project
  • Based on the business process establish performance test goals and system performance criteria.
  • Developed Performance Test Plans.
  • Used Jmeter for WebServices based performance testing.
  • Preparation and execution of test scripts using JMeter and SOAP UI tool to perform Web Services testing.
  • Monitored the system resources and .NET counters on Web Servers and App Servers.
  • Tracked and tabulated the defects pertaining to Key performance indicators not meeting the performance requirements and application architecture issues encountered during Load testing related to .NET app servers and Web Servers.
  • Responsible for development of Vuser Scripts for several different protocols such as Web (HTTP/HTML), Web Services, Winsock and .NET.
  • Developed a VB script to clean up LG after a test run.
  • Used Virtual Table Server for passing on the loans.
  • Involved in developing the end to end testing scenario as well as component performance testing
  • Monitoring with IBM Tivoli, Wily
  • Found bottle necks in loan transfer process and couple web 
  • Key person in staging data in various stages for the RTE scripts
  • Performance tested Progress DBA, with ODBC scripts
  • Evaluating CPU load and system capacity under normal load and with projection load for life cycle of the application
  • Analyze output generated from performance test, and publish pertinent Performance Metrics and produce detailed test reports and present findings to management
  • Utilized various monitoring tools
  • Create different Libraries and keep all reusable functions to avoid redundancy and make scripts more readable.
  • Performed functionality testing, GUI testing, Security testing manually and using QTP
  • Created Load Runner Scenario to- utilized Vuser scripts into real Performance Test of claims
  • Gathered metrics from HP SiteScope for system resource usage
  • Set-up Multi-machine Load Test Environment using Load Runner

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