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Sr. Test Automation Engineer Resume

Indianapolis, IndianA


  • Over 8+ years of experience as an Automation Tester/Manual Tester and SDET, in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).
  • Extensively involved in Front - end and Back-end Testing (Web Services and Databases) with either Test Driven Development (TDD)/Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) approach.
  • Sound knowledge in Java, Selenium, Cucumber, TestNG, Maven/ANT, SoapUI and Jenkins/Bamboo.
  • Worked in various domains such as Ecommerce, Banking, Financial services and Healthcare.
  • Expertise in Automation tools such as Selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE/RC, Selenium Grid, Java, Jenkins (continuous integration, Regression tests), Maven (Regression tests), Eclipse, Cucumber, TestNG (Regression tests) and JUnit.
  • Experience working in an environment of manual testing including Interface testing experience with third party vendors, smoke testing, functional, COTS-Commercial Off the shelf application experience, EDI, end to end and User Acceptance Testing.
  • Experience with Purchasing/Receiving, Inventory, POS, Financial Reporting, EDI 3rd party vendor interface integration.
  • Expert in all D’s (BDD, ATDD, TDD, OOAD). Experience in working with Selenium Grid/ Sauce labs to specialize on running multiple tests across different browsers, operating systems, and machines in parallel.
  • Expertise in white Box Testing, Manual and Automated testing with tools such as Selenium RC/WebDriver/IDE/Grid, HP Quick Test Professional, Junit/ TestNG, Quality Center, ANT/Maven, JENKINS, HUDSON, Cucumber, ALM, JIRA, Ruby, Clear Quest, SOAP UI and Version One.
  • Expertise in Grouping of Test Cases, Test Methods and Test Suites for regression and functional testing using the TestNGannotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Listeners.
  • Expertise in implementing Maven as a build management tool to manage the required dependencies, plug-ins and for uniform build system. Experience working with logging frameworks such as Log4j and Extent loggers to capture the flow details of the test cases.
  • Experience with Web technologies, SOAP UI, Mobile Device and web-based application architecture on multiple browsers, Client-Server testing, Data Integration, Mainframe environment, and Database Validation
  • Expertise in using Apache POI for data driven frameworks, to load data into required test scripts from external sources like excel sheets. Performed mobile testing using Appium on real and virtual devices and sound knowledge in Perfecto which is a cloud based mobile testing.
  • Performed Continuous Integration of code and scripts using Jenkins and triggered the Continuous Delivery process using Jenkins build jobs. Performed User Acceptance testing (UAT) using Gherkin language to write the acceptance criteria’s such as feature file, Scenarios, Scenario outline’s and performed the step definitions and runner classes using Cucumber.
  • Maintained Selenium& JAVA automation code and resource in source controls SVN/Git over the time for improvements and to add new features.
  • Involved in the Design and implementation of different Automation frameworks such as Keyword Driven Framework, Data Driven Framework and Page Object Model (POM) for various projects.
  • Expertise in writing Selenium WebDriver automation scripts in JAVA for highly transactional E-commerce websites.
  • Experience in finding web elements using locators like Csslocator, XPath, HTML id, name, classname, linked text, partial linked text and tag name. Experience in handling different methods of Select class for selecting and deselecting, for dropdown web element.
  • Experience in Selenium synchronizations with conditional (Implicit, Explicit) unconditional wait statements.
  • Implemented Action class in selenium to handle mouse and keyboard actions.Experience in testing and handling different frames (frames, iframes) of a HTML page with having different DOM's for every iframe. Experience with Jenkins/Hudson/Nolio/SONAR/Fisheye/Crucible.
  • Experience in handling Pop-ups with Selenium using Alert methods. Experience in handling multiple windows in selenium using getwindowhandles method.
  • Experience with Cross-Browser to test whether the web applications are working as desired in different browsers and environments.
  • Expertise in documenting defects with high level of detail, accuracy and informative recreation steps using HP ALM/Quality Center, JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Experienced various types of AUT (Application under Test) such asAutomation testing, Manual testing, Integration testing, System testing, Smoke testing, Regression testing, Performance testing and Functional testing.
  • Good knowledge inJava, JEE, Javascript, O/R Mapping, SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX scripting, UML, Eclipse, Frameworks (Struts, Stripes, Spring), CVS/SubVersion, HTML, CSS; Hasexpert knowledge of multi-threading, SOAP/REST, and MVC.


Test Approaches: Waterfall, Agile/Scrum, SDLC, STLC, Bug life Cycle,SAFe

Testing Tools: Selenium Webdriver, Selenium IDE/RC, SOAPUI, Appium, Perfecto,JMeter, Selenium, Ranorex, SoapUI, Jenkins, Docker, Puppet, Robot

Frameworks: Page Object Model,Keyword Driven, Data Driven, Hybrid Driven, Cucumber, TestNG, Junit, log4j

Artifacts: Test Plan, Test Case, RTM, Test Summary Report, Bug report, User Stories, Backlogs

Test Build and Integration tools: Jenkins / Bamboo, Maven/Ant


Programming Languages: Java, C#, C, C++

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10, Unix, Linux, IOS

Databases/Database tools: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, DB2, SQL, TOAD

Defect Tracking Tools: HP ALM/Quality Center, JIRA, Bugzilla, Rally

Markup Languages: HTML, XML, Xpath, CSS

MS Office Tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Access

Other Utilities: Eclipse, PL/SQL, GIT/SVN, Sauce Labs

Types of testing: Manual Testing, UI Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Black Box Testing, Localization Testing andAd-hoc testing.

WEB GUI automated testing: Selenium, nightwatch, protractor, webdriver, page object model (selenium)

Other Development skills: Angular/angular 2, Typescript, Html Node.js, Data factories, Jasmine/mocha, junit/TestNG, Jenkins, Ansible, Webpack.

Key Terms: QA, Automation, automated testing, load testing, loadrunner, Load Runner, Functional Testing, Mercury Winrunner, Test Plan, Test Case, UNIX, Tester, Automated Testing, Quality Assurance, Test Script, SQL, Backend Validation, Web, Java, black box, white box, gray box testing, functional testing, manual testing, defect tracking, Bugzilla


Confidential, Indianapolis, Indiana

Sr. Test Automation Engineer


  • Designed and implemented Cucumber Framework from scratch.
  • Implemented automation using Selenium Web Driver, Cucumber, and JAVA for different web and mobile applications of Anthem.
  • Involved in code analysis and created user stories from the Cobol programs
  • Analyzed the Business Requirements Document (BRD), developed Test cases and Test scripts for application under test.
  • Used Maven, Selenium Grid to execute Selenium automation suites on different platform, browser combinations in parallel.
  • Worked in a highly dynamic AGILE environment and participated in sprint meetings
  • Involved in Daily Scrum Meetings with the teams and conducted review of accomplishments, targets and issues.
  • Tested the Anthem Client Server applications/web applications for compatibility in different browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and IE.
  • Automated client server applications using ATAF FrameworkUsed Robot for uploading and downloading the files.
  • Reviewed database test cases according to assigned Requirements to validate reports by retrieving data with complex SQL queries from SQL Server.
  • Developed Test Cases and SQL Queries to perform various Validations.
  • Tested all the ETL process developed to load the data into the Oracle.
  • Performed BDD (Behavior Driven Development) using Cucumber Features, Scenarios and Step Definitions in Gherkins format.
  • Automated Database validations using open source API like Apache poi and used jxl and poi library for fetching the data from Excel using ATAF Framework
  • Developed automation test cases, executed these test scripts of different web applicationsPACT and BlueLinkapplications logged defects in JIRA
  • Conducted Functional testing, Regression Testing and verified the results with expected results using Traceability Matrix. Involved in the usage of BDD framework with Cucumber Step Definition, Scenariosand Features.
  • Performed Regression testing to check compatibility of new functionality with the existing functionalities of the application using Selenium.
  • Handled various operations like pop-ups, Web-Alerts, Java-Alerts, windows-handling and utilized Select class and Action class for required operations
  • Deployed builds using Bamboo.
  • Used XRAYPlugin to create Test Plan and Test Cases in Jira
  • Tested the mobile app with emulator for different versions. Strong Experience with core Java, native Android development and SDK.
  • Involved in developing the automation script for Mobile Native applications (IOS, Android) using Appium, Java.
  • Used Emulators and IOS Simulators to perform the manual Mobile Testing.
  • Preparing Mobile Automation Scripts for parallel and sequence execution on multiple devices and different OS (Android and iOS).
  • Assisted in developing and maintaining the application using Xcode and iOS.
  • Developing scripts for Mobile UI Testing using Appium.Executed the test plans on web and mobile (IOS & Android) as per requirements using Appium.
  • Performed functional testing of SOAP and RESTFUL Web Services. Involved in Web services testing using SOAPUI Tool. Validated request and response XML.
  • Used JIRA as a bug tracking, issue tracking and project management software
  • Used GITand Source Treeas Version Control Tool for maintaining code in the repository.
  • Reported defects to developer and discussed about the issues in weekly status meetings.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, Eclipse, JIRA, Cucumber, Java, Bamboo, XML, X-path, Maven, Windows, Junit, SQL, WebServices, SAFe, Agile, Git, Source Tree, Bit Bucket, Ataf Framework, Appium, Confluence, Xray, SoapUI, Postman, Toad, SQL Developer

Confidential, Middletown, NJ

Sr.QA Automation Engineer/Mobile tester


  • Involved in variousmeetings with Business analysts and developers for AT&Tonline store project.Assessed & analyzed user stories, Business Requirements (BRD), Functional Requirements (FRD) and participated in Sprint planning, Review Sessions & Scrum Meetings.
  • Conducted UI testing, Functional testing, Regression Testing and verified the results with expected results using Traceability Matrix.Involved in the usage ofBDD framework withCucumber Step Definition, Scenarios and Features for UAT testing.Implementation of ATDD technical practices (e.g. Automated testing, TDD, continuous integration) create a robust/reliable /repeatable automation test bed.
  • Used ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven development) approach to write feature files using Gherkin format.Implemented Test driven development (ATDD and BDD) framework using cucumber tool with Gherkins Language.Served as coordinator for all testing activities during the project.Designed Test Suite, Test Cases, and Test Scenarios for functional modules.Implemented Page Object Model(POM) by creating objects for each page.
  • DevelopedTest Scripts, Test Cases andTest Data as per business requirements and automated them using Selenium. performed Cross browser compatibility testing on Chrome, Firefox, IE browsers using TestNG.Created automated test scripts using Selenium WebDriver, TestNG, Maven (for dependencies) and used Jenkins to execute these scripts periodically.Expertise in grouping of test suites, test cases and test methods for regression and functional testing using TestNG Annotations like Groups, Parameter, Data Provider and Tags.Expertise in using various TestNG Annotationsto set priorities to the test cases.
  • Test case automation using Cucumber, Selenium test automation tool with Ruby
  • Configured Selenium WebDriver, JUnit, Ant tool and created selenium automation scripts in Ruby using Junit prior to agile release.
  • Created. feature file using Gherkin language to describe test case and. rb file using Ruby language to simulate user's action
  • Performed Selenium Synchronization using Explicit & Implicit waits.Executed test cases relating to mouse even using Actions class to perform required operations.Experience in handling pop-ups and alerts using selenium automation.
  • Found hidden elements using XPath, CSS and window classes.Handled multiple iframes and framesets to switch between/navigate through and performed necessary actions on the web elements.
  • Executed test cases and participated actively in System Testing, UAT and Regression Testing.
  • Performed Smoke testing and Ad-hoc testing when required.Found Defects, prepared Defect Reports and Status Reports, performed Bug Triage, Defect tracking using JIRA.Analyzed bugs and involved in quality assurance reviews with the team to ensure bugs are reported and closed.Shared Daily Status Reports with all the team members, Team Leads, Managers and Clients.
  • Logged and tracked to verify the resolutions of software and its specification defects.Performed testing on Web Services using WSDL and SOAPUI to check the communication between different services.Used appium to run regression tests onAT&T mobile app.
  • Executed parallel test cases on Android device andon variousandroid emulators.Developed test plans and test cases for the mobile apps. Hands on experience in mobile application (IOS, Android, and Windows) testing such as functional testing, Compatibility testing, interface testing, operational testing, and Usability testing. Good experience in testing the native, hybrid, mobile web applications. Created test cases and performed Database testing to check whether the data is being migrated properly.Wrote SQL Queries to connect to the database and retrieve data for a specified set of test requirements.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, AGILE, Appium,Cucumber, Java, Eclipse, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, SQL, JIRA, SoapUI.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Sr.QA Automation Engineer


  • Analyzed the user requirements by Interacting with system architect, developers and business users.
  • Suggested improvements in test process by gathering and analyzing data.Reviewed and analyzed Detail Designed Specification and Technical Specification documents.Analyzed the SRS (System Requirement Specifications), BRS (Business Requirement Specifications), FRS (Functional Requirement Specifications) and developed Test Suites to cover the overall quality assurance testing.
  • Involved in complete QA Life Cycles.Developed and maintained various test cases and test scripts using Hybrid Framework, which is a combination of the keyword driven and data driven.
  • Used Selenium as the automation tool and RALLY as the defect management tool.Automated Database validations using open source API like Apache poi and used jxl and poi library for fetching the data from Excel
  • Developed and enhancedvarious test scripts using selenium tool to handle the changes occurred in the web elements during the build releases.Expertise in running multiple test scripts at the same time against different machines, running different browsers and operating systems using Selenium WebDriver.
  • Expertise in using TestNG tool to perform cross browser and parallel testing.Utilized various testNG annotations to group test classes, methods, suites; to pass parameters, and to generate reports containing test results using listener’s annotation.
  • Handled various operations like pop-ups, Web-Alerts, Java-Alerts, windows-handling and utilizedSelect class and Action class for required operations.Developed customized Xpath and CSS path locaters to find the address of web-elements and also utilized other locators like ID, Name, ClassName, Linked text and Partial linked text.
  • Expertise in Mavenand performed different operations on POM.xml file to gather required dependencies and plugins to run numerous test scripts.Proficient in configuringJenkins to perform required tasks by specifying path of version control and hardcoding the operations to be performed on it.Proficient in using various SOAPUI actions to perform SOAP and REST services to get information either from third parties/internally and tested the results using assertions.
  • Used different modules in RALLYto report and track the defects, and communicated issues with the developers for a better solution.

Environment: Selenium WebDriver, AGILE, Java, Eclipse, TestNG, Maven, Jenkins, Microsoft Office Excel, SQL, GitHub, RALLY, SoapUI.

Confidential, Jersey City, New Jersey

QA Analyst


  • Reviewed design documents & business requirements to learn the function and scope of the application.
  • Involved in Development of the Test Cases and Test Scripts using Hybrid Framework.
  • Validate EDI Claim Process according to HIPPA compliance.
  • Test HIPPA regulations in Facets HIPPA privacy module.
  • Performed integration and functional testing for different applications.Developed automated test cases for all manual test cases provided.
  • Implemented automation using Selenium Web Driver, JAVA, TestNG and Maven.
  • PerformedJava coding extensively for POM framework and Keyword Driven Framework by using TestNG framework along with Selenium, Maven.
  • Performed various Cross Browser andParallel testing on different Platforms using Selenium Grid.Executed test cases using TestNG parameters, data providers, groups and parallel test suites.
  • Clinical Application suite enables community hospitals for attain meaningful use by utilizing the HMS Electronic Health Record (EHR).
  • Experience in using Electronic medical records (EMR).
  • Proficient in Using Apache POI to drive data from excel files to run test cases.Performed continues integration on test cases periodically using Jenkins and configured to email reports during a build failure.Managed testing process, scheduled batch tests, logged and tracked defects using JIRA.Developed SQL queries to test the data after executing transactions like upload processing and check Processing in batches.Expertise in POM.xml to get required dependencies from central repository, added plugins, ran scripts using pom.xml file, grouped test suites by assigning profile id’s.
  • Used SQL and Crystal Reports for querying underlying database tables.Created PowerPoint presentations and project updates for management review.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, Selenium Grid, Microsoft Office Excel, JIRA, Eclipse, Java, Jenkins, TestNG, Apache POI, EMR/EHR


QA Analyst


  • Understanding the Business requirements, Application and function specifications, Design documents.
  • Involved designing and developing of templates for the Test Plans and Test cases.Involved in Preparation of Test Scenarios and review of Test Cases. Involved in updating and executing test cases according to requirements.
  • Identified the Test Cases and documented them in Quality Center.Performed GUI, Functional, Negative, Positive, Regression and User Acceptance Testing.Prepared various reports based on different stages of Testing.
  • Updated Reports and dashboards to display the status of test coverage including the number of test cases passing, failing or pending.Expertise in using TestNG tool to perform cross browser and parallel testing.
  • Involved in Managerial Meetings and attended various conference calls at different levels from QA, Developers and Clients. Interacted with developers, users and various members of the team to discuss issues, resolve defects and set priorities.Developed test harnesses and automated tests in Selenium.
  • Performed Data Driven Tests to validate the same scenario with different test data using Selenium. Optimized and maintained existing test scripts, developed new automation framework via Selenium.Analyzed formal test results in order to discover and report any bugs, errors, configuration issues, and cross-browser interoperability flaws.
  • Extensive knowledge of COBOL mainframe tools and techniques
  • Performed data validation and mainframe testing in interactive mainframe environment
  • Performed Analysis, design, developing, Testing & Implementation to support Mainframe system.
  • Worked in backend Testing using Mainframes commands for verifying logs and validating transaction details.
  • Generated defect reports using QC for issues found during testing, and provided accurate testing status.
  • Follow up with Development team on defect resolution.Updating daily status to Release Manager which includes issues, action items, defect status etc.

Environment: Selenium Web driver, Selenium RC, Microsoft Office Excel, QC, Eclipse, Java, TestNG, Mainframe.


Software Programmer analyst


  • Configured application flow, controlling logic and navigation. Designed and developed base classes, framework classes and common re-usable components.
  • Involved in re-factoring the existing components to meet the current application requirements. Used various Java and J2EE APIs including JDBC, XML, Servlets, JSP, and JavaBeans, Spring Framework. Involved in Performance tuning, debugging issues in testing and deployment phases. Implemented RDBMS to add the additional condition for the system to support a tabular structure for the data with enforced relationships between the tables. Utilized SQL for querying the database. Coordinated on-site and offshore development teams in various phases of the project.
  • Participated in all the phases of SDLC including Requirements Collection, Design & Analysis of the Customer Specifications, Development and Customization of the application. Developed high level design documents, Use case documents, detailed design documents and Unit Test Plan documents and created Use Cases, Class Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams using UML.Implemented the application using the concrete principles laid down by several Java/J2EE Design patterns.
  • Configured Web Application Context as a Context Listener in the web.xml file to Integrating Spring with JSF.
  • Implemented ORM in the persistence layer using Hibernate frame work in conjunction with Spring Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) functionality. Involved in performance tuning of the application to meet non-functional requirements.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, Servlets, EJB, XML, HTML, JDBC, SQL, Eclipse, spring, Hibernate, RDBMS, Windows, Bugzilla.

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