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Qa Analyst Resume

Milwaukee, WI


  • Around 8 years of IT experience with over 5 years of experience in manual testing on Oracle based applications
  • Proficient in manual testing in Oracle Applications using Test Director and HP Quality Center
  • Professional experience in Functional testing, Integration testing and White Box testing
  • Proficient in designing test cases and test scripts for Oracle environment
  • Good experience in documentation of Test cases and Defect logging
  • Expertise in Test Director and HP Quality Center in organizing, managing, planning, executing the Tests and tracking the Defects
  • Knowledge of QuickTest Professional
  • Sound knowledge of all phases of SDLC
  • Strong skills in database testing using SQL Queries on RDBMS
  • Ability to work effectively either independently or in a team
  • Strong oral and written communication skills and interpersonal skills
  • Working knowledge of CMM quality process


Operating Systems: UNIX, VOS on Stratus Mainframe, Windows 2000/XP
Languages: COBOL, SQL, PL/SQL
RDBMS: Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i
ERP: Oracle Applications 11.5.6, 11.5.9
Tools: TOAD, MS-VSS (Version Control), Test Director 7.6, Test Director 8.0, HP Quality Center 9.2,QTP, MS-Office 2007

  • Master of Computer Applications.
  • Confidential,
  • Work Location: Milwaukee, WI (Feb2007-Mar 2008) & (Feb2009-Jul2010)
  • Position: QA Analyst
  • Project Description:
  • GE Healthcare is a unit of General Electric (GE). It has expertise in medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, patient monitoring systems and biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies. The project involves testing custom processes and multiple interfaces between ERP Application and third party systems.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Developed and managed Test cases using Test Director and HP Quality Center based on requirements gathered from Functional specifications and Design documents.
  • Responsible for writing test plans, test scripts, test conditions, test cases, validating the test results and report the defects.
  • Ensured traceability of Test cases back to the Business Requirements using Test Director and HP Quality Center
  • Performed Positive testing and negative testing scenarios as per requirements
  • Performed extensive backend testing using SQL Queries to retrieve the data from the database and checked data integrity as part of minor business requirement changes
  • Tracked the scripts in VSS as part of Test Director
  • Performed Functional testing of ISOALE, DSNO/ASNI and COGS Workflow processes as part of GE Healthcare customizations
  • Performed Integration testing for interfaces such as DRP forecast, GXS supplier forecast, OFS reporting as part of business requirement changes
  • Automated some of the tests related to custom processes using QTP
  • Worked with Development team to get the bugs fixed and re-tested fixed defects
  • Involved in testing Interface between Oracle Applications and third party export control system (NEXTLINX) as part of monthly change requests

Oracle Applications 11.5.9, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, MS-VSS, Test Director 8.0, HP Quality Center 9.2, QTP

Work Location: Windsor, CT (May2003- Feb2005) & (Feb2006-Jan2007)
Position: QA Analyst
Project Description:
ADVO\'s business is mainly advertising. They offer a wide range of media and marketing services to consumer packaged goods manufacturers, retailers, food service providers and other clients. Redplum, Missing children, Grocery store mailers are some of the services. The project involves testing custom processes in ERP Application.


  • Developed and managed test cases in Test Director based on requirements gathered from Functional specifications
  • Ensured traceability of Test Cases back to the Business Requirements by creating requirements coverage
  • Performed Positive and Negative testing scenarios as part of Integration testing
  • Performed Integration testing of interfaces such as Sales Order extract, Purchase Order and Receipt extract between Oracle and external applications
  • Involved in writing test scripts and Functional testing of Cost of Goods Sold Account process, Import Price Lists, Sales Orders, Sourcing Rules & assignment sets
  • Closely interacted with the development team to verify defect fixes and update defect status
  • Re-tested the fixed defects
  • Actively participated in Walk through and defect report meetings

Oracle Applications 11.5.6, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL, TOAD, Test Director 7.6

Confidential,Client: Confidential,UK
Work Location: London, UK & Mumbai, India (Dec2001- Apr2003)
Position: Programmer/QA Analyst
Project Description:

  • Merrill Lynch is one of the largest and successful investment banks in the world. The UK equities division is situated at London. The project COLT (Continuous On Line Trading) system is used to capture trades from different systems and send processed trades to Back office system for settlement. Apart from this, LSE reporting, AUTEX reporting, Risk Systems reporting and real time P&L calculation are some of the main functions of COLT.


  • Conducted Impact Analysis of third party software DRMS/DATAWISE on COLT system
  • Involved in preparing Test Plan and Test scripts based on Functional specifications and design documents
  • Work with users in performing COLT system and Interface Connectivity Testing
  • Defect tracking and fixing COLT system defects
  • Minor enhancements and unit testing on COBOL code
  • Designed and Documented Test plan and Test scripts
  • Environment:
  • VOS on Stratus Mainframe, COBOL
  • Company: Confidential,
  • Confidential,London, UK
  • Work Location: Bangalore, India (Jul2000-Dec2001)
  • Project Description:
  • DrKW is one of the largest investment banks in Europe. DrKW – COLT is the Equities division. The project COLT (Continuous On Line Trading) deals with Trade Capture, Real time position keeping and P&L calculation.
  • Position: Programmer/QA Analyst
  • Designed and Documented Test plans and Test cases
  • Responsible for finding the defects, reporting them and follow-up till closure
  • Performed minor enhancements on COBOL programs
  • Documenting test cases and conducting tests on the modified COBOL code
  • Actively participated in walk through and defect report meetings
  • Involved in System testing


VOS on Stratus Mainframe, COBOL

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