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Configuration And Integration Engineer Resume

Gaithersburg, MD


  • Extensive experience in Information Technology software and production engineering
  • Extensive experience in design, development and product testing in manufacturing telecommunication environment
  • Strong experience in Software Configuration Management and Integration Support for automated laboratory instruments and IVD platforms.
  • Hands on experience with software imaging technologies like GHOST.
  • Strong experience in Release management in an Agile environment and Build management (including tools and process for continuous integration, msbuilds, testing, coverage metrics, configurations, end - of-life for branches, etc.). Also, in managing all SDLC environments (dev, integration, qa, staging, production)
  • Experienced in creating build/release and configuration management procedures
  • Experienced in designing and implementing new features of the software release to the functional test software on the production floor within the validation domain.
  • Skilled in creating documentation of all release, build specifications, disk imaging, and installation procedures
  • Well versed in entering and tracking deployment and installation issues using JIRA and Bugzilla.
  • Well versed with Bamboo (continuous integration tool) and subversion (version control)
  • Demonstrated track record of developing applications using C, C++ language, and in managing and supporting a product single handedly at contract manufacturer.
  • Work experience on both ‘Waterfall model and Agile model’ as software development processes .
  • Developed many device drivers for microcontrollers and microprocessor with good understanding of RTOS concepts.


CM Tools: Atlassian JIRA/Bamboo,Subversion,VSS and Bugzilla

Languages: C, C++, Assembly, Perl

Cross Compiler and other tools: Keil, MPlab, and National Instruments Lab Windows CVI

Real Time Embedded Operating Systems: Vxworks Brew

Database: Microsoft Access,Oracle9i (SQL & PL SQL) and SQL Server

Platform: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/7, Microprocessors like 8051, x86, ARM processors.


Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD

Configuration and Integration Engineer


  • Responsible for Software Configuration Management and Integration Support for automated laboratory instruments and IVD platforms.
  • Responsible for deploying software sprint builds in an efficient manner.
  • Implement and continuously improve reliable and speedy installations for development.
  • Provide build status timely.
  • Automate as much as possible to improve efficiency and quality.
  • Assist in the debug and troubleshooting of system and software issues and investigation the resolution of functional software questions.
  • Work closely with the SW Configuration Manager to deploy the build packages from the external SW development partners and teams.
  • Bamboo was used for continuous integration tool and subversion for version control.
  • Enter and track deployment and installation issues using JIRA.
  • Troubleshoot software integration issues as it relates to 3rd party drivers. Work with 3rd party HW suppliers on driver updates and driver version management
  • Oversees and creates documentation of all release, build specifications, disk imaging, and installation procedures.

Confidential, Germantown, MD

Software Configuration/Software Test Engineer


  • Supporting telecommunication products at the contract manufacturer and involved in implementing overall production process for programming, testing and configuring products in volume production.
  • Successfully implemented all configuration engineering tasks associated with the release of multiple products.
  • Conducted smoke testing builds for accuracy and completeness prior to pushing to the Production environment. Work with developers to identify and resolve build or deployment problems.
  • Designed and implemented new features of the software release to the functional test software on the production floor within the validation domain.
  • Developed software for a configuration test station to automate the process on the production floor that helped improve the process and minimize the human error and save time at the contract manufacturer.
  • Other responsibilities included integration, implementation, planning, and coordination with Projects, System Administration, and Customer Support.
  • Created build/release and configuration management procedures.
  • Created and organized support documentation used in the daily maintenance and repair activities of product test equipment.
  • Responsibilities included coding and testing of test station software using National Instruments LabWindows CVI. Programming was done in C language.
  • Visual source safe was used to integrate new features and for version control. Bugzilla used for bug tracking.
  • Extensively involved in building test fixtures to validate the software build and test functionality of the telecommunication test products.
  • Maintained and executed test cases and test plans to verify new features for the test instruments.
  • Introduced statistical software (Minitab) on the test station to analyze test data and validate the test stand.
  • Responsibilities included testing T1/E1, T3/E3, SONET, and SDH interface test functions. Developed test cases to verify new product features and update procedures. Worked with multiple communications protocols including Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet.

Confidential, Gaithersburg, MD

Embedded Engineer


  • Embedded Software Engineer involved in developing application for a security product in a startup entrepreneurial organization focused in designing custom applications for education institutions.
  • Developed Embedded Applications for small footprint microprocessors.
  • Organize and maintain the C/Assembly language source code in structured manner.
  • Effectively used tools such as emulator to design, implement and debug firmware in C/Assembly languages, logic analyzers
  • Extensively involved in coding, debugging and testing on Linux-based development tools Cygwin.
  • Experience working with radio frequency product and tools such as SmartRF Studio.


Embedded Engineer


  • Responsible in developing a microcontroller based application system for a security product which uses wireless technology and numerous sensors.
  • Extensively involved in coding, testing and documentation, programming was in C/Assembly for Philips 89Lv51RD2BN.
  • Developed an architectural design for interfacing various peripheral with the microcontroller, such as serial- E2PROM and RTC on the I2C bus.
  • Developed code to support on-board analog input channels, schedule blocks and auto-detection of hardware resources configured by the user.
  • Involved in working with various sensors, GSM modem with microchip 18f452.
  • Developed code in C using MPlab.
  • Worked with hardware of mobile technologies for transmitting a text messages through radio frequency.
  • Involved in developing a protocol to communicate with the mobile in two way communication for Cygnal.
  • As a Team Lead, managed the development and life cycle of the product from prototype to production. Resolved technical issues and project issues and provide technical assistance to the team members.

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