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Team Lead Resume

San Francisco, CA


  • Over Ten years’ experience as Analyst, Data Consultant, Team Lead, Subject Matter Expert
  • Superior understanding of the financial industry (risk management, regulations, compliance, legal, valuation, portfolio management, fixed income, derivatives)
  • Ability to continue from defining scope of project to testing and completion thereof
  • Ability to grasp new concepts and requirements, and work towards tight deadlines
  • Experience in handling critical issues (including resolving disagreements between teams and clients), unexpected requirements changes and red - status-projects
  • Extensive experience in writing up Scope Documents, Project Plans, Project Initiation Documents (PIDs), Business Requirement Documents (BRDs) and Functional Specification Documents (FSDs), Test Cases, Process Flows, Data Requirements, Traceability Matrices
  • Experience in organizing questionnaires, interviews, Joint Application Development (JAD) and requirement elicitation workshops with users, SMEs and technical development teams
  • Expertise in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC): Rational Unified Process (RUP), Waterfall, Spiral, Rapid Application Development (RAD), Agile methodologies, Prototyping
  • Thorough understanding of the Unified Modeling Language (UML) used in SDLC: Use Case Models, Use Case Diagrams, Class Diagrams, Collaboration Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams, State Diagrams, Package Diagrams, Component Diagrams, Deployment Diagrams, Flow-charts, Data Flow Diagrams, Swim Lane Diagrams
  • Experience in GAP Analysis, SWOT Analysis, ROI Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Experience in combining market research, analytics, simulated results, operations, risk analysis, statistical and data analysis, requirement analysis, networking analysis and strategic business analysis, to produce critical business applications
  • Skilled in process flows, data management & governance, risk formulas & equations, models, compliance and reporting, designs and architecture
  • Experienced in OFSAA, OBIEE, Moody’s data marts and functions (calculations)
  • Skilled in MS Office Suite, MS Project, xBML, Visio, Rational Rose, LaTex, Scientific Workplace, MAPLE, STATA, SAS, SQL, BASIC, ERWIN
  • Extraordinary ability to work in a team as well as lead diverse individuals
  • Dexterity in working at different projects simultaneously
  • Two (2) Masters Degrees (M.S. in Quantitative Economics and M.A. in Economics)


Team Lead

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • prepared reasonableness checks for ’s FR Y-9C Schedule HC-R and FR Y-14Q created Expected Values, Expected Differences, Column B Analysis, X-report Validations compared OFSAA CCS results with OBIEE dashboards and led troubleshooting efforts directed OFSAA team in modifying codes to change calculations accommodating updates directed OFSAA team in changing data models and process to accommodate updates reverse-calculated SQL functions to effect exact change needed in OFSAA CCS codes mimicked SQL functions in Excel, to identify and direct OBIEE report changes trained Genpact resources on “transactional” components of reporting validated QoQ variances with internal LOBs before producing reports for public consumption analyzed Oracle Financial Services Analytical Application (OFSAA) processes pulled data using SQL from TOAD to analyze defects reviewed Data Elements list for reports (FFIEC 101, Pillar 3, HC-R, FR Y-14 (M/Q/A), etc.) performed Equities, Securitizations, Debt Securities calculations into Numerator calculations analyzed data from Pre-stage, Stage, and into Fact tables reviewed data models for the Basel process led the Numerator Change Requests (CRs) process and documentation created data flows into calculation engine and into reporting tool analyzed processes and controls of end-to-end system versaw the IT processes, IT teams and managers on Change Requests analyzed MRAs from regulators led efforts to introduce filter criteria and defaulting of data versaw project to overhaul data governance and data controls

Team Lead / Basel SME / Corporate Solutions Architect

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • developed Data Elements list, in liaison with and Touche consultants analyzed Compliance Requirements and distributed these to the appropriate Workstreams analyzed US Basel II Final Rules vis-a-vis portfolio developed calculation steps for Risk Weighted Assets (RWA) calculations, capital, ECL developed High Level Business Requirements (HLBRs) and Detailed Business Requirements (DBRs) in Quality Center (QC) format, for Basel II Pillar I calculations created mock data for 'Proof Of Concept' (POC) of potential vendors for Basel Calculator directed internal teams in determining vendor selection criteria participated as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in meetings with potential vendors worked with Moody's Analytics to ensure tool functionality and compatibility developed Data Requirements (including formats, valid values, default values) developed source to target (Moody's 'Fermat Data Mart') mapping of required data fields directed Data Governance team on Data Quality and Governance standards aided the Data Governance process by providing expertise on Data Traceability Matrix developed Process Flows (in Visio) for EAD, RWA, Capital, ECL calculations recommended architecture design with expertise on industry practices for Basel created the RWA Workstream Implementation Plan for: liaised with the consulting firm Oliver Wyman for this effort provided Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on processes, calculations and work-arounds trained senior management (and new recruits) on Basel philosophy, calculations, processes liaised with process engineers to create End-to-End process flows for each product category led the project to prepare Pillar III disclosures created Project Plan, timelines, Gantt Charts for the Pillar III Disclosures project analyzed governance (eg: SOX versus FDICIA compliance) required for Pillar III disclosures directed the development of "Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Consumer" (SIPOC) structures analyzed international banks' Pillar III disclosures provided guidance on requirements for Basel III Market Risk disclosures provided expertise on Operational Risk (internal loss, external loss, BEICF, scenario analysis) provided guidance on incremental disclosures due to Basel III Rules: Standardized (vis-a-vis Basel I) and Advanced (vis-a-vis Basel II) Approaches analyzed results of industry calls organized by the American Banker's Association (ABA) directed discussions with industry research consultants (Popp Group) on Pillar III reporting led the effort of liaising Pillar I processes with Pillar III processes for Basel III Standardized Approaches and Basel III Advanced Approaches worked with the 'working group' (an enterprise-wide executive level team comprising leaders from all risk and reporting departments, including SEC Reporting, Legal, etc) to determine the content and extent of Pillar III disclosures created prototypes of tables as well as text for Pillar III disclosures, taking into account legal and compliance standards aided, as Business Lead, in the development of quantitative Pillar III reports in Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) led Agile Pod and OBIEE team in the development of Pillar III quantitative reports, management reports, and analytical reports implemented ’s first ever Pillar III disclosures created and maintained issue logs, project plan updates, risk logs, trackers for testing led teams in transformation from a Waterfall to an Agile process for development supervised User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and resolution of Pillar III quantitative reports led documentation effort for Audit and Compliance checks liaised with CCAR teams for stress testing processes and data requirements directed RWA and capital calculations for all products (retail sub-categories, commercial exposures, derivatives, securitizations, equities) - used Excel for testing automated results provided expertise on project transitions from Basel II to Basel III guided calculations, data, processes, architecture, reporting structure of the Basel program provided advisory guidance to red-status and critical-path projects within the Basel program

Project Lead / Data Architect

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • developed data elements list from multiple legacy systems reverse-engineered data partitioning logic from multiple legacy systems along with other business analyst, analyzed requirements from multiple departments conducted feasibility study of the data system overhaul created and fit data partitioning logic into new system (TRPREF) used SQL queries for extracting data from legacy systems

Sr. Consultant, Capgemini Consulting

Confidential, New York, NY


  • aided in development of plan for scope, analysis, development analyzed process of prospecting, origination, servicing, special assets management worked with an expert advisor to develop business requirements and process flow directed know-your-customer (KYC) compliance guidelines and process flow directed anti-money laundering (AML) analysts to create layers of defense led advisory team for feasibility of business intent guided AML compliance policies and data requirements liaised as advisory body for architecture development led development of functional requirements aided in development of prototypes

Sr. Business Analyst / Data Consultant

Confidential, New York, NY


  • liaised with the project manager for all project management activities aided in development of plan for scope, analysis, development, testing and roll-out directed Oracle Financial Services (Reveleus) team for Basel II calculations and reporting identified products and data sources within the client’s operations analyzed data architecture within the client’s data warehouse conducted JAD sessions to elicit client-perspective of the future state operational framework created data download specifications for Reveleus calculations (Basel II, ALM, Market Risk) created data models to present the complexity of data and tables analyzed the number of files to be created for the data transfer into Reveleus researched business requirements, technical requirements and operations requirements reviewed Statement of Work (SOW) for project costing and resource management coordinated data of TradeThru (SS&C), OMR, Advent Geneva, Bloomberg, Reuters, Risk Metrics (JPMC), FDR, FlexCube working on and off the client site, managed resources on which our project was dependent analyzed data elements for Investments, Cards, Derivatives, Loans - for Basel II analyzed data elements needed for Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Market Risk created data mapping matrix for technical and functional involvement from the client analyzed valid values and default values to be used in the absence of high quality data created data dictionary, an end-to-end effort across multiple organizations in the project analyzed common customer identifiers from various work-streams to be fed through SOA4FSI (another aligned project within the HP Consulting banner for the same client) suggested alternate methods of General Ledger reconciliation of data suggested methods of data integrity checks and data quality checks created test data to overcome hurdle of absence of sample data from sources created design documents for technical development analyzed sandbox results, to predict outcomes of automation (akin to prototype analyses) created Business Rules and Test Plan, Test Cases for test phase

Lead Business Analyst

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • (was awarded certificate of appreciation for outstanding work on Basel II) conducted JAD sessions with SMEs of the various work-streams and eXtended Business Modeling Language (xBML) modelers trained other users and resources across project activities analyzed process flows for data warehousing from various work-streams (Retail, Wholesale/Commercial, Equities, Traded Derivatives, Securitized Products) liaised with Operational Risk managers to analyze Internal Loss Data, External Loss Data, Pending Litigation and Scenario Analysis for Operational Risk management calculations engaged in capacity constraints analysis for Operational Risk and certain Credit Risk types analyzed data fields and data elements across work-streams for Basel calculations transformed data and data fields from various legacy systems analyzed metadata, valid values, exception processing and error logs for Basel II calculations prepared Business Requirement Documents (BRD) and Functional Design Documents (FDD) conducted day-long interviews and discussion sessions with SMEs to document and analyze the end-to-end (“Cradle-to-Grave”) life of Wholesale loans documented economic capital (Pillar II) and regulatory capital (Pillar I), and carried on a gap analysis to reconcile the divergence of processes between the two created Project Initiation Document (PID) and defined the scope for an over-arching Basel II Readiness project, to encompass all other Basel II projects within the enterprise created high-level process flow diagrams of the different Credit Risks, Market Risk and Operational Risk, which were presented to regulators, and to executives helped Technical Architect in creating and maintaining a technical architecture diagram created an Operating Execution Model across all work-streams that will have to be followed for smooth operations of monthly regulatory capital calculations identified enterprise-wide early warning signals of any new project or product or data elements or process flows that might impact Basel calculations in the future produced a Compliance Approach Narrative (CAN) for Confidential ’s Basel II compliance documented Scorecards process flows to analyze mathematical and statistical risk calculation models for Wholesale and Retail work-streams liaised with Model Validation and Approval (MVA) teams to guarantee formal independent validation of credit risk calculation models liaised with Data Quality Governance personnel and Internal Audit to formalize guidelines and standards against which data quality and integrity were to be measured worked with data quality governance teams to ensure each work-stream and project within the Basel II framework adhered to strict data quality and maintenance standards prepared documents for change management to get new methodology in place guided Systems Integration Testing (SIT) from a business perspective


Confidential, Buffalo, NY


  • worked with actuaries and other SMEs, in the USA and the UK across multiple projects directed Statistical and Analytical Applications like Nearest Neighbors and Valuation documented, tabulated and reviewed methods of valuation in effect, using SQL (to continue working on prototype developed by my team) introduced SWOT analysis, in investment decisions in risk-free assets (e.g.: municipal bonds) vis-à-vis high risk-return portfolios (e.g.: hedge funds) set up simultaneous equations system for statistical analyses identified heteroscedasticity in data on American Depository Receipts (ADRs), and accounted for the same using Generalized Least Squares (GLS) conducted JAD sessions to resolve issues relating to newer methods being adopted progressed from problem statement to requirements, designs and finally testing

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