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Sr Technical Consultant Resume



  • 13 years’ experience 10 months in insurance 11 years in financial domain in Development and Integration with DMS (Document Management Systems) for Confidential and Documentam, payment processing for Acquiring and Issuing Switches, Payment Reconciliation, Card Management, Margin Lending, MQ Broker Payment Schemes, Vanguard for FAS Federated Authentication System using SAML
  • Development Models: Lean, Agile/Iterative approaches such as Scrum, in an iterative/Agile environment and classical waterfall model. Self - Driven and self motivated able to work under pressure with strong Technical team using sound judgment & professionalism, thorough Knowledge of software development lifecycles and methodologies. Proactively learn and utilize new technologies, concepts and procedures as appropriate to project requirements and adjust to the team’s expectations.
  • Production Experience to identify problems and root cause analysis, including Applications Security and Company Processes, the Final step in SDLC, which feeds back info to development and configurations refinements a personal task I undertake.


Operating Systems: UNIX (SCO) Servers, (Red Hat) Linux, Intel Pentium series, Sun Sparc5, SUN SOLARIS and Windows

Programming: C++, Java, Ant, Struts, VB, JavaScript, HTML, XML, Perl, PHP, PLSQL UML

Tools: Eclipse Neon, WebStorm, Notepad++, NetBeans, Sublime IBM RAD eclipse Visual age for Java, Kawa, Jbuilder, Rational Rose, Dreamweaver, MSFrontPage 98, Symantec Visual Caf, Visual Age for java

Servers: IBM Websphere 5 to 8.5, Portal 8, JRUN, BEA Weblogic 6.0, 8.2 Oracle, Sybase and FOXPRO



Sr Technical Consultant

  • Development and Configuration for Claims Intake for Different Products like IP, TPD Fast Track Process and Task configurations
  • Experience in Integration of Different Systems like Portals, Policy and other systems to be integrated with the Claims Processing Engine
  • Benefit and Policy Related Configurations and customization
  • Content /Customization for Payments and Billing including AGE and Periods, Including Recurring and lumpsum
  • Thorough knowledge of Managed Requirements, Teleclaims, Roles, Process Types, Routing Rules, Party TFN and Australian Tax Regulations.
  • Strong understanding and working knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements like FSC
  • Thorough understanding of Analytic and Predictive analysis including Real time monitoring used in the claims decision making process, which is a tool used to Prevent Claim Leakages Esp. in TPD
  • Restful API integration using Jersey for customer Mobile Phone Claims and Help Desk Teams
  • Integration of SAML CAS.FAS Authentication with Vanguard to Access ATO systems info

Environment: / Tools: Jboss IBM WebSphere 7/8 IDE, Eclipse, Smart GIT, Soap UI Tool, Java8 SQL Server, Junit, Gradle Groovy, Nexus Jenkins continuous integration, Splunk


Sr Analyst Programmer

  • Scrum/Agile methodology Development for migration of Struts to Spring 2 and Jboss to WebSphere along with cosmetic and business functional upgrade
  • Test Junit Mockito work on Selenium Framework to in corporate Automated Testing based on Screen Navigation/Next by the HTMLS Widget IDs on each screen for continuous integration
  • For AI Incorporate/Integrate tools/APIs to include A/B testing web site Volumes/Capacity comparison, User Activities Reporting API’s for omniture Adobe Script /Itag and Tea Leaf.
  • Integration with Webservices/Rest/SOAP/DB teams, viz Decision-making GNA, store user info Eacq Team, Appcache team which maintains user info for save and retrieve and win back scenarios, FAS and CAS teams Chip and pin related, Address look up, and CRM.
  • Front End Dev using angular, with evolving technologies, like Responsive design, SASS, build tools gulp node npm, Dependency injection. Customized EhCache Organize/structure the files in project as: dist, gulp, src css filters, json, modules, vendor, and services

Environment: / Tools: Jboss IBM Websphere, Eclipse, WebStorm, NetBeans IDE, Soap UI, Java8, SQL Server, GIT,SVN, Junit, Mockito Selenium Maven Jenkins XL release, Jenkins, Omnibug, Adobe debugger. Rest Jersey, spring. Splunk


Sr. Analyst Programmer

  • Scrum/Agile with kanaban model-Posters and Glass boards Development and Integration using Middleware Webservices/SOA for b2b payment services / restful services for non-financial services
  • Service layer Development using Spring DI and AOP events required by PCI compliance . Integrate with Message Driven Beans to MQ and Broker interfaces transforming messages in the Required ISO format for switch submission.
  • Java Portlet Development using JSR 286 and Dojo toolkit, involving development of Configurable Plug and Play CSS, themes and Skins. Portlet Configuration for Pages, labels, Home Portlet, Migrate Real Time Postilion Back Office System to WebSphere Portal Functionality like Messages Flow Diagram and other Transaction and Devices Search Features, including Cheque Dishonor and Advice .Integrate Crystal Reports like match and kill, Adhoc reports, using Crystal library Framework. ATM Electronic ledger view using Restful
  • Maintain QA Test and STG Portal environment with continuous Production Support Level 3 to identify the Prod problems business related and or technical simulate in lower environments do root cause analysis and fix the same
  • IBM WebSphere Database Configuration and Integration with MQ Broker, Payments switch Acquirer Postilion/Real Time Switch and Issuer Alcatel Switch, e2e integrations from SL Service layer/webservices to downstream interfaces
  • WebSeal/Portal user’s access level configuration for authorization/authentication to different portlets Groups Policies Roles and provisioning with WAF/TIM Tivoli Identity Manager /TAM Tivoli Access Manager /SAM

Environment: / Tools: IBM WebSphere 7/8 IDE, IBM Websphere Portal 7 and Dojo Toolkit, Soap UI Tool, SOA Parasoft Tool, SQL Server, GIT,SVN, Ant, Maven Chrome Browser Developer tools for CSS JS and UI Debugging debug themes and UI in Browser. Rest Jersey, Splunk


Sr. Analyst Engineer

  • Java/J2EE Development with Spring Hibernate, migration from EJB3 upgrade Clients Portfolio, Research Services, Commodities and Reuters info. Integrate the website with externals like Reuters, ASX Australian stock exchange API’s, Research Interfaces By Citi Financial Advisors, Citi, Morganstanley and other Researches .
  • Integrate with global Research publishing Documentam System. Interface with margin lending and other backend processes to show relevant client portfolio calculations, security modules upgrades from SHA1, SHA256 and freebsdmd5, User authentication migration scripts from LDAP to DB, migration scripts, data insertion scripts java processes
  • Involved in Annual maintenance Procedures1>Security and Ethical Hacking Team Reported Fixes 2>Continuity of business COB, and 3>Mandatory software upgrades e.g. Java. Maintain and upgrade configurable bulk-mailing system BMS for private client’s product marketing for designated users and financial advisors. Attend RFC and infoman weekly meetings procedures for prod release.
  • Integrate with bigger Citi risk and security teams to create and transfer daily user activities Reports per app ids maintained by the team, to NDM server. Most of these jobs require JavaScript, shell script, ant, awk, database procedure and packages.
  • Build and Release Process work with Devops, migration from Perl Make to Java ANT and JACL. Interaction with offshore team to get packets of work done test verify. Other work involved Website load/stress testing using Jmeter, java GC fine-tuning.
  • Work with DB Teams for Backend Building SQL Procedures and Packages for the required service layer functionality and Schedule jobs Development and configuration required for website data refresh
  • Design and Development of standalone Websphere MQ Series application to connect to input Queues to retrieve orders from USA Mainframe application Mainframe pushed the orders to the input queue via s’pore team, the input ques were managed through this team . After Massaging, drain orders to Australian output queue using IBM MQ series. Push the Retrieved orders executed in USA into Ebbos system Back office engine which process equities, options to the toms/Dca Queue once orders are processed send response to USA.
  • Integration and development with 3 different teams 1>USA application and Test developer who pushed the test orders to S ‘pore queue. 2>work with S ‘pore queue team initially for the setup and configuration of MQ series/Technical setup. 3>Business Setup with the Australian Ebbos team in Melbourne where orders were drained and business logic applied to route the orders to either to the equities queue or the options queue which handled the orders differently. Bug Fixing or upgrades on reported. Provided production support at 3rd level.

Environment: /Tools: Eclipse, my Eclipse, Toad, Rapid SQL, Linux, Unix, CVS, cfg Repositories, Dreamweaver, snag it, C++, java, EJB3, Mqseries, Sybase, oracle, hibernate and Spring


Analyst Programmer

  • Design and development of PA reporting application for clients passing the 100-point test and Premium clients The Data input is done by PA (Private Advisers) and Review of system done by Managers for the following benefits a) improve Customer Service b) Precautions taken when allocating loans to premium customers c) Quality and Quantity of work done by PA for their commissions and fees

Environment: /Tools: Eclipse, Rapid SQL, Linux, UNIX, CVS, cfg Repositories, oracle, framework struts


Software Engineer

  • Interface development for credit checking system involving http communication using JAXB. Phase is involved: evaluation of technologies JAXB and castor. Design developed using JDOM and testing using JUNIT
  • Interface to address management system, involved in evaluation of technologies JWSDP and AXIS. Design and Development of spring Webservices integration with the front end using jsp faces tomahawk and tiles testing and deployment on weblogic 9.1

Environment: /Tools: Hibernate, Spring framework and Bea weblogic, JUNIT, JAXB, JWSDP, axis, myeclipse, SVN bugzilla. Front-end using jsp tiles my faces tomahawk, Repository SVN Platform win XP, Design using Agro tool, and project management using Xplanner


Software Engineer

  • Development and Integration of 1.) Missed called/Call Recall service for mobiles, middle ware BEA Tuxedo interfaces, Bea API’s and libraries communicate to the middle ware an office solution Siebel/Staffware. Java web application talked to office staffware to register the call recall and missed call services. 2.) Bridge an Interface to recharge mobiles when Australians are in Alliance Countries (Singtel Bharti Airtel, mostly Asian countries) and vice versa. Technologies used- soap Axis, these Applications talk to Siebel, MCommerce PPIN, tuxedo Bea internally to perform the business aspects like credit, debit, Recharge Transactions.
  • Convert Functional specs into POC after interactions and discussions with various design team using class, sequence, use cases and entity diagram. Use of DB Queries, Analysis and modification if required to align with POC

Environment: /Tools: BEA Weblogic, Tuxedo, oracle 9i, WAP technologies. Linux, UNIX, spring, hibernate struts, cocoon, WAP, XML, XSL and MIDI, apache tomcat, Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release 9.2.0

Confidential, NJ

Software Engineer

  • Development of Front End Java Client, using JFC, Jclass and SWING, integrate with Backend billing and collection modules on multi CPU machines to ensure multi-threading achievement as per specs. optimization, performance testing and code Review
  • Client Side Implementation at Sanyo in Japan, worked here on 3 time zones and 3 teams namely japan where I was located and client’s requirements as we fixed problems, USA and Coordinate with support staff for bug fixing, Enhancements and with sales/support staff for adding New Features as per Client requirement. Meetings over VOIP and net to resolve issues, localization and Globalization (Internationalization) I18N Liaised with India and USA offices for quick development of the required features

Environment: / Tools: Rational Rose, Java j2EE, jboss Struts HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery Rogue wave,Jclass, Jbuilder, Jprobe, Jprofiler, Solaris, Tomcat, Apache, weblogic 8.2 Database Objectivity, PVCS web for version control, Bugzilla


Programmer Analyst

  • Development of progress/Tracking Reports using MVC Controller Servlet, dynamic View on JSP, Java Bean for Business logic and data access for Dynamic and static Report generation. JAVA-Mail and JAF API used for mailing. Configuration for connection pooling, time outs, prepared statement, cache size, Data Access through Entity Bean, JMS and message Driven Bean for messaging. Websphere 4.5 Administrative Console used for setting up Data Source, Creating jdbc driver, Enabled Cookie support for session management
  • C++ Porting to Java Reverse engineering done by using Rational Rose Design and Development using Bottom Up Approach, Security for LEXIS- Confidential trusted users by using Digest Authentication. HTTP protocol used for client authentication, implemented using Digest authentication, documented in rfc2069 1 and accepted as an Internet standard. State maintenance using proposed cookie headers. For Digest Authentication use of one-way hash algorithm MD5 chunking of the input stream done by calculating the chunk size

Environment: SUN SOLARIS, IBM Visual Age for JAVA, Exceed Humming bird, Windows 2000 and Apache Server. JNDI, JMS, JTS, HTML, IBM Websphere 4.5 V 3.5, DeployerTool


Programmer Analyst

  • Design Develop Test MVC architecture in multi teared Environment with following modules: registration, request updates, Transaction, Admin Services for quotes inventory management, Configuration of Weblogic 6.0 setting cong files for the (e-business). Automatic generation of buyer registration number: using entity bean Buyer Update for reviewing / changing Buyer profile, supplier Registration, using Session Bean Data Access through Entity Bean Mentoring Client Coaching on Java technologies

Environment: /Tools: EJB, Servlets, XML, JSP, JNDI, JMS, JTS, HTML, BEA Weblogic 6.0 Server and SOLARIS, JMS, JSP,

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