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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Ft Meade, MD


Obtain a challenging software development position at the Technical Lead, Senior Developer, Universe Designer or Architect level. I have worked as a software developer for over 15 years. I have worked extensively with Business Objects, Microstrategy and PL/SQL. I have worked through all iterations of the software development cycle. As a part of the development team, I worked as a data modeler, ETL developer, Business Objects Administrator and Business Objects Developer. I have maintained existing data warehouses, data marts and operational data stores and created a new data warehouse. I have experience with and a strong understanding of dimensional data modeling using the Kimball method, including concepts like slowly changing dimensions, conformed dimensions and fact tables. As an ETL developer I have experience creating transformations and moving and building data sets using ETL tools or PL/SQL procedures.


SAP Business Objects 4.1, 3.1,XI R2; Universe Designer 4.1, 3.1, XI R2; WEBI 4.1, 3.1 XI R2; Crystal Reports 4.5 8, 8.5, 9, 10, XI, 2008, 2013; Crystal Enterprise 10, 9; Desktop Intelligence; Web Intelligence Rich Client; Infoview; Xcelsius 2008, Dashboards; QAAWS; Microstrategy 9.21, 9, 8, SQL Developer 3.0.04, Crystal Reports XI R2, 10, 9, 8.5, 8, 4; PL - SQL including creating tables, views, materialized views, stored procedures, cursors, and triggers; Oracle Database versions 8i, 9i, 10g and 11g; TOAD 8.6; Informatica 8.6; Erwin 9.5; Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio 9.0; Microsoft SQL Server 2005; ODBC; ADO; Solaris; AllFusion Harvest CM 7.0; MS Access 2003, 2000, 97; Excel 2003, 97, 2003, 2010; Visual Basic 6.0; and HTML.


Confidential,Ft. Meade, MD

Senior Software Engineer

  • Responsible for all universe design development for eight universes, including bringing new tables into the universe, setting relationships, and creating, maintaining and modifying dimensions, measures, and details.
  • Teach classes and personally mentor Web Intelligence users
  • As the Business Objects Admin, responsible for creating groups, setting rights and access for all users of the Report Management System (RMS).
  • Use the Promotion Manager to deploy Business Objects Archive Resource to move universes, reports and user groups from the development environment to production.
  • Upgrade the RMS system from XI R2 to 4.1.
  • Design, develop, test, and debug WEBi reports and Crystal Reports.
  • Meet with stakeholders to gather requirements for report and universe development.
  • Give guidance and advice to the Confidential ID4 management on policy regarding the RMS system.

Confidential,Washington, DC

Business Objects Report Developer

  • Designed, developed, tested, and debugged WEBi reports.
  • Wrote, and modified PL-SQL scripts to create and run complex data extractions.
  • Ran Oracle packages to create data extractions and data validation.
  • Attended twice weekly code review meetings.
  • Created WEBi templates and recommended universe changes.

Confidential,Washington, DC

Data Warehouse/Business Objects/ETL Developer

  • As a senior member of the Corporate Data Warehouse (CDW) Development Team, I worked with many business units in NAVSEA, such as SEA 01(Comptroller ) , SEA 02(Contracts), SEA10( Corporate Operations-HR and Payroll) and SEA OOI(Information) to integrate data from many systems into one data warehouse.
  • Worked with a development team and customers to build a data warehouse using the methods described by Ralph Kimball.
  • Designed, developed, tested, and debugged WEBi reports, Oracle packages and procedures, ETL scripts and dashboards.
  • Created dimensional data models with input from stakeholders and data stewards.
  • Wrote and modified PL-SQL scripts to update tables, views and materialized views.
  • Created and updated Oracle ETL packages.
  • Created and developed SAP Business Objects Universes.
  • Created, maintained and modified Business Objects dimensions, measures, and details.
  • Worked with Functional Team to develop requirements for the CDW.
  • Gave guidance and advice to NAVSEA OOI on how to best serve business units within the CDW.
  • Created policy on change management, access control and data load timing.
  • Created templates for report design documents and ETL design documents.
  • Wrote white papers and impact studies on many subjects including bringing large systems into the CDW and worked on designing a dynamic data dictionary system.

Confidential,Washington, DC

Microstrategy Developer

  • As a member of the COMPASS Development Team, worked with various units in the Confidential to integrate data from many systems, i.e. Intelligence, Case, Workload, Personnel, and Accomplishments into one OLAP schema for a web-based program (COMPASS) with over 4,000 users.
  • Performed analysis, design, development, testing, and debugging of complex reports, ETL scripts and dashboards.
  • Performed troubleshooting of high level issues and identified and resolved problems caused by the database, source data, ETL, or the Business Intelligence software (common examples: nulls in data causing joins to function incorrectly; ETL packages running out of sequence; Microstrategy Objects not set up properly).
  • Wrote and modified SQL scripts to update tables, views and materialized views and used insert statements, cursors and bulk collects to move data.
  • Updated Oracle ETL packages, updated the Narrowcast server as parameters changed, and updated the scheduler to run batch files to trigger ETL processes.
  • Created, maintained and modified attributes, metrics, filters, facts, and hierarchies in Microstrategy.
  • Used the Warehouse Catalog to move and update tables in Microstrategy.
  • Created Parent/Child relationships and set up dynamic attributes.
  • Created and updated sources, targets and mappings in Informatica.
  • Set dimensionality, conditions, filtering and grouping on metrics.

Confidential,Rosslyn, VA

Software Engineer

  • Performed analysis, design, development, testing, and debugging of complex reports written in Crystal Reports, Web Intelligence and Desktop Intelligence.
  • Created dynamic cascading parameters using data connections, data foundations, business elements, business views, and list of values in the Business View Manager for Business Objects.
  • Used the Central Management Consol to administer and deploy reports in the development environment.
  • Performed troubleshooting on scripts in PL/SQL using TOAD.
  • Created and maintained extensive design and requirements documents.
  • Ensured compliance with requirements during UAT.
  • Worked with ETL and ODS team to help design reporting solutions.
  • Worked with functional analysts and end users to refine requirements.

Confidential,Baltimore, MD

Report Analyst

  • Converted SQL scripts to Crystal Reports or Business Objects Web Intelligence.
  • Created details, dimensions and measures in Business Objects Universe Builder.
  • Developed SQL and conducted Business Objects Performance Analysis.
  • Provided guidance to peers in Crystal and BO.
  • Created Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence Reports.
  • Wrote SQL Scripts, created views, and created tables.
  • Created dashboards, sub reports and complex views.

Confidential,Frederick, MD

Report Writer

  • Analyzed report requirements and conducted user validation.
  • Determined linking of relational tables and files using unions, and joins.
  • Creation of inventory reports, sales reports, mailing lists, marketing reports, financial reports, billing statements, and aging reports.
  • Determined grouping and selection formulas to best display data.
  • Administered the Crystal Reports Server to update, replace, and distribute Crystal Reports.
  • Used WRKQRY in the AS400 to create SQL Queries for reports and data extracts.
  • Created rules on the Catapult Server for automatic report distribution.
  • Documented report processes and programs.
  • Created crosstabs in Crystal that are easily exported to Excel.

Confidential,Baltimore, MD

Data Analyst

  • Collected and analyzed data from customers.
  • Received customer data in various formats, such as ASCII, Excel, and Access.
  • Created queries in Access and Crystal Reports using SQL.
  • Created mailing lists containing anywhere from 10,000 to 400,000 records.
  • Sorted, grouped, deduped, and standardized data to meet mailing deadlines.
  • Received customer requirements for mailing.
  • Created source files to properly format barcodes per US Postal Regulations.

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