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Automation Developer | Cloud Support Resume

New York, NY


  • Specialized in System Administration and Automation working on Red Hat Linux, SUSE Linux, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows environments, Dockers using Chef on VMware vSphere & AWS.
  • Experience in configuration of NIS, NIS+, DNS, DHCP, NFS, LDAP, SAMBA, SQUID, postfix, send mail, FTP, remote access, security management and Security trouble shooting skills.
  • Proficient in Automation of IT infrastructure from bare metal to complete deployment via Chef, Git, kickstart, and server monitoring operations using monitoring tool Nagios.
  • Experience in using and integrating Community Cookbooks, and also writing custom resources and roles for configuration model.
  • Experience in Docker - based application deployment and implementing container infrastructure.
  • Experience in Build Automation using CI/CD Docker containers, and actively involved in deployments on Docker using Kubernetes.
  • Developing plugins for matrix collection of various applications using Ruby and Bash shell scripting and integrated with Nagios for continuous monitoring.
  • Developing Chef Cookbooks like tomcat, apache http, postfix, ntp etc., for automation of infrastructure.
  • Proficient in AWS administration and Automation using Cloudformation and CF tools.
  • Configuring and Managing ELK stack (Elasticsearch, logstash and kibana) for centralize log management.
  • Proficient in deployment and management of Jenkins, with job scheduling and third party tool integration for continuous deployment.
  • Vast knowledge over IT infrastructure scalability, optimization and dealing with incident, Problem, Change and release management.
  • Expertise in scripting for automation, and monitoring using Ruby, Python, PowerShell scripting for writing up scripts for matrix collection of various application and tools development for automation.
  • Experience in creating and managing user accounts, security, rights, disk space and process monitoring in Red Hat Linux.
  • Installation and configuration of Apache Tomcat, JBoss, Weblogic & Web Sphere 5.1/6.0 Application Server on Linux boxes.
  • Experience working on VMware tools like tools like vCenter Server, VSphere Client ESX server on Dell physical blades, vRealize Automation & vRealize Orchestrator and configured SUSE, Red Hat Linux virtual machines for various applications.
  • Expertise with Linux Administration, Configuration Management, Build and Release management in all phases of software development life cycle (SDLC) process including Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Integration, Testing, Production, and Maintenance in Enterprise Applications.
  • Strong in deploying and monitoring scalable infrastructure on physical & virtual servers also on Amazon web services (AWS) & configuration management using Chef.
  • Proficient in AWS Cloud platform and its features which include EC2, EBS, AMI, RDS, CloudWatch, Cloud Trail, CloudFormation, AWS Config, IAM, S3 and Lambda functions.
  • Independent problem solving and a good team player with strong interpersonal and communication skills, Ability to work independently as well as a team member.
  • Experience supporting 24x7 production computing environments. Experience providing on-call and weekend support. Experienced in Trouble shooting and Back and Recovery.


Configuration Management Tools: Chef, Puppet & AnsibleDevOps/CI CD Tools: Jenkins, Udeploy, Nexus, Artifactory, Git

Operating Systems: Linux - RHEL & CentOS 5/6/7, Ubuntu, Fedora & SUSE Linux Windows 2008, 2012

Databases: MSSQL, MongoDB, Oracle MySQL, PostgreSQL

Build Tools: Ant, Maven

Cloud Services: AWS, Open Stack, VMware, Azure

Version Control/Repository: GitHub, SVN, Nexus

Middleware Servers: Tomcat, JBOSS, WebLogic, Nginx, Apache

Scripting/Programming Languages: Sql, PowerShell, Bash, Python, Ruby, Perl, C, Java, HTML, XML

Virtualization: VMware (vRA, vROPS, vRO, vCenter, vSphere, ESxi, Log Insights, vROPs), Docker

Collaboration/Issue Tracking: Jira, GitHub & Confluence

Network Protocols: DHCP, DIG, DNS, SNMP, SMTP, Ethernet, IOS, netstat, NFS, NIS, nslookup, RIP, OSPF, BGP, TCP/IP, FTP, TFTP and tcpdump

Monitoring Tools: Nagios, CloudWatch & Splunk


Confidential, New York, NY

Automation Developer | Cloud Support


  • Managing & Supporting the hybrid cloud, private cloud platform that runs on the virtual data center using VMware Cloud Suite tools like vRealize Automation (vRA), vCenter, vSphere & vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) along with AWS.
  • Creating Business Groups based on the line of business and environments.
  • Configuring the AD groups for different roles like USER, SUPPORT & MANAGER to the business groups in vRA.
  • Creating the Entitlements for the business groups using Administration and enabling the AD groups to the Catalog entitlements as per the roles in vRA.
  • Configuring the Endpoints in vRA to enable the Datacenters as well as Cloud resources for provisioning using VMWare.
  • Creating Blueprints with the information of templates from vCenter & custom AMI’s from AWS.
  • Managing the Tenant and Fabric administration in vRA by adding and managing the custom tenants and clusters to the Fabric groups.
  • Configuring the Service Groups to accommodate the Blueprints for providing the service Catalogues to the users across business.
  • Integrating the code snippets with Build Profiles and adding the build profiles into Blue Prints for configuration of the servers being provisioned.
  • Creating the Reservations as per the Business Group and managing the resource information in the reservations to accommodate the requests for building the workloads.
  • Creating the Identity Stores with the AD information and managing the Search DN’s used to query the AD server for authentication.
  • Creation and management of packages & provisioning workflows in vRealize Orchestrator for provisioning the workloads and Day-2 operations.
  • Integrating various plugins like vCenter, Avnet etc., in vRO for resource information and updating the CMDB servers.
  • Managing the resource blocks like adding SAN’s, configuring network vLAN’s, templates in vCenter using vSphere Web Client.
  • Monitoring the efficiency, performance and resource utilization of the servers hosted on vSphere using vRealize Operations (vROPS).
  • Experience in setting up the ESXi Hypervisors and provision virtual machines on ESXi hypervisors.
  • Developing the REST API’s to verify the availability of the CMDB server and fetch the server CI form to be submitted to the CMDB.
  • Testing the REST API to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of the REST developed.
  • Monitoring the system level logs of the servers managed by vCenter using Log Insights and analyze them to troubleshoot the issues.
  • Integrating AD with the vROPS to authenticate the users and also configuring the roles of the users in vROPS.
  • Installing the DevOps stack tools GitHub, Jenkins and Artifactory across the environments and integrating the AD to enable access to the users across the organization.
  • Managing the licenses on GitHub and generating the tokens for administration.
  • Implementing the Jenkins Master Slave architecture by creating the Jenkins Slaves using JNLP file to route the builds to Slaves.
  • Configuring Jenkins to trigger the builds with every commit in GitHub to ensure Continuous Integration.
  • Responsible for Continuous Integration, Continuous Testing and Continuous Delivery.
  • Working on route tables in AWS to enable the flow of traffic from and to the internet for the instances in public & private subnets.
  • Implementing and maintaining the monitoring of production and servers/storage using AWS Cloud watch.
  • Installing & Configuring Splunk Architectute with Forwarders, Indexers & Search Head for collection, forwarding, indexing the logs from various servers.
  • Creating Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) in AWS with both public & private subnets to launch EC2 instances into the subnets and enabling secure connectivity between instances.
  • Enabling instances to reach out to the internet using the Internet Gateways for public subnets and via NAT gateways for private subnet instances.
  • Configuring the route tables and security groups to allow the traffic flow to the internet and vice-versa.
  • Managing the software repository by updating the repository as per the new releases from engineering.
  • Well versed in developing bash shell scripts, Python ruby on rails, Puppet and chef DSL, creating recipes & cookbooks in chef.
  • Developing Chef Recipes to configure deploy and maintain software components of the existing Infrastructure.
  • Customize chef cookbooks and configure chef servers to automate server deployment.
  • Setup and Install Chef workstation, Chef Server and bootstrapping the Chef Clients using knife.
  • Customizing the roles and environments for the nodes managed by the chef server to run the cookbooks based on the roles and environments.
  • Writing Chef Cookbooks for the installation and configuration of the middleware stack like Apache Http, Tomcat, WebLogic etc., & Database servers like Microsoft SQL, Oracle DB etc.,
  • Writing cookbooks and creating the roles for syncing the time servers on the workload/servers and installation and configuration of different agents both in Windows 2008, 2012 & RHEL 6 & 7 servers.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving the overall provisioning issues in the platform and providing the extended support to the end users.
  • Collaborating with vendors and multiple teams to keep up the pace and address the issues timely like Storage expansions on Clusters, Network issues, AD issues etc.,

Confidential, Carrolton, TX

DevOps Engineer


  • Installing and configuring the DevOps tools like GitHub, Jenkins and Source Tree for implementation of DevOps process.
  • Configuring Jenkins by integrating various plugins like Maven &Ant plug-ins for code build and AD integration for authentication of users across the organization.
  • Pipelining the GitHub & Jenkins using the GitHub plug-in with GitHub Url and service account credentials for authentication.
  • Managing the pull requests and clone the code from GitHub repository using Jenkins with GitHub plugin.
  • Managing the dependencies required for the build to ensure the successful build.
  • Creation of Jenkins slaves for multi tasking of the multiple builds simultaneously.
  • Managing the AD integration in GitHub and user licenses on GitHub administration.
  • Generating the GitHub tokens for integrating GitHub on another tools and managing the organizations in GitHub.
  • Working with code repositories using Git by cloning the repositoriry to the local machine using git clone, creating the branches, committing the code to the Master etc.,
  • Creating Amazon AMI’s for Windows2008, Windows 2012, RHEL 5, & 6 for the creation of EC2 instances from the custom AMI’s thus built.
  • Managing the EC2 instances by assigning the additional EBS to the instances and S3 buckets as required dynamically.
  • Designing EC2 instance architecture for cloud computing to meet high availability application architecture.
  • Creating the Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) and generating the SSL certificates for the encryption of data to ensure secured communication.
  • Developing the cookbooks for the installation and configuration of Apache HTTP, Tomcat middleware servers
  • Worked on creation and configuration of the Logical volumes in RHEL workloads for better management of the storage disks.
  • Troubleshooting Network, memory, CPU, swap and File system issues, TCP/IP, NFS, DNS, SMTP in Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Performance tuning of Virtual Memory, CPU, system usage in Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Installation, configuration of middleware servers like Jboss, Weblogic & Websphere and database servers like Microsoft SQL & Oracle DB.


Systems Administrator


  • Working with Logical Volume Manager for the management of volumes including creation of physical and logical volumes on Linux.
  • Virtualization using VMware ESX, using vMotion to move VM’s from One Datacenter to another datacenter.
  • Updating patches to keep servers updated against bugs in the operating system and to protect them from security threats using Red Hat Satellite Server, yum, etc.
  • Installing packages using YUM and Red hat Package Manager (RPM) on various servers.
  • Developing Bash, Perl, Power Shell & Python scripts for Configuration of servers.
  • Provisioning using kickstart through BMC BladeLogic and patching of RHEL using yum, up2date and Blade Logic.
  • Troubleshooting Network, memory, CPU, swap and File system issues, TCP/IP, NFS, DNS, SMTP in Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Performance tuning of Virtual Memory, CPU, system usage in Linux and Solaris servers. Supported class monitoring and management tools such as Open NMS, Tivoli and VCO. Performance Monitoring and Performance Tuning using Top, prstat, SAR, vmstat, ps, iostat.
  • Installation, Configuration & Upgrade of Linux and Windows operating system.
  • Installation configuration and maintenance of Web and Application Servers including Apache, Tomcat and Jboss.
  • Creating new file system, managing & verifying the data consistency of the file system.
  • Periodic checks of production and development systems; CPU utilization, memory profiles, disk utilization, Network connectivity, system log files, etc.
  • Working on RedHat servers for the RedHat subscriptions and management for connectivity to the RedHat repositories and binaries.
  • Working in collaboration with the cross functional teams for the installation and maintenance of the servers as well as to overcome the issues detected.
  • Performing the daily system administration tasks like managing system resources and end users support operations and security.
  • Configuring the cron jobs for scheduling the services, daemons on production servers.
  • Monitoring System Activities like CPU, Memory, Disk and Swap space usage to avoid any performance issues.
  • Creating the Certificate signing requests on Linux workloads using openssl tool which creates the private key and CSR.
  • Creating the tickets for the approval and creation of Certificates required based on the CSR created.
  • Converting the certificates as required from .CER to .PKCS12 or .PFX using the openssl tool.
  • Installing the certificates to the application key stores or to the java key store as required or based on the server configurations.
  • Experience working on the IIS server on Windows for the certificate creation and management using the Windows GUI.
  • Design, configure, install, implement, manage, maintain and support the Linux servers RHEL 4x, 5.x, CENTOS 5.x.
  • Coordinating with 24 x 7 on-call support personnel in debugging and resolving the urgent issues as required.
  • Coordinating with users for any server activities which may involve major changes on software or any hardware related issues.

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