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System Test Engineer Resume

Pearl River, NY


  • Highly skilled technical Team player with a clear understanding of ISO Layer 0/1/2/3 network technology, with the fortitude and patience needed to facilitate a system test team’s commitment of excellence while meeting the end date for verified software and hardware releases.
  • Well - trained and versed with evaluating and integrating inter/intra departmental communications relevant to project requirements, thus incorporating pragmatic effective changes to a System Test Plan tracked with ISO 9000 Standards.
  • Apperceives the forecast of equipment needed during a Product Planning stage, including Optical and electrical test sets, switches, routers, controllers and Customer Premises Equipment for end to end testing, as well as interfacing IT department for access points for local, remote and automated testing of the project requirement story objective(s) to facilitate Requirements Management by generating a formal confirmation that all objectives have been reached.
  • Adept with the qualifications and troubleshooting of various types of Analog & Digital network transport systems and supporting various test equipment; e.g. a Packet Optical Networking Platform (ONP) MEF certified system for Carrier Ethernet incorporating SONET/SDH, ATM & Ethernet type DSLAMs & switches, X.25 & Frame Relay packet switch and other legacy technologies.
  • Proficient in the use of test equipment for verification and trouble shooting various communication protocols used throughout an Optical Transport Network (OTN) incorporated with Optical and Copper digital terminations related to MEF Carrier Ethernet E-Line, E-LAN, E-Tree and E-Access services.
  • Data Communication Channel testing of Optical Network Elements using Test Equipment and Network Management Systems (NMS), including the testing of NMS compatibility.


  • ISO LAN/MAN switch via IEEE 802.1 group of Bridging & Management network protocols, 802.1ad QinQ, 802.1p QoS/DSCP, 802.1q VLAN, 802.2 LLC, 802.3 Ethernet, 802.3ah Link OAM, 802.3ad Link Aggregation, 802.5 Token Ring, and CCITT G.8021/Y.1341 eth transport, G.8031/Y.1342 ELPS, G.8032/Y.1344 ERPS, G.8013/Y.1731 OAM,
  • IP/OSI protocols: ICMP, IGMP, TCP, UDP, STP, RSTP, OSPF, BGP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, HTTP, POP, RADIUS, RIP, RTP, SNMP, TFTP, VoIP & VoFR w/ various compression algorithms
  • X.25 & Frame Relay Packet Switching Networks w/ ANSI/CCITT applications for PVC/SVC
  • Ethernet over SONET/SDH w/ GFP, VCAT, LCAS
  • MEF Service OAM Fault & Performance Management w/ Auto-Protection Switching
  • Scripts; basics of ASPECT, BAT, Basic, UNIX shell, TCL, Python
  • CLEC splitters to ILEC CO, Inter/Intra LATA trunking, PBX CAS & CCS signaling
  • ANSI SONET & ITU-T SDH Standards for payload mapping & physical layer specifications
  • Telcordia Transport Systems GR-253 & GR-499
  • Optical Pluggable Modules: SFP,SFP+,XFP,CXP,CFP & QSFP+, C/D-WDM 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet
  • CPEs via ISDN, A/SH/V-DSLs, T1/E1Carrier, OTN, SDH/SONET & Ethernet up to 100Gbps
  • TCP/IP to OSI operations gateway
  • Ixia, Chariot, and SmartBits eth traffic generators and analyzers
  • HP broadband analyzer
  • Agilent internet advisor - Pkt over SONET
  • Radcom cellular analyzer
  • W&G and Dynapac communication protocol analyzers
  • JDSU ONT-600 Optical Network Testers & various OTN test-sets
  • Ethereal snifferTekelec, ADTECH, SAGE T1/E1 frame, & Ds0 simulators and analyzers
  • Phoenix, Firebird, Digilog, EXFO BERT sets
  • Digital Lightwave Sonet/SDH
  • Spirent digital line testers, impairment generators and wireline simulators


Confidential, Pearl River, NY

System Test Engineer


  • Member of the System Verification Test team responsible for the verification of major and minor product releases relevant to Fujitsu’s Optical Transport Network (OTN) which incorporated switching fabric technology applied to the FlashWave 9500, 4100 & CDS Packet Optical Networking platforms.
  • My duties, other then executing Test Cases for the various OTN product platforms & software releases was Planning, Creating, and Tracking Test Cases that verified System Requirement Specifications for a new release performed as expected and integration of new code or hardware did not degrade existing legacy applications of previous releases.
  • Stepped up as Lead Test Engineer for FW4100 replacement OC48/192 modules and additional Data Service Modules needed for Central Offices, cell sites, outside-plant cabinets and cable distribution networks. Duties included testing the following: MEF Certified Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) services.
  • Performed verification of provisioning, and data stability of new product for Metro Data Center Interconnect (mDCI - 1FINITY T100), which terminates two client ports at 100GbE (ODU4) cross-connected to a Network port aggregated onto a single 200 Gbps, 50 GHz wavelength.

Confidential, Greenwood Lake, NY



  • Started-up and ran a small Mom & Pop embroidery business.

Confidential, Iselin, NJ

Senior Test Engineer


  • Part of system test team responsible for the verification of the initial release of the IP-DSLAM that was deployed throughout Japan for the Yahoo BB ISP.
  • Based on the IP-DSLAM requirement specifications, planned, created and executed test plans targeted against the hardware, real time embedded system firmware and software for the validation of end to end communication protocols including TCP/IP, IGMP/Multicasting, SNMP and other related IP and x-DSL protocols.
  • During the course of testing, in order to emulate real world WAN/LAN IP environments, configured Cisco routers and analyzed entire network & processes for quality and various scenarios; e.g., IGMP timers, VLAN subnets, DHCP relay helper addressing, load balancing, etc.; collected and used traffic generators (IXIA, Spirent Smartbits) statistics and verified stats to Cisco & DSLAM IP statistics for verification, simultaneously verified multicast streaming data integrity to various applications; eg, Windows Media, Adobe Flash Player, Realplayer, QuickTime, etc.
  • Assisted Customer Service Department on a 24x7 basis and quickly resolved problems at an escalated level by investigating customer reported issues, then by replication, identified the problem by troubleshooting complex LAN/WAN lab environments that included Cisco routers & switches.
  • Tested later revisions of IP-DSLAMs while sustaining support of older revisions in the field.
  • Installed and upgraded the Network Management System for the DSLAMs and verified SNMP MIB interface for provisioning, traffic flow analysis, network topology, security, performance and fault tolerant architecture.
  • Prepared, coordinated and executed Alpha and Beta site test plans at the tier 4 level.
  • Trained and assisted new system test members in the art of analyzing, debugging, tracking, fixing and preventing network anomalies or network performance issues.

Confidential, Bridgewater, NJ

Senior Alpha Test Engineer


  • Member of ViaGate System Test Team that verified the VG4000 VDSL DSLAM, including the residential VDSL modem that terminated up to 4 TV set-top boxes, RJ45 for ethernet access to an ISP and a phone jack for VoIP access.
  • Team leader responsible for the planning and verification of the ViaView 4000 Element Manager for the DSLAM.
  • Involved with the test planning, test case development, scheduling, and status reporting that was on time for Beta Release 1.0, and General Availability for Releases 1.1
  • Setup and verified MPEG-2 video streams fiber'd to an ATM switch over SONET routed VDSL DSLAM, was routed correctly via ATM-25 over POTS to residents set-top box. Verified digital quality and scale tests for digital TV streams, internet access and remote VLAN access, and VOIP for all 240 clients that were fed from one VDSL DSLAM
  • Verified the clients 4 set-top boxes could select same or different up to four simultaneous video streams (out of hundreds available).
  • Designed and executed test plans for hardware, real time system firmware and software for head-ended MPEG2 video streams that were transported via Sonet/SDH facilities to multi VDSL CPE subscribers.
  • Trained and assisted new system test members.

Confidential, Woodcliff Lake, NJ

Product Test and Evaluation Engineer


  • Designed and executed test plans for hardware, real time system firmware and software for Timeplex emerging ATM, TDM & FR products, and the Network Management System of the products.
  • Planned, installed and configured various networks scenarios for voice and data testing.
  • Team Leader for several product releases which included developing a test plan, test case development, scheduling, and status reporting.
  • Installed and upgraded online network and management systems.
  • Prepared, coordinated, and executed Alpha and Beta site test plans.
  • Investigated customer reported issues by replication in lab environment.
  • Developed and documented technical test procedures.
  • Trained and assisted new system test members.

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