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Mobile/ Web Application/ Automation/manual Tester Resume


  • Experienced in software testing and Quality Assurance in a formal and informal Agile Environment.
  • Ability to learn new technologies and perform quality analysis.
  • Excellent analytical, organizational and problem - solving skills.
  • Creating test plans, test cases, executing test cases, summarizing results, creating sign off reports.
  • Experienced using Zephyr, Selenium IDE automation, JIRA, Jenkins, Bit Bucket, QA complete tracking tools.
  • Expert testing mobile applications IOS, IPad and Android Applications, Web Applications, Web services, Car dashboard, Medical sensors/Brains, Combi stations, Quarantine application, Mobi SOTI application, Device handler, Patient details Medical web and mobile applications, RNG compare tool, heart rate monitoring web applications, Quarantine SW, ACTROID android software to monitor ECGs, UDI medical packaging device handler for labeling, Verizon suspend project, webservices.
  • Expert performing manual and automated tests -User Interface, performance, functional, installation, network performance, interruption, integration, regression, functional, UAT, backend API, TSL Handlers, web services (Postman rest client/Soap UI)
  • Experienced in Selenium IDE automation test tool.
  • Knowledge of Selenium Web driver, Rational Functional QTP testing tools, SQL.


Hardware: IBM, HP, EMC, PC Compatibles.

Operating Systems: Apple Mac OS, IOS, Android, Windows 9x/NTMS-DOS, UNIX, Linux.

Languages: Basic SQL

Databases: Oracle 10g, MySQL.

Software Q/A: Web based applications testing, Automation, regression testing, validation testing, IOS, Android Mobile testing, Standards & Procedures Development, SDLC Testing, test plan, Design & Development, planning Automated Testing Strategy. Creating enhancing automated test scripts, validation and regression web based app testing, Car dashboard testing.

Testing Tools: Zen desk, Team city, Microsoft TFS, Quality Center (ALM) Test Director, Selenium IDE, Web driver, Emulators, native mobile app/mobile website through device browser, heart rate devices- simulators, sensors and phones.

Mobile Device App testing: Testing items involved-locations, developer tools, developer options, blue tooth, Wi-Fi, data settings, airplane mode, audio, visual artwork, interactive buttons, Tuner, output to speaker, notifications, lock screens, widgets, applications settings, reset, software versions (jelly bean, Kit Kat, lollipop /build downloads, battery, calendar tools, system updates, USB, tuner, pin sight ads, Coupon codes (QR, UPCA, ISBN), App Anonymous ID, installing/uninstalling builds on device, App settings, Device settings, API override, Postman Rest calls-Post/Send, Amazon web services- (reports test-Analytics), FM evaluator, device activation, Android SDK-DDMS, ROM upgrades.

Web service testing: Postman rest client-XML, JSON, TSL handlers, API, soap UI, Car dashboard testing using TDK, Medical heart rate monitoring webservices.

Web App testing: Manual/ Automated Testing-Using Firefox plugin Selenium IDE, Functional, Smoke, Regression and Backend Testing. Postman Rest Client rest calls to verify JSON, XML.


Mobile/ Web Application/ Automation/Manual Tester



  • User interface/ functional/ manual web and mobile devices testing
  • Create, update, review, execute test plan and functional test cases, use cases, and collaborate with project team, IT and production team with regards to defects and software development using ZEPHYR, QA complete test management and JIRA bug tracking tools.
  • Testing, analyzing, verifying health monitoring devices connected to Android and Windows OS mobile devices, sensors using simulators, COMBI machines, quarantine machines, customer service call manager desktop app, Brains, MOBI remote control, device handler, device tracker, patient details and heart rate ECG monitoring desktop and web applications.
  • Upgrading, installing, testing, verifying, analyzing health monitoring mobile app software.
  • Web services tests, verifications, analysis using SoapUI, Postman REST client (API/ REST CALLS)
  • Agile environment- involved in daily status/ updates calls, retrospective meetings, regular Sprints scrum methodology.
  • Offshore collaboration, regular demos, experience, scrum stand ups.
  • Testing, verifying and analyzing patients’ health records/ creating patient enrolment/ web application.
  • Testing, Verifying and analyzing health devices/monitors and sensors distribution/ order/ management web application
  • Testing, Verifying, generating and analyzing health monitoring reports on web application
  • Build version upgrades, deployment using JENKINS tool.
  • ROM upgrades on mobile phones.
  • Device Quarantine application testing, UDI labelling application, device tracker app, device handler app, COMBI app.
  • Creating scripts and running automation tests using Smart Bear test complete.
  • Selenium automation basic scripting and running tests.

Mobile/ Web Application Manual/ Automation Tester



  • Performed device testing for Android based applications, User Interface as well as functional testing in a casual Agile environment.
  • Performed manual/automated testing for web views and native device views for android applications.
  • Performed manual/automated testing on device features like notifications, location services.
  • Performed mobile web application features testing on devices android and tablets and reported issues and tracked using JIRA and bit bucket.
  • Worked in an informal agile environment with 2 weeks sprint, scrum methodology, attended weekly and ad hock scrum meetings and retrospective meetings.
  • Reviewed the requirements documents and Design Document with project to understand requirements and prepare test strategy and test cases.
  • Designed Functional Test Cases based on Use Cases using Microsoft Excel
  • Created test case links in Selenium and used Selenium for automation.
  • Used JIRA and Bit bucket to document issues and to communicate with the project team.
  • Upgraded, Updated and kept a record of devices in regression sheet as well as on a board, noting down software versions, upgrade schedules, important notes about the devices.
  • Upgraded Versions of devices accordingly (Ex: Jellybean, Kit Kat, Lollipop) with regards to instructions from vendors.
  • Prepared translation docs for app and web applications with regards to International business.
  • Experience in using Android SDK tool DDMS API testing-Postman rest client-xml, JSON, TSL handlers

Mobile/ Web Application Manual/Automation Tester



  • Tested mobile devices- phone subscribers retail
  • Retail web and mobile applications testing
  • Created test cases and updated them
  • JIRA, test case, excel sheets
  • Rom upgrades, OS versions
  • Worked in an informal agile environment with 2 weeks sprint, scrum methodology, attended weekly and ad hock scrum meetings and retrospective meetings.

IT trainer

Confidentia l


  • Trained adults and children with regards to Educational Software
  • Kept track of students’ performances and results
  • Presented demos during sales presentations
  • Collaborated with team in terms of sales of Software
  • Prepare creative lessons.

Community Involvement



  • Foster dogs providing them food, shelter and care.
  • Walking and training
  • Attending dog shows when needed
  • Involved in careful selection of adopters

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