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Sr. Performance Engineer Resume



  • 8 Years of experience in Performance testing of web base applications with knowledge of the Internet and related technologies, quality assurance methods and general software development.
  • Expert in all test phases including Performance, Integration, functional, system, regression, platform compatibility, etc
  • Hands on experience in using automated tools like Load Runner, Performance Center, QTP, Test Director, Quality Centre and SharePoint
  • Proficiency in installing Performance Center Controller, Analysis and Generator on Windows platform. Also experienced with performing a separate installation and updating settings for WAN emulation on Load Generators.
  • Performance testing Experience in Web services, Winsock, SAP WEB/GUI, J2EE, Oracle, Mainframes applications by using HTTP/HTML, Web Click &Script, Oracle NCA,TCP/IP Protocol and multiple protocols
  • Experience with creating Vuser scripts, Vuser groups, manual and goal oriented scenarios using LoadRunner and with the use of various performance monitors for load test analysis.
  • Used the various monitoring tools like Wily - Introscope, HP Diagnostics and Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS to keep track of the test performance and identify various bottlenecks.
  • Created Scenarios, Ran tests with IP Spoofing with process and multithreaded environments, analyzed and generated performance reports
  • Extensively involved in performance tuning of application servers such as Weblogic and Tuxedo.
  • Extensively involved in Performance tuning of Web servers such as web sphere.
  • Involved in Performance tuning of database Servers.
  • Strong theoretical and practical experience with various Agile approaches and implementation in a large organization
  • Extensive experience with baseline, benchmark, load, stress, endurance, and capacity testing for performance.
  • Collected the frequency of JVM Heap and Garbage Collection in WebSphere and Weblogic during test.


Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows XP,2003,Windows NT and LinuxTesting Tools: Load Runner, Quick Test Pro, Performance Center, Jmeter, JVM

Languages: C, C++, JAVA/J2EE, VB Scripts, XML, Shell Scripting, Pearl, .NET

Databases: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MS-ACCESS, MySQL

Monitoring Tools: Wily Introscope, Sitescope

Web / Application Servers: Apache, Tomcat, Web logic, Web Sphere, IIS

Methodologies: RUP, Agile, Waterfall

Project Management /Analysis: MS Project, MS Visio, Clear Quest, Rational Requisite Pro, UML


Confidential, CA

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Reviewed Business Requirements and Involved in preparation of Test plans.
  • Designed best-in-class performance testing approaches and plans for enterprise-wide projects.
  • Tested performance using tools such as Silk Performer and Performance Center using web, SAP GUI, Oracle NCA protocols.
  • Worked closely with application development, architecture, infrastructure, and engineering groups for performance testing and application analysis initiatives to define success criteria and evaluation methodologies.
  • Analyzed various graphs generated by Performance Center Analyzer including Database Monitors, Network Monitor graphs, User Graphs, Error Graphs, Transaction graphs and Web Server Resource Graphs.
  • Assisted project team members with infrastructure and application performance monitoring and analysis.
  • Evaluated overall system capacity during end-to-end load tests.
  • Executed the UNIX commands and scripts in Putty.
  • Performed Smoke, Integration, Regression and System testing.
  • Developed Performance Center test scripts independently according to test requirements.
  • Worked closely with the test management team to establish performance testing criteria.
  • Provided insight into performance bottlenecks leveraging a variety of skills and tool sets on multiple platforms.
  • Established a strong presence as a change agent providing innovative, effective, and efficient Performance Management practices and solutions.
  • Prepared the scripts in VuGen based on business scenarios.
  • Configured and installed VuGen, Analysis engine and LR Agent.
  • Using Quality Center saved the Scripts, Scenarios and Results and prepared Load modeling sheet for running the Scenarios.
  • Ensured overall quality & schedule adherence for projects/releases within assigned work area.
  • Executed performance test using Client Performance Center and LoadRunner, working with developers, DBAs, server team and architects, monitoring key components the during the test.
  • Delivered Performance center test sets as defined by the scope of work and documented the process.
  • Provided recommendations to the application owner on steps to meet performance goals.

Environment: Performance Center, Oracle, QTP, HTML/HTTP Protocol, Wily Introscope, HP Diagnostics, C, J2EE, HTML, Ajax, XML, Toad, SQL, UNIX, Java, Apache, Tomcat, RUP, Agile Methodology.

Confidential, NJ

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Gathered requirements for generating performance goals and test plans and prepared the test plan independently.
  • Configured and installed VuGen and Analysis engine.
  • Worked in various protocols HTTP/HTML, Web Services, RTE and Oracle etc.
  • Resolved technical issues when interacted with developers and evaluated developer's unit test reports
  • Performed Database testing of SQL and Oracle database running on Windows XP platform.
  • Worked closely with software developers and take an active role in ensuring that the software components meet the highest quality standards.
  • Identified and analyzed different business scenarios and Load Distributions.
  • Extracted data for Load tests by performing SQL queries.
  • Prepared the scripts in VuGen based on business scenarios.
  • Enhanced the scripts by applying different techniques like Correlation, Parameterization & Run-time settings.
  • Using Quality Center saved the Scripts, Scenarios and Results and prepared Load modeling sheet for running the Scenarios.
  • Used Performance Center for SOA testing by creating SOAP request from the validated WSDL file.
  • Launched the Controller with Specified number of Vusers schedule, scenario configuration and running settings configured according to the scenario.
  • Configured scenarios and set up the monitors to capture the performance of the Application servers, Web servers and Database servers using Performance Center
  • Monitored online graphs like Transactions per Second (TPS), Throughput, and Response time at Client side and analyzed after the completion of test.
  • Worked on Performance certification applications for quarterly releases, collected production metrics, Post Impact Analysis, Architectural design evaluations, Application flow analysis, Risk and Requirements Definitions, Test Strategy, LR Scripting, Monitoring Strategy, Test Metrics Collection, Bottleneck Analysis, JVM Tuning, Report, Risks and Mitigation Plans, Production support.
  • Implemented and enforced Load Test & Test Automation policies and procedures using Performance center.
  • Analyzed various graphs generated including Database Monitors, Network Monitor graphs, User Graphs, Error Graphs, Transaction graphs and Web Server Resource Graphs
  • Responsible for Reviews and documentation for reporting the status to the project manager

Environment: Performance Center, Oracle, Wily Introscope, C, Ajax, SQL, Jmeter, QTP, .Net, IIS, MS SQL, Web Sphere, XML, TSO,SQL Server, Web Services, SOAP

Confidential, IL

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Gathered requirements and analyzed various usage statistics like peak hour usage, peak hour volume, transaction data and preparation of various load test scenarios.
  • Designed, executed and analyzed load/stress/performance tests using HP Loadrunner and Winrunner.
  • Worked closely with customer and provide necessary support needed for performance testing and capacity management in System Integrated Environment.
  • Created performance test plans in support of end-to-end system performance evaluation and analysis.
  • Worked in various protocols HTTP, Web Services, and Oracle etc.
  • Handled the entire load/performance testing independently which involves lot of interaction with multiple components - developers, system administrators, DBAs.
  • Prepared work load assumptions document in sync with the existing or projected production usage statistics.
  • Analyzed the test results and prepared various graphs and reports.
  • Analyzed the performance of the application under test under varying loads and concurrent users.
  • Identify the bottlenecks in the application performance, conduct analysis and provide recommendations to management to improve the performance.
  • Installed and troubleshoot Loadrunner servers and agents on the windows servers.
  • Monitored system and collected the various usage charts in terms of CPU utilization, MIPS usage, of the application servers, middle ware and backend servers.
  • Used monitoring tools Sitescope, Introscope, BMC patrol, etc
  • Collected and compiled various usage reports from multiple sources and prepared the final performance analysis report.
  • Produced a final risk assessment showing whether there is a low, moderate, or high risk of the current peak user volume of usage to negatively impact the application’s production infrastructure
  • Researched new tools and test methodologies as needed.
  • Worked independently to support the testing activities for the customer.

Environment: Quality Center, Oracle, QTP, HTML/HTTP Protocol, Wily Introscope, C, J2EE, HTML, Ajax, XML, Oracle, Toad, SQL, PLSQL, UNIX, MS Office, Load runner, Java script.

Confidential, IL

Sr. Performance Engineer


  • Reviewed state specific Business Requirements for each product tested.
  • Utilized various performance tools such as Oracle Enterprise Manager, pmon, nmon, top and weblogic console for monitoring database cluster contention, I/O, User, CPU activities and overall server(s) performance.
  • Responsible for Tuning the Performance of the application on Weblogic.
  • Created virtual users using Vusers Generator and created scenarios to conduct the load test using Load Runner.
  • Regularly updated the Performance Team’s project plan in MS Project after completing major tasks within deadlines and determine contingency plan(s) for other project-related activities.
  • Performed Load and Stress Testing using Load Runner.
  • Performed code review of UNIX shell scripts to derive requirements, test conditions & identify defects
  • Coordinated with the DBAs to effectively monitor the performance of test databases and help in instructing export/import of specific data tables and schemas relevant to testing
  • Ran SQL queries to cleanup and monitor tables in the test environment as a sanity check for new regression and volume tests
  • Evaluated the reliability, performance and scalability of Secure Proxy Server under normal and high load scenarios.
  • Parameterized date values in PL/SQL packages and procedures to simulate end-to-end processing in a production-like environment.
  • Performed Backend testing using SQL Queries.
  • Authored and maintained extensive Documentation related to several processes involved in testing.
  • Provided the Project Test Summary document for all projects, explaining the major activities performed, the list of defects found and the assumptions made on the project.

Environment: QTP, Quality Center, C#, ASP.NET, .NET Framework, Oracle, TSO,SQL Server, Web Services, SOAP, XML, DB2, CICS, COBOL, Agile Development(SCRUM) Methodology

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