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Senior Product Owner/analyst Resume

Milan, IL


  • Seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of progressive experience as Developer, Technical Lead, and Agile PM with primary technology expertise on IBM Mainframe based systems
  • Hands on experience on COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS and VSAM
  • Substantial experience working with designing CICS and .Net WebServices using both SOAP and Restful API endpoints to enable interfacing legacy mainframe systems either with a web based front end or any other external systems
  • Good experience on all phases of SDLC, namely Requirement Analysis, High Level Design, Writing technical specification, Build, Code review, System and Integration Testing and Production Support
  • Extensive experience in mainframe modernization and COTS replacement efforts across multiple industries including but not limited to system analysis, reverse engineering, business logic extraction, rehosting/replatforming legacy systems, web enabling mainframe systems and packaged solutions implementations
  • Substantial Onshore/Offshore coordination experience, coordinating between business users, development teams and testing teams from multiple vendor companies and multiple offshore sites (India, China, Mexico and Philipines).
  • Good knowledge of CMM level 5 practices agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban. Prior experience includes Rational Unified process(RUP), Six sigma and Lean development methodology
  • Certified Scrum Master and Agile enthusiast. Very active in the local agile user groups. Enxtensive experience as Scrum Master, Product Owner and representing teams at Scrum of Scrums (Uber Scrum Master). Working towards CSP certification
  • Domain knowledge includes extensive Healthcare, Banking, Criminal Justice and Brokerage
  • Healthcare Insurance experience with major clients like Confidential and Confidential of Upstate New York, Confidential of Georgia
  • Worked on several Healthcare insurance systems namely claims processing, billing, COB, HIPAA EDI transactions, NPI (National provider identification), Medicare and payor systems
  • Extensive project management experience that includes defining scope, estimate, project planning, resource allocation, tracking, status reporting, risk identification and mitigation planning, change control, defect prevention activities, client billing and appraisals.


Platform: IBM Mainframe, Windows, Linux

OS: OS390, MVS, Microfocus NetExpress, Microsoft Visual Studio

Languages: COBOL, Assembler, C#, .Net, ASP, VB .Net, Javascript, XML,WSDL, JSON, JAVA

Webservices: Soap and Restful CICS and .Net webservices

Query Languages: SQL, PL/SQL

Databases: DB2, DATACOM, IMS, VSAM, Adabas, IDMS, Oracle, Oracle No SQL DB, SQL Server, Netezza


Analytics/ETL: SAS Enterprise guide and Data Integration Studio, Informatica, SQDATA

Reporting: SAS, EZtrieve, QUIKJOB, SORT, FOCUS, Business Objects

Mainframe: Endevour, Changeman, File - Aid,File Manager, Xpeditor, OPC, CA-7, Abend Aid, ESP, ControlM

Testing: Postman, SoapUI, RQM, ClearQuest, Quality Center

Requirements: Requisite Pro, RQM, VISIO

Rengineering: SEEC and RELATIVITY

Middleware: MQ Series, Websphere MQ, Webservices

Data Transfer: FTP, NDM

PM Tools: MS Project, IPM+ (Infosys internal)

Agile ALM tools: Rally, RTC, Jira with GH, TFS



Senior Product Owner/Analyst

  • Product Owner/lead analyst for the Sales technology and business enabling applications for the Fidelity Intermediary/Advisory business unit
  • Key initiatives worked upon included migration of Fidelity’s transfer agent platform from inhouse legacy system to industry standard product and the associated workflow management tool
  • Inhouse transfer agent was a mainframe based system, the sales tech apps are built on the .Net framework with Oracle backend with systems talking to each other using SOAP services
  • Identified the integration points with the new product and defined Restful services to interact with the new transfer agent and worked towards migrating several legacy Soap services to Restful end points
  • Decoded and extracted the business rules out of the current transfer agent system within COBOL programs, CICS webservices and DB2 stored procs to help document the current state
  • Go over and analyse the new COTS product to understand and bridge the gap between As Is and To be state
  • Plan for infrastructure and security considerations when consuming Web services from the external vendor
  • Work with enterprise security group to define the role based Auth contexts for external Rest services and SAML token for Soap services
  • Led a multi skill set team consisting of .Net and Mainframe resources


Tech Lead

  • Lead efforts of three developers to document the as is state of Jail Management System funtionalilities written in COBOL, Assembler, CICS, IMS Natural and ADABAS to be transitioned to the new OSSI JMS COTS product
  • Analyze the future state with the help of customers (Sheriff’s office, in this case) and the vendor to understand the new product and fill in the gaps
  • Fit Gap analysis to identify how the new COTS product need to be customized to meet the Confidential needs
  • Develop data mapping documents between Mainframe IJIS data and the new OSSI DB
  • Ensuring that the data from mainframe required for interfacing with the new jail system is present in Oracle data repository and the two are in synch
  • Develop specs to convert mainframe COBOL code outside of the JMS, like courts and country clerks to access Jail data via Stored procedures invoked with webservices running against SQL Server
  • Define XML schemas for SOAP services to pass information between legacy systems and the new OSSI JMS system developed using .Net framework
  • Develop strategies to mitigate risks and issues that might arise with the new JMS system going live
  • Prepared resource plan adhering to allotted budget
  • Educated the team about Agile principles and practices.

Confidential, Milan,IL

Project Lead and Manager

  • FM Support Leading a 8 member team that supports the Parts Accounting Group. Resposible for 24*7 production support of Invoice, Inventory and Order management systems. Followed Scrum methodology and later switched to KANBAN considering the adhoc nature of a support project
  • Responsible for meeting the reporting needs of the Parts Accounting group for audit and taxation purposes. Primary technologies COBOL, Assembler,IDMS JCL, DB2, VSAM, IMS DB/ DC, Eztrieve and SAS. Change management tool used is Endeavour.
  • Extensive project coordination that involved offshore team members from Mexico and India
  • Led efforts to develop a Proof of Concept to migrate the customer master DB for John Deere financial in DATACOM to DB2
  • Project management using RALLY. Played the role of SCRUM master for Master data management team that was responsible for customer master data management. The project involved ensuring data quality, developing new data interfaces to the datawarehouse, updating data from external data feeds (like external survey, internal sources from various groups) and ETLs for integrating data from other sources. The primary technology was COBOL, JCL and DB2 and ETLs were written in Informatica


Onsite Systems Analyst

  • Developing data dictionary for Utica claims processing system where data was on IMS and DB2 using EZtrive for VSAM, DB2 and IMS data sources
  • Data mapping to transfer claims on legacy LRSP system to Facets to convert data into ASCII 841 format and developing programs in COBOL and JCLs to convert the member data into 841 file and loading on to FACETS.
  • Worked on system enhancements for ITS (Interplan Teleprocessing System) claims, modified several CICS screens and transactions for ITS support
  • Enhancement requests related to Coordination of Benefits (COB) involving IMS DB/DC, COBOL and JCL
  • Worked on enhancements to the billing strategies of indemnity claims
  • Initiated the analysis for ICD 9 to ICD 10 changes needed to the legacy claims processing CICS screens and batch jobs
  • Perform Impact analysis and provide solution and risk mitigation plans for actual migration
  • Preparation and presentation of strategy document to client senior management team


Technology Lead

  • Key initiative delivered included to changes in COB (Coordination of Benefits) with Medicare Advantage (Medicare part C) as primary insurer and spousal health coverage as secondary insurer
  • Managed a large migration project to transfer claims processing done on various systems to FACETS product. Claims systems were scattered across various legacy platforms involving technologies like COBOL/CICS/DB2/IMS DB, DC, PL1, Natural and Adabas. Provided data mapping from various systems to Facets. Project involved multiple vendors for various phases and coordination from FACETs product support team.
  • Led a 6 member team in re-hosting various applications on mainframes to Miocrofocus UNIX environment. (Netexpress)
  • Re-engineered various components coded in languages like MarkV and Assembler, not supported on Microfocus to Microfocus COBOL with IMS DB/DC calls
  • Replaced DATACOM with COBOL interfaces to COBOL-DB2 statements on Microfocus
  • Extracting business rules using tools like SEEC and Relativity.
  • Developed POCs for migrating Mainframe codes to .Net framework using business rules extraction techniques and grouping the logic into Model, View, Controller format to support SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)


Project Lead

  • Project management activities like Project Planning and estimation, allocation of resources and tracking task progress, reviews, raising invoice for the customer, identifying and classifying risks and risk mitigation planning, preparing metrics and milestone reports and overall delivery responsibility.
  • Provided Production support using job monitoring tool OPC and later moved to CA-7. Bug fixing for code in COBOL, Assembler, DB2, IMS DB, JCL, IMS DC and Adhoc reporting using FOCUS, SAS.
  • Worked on Minor and Major enhancements and new programs in COBOL, Assembler, IMS DB/DC, JCL and VSAM for Cyber, Universal Life and Annuities systems.
  • Worked on automating batch cycles in test environment using REXX, CLIST, PANELS, ISPF and SKELS and developed various tools and utilities on mainframes.
  • Managed a Mainframe to Java reengineering project MQ Series was used as middleware.
  • Piloted the use of SEEC and RELATIVITY in the account for extracting business rules.
  • Suggest solutions to increase the productivity. Identified opportunities for usage of tools or reusing of code and documents. Part of a large project to cut IT costs by 1M per yea, by developing strategies like replacing File aid with SORT etc, to reduce the CPU time and memory



  • Worked on the Business requirements elicitation, Estimation, High level Design, Coding and Code review phases.
  • Interfaced with various business stakeholders for eliciting business requirements.
  • Interacted with Business Users at client site during the UAT testing phase of the project and fixed QA bugs with low turnaround time.
  • Technical lead for a 13 member team.
  • Key functionalities worked on include LOI (loan origination interface), Customer services, Billing statements and Escrow.
  • SME for MortgageServ product
  • Trained business users on escrow analysis procedure on Mortgageserv product.
  • Enhancements to MortgageServ Product in COBOL, CICS, VSAM, JCL and DB2.
  • Complied with quality processes and standards.
  • Involved in knowledge transfer sessions and team meetings.
  • Has performed daily status reporting onsite.
  • Successfully implemented the application and provided support for the first two weeks of deployment.


EDI Developer

  • Coded as per the technical specifications in COBOL, DB2, JCL and VSAM.
  • Supporting Batch Run for Production and Test cycles using CA-7.
  • Weekly status reporting and communication.
  • Was a part of the defect fixing team during version testing
  • Coded to develop files in x836, x835 and x837

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