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Oms It Production Support Resume

St Petersburg, FloridA


  • Over 12 + Years of strong experience in the field of Information Technology with emphasis on Software Development Life Cycle, Development, Testing and Quality Assurance of various HEALTH CARE, WEB and Utility (Electric and Gas) Domain.
  • Experienced in implementation of different QA methodologies in SDLC.
  • Over 6 + years of experience in Electric and Gas (utility) domain from various version releases, patch releases and supported the clients on cutover / production Go live.
  • Extensively worked with SCADA Electric and Gas Utility clients for production support such as COMED, PGNE, SDGNE, Confidential, National Grid and DT Energy.
  • Extensively worked on Service Oriented Architecture and the Message Logging Tools used for EMF are AXG and Layer 7.
  • Worked on different tools such as SPLUNK, SOAP UI and AXG.
  • Strong knowledge on Utilities that provides Energy such as GAS and ELECTRIC Meters and their Services.
  • Extensively used Mercury Interactive Automated - testing tools such as Virtual User Generator, Quick Test Pro (QTP), and Test Director.
  • Very Strong working knowledge in SQL and PL/SQL language.
  • Extensive working knowledge on MAINFRAME, DB2, CMS, NPPES, PECOS, SUN IDM Applications.
  • Good Working Knowledge in FACETS, CLAIMS processing, benefits, membership and pricing.
  • Expertise in Traceability Matrix, Test Plan, Scenarios and Test Cases based on Business, System Requirements, Use Cases and Detail Design.
  • Testing skills include Black Box and White Box Testing,
  • Extensive knowledge of both Agile and Waterfall methodology for automation and performance testing.
  • Good working knowledge in defining standards and procedures around automation projects.
  • Efficient in delivering tasks, team player with good communication and interpersonal skills.


Testing Tools: Microsoft Test Manager ALM Performance Center 9.2/11.5, VUGEN 9.52/ 11.5

Operating System: Linux MAINFRAME Windows XP(Prof)/NT/2000/Win7/Win10

Language/Tools: MTM TFS ALM Work Load Automation SPLUNK Clear Quest AXG Java (core, RMI, Script) HTML SOAP UI SQL, PL/SQL TOAD Cognos / Report Net FILE AID SPUFI Visual Basic

Database: Oracle 12.0 DB2 MS - Access SQL Server

Applications: SCADA Electric and Gas Distributed SCADA Outage Management System Gas and Electric Meter Service Suite (Field Crew Management) DMS (Distributed Management System) HIPPA Ranger System (Electric) Rx Claims NPPES (National Plan $ Provider Enumeration System) PECOS (Provider enrollment, Chain & Ownership System)


Confidential, St Petersburg, Florida

OMS IT Production Support

  • Worked on all the Production Tickets and Resolution which comes in for 24/7 and Lead Offshore Team.
  • Worked on Various Application such as GE SCADA, Intergraph Dispatcher, Intergraph Mobile Application, Doms Interface, Workload Automation and I Factor.
  • Worked with Customer for any issues on GE SCADA.
  • Worked on issues with the Interface Team for WebSphere MQ.
  • Worked on Scheduling jobs using Informatica and CA Workload Automation Software.
  • Extensively worked with Informatica Power Center for Model build.
  • Worked with business and Vendor for GE SCADA Real time testing and UAT Testing in Stage Environment Before Go Live (Telnav to GE SCADA).
  • Worked on Go Live activity for GE SCADA and played a major role in decision making from OMS IT Production Team.
  • Completed all maintenance activities up to date for Server, GIS and IFactor.

Environment: Intergraph, WebSphere, .Net, TFS, CA Workload Automation, GE SCADA, Doms, Informatica, Win Server, Toad, Jira, Piccaso, Smart IT and OMSR.

Confidential, Sugarland, Texas

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Worked in Sprint Team / Agile Environment and delivered all the deliverables on time for each releases.
  • Strong Experience and Knowledge on all the Confidential Products such as DMS, OMS, Netcadops, SCADA and DERMS (integrated with Embala).
  • Extensively worked on Test Case creation, Test Data setup, Test Execution, Environment issues, Exit Reports for any new releases and new functionalities.
  • Worked closely with Confidential Clients for any maintenance issues and resolutions for Testing and Defect Management.
  • Worked closely with the Automation team for Script creation and Test Execution.
  • Created all the Requirement Traceability and Test Coverage for the overall scope of the Project in ALM and Test Manager (MTM).
  • Extensively worked on finding root cause of the defect and log the defect in defect tracking tools such as Clear Quest and TFS (Team Foundation Server) for different functionalities.
  • Created Test Plan, Traceability metrics, Test Procedures, Test Cases and Exit Reports for different Releases.
  • Wrote complex queries in SQL Developer for backend verification
  • Worked on E2E Testing with all the integrated components such as Ormap / PSE, OMI, SCADA, Netcadops, Service Suite, AMI (Simulator) and Embala (DERs).
  • Worked closely with cross teams across Confidential .
  • Worked on Confidence Testing, Regression Testing, Integration Testing, End 2 End Testing, Performance Testing and Regression Testing.

Environment: Linux 6.2, SAP, .Net, MTM, TFS, Version one, Jenkins, Clear Quest, ALM, Java, SharePoint, Oracle.

Confidential, Houston, Texas

Sr. Software Engineer

  • Very Good understanding of the overall ADMS Project and its functionalities.
  • Worked closely with Vendor - Confidential, on all the Products, Testing and Defect Management.
  • Created the Performance monitoring Graphs for the QA Team in HPQC Dashboard.
  • Worked with control management for ADMS cutover, tested the SCADA integration with Ormap.
  • Applications worked on for testing includes, DMS, DSCADA, Service Suite - Dispatch Application, Service Suite - Mobile Application, Focal Point, AMS, GIS, Outage Management System and Netcadops.
  • Created Test Plan and Test Procedures for the Outage Management Life Cycle.
  • Worked closely with AMS Developer’s for PON/PRN Processing and ADMS Web UI testing (meter Ping ), for ADMS Services.
  • Worked on E2E Testing from Outage creation to completion from various Source such as AMS (PON/PRN), TFCC, IVR, NETCADOPS, DMS and SCADA.
  • Worked on validating GIS System on Tracking the Outages from creation and completion.
  • Worked on Validating the PAS Application for ADMS Services.
  • Supported CNP developers for Inside Trouble and MQ Server Application integration and Testing.
  • Reviewed and worked on FAT and Baseline Testing in Vendor Location and reported the bugs before the Releases.
  • Wrote Complex SQL queries to pull out the records from Oracle Database.

Environment: Linux 6.2, SAP, .Net, IVR, Main Frame, Unix, Quality Center ALM, Java, SharePoint, Oracle.


Sr. Software Engineer / Team Lead

  • Created Test Strategy, Test Metrics, Traceability Matrix and Test Cases for Ranger Electric System.
  • Reviewed and worked on String Testing and System Testing.
  • Supported End to End, System Analyst, User Acceptance Testing and Performance Testing Teams.
  • Completed all the Test Deliverables on time.
  • Performed preventive maintenance, modify code, displays, develop custom scripts and provide hot fix for Ranger System.
  • Extensively worked on Smart Meters and tested various applications developed for the client.
  • Worked on SPLUNK to check the Request and Response Logs, Any Error Situation debugs the Problem and assigns it to the concern Developer with XML Logs.
  • String Testing was conducted using SOAP UI, AXG, SPLUNK
  • Worked on Performance Center 11.5 and VUGEN 11.5.
  • All the Testing Efforts was successfully delivered on time in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Portal Frame work was developed in Java and Main Frame. The Web Service was distributed among AXG and Layer7.
  • Wrote Complex SQL queries to pull out the records from Oracle and DB2 Database.

Environment: Main Frame, Java, DB2, Oracle, SOAP UI, Layer 7, EMF, AXG, SORT System, Spelunk, QC 11.0, Performance Center 11.5.

Confidential, Columbia, MD

Sr. Programmer Analyst

  • I have been the point of contact for the R&S GUI team for all issues on Testing.
  • Created Data driven tests, reviewed and executed test cases in QC.
  • Extensively worked on CMS Portal for testing different applications:
  • Medicare and Medicaid for Eligible ProfessionalsMedicaid, Medicare and Dual Eligible (Medicare and Medicaid) for Eligible Hospitals.
  • Validated Front end data’s with the NLR Database.
  • Developed and executed different SQL Queries and retrieved data’s from the NLR Database to prepare the Evidence files.
  • Worked on testing the Eligible Professionals and Eligible Hospitals Information in the NPPES and PECOS Application.
  • Participated in the defect tracking process and tracked defects in QC.
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis, Developed Test Cases and Scenarios in QC.
  • Supported System, Integration and Deployment Test Planning and Test Execution for all development efforts.
  • Responsible for maintaining document template libraries and internal project documentation.
  • Interacting with all levels of the organization.
  • Manages verification and validation activities for all Production modifications including projects, releases, and changes. Assessment of quality based results verification and validation and making appropriate recommendations.
  • Functional responsibilities included performing Smoke Testing, GUI Testing, System testing, Database testing, Usability testing, IST Testing, Security testing, Interface testing and Regression Testing.
  • Attended the meetings and walkthroughs with CMS, development team and BA’s for the application work flows issues, new release and updates.
  • Worked and tested with different Payment methods such as EFT and CHECK for Eligible Professional and Eligible Hospitals EP Screen and joined different tables to retrieve information from NLR database on each specific cases.
  • Validated End-to-end testing on Medicare and Medicaid EHR Incentive Program Registration and Attestation System for Dual Eligible Hospital and Verified C5 XML record is sent to the affiliated state after a successful Registration and Attestation and tracked the data is updated in the NLR Database; also retrieved the data from the NLR Database using complex queries.
  • Validated the Metadata changes and database schema changes during production roll-out.
  • Supported QA Team engaged in all facets of quality control within demanding 24x7 Environment.

Environment: NPPES, PECOS, CMS, Quick Test Pro 9.5, MAINFRAME DB2, Oracle, Quality Center 10.0, Java Script, Java, J2EE, JSP servlets, JDBC, HTML, DHTML, XML Java/J2EE Win API, Windows NT/2000 & Oracle 8i, Unix.

Confidential, South Plain Field, New Jersey

Sr. Programmer / Cognos Developer


  • Involved in gathering Business Requirements for New models.
  • Interacted with Development and Management Teams.
  • Provided Technical Assistance to Developers.
  • Built models using Framework Manager a tool of Report Net
  • Involved in Testing and Exploring Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Developed standard Templates
  • Developed Standard Reports, Charts, Drill Through Reports, Master Detail Reports, Bursting Reports and Multilingual Reports Using Report Studio and Query Studio.
  • Query Optimization.
  • Created Query Prompts, calculations, Conditions & Filters.
  • Developed Prompt pages and Conditional Variables
  • Created New Jobs using Cognos Connection.
  • Scheduled and Distributed Reports through Schedule Management in Cognos Connection.
  • Maintained Files through File Management.
  • Tested and improved Report Performance.
  • Created Query Prompts, calculations, Conditions & Filters
  • Published Reports using Report Studio and Query Studio
  • Used Stored Procedure to build complex query.
  • Developed Catalog definition, design, presentation and user class security.
  • Installation and Implementation of Impromptu and PowerPlay tools.
  • Implemented Impromptu reports and PowerPlay cubes using multiple queries.
  • Filtration, cleansing of data in Oracle for use by COGNOS Tools. Work involved writing complex SQL Queries for data filtration and extraction.
  • Created dimension maps for transformer, established all dimension hierarchies, designed special categories, calculated measures and special time categories.
  • Monitored end users in the working of Impromptu and Power Play.
  • Transferred technical knowledge specific to Cognos tools and the existing data model to other team members.
  • PowerPlay
  • Designed models by mapping business needs using PowerPlay Transformer and created multi dimensional cubes, cube groups, PowerPlay reports
  • Decreased the Cube build times drastically and increased runtime performance.
  • Implemented security and granted privileges according to user classes using Access Manager.

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