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Quality Test Engineer Resume

New, JerseY



Nov. 2008 - Dec., 2009 Confidential,Quality Test Engineer II & Linux Administrator - RCR Project
Real-Time Customer Repository project to migrate customer data and mitigate the expense of customer record queries from IBM mainframes. Coordinated with the production RCR team and oracle dba on all upgrade aspects of both platforms. Upgraded/condensed 5 server cluster to two servers - both for production and test. These systems ran oracle 10g and RedHat Linux 5.4. and Weblogic 9.1.

June 2002 - Oct. 2008 Confidential,Application Maintenance II - Qwest Internal Service Representative Call Routing Application FESR (Front End Screen & Route) project
Managed a cluster of servers for load balancing and DSS for all customer calls on Sequent (8 core) cluster with HP (gui) and linux (pass-through) servers with oracle 8. These servers were fed in real time by 30 HP and Sun Unix tracking servers attached to telephony switches, oracle system providedreal time load balancing to least busy call group. Application then routed calls on the vru. Upgraded platform for new area codes, new service groups, etc. Created over 90 perl & shell scripts for Tier I group to verify balancing of call volumes by city/call reason etc. to troubleshoot problems in the system. Composed reports with Business Objects for client data mining and government mandates.

March 1998 - May 2002 Confidential,Application & Data Maintenance - Call Management Service Center
Our team maintained and upgraded 56 Voice Response Unix (UnixWare by Novell) machines from Avaya that ran voice scripts when customers called for Repair or Billing or Small Business etc. offices. These servers in 10 cities used oracle 7.3 and Novell Unixware. Team converted platform to Intervoice-Brite VRU\'s running XP. Also assisted in maintenance of Sun and HP Unix Servers feeding into the FESR server.

Aug. 1994 - Feb. 1998 Confidential, Server Maintenance for Denver Megacenter
Upgraded and maintained Sun, HP, MIPS and SGI servers feeding X-terminals; server room had approximately 70 servers with 15 applications. Service representative positions later converted to PC\'s with eXceed and Netscape. Systems used NIS and NFS.

June 1989 - July 1994 Confidential,Distributed Systems and Operations Maintenance
Our group remotely managed USWest Megacenter servers in 10 cities before becoming de-centralized. The group also acted as a help desk for on-site tier 0 operations personnel. I was selected to implement a project to deploy HP OpenView for all DSOM operations teams so they could monitor their server rooms, printers, routers, Ungermann-Bass repeaters and monitor the mainframes’ SNA gateways that served the data. Trained USWest personnel at \'The Bridge.\'

July 1986 - May 1989 Confidential,HP-UX & Lan Administrator C-Link Pilot Project
Member of a team of 4 that installed & maintained servers and network equipment for a pilot project as US West converted from \'black boxes\' which the service representatives used linked on SNA and bisync lines to HP diskless nodes run by a cluster of servers. Monitored for troubleshooting purposes LAN and SNA traffic with multiple different analyzers.

Oct 1983 - April 1986 Confidential,Maintenance Engineer
Design and Deploy Operator Terminals
Worked for an unregulated division of US West that was replacing $23,000 300 baud toll operator terminals with PC\'s. Units had one or two voice cards. Participated in a Bellcore sponsored Toll and DA operator ergonomics trial for 4 months in Van Nuys California. Designed a card to switch on keyboard command between two different voice cards attached to two different switches. Designed cards to interface to 1e switch for Bell Canada. Supervised token ring and voice/modem wiring at operator sites in Bell South. Designed a box to test wiring harnesses for operator terminal

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