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Test Engineer Resume

Raleigh, NC


A resourceful and innovative software development/test engineer, with experience in many aspects of the software development/test process including:

  • Protocols: 802.3ad (LAG), STP, RSTP, MST, MPLS, ADSL, SIP, TCP/IP, GARP, VLAN, NDIS, SNMP, BFD, VRRP, ECMP, DiffServ, IPV6, OSPF, OSPFv3, Tunneling (GRE, v6inv4), Server Load Balancing, SSH.
  • Languages: C, C++, Assembler(Intel), Tcl, Expect, Linux shell scripting, XML, Perl, Python
  • Tools: ClearCase, ClearQuest, Ixia (IxExplorer, IxNetwork, IxLoad), Spirent (SmartBits)
  • Process: Project Leadership, Software Design/Development/Test
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, Unix, VxWorks, Cisco IOS, Juniper JUNOS


Developed and Maintained a Large Automated Test Platform
Contributed to the development and maintenance of a large test suite for router testing. Based on Linux/Tcl/Expect, with some Perl and Python, this test system ran a nightly test consisting of over 500 test scripts, organized into 34 test suites, each dedicated to a particular router protocol or function. Each suite configured a different network topology consisting of routers (Cisco, Juniper), switches (Extreme, Cisco), and traffic generators (Spirent, Ixia). I became the owner of this system, scheduled its nightly runs and analyzed/debugged results each morning. I also moved this entire system twice to different physical platforms, one remotely from Raleigh for Boulder.

Coordinated Router Testing between Stockholm/Raleigh
Located in Stockholm for seven weeks to improve communication and coordinate problem resolution between Raleigh ISER (Integrated Site Edge Router) test group and Stockholm's IS (Integrated Site) I&V group. What was originally a two week trip evolved into seven because of the significant improvement of communication due to my work there.

Directed a Group of Five Interns in the Automation of Function Test for Router Product
While executing manual function testing on a number of areas, I simultaneously directed a group of five interns in the automation of Function Test for a router product, covering DiffServ, OSPF, IPV6 and other functional areas. Tcl and Expect were the main tools used.

Link Aggregation (LAG) (802.3ad) Protocol Development
Designed and implemented an 802.3ad protocol module for an Ethernet Access platform. This included the maintenance of interface layers above the aggregated link, such as IP and MPLS.

Windows NDIS Miniport Driver for ADSL NIC
Project leader for the development of an NDIS 5.0 Miniport for an ADSL NIC, supporting Native ATM and RFC1483. Directed the development of the peripheral utilities supporting the NIC, including the GUI diagnostics and the Install/Uninstall application.


Confidential Raleigh, NC 2004 to 2009
Senior Software Development/Test Engineer

Worked in the Function and System Test groups on manual and automated testing on: SNMP, BFD, VRRP, ECMP, DiffServ, IPV6, OSPF, OSPFv3, Tunneling (GRE, v6inv4), Server Load Balancing, and SSH.

Confidential Triangle Park, NC 2001 to 2003
Senior Software Engineer

Worked in the Applications and Protocols group responsible for system services pertaining to interfaces and connections, and the configuration of the Network Processor. My responsibilities included the development of the Link Aggregation and STP modules.

Confidential Research Triangle Park, NC 2000 to 2001
Senior Software Engineer

Ported and maintained ATM Signalling Stack/ILMI redundancy software onto an Access Server Platform. Developed various SIP functions for Cisco router and ATM System platforms.

Confidential Raleigh, NC 1998 to 2000
Software Project Leader

Project leader for the development of an NDIS Miniport Driver for an ADSL NIC. This involved architectural direction, development methodology, and the day to day management of 6 team members. Responsibilities also included recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and logistic provisioning for the entire design center (20+ people).

Confidential Morrisville, NC 1997 to 1998
Senior Software Engineer

Planned, designed, and implemented an ATM connection module for an Internet ATM access platform. Provided technical leadership and consultation for the ATM group.

Confidential Triangle Park, NC 1995 to 1997
Senior Software Engineer

Planned, designed, and implemented ATM software for the data analyzer platform. Chief responsibilities included working with marketing to develop a strategic plan for ATM extended function.

Confidential Triangle Park, NC 1983 to 1995
Advisory Programmer

Designed, implemented and supported software for various IBM communications related products including:
IBM Token-Ring Adapter - Internal Tools Development
IBM 3172 Communications Controller - Lead Developer and Software Design


Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.S.) Computer Science.

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