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Qa Analyst Resume


  • Four years Five months of experience in Software Development and Manual Testing of Web based and Client Server Applications
  • Expertise the software developing in Java,Servlet,Jsp,Struts2.0,GWT and AppEngine, MySQL Server
  • Worked in a team and individually on projects successfully


  • Worked as a QA Analyst for Confidential , Chennai, India since Sept 2010 to May 2012
  • Worked as a Java Developer for Confidential, Bangalore, India since Oct 2009 to Aug 2010
  • Worked as a Java Developer for Confidential, Bangalore, India since Jan 2007 to Dec 2008.

MCA (Master Of Computer Application) 2005
Aggregated Percentage: 72

B.Sc (Computer Science)2002
Aggregated Percentage: 60


  • Language : JAVA
  • Framework : Struts 2.0
  • Web Tier : HTML, XML, JavaScript
  • Middle Tier : JNDI, EJB
  • Server : Apache Tomcat 6.0,JBOSS-4.0.5
  • RDBMS : Oracle8i, MySQL 5.0
  • APIs : Servlet, JSP


Completed International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) certification in 2011.


Responsibilities :

Played a lead role for Confidential applications and also involed in execution phase of the applications in production check out.

  • Review test strategy and test plan.
  • Review of the test cases for requirement.
  • Integrating the test scripts written for individual units.
  • Analyze and write detailed specifications and Test Requirements
  • Review the written Test scripts and functions wherever necessary for various units of the business modules.
  • Effective coordination between development team and testing team. .
  • Interaction with the Client to get the exact business knowlegde.
  • Handled Smoke , System, Regression Testing is done for the project and Automation scripts is done for the Release level Regression Component.
  • Verified the Production check is made after completion of Testing
  • Transferred the business knowledge to the team.

SFE: The Provider Smart Front-End tool is a web enabled user interface to maintain EPDB.This is a simplified view of Aetna\'s Enterprise Provider Data System (EPDB) that allows users to easily review provider data and submit changes through online. This tool is used by Aetna\'s Provider Call Centers, Local Market Staff including Provider Relations, Regional Network staff, Claims Processors and Service Consultants for all Segments

Client : Confidential
Role : QA Analyst
Team Size : Five
Configuration Tool : HP Quality Center
Duration : Oct 11- May 12

APMCAS: APMCAS receives member, benefit, provider & group information from RXSY, the backbone system. It also interacts with other systems like Rx HMO, AECCLAIMS and ACAS.There are various system edits that are performed when a claim is submitted for a member. The claim passes only if all the edits are passed. If one edit fails then the claim rejects with an appropriate reject code. APMCAS encompasses all the member related information right from the customer level.

Client : Confidential
Role : QA Analyst
Team Size : Ten
Configuration Tool : HP Quality Center
Operating System : UNIX
Duration : Sept 10- Aug 11

Achievements :

Got apreciations from Confidential for 0 % defect in post production critical issues of a Medicare projetct within a limited resource, time and knowledge of the Business requirments.



Involved in the Development phase of the project. Bug fixing and Documentation of development work is done

  • Coordination with Client team for Technical and Functional clarifications for Design Document.
  • With the help of Design Document write Test Scripts and Test Plan for the module and after the review of documentation from onsite, Code is written for module and build the code in the Client Server and check the module in Mock Screen.
  • Junit testcases are written and tested and also the test data is taken.
  • Transferred the business and technical knowledge to the team.

Confidential : Confidential is pre-loaded with the latest NAEYC standards and criteria. It is informative to both parents and fellow teachers, and an invaluable tool that helps the Educational Director, document and track each child\'s accomplishments.And also enables extended family to share in their grandchild\'s educational experiences, connecting school and home in a unique way

Client : Confidential
Team Size : Two
Technologies : Java, GWT, Appengine
Duration : Oct 09 - till date

Confidential: This is a Web Application project developed for marketing department which consists of two major parts, Administrator Module and User Module. Administrator creates Users. Roles were assigned for different Users by administrator and also Category, Subcategory and Mail server. User Module has Dashboard which displays the Company Information.

Client : Confidential
Team Size : Seven
Technologies : Servlet 2.4, JSP 2.0, Struts2.0 and EJB 3.0, MySQL 5.0, JavaScript,
Jboss 4.2.2 Server, Eclipse 3.2
Duration : Apr 08 - Dec 08

Project Vault : This project is a "Practical project Data Management Solution" for Engineers, Architects and Project Managers, or anyone involved in maintaining "Project Related Information. ProjectVault eliminates the problem of scattered of project data within organizations and also ensures that project data is easily accessible and securely managed from a single location.

Client : Confidential
Team Size : Six
Technologies : Linux , Servlets,Jsp,EJB 3.0 and struts1.0, Jboss 4.0.4,MySQL
Duration : Dec 07 - Mar 08

Confidential : This project is used to create online Question and Answer Sessions. The IQAROS Online editor allows customer to quickly create IQAROS topic files, session files and poll files. This project helps the customer to create and test the individual tests.

Client : Confidential
Team Size : Six
Technologies : Servlet 2.4, JSP 2.0, Struts2.0 and EJB 3.0, MySQL 5.0, Jdk-1.6
JavaScript, Jboss 4.2.0 Server, Eclipse 3.2
Duration : Jan 07 to Nov 07

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