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Software Test Engineer Resume

Pittsfield, MA


To obtain a full time position in Software Configuration Management, Software Build and Release Engineer, or Software Test Engineer.Security Clearance: Secret

Work Experience:

Confidential, Pittsfield MA (Jan 2011 – Present)
Senior Engineer – Configuration Management

  • Write CM Checklist, CM Library Description Document, CM and DM Plan
  • Develop and maintains configuration management tools and supports configuration identification, control, reporting, release and delivery of products and systems.
  • Handle the Data Management tasks on regular basis. Remind and collect document from engineers. Review, verify and send out CDRLs to customers.
  • Responsible for CM software build and release tasks
  • Represent CM to attend CCB meetings and Peer Reviews

Confidential, Sudbury MA (Jan 2005 to Nov 2010)
Senior Software Engineer

  • Worked in the Design, Verification & Test(DVT) Team and Software Configuration Management Team of Zumwalt Program (Feb-Nov 2010)
    • Smoke Test for Tier 1 software debugging and testing
    • Write the build script according to Navy\'s requirements
    • Designed and standardized the Code Release structure for software deliveries
    • Write Excel Macro for simplifying the processing of producing different STR and SCR metrics
    • Update Zumwalt STR and SCR metrics and generate Excel charts. Prepare daily, weekly and monthly reports.
    • Was responsible for creation and packaging of software builds for shipment to various test sites at scheduled off-site delivery times.
  • Worked in the Tracker Team of Dual Band Radar (Jul 2009-Jan 2010)
    • Added new capabilities to DBR Tracker according to STRs.
    • Fixed DBR Tracker STRs and regression tests.
    • Modified C++ modules in Active Angle Tracker.
  • Worked in the Software Integration Team of Dual Band Radar (Jan 2005-Jun 2009)
    • Modified Perl Script files to reduce repetitive build processing effort.
    • Developed C++ modules for parsing user inputs and generating commands for the C2E LiteDriver. The C2ELiteDriver is a simulator for module test of the Communications and Control Processing software item.
    • Supported the basic IRUN test in preparation of VSR site testing.
    • Was responsible for the compilation and linking of the DBR software into executables for the various builds to be used by the entire DBR program.
    • Handled all Promotion Requests and determine with the Integration Lead which Promotions are needed, made software integration builds, conducted integration testing and subsystem tests regularly, supported different tests and promoted files into the nightly software build.
    • Maintained and monitored the nightly builds for different build versions; maintain the build warehouse consisting of builds for Build 5, 7 and 9 under AIX 5.1 and 5.3, either fully optimized (for timing analysis) or partially optimized (for integrating and debugging).
    • Updated documentation for integration build process as reference for different Software Item teams.
    • Worked on SW integration build and release
    • Updated process document for each SW Release and make backup SVD and deliver to customer.
    • Generated users’ weekly schedule for the EDM test string and IBM Power 5 systems to maximize system usage.
    • Was responsible for many "cron" jobs that run on various combinations of machines. Kept track and modified the “cron” jobs as necessary to support the current integration priority (deliveries, handovers, etc).

Confidential., Natick MA (1997 – 2004)
Senior Software Engineer (99-04)

  • Developed models for the propagation of transient pressure waves through the lungs using Simulink.
  • Modified code in simulation software “Integrated Unit Simulation System”(IUSS) The IUSS is a constructive force-on-force model for assessing the combat worth of systems and subsystems for both individual and small unit dismounted warriors in high-resolution combat operations.
  • Designed a Nutrition Optimization software “Rational Assessment Selection Program”(RASP) which re-engineered from the Nutrition Evaluation software “Rational Evaluation and Assessment Program (REAP)”
  • Re-designed and modified the customer web page “Warrior System Modernization Strategy (WSMS)”
  • Modified code in analysis software “Casualty Reduction Model” using Visual Fortran
  • Supervised the development of multiple projects as Project Lead

Software Engineer (97-99)

  • Researched and evaluated the approaches of data conversion among different data formats of simulation software packages (CTDB, S1000, OpenFlight etc).
  • Designed and codedthe Database Checker of Terrain Editor using Visual C/C++ 5.0 and MgAPI of Multigen
  • Worked as UNIX Administrator, responsible for software installation, compilation and upgrade of different software such as MODSAF, Matlab, ORCA, TCP-Wrapper, Kerberos, JCATS, MSI (Insight II, Cerius) and performed IMD security check.

Confidential, Framingham MA (1996 –1997)
Software Engineer

  • Developed code for Internet on-line registration product using Visual C/C++ 4.0 on both Window 3.1 and Window 95 and Sybase, dBase IV
  • Wrote software for internal telephone usage and security checking system using Visual C/ C++ 4.0 on Window 95 and Sybase
Computer Related Skills:

Languages:C/C++, Visual C/C++, Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Fortran 5.0
Scripting:TCL/TK, UNIX Script in SGI, VBScript, VBAccess, Front Page, HTML, ASP and JavaScript, MS Excel Macro, Perl Script, Ant, GNU C
Systems:UNIX,Linux,Windows 95\\98\\NT\\2000\\XP
Internet Servers:Internet Information Servers
Database:CodeBase, dBase IV, Microsoft Access
SW Tools:Matlab, Simulink
SW Configuration Tools: ClearCase, iTracker, DOORS, CVS, and Synergy
Automated Build Tools:Make, Maven and Ant
PDM Tools :TeamCenter,


MS in Software Engineering
BS in Computer Science

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