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Senior Quality Analyst Resume

Arlington, TX


Confidential, Arlington, TX
Investor Business Solutions Team
Senior Quality Analyst (June 2011 - Present)
Post Underwriting QC- Writing rebuttals for alleged servicing violations received from GSE’s and private investors. Creating a relevant timeline of events pertinent to the investor’s time frame in question, and gathering all documentation to support findings.
Knowledgeable working with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Servicing Guidelines which aide in writing defenses pertaining to mortgage insurance claims, origination errors, property preservation, foreclosure timelines, title conveyance, hazard insurance claims, and principal reductions. Provide coaching and feedback to researchers associated with each file via score card.

Compensatory Fees- Reviewing all events that have occurred between the foreclosure referral date to foreclosure sale date and highlighting the non-controllable delays as well as reporting the controllable delays. For both job functions, utilizing all relevant job aids including investor guidelines, moratoriums and defenses.
Legal File Review- Reviewing files that are pending litigation for documentation errors prior to being sent to the legal department.

Confidential, Lewisville, TX (Chase Works)
Leading Global Financial Services Firm
Quality Control Analyst (April-2010- April 2011)
Responsibilities include the following:
Manual Letters- Checking all current and modified loan terms for accuracy. Utilizing the appropriate data bases which range from MSP, Agent Desktop, Lenderlive, Fastrieve, and VLS. Verifying that each customer’s personal information, current loan terms, and modified loan terms by matching information available in the correct data base and notating any discrepancy. This encompasses ARM, denial, and option ARM letters in a hardcopy format.
Trial Modifications- Reviewing the unsigned trial modification in Lender live for correct personal information, loan number, payment schedule, first payment due date, note date, and decision the status in the trial mod database.
GMI- QC the portion of the affidavit that covers borrower’s race, gender, and marital status. QC encompasses checking if the affidavit was signed, agent’s name and phone number that gathered the information and notating if information was taken in person or over the phone. Personal information is verified as well.
Signed Countersign- Loan Modification Agreements- Reviewing the unsigned and signed modification agreements for the following:

  • Reviewing the unsigned modification agreement for any unique documents.
  • Validating that the correct version of the modification agreement is being used.
  • Confirming that all signatures match for recorded modification agreements.
  • Verifying that the lenders signature is by an authorized chase agent.
  • Verifying that no data has been altered.
  • Verifying the presence of the flood agreement and if so, that the document has been signed.

Confidential, DFW AIRPORT
Shipping Company
Loader Package Handler (July 2008- Present)

  • Responsible for Scanning packages going to designated locations and loading them on truck.
  • Responsible for maintaining accuracy percentages to meet the company expectations.
  • Responsible for adhering to FAA Safety regulations.

Confidential, DALLAS, TX
Mortgage Loan Officer and Processor (September 2007-October 2008)

  • Responsible for getting new mortgage business from various lead sources.
  • Duties included taking complete 1003, gathering complete income documentation, and pulling credit.
  • Placed borrowers into loan programs that fit Fanny Mae and FHA guidelines and sending completed processed files to corporate office.
  • Completed all conditions for funding.

Confidential, ADDISON, TX
Mortgage Lending Division
Mortgage Loan Processor (April 2007-July 2007)

  • Responsible for processing loans that are referred to us by our affiliated company World Savings.
  • Duties included ordering all appraisals, title commitments, and flood certificates.
  • Made sure income and assets requirements and all outstanding conditions had been met before submission to underwriting.
  • Kept open communication with our customers and loan officers throughout the loan process of any possible program changes or conditions that are required.
  • Set the closing appointments with the customer and title the company, and making sure the customer has seen a copy of the final HUD prior to closing.

Direct Lender
Loan Processor (January 2004- January 2006)

  • Responsible for calculating income, ordering payoff demands, insurance, appraisals, and title commitments.
  • Duties included helping clear title issues, following up on appraisals and any appraisal concerns, and clearing any outstanding conditions outlined by underwriting.
  • Responsible for documenting all activities to maintain the accuracy of the Daily Outstanding Document Report to keep turn times less than 30 days.

Confidential, DALLAS, TX
Senior Processor (October 2002- October 2003)

  • Responsible for processing loans for 10 loan officers.
  • Reviewed all income and assets submitted.
  • Make sure the loan program set up is correctly in the system for all types of loans including those with second liens.
  • Ordered payoff demands, insurance, appraisals, and title commitments. Packing the loans and sending them to the direct lenders for final approval.
  • Cleared all outstanding conditions for funding and setting up closing appointments with the customer and title. Making sure the loan officer has the final HUD prior to closing.

Confidential, TX
Loan Processor (July 2001-October 2002)

  • Responsible for processing FHA and Conventional Loans.
  • Reviewed all income documentation submitted. Ordering all payoff demands, appraisals, and title commitments.
  • Packaged loans and cleared all outstanding conditions for funding.
  • Periodically met with walk in clients to gather documentation and go over loan programs and loan approval.

Confidential, ORANGE, CA
Sub-Prime Lender
Assistant Coordinator/ Loan officer (September 1999-July 2001)

  • Responsible for reviewing income documentation for loan files, ordering an analyzing preliminary title reports and payoff demands.
  • Evaluated credit reports and debt ratio for program eligibility.
  • Submitted loans according to program guidelines.
  • Packaged loan documents and cleared any funding conditions.

Confidential, ONTARIO, CA
Leading Sub Prime Automobile Lender
Collector (February 1997-September 1999)

  • Responsible for collecting charged-off balances on delinquent automobile loans after repossession.
  • Duties included running credit reports to find assets, verifying employment for legal action, preparing mass mailing of settlement and deficiency balance letters, canceling warranty and service contract agreements and submitting insurance claims on vehicles in our possession that were totaled.
  • Responsible for collecting $40,000 plus in charged off balances each month.

Confidential, POMONA, CA
Subsidiary of Household International
Collector (May 1990-February 1997)

  • Responsible for collecting past due payments on delinquent accounts in portfolios ranging from real estate to signature loans, restructuring accounts by placing past due payments on the end of the loan for customers that qualify and soliciting customers for other lines of credit.

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