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System Analyst Resume

South Brunswick, NJ


Innovative and results-oriented leader with excellent communication and UNIX skills, offering more than 10 years of experience in QA Testing. Demonstrated success in increasing efficiency and productivity by working with various areas such as IT operations, leadership, and telecommunication markets; implementing strategic information; and optimizing initial concept through project completion and technology systems solutions. Adept at conducting complete QA Testing, making complete range of software development lifecycle support to development team, and guiding large testing team through different SDLC Agile & waterfall model. Highly skilled in conducting system test of client/server/web software system, as well as providing foresight and direction in planning, generating and testing with passion and commitment to maintaining strong relationships among clients, associates and external contacts for alliances and partnership. Accustomed to leading cross-functional teams and delivering robust, customer-responsive services and projects in deadline-and task-driven environments. Hands on experience in working with


  • Performance Evaluation using Load Runner
  • Diploma in Computer Application - Programming & Programming methodology
  • Understanding Voice over
  • Course on Unix, Data Crown Computer Consultancy
  • Courses on C, C++
  • Course on Computer Concepts & Programming
  • Bachelor’s Degree


  • Performance Management Training Provided
  • Virtual Front Office (VFO)
  • Phased Rapid Implementation Solutions Methodology (PRISM)
  • Effective Communication Skill.


Operating Systems:

Flavor of UNIX including Solaris7, HP-UX and LINUX, WINDOWS(98/2000/NT/Vista), CORBA


C/C++, K-Shell, SQL*PLUS, Perl / CGI, Sed, AWK, HTML, XML (CSS, XPath, XSLT, DOM, SAX, DTD, XML Schema). ASP .NET, Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE), C#, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, XML


Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, Java (Servlets and Applets).


Oracle 8i/9i, MS-SQL Server, MS Access

Testing Tool Software:

Lotus Notes 4.6, MS Office, SCCS, Power Point, MS Project, MS Office 2003, FTP, Telnet, TCP/IP, vi editor, internet, gopher, Lynx, Netscape, MSIE, Rational Clearcase, Bugzilla,Word Perfect, ECIP, EDI, Virtual Front Office (VFO) , PVCS Tracker, Adobe Photoshop, Netcat, Crystal Reports, Loadrunner, QTP,


SUN, HP-UX, IBM PC and compatible


Nov 2006 – Aug 2009

System Analyst and QA Lead
Confidential,South Brunswick, NJ.
Performed Bucket Planning, system implementation and integration for a major global publishing house portal developed in .NET framework and Unix backend servers. Performed in remote / telecommute product testing.
Key Roles:

  • Analyzed the business requirements and developed the Detail Test Plan and the Test Strategy.
  • Prepare Performance Test Strategies and Performance test plan
  • Inserted Transaction and Rendezvous points to calculate transaction response time
  • Wrote Test Cases and Test Scripts for different components of the web application
  • Designing, Reviewing and Executing the Testcases and Scenarios.
  • Debugged the developed VUgen scripts.
  • Functioned as the point-of-contact during the defect tracking process.
  • Trained new team members on the entire remote testing and report verification process.
  • Attended defect resolution meetings with the development teams and worked towards bug resolution
  • Responsible for Performance Testing using LoadRunner 9.1. Created and Executed VUGen scripts with transactions and analyze result for optimal response time.
  • Resposible for parameterization of search strings, word or an article. Etc.
  • Responsible for reporting the response time numbers.
  • Review newly added Test cases and Test Scripts and gave weekly updates of status reports and issues resolved during the week.
  • Performed functional testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, regression and performance testing .
  • Performed regression testing, functional testing integration testing and system testing.

Environment: Manual Testing, LoadRunner, Blackbox, .Net Framework.

June 2003 – Oct 2006

Software Q.A Manager - Cap-Gemini Ernst & Young
Confidential,Sonera Zed, Bridgewater, NJ.

Performed Software System Testing and delivery of a real time rating interface and Back-end testing of various components of WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) application built by ZED on XML to provide WAP Services to provide their customers an interface to selectively purchase and download Ringtones and graphics( Icons) over Nokia 8260 and 5165 respectively through SMP (Smart Messaging Protocol) using the QPASS interface.

Key Roles:

  • Provide Status update, co-ordinate meetings and oversee testing process and execution.
  • Designing, Reviewing and Executing the Testcases and Scenarios.
  • Designing and maintaining the Defect Tracking log for open issues using MS Access.
  • Utilized XML/XSL, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, and JavaScript techniques to register users, validate input, control request handler, collect and manipulate the search data, update the database, and perform Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) data transactions.
  • Performed overall testing for the various components of the WAP application, built by the company, using UP.SDK Software (Simulator Phone).
  • Tested the BED Files (Billing Event Data ) to verify that all the events are transferred from the SMS Pipeline to CCBS (Customer care Billing Services) and are recorded correctly.
  • Testing the QPass Interface (Which acted like a black box) and Helpdesk Interface.
  • Created and processed Quality Assurance metrics utilizing Crystal Reports.
  • End-To-End Testing and verifying the files and Invoices that gets generated through the General Ledger.
  • Used the Openwave phone a PC-based phone simulator. The simulator replicates exactly what a user would experience when accessing the application from a wireless device.
  • Validated reports developed using Crystal Reports.
  • Testing the application using different versions of browsers.
  • Performed functional testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, regression and performance testing .
  • Performed regression testing, functional testing integration testing and system testing.
  • Performed black box (functional test), white box, regression, integration, launch verification testing, System testing (end-to-end testing), user acceptance test (UAT) and Data and Database Integrity Testing, exploratory testing, sanity, Non functional such as: Configuration

Environment: Manual Testing, Java Servlets, Java Script, XML, Oracle Application Server, Windows NT Server

Dec 2002 – April 2003

Project Administrator - Confidential,
Responsible for overall project scheduling, assigning resources, planning and deployment of delivery schedule. Worked closely with development team to allocate resources using MS project and MS access. Co-ordinate meeting with client to schedule deliverables. Reporting Time for the project and keeping track of billable hours. Assembled a team of high-performance QA Engineers, thus reducing project cycle time. Interviewed and hired QA staff for my team.Developed standards for test plans development to provide traceability from marketing Requirements, engineering requirements, problem tickets and specifications. Project scoping and scheduling by use of MS Project and Excel. Established milestones based on measurable criteria. Developed defect trend analysis (DTA). Provided comprehensive Risk Analysis Reports. Organized Post Project Review: This was essentially a “best practices review:” What worked, what didn\'t, what could have been done better. Formal process changes implemented based on agreed-upon conclusions. Central repository of findings, reports and process changes.Beta and Pre-Release Testing Coordination. Developed relations with high-response power-users for testing input. Created input response process with Technical Support, Development, QA and Product Management for processing field input and addressing issues. Guided employees through the various requirements that must be met and maintained in order to ensure customer satisfaction with supporting metrics, continuous improvement. Responsible for training staff in Quality Assurance principles, processes and procedures to provide sound Quality practices towards building and deploying applications and infrastructure. Maintained sensitive information, Crisis Management/Disaster Recovery, Configuration Management, Change Management, Data Management for all documentation

Environmet: Windows, MS Office Suite.

Feb 2001 – Nov 2002

Software Q.A Lead - Cap-Gemini Ernst & Young
Confidential,Piscataway, NJ.

Product Testing PRISM, using Service Gate Exchange Link 4.0 (an interconnection service for Telecommunication service providers) between Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) and Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLECs & PRISM) using Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Product Testing BANDI(Bell Atlantic Network Data, Inc.), using Exchange Link(EL) over Local Service Requests(LSRs) and Access Service Request(ASRs)

Responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing the Business requirements and Change requests provided by the Business.
  • Identifying client\'s need to design User requirements, Test Plan templates and Testcases.
  • Organizing & executing defect meetings with technical team & program management team to analyze the defect status
  • Defects are reported and tracked to closure using Quality center
  • Extensively involved testing the complete functionalities using black box testing, and other testing methodologies
  • Performed user acceptance testing in client location to ensure the system compatibility with the client environment and also requirements coverage.
  • Preparation of Estimation plan, System Test Specifications, Test summary Reports, Testing Status Report and Performing reviews
  • Executing Test Cases using VFO, validating results and writing Test Result Matrix.
  • Provided training to the Telcordia employees on using EL over ASR for product testing.
  • Validated both ILEC\'s and Prism\'s LSR/ASR ordering procedures using Exchange Link.
  • Validated that the LSR/ASR mapping meets ILEC’s standards.
  • Performed successful system test to verify message exchange between ILEC’s
  • Certifying Test results for critical functionality prior to production readiness.
  • Identify and rectified Hardware & software issues on Windows NT environment.
  • Developed the Project Plan and establish critical milestones for the project.
  • Performed functional testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, regression and performance testing .
  • Performed regression testing, functional testing integration testing and system testing.
  • Wrote SQL statements in script to retrieve data from database in order to verify accurate data (like all shipment requests) stored in database as well as back end testing.
  • Produced and enhanced stored procedures and ad hoc queries in SQL.
  • Developing new screens and stored procedures for the Enhancement of the System

Environment: Windows NT, Front End testing, VFO, Exchange Link, EDI, C++, SQL, Store procedure.

April 99 – Jan 2001

Software Q. A. Tester Cap-Gemini Telecommunications – Confidential,
Product testing ECIP, (Electronic Communication Interface Platform) and ECRB (Electronic Communication Request Broker) on and HP-UX platform, testing MRs and creating test template for different test scenarios which is used in simulator to validate user requirements,thus analyzing the results generated in EDI output file.

Responsibilities include:

  • Prepared the master Test Plan for two major releases.
  • Designing and Executing Test Cases writing MR ( Modification Request),
  • Regression testing and running batch jobs for generating daily transaction reports.
  • Use homegrown automation tool (K-Shell Scripts) to expedite System Testing.
  • Deployment, Testing and Technical Support of ECIP maps to production environment.
  • Played the leading role in performing Friendly Test SME, which includes the processing of “test” orders and tracking the output EDI(Electronic Data Interchange files to insure that they were transmitted to, and acknowledged by, the AT&T Trading Partner.
  • Performed black box testing of the application manually.
  • Created test cases manually for testing the entire application (Navigation, Integration, Functionality, and Regression testing).
  • Wrote modification requests for the bugs in the application and helped developers to track the problems and resolve the technical issues.
  • Designed data for interpreting negative/positive results.
  • Prepared test data for positive and negative test scenarios for functional testing.
  • Followed up development team for defect resolution.
  • Performed defect tracking and modification requests through Lotus notes Client.
  • Installed the application builds in QA machines and performed the QA testing by

executing the manual test scripts.

  • Performed functional testing, System testing, Acceptance testing, regression and performance testing .
  • Performed regression testing, functional testing integration testing and system testing.
  • Wrote SQL statements in Script to retrieve data from database in order to verify accurate data stored in database.
  • Writing stored procedures for the generation of various Reports

Environment: Black Box Testing, shell Scripting, Lotus notes Client, Unix, Oracle 8i, EDI,store procedure, sql, C, C++

June 97 – March 99

Software Q. A. Tester Confidential,Piscataway, NJ.
Sub-Contracted out Confidential,Morristown, NJ.

Served as a team member for testing a variety of company’s Client Server software product, which provided powerful solutions for pharmaceutical clients to improve and optimize their sales effectiveness for innovative CRM solutions in Windows platform. Involved in Designing, Reviewing and Executing Test Cases, Develop Test Schedule to coordinate testing of different sub-systems, Writing Bug report for failed test cases.

  • Responsible for Designing, Reviewing and Executing Test Cases.
  • Wrote test plans based on Customer Requirement Document.
  • Develop Test Schedule to coordinate testing of different sub-systems.
  • Designing and maintaining the Defect Tracking log for open issues using BugzillaTracker to centralize bugs and track defects.

Environment: Windows NT, Bugzilla, Clearcase, CRM.

March 96 – April 97

System Tester
Confidential,Guwahati, India.
Tested Revenue/Financial accounting software in a Client/Server environment for State Government of Assam..

  • Responsible for data entry, test scenario execution, defect tracking
  • Running end-of- the day Batch jobs for accounting systems
  • Unix house keeping and running batch jobs.
  • Responsible for the Billing History Database subsystem test team support for RCRMS, Revenue Collection Reporting Management System.
e Experience in application development of Insurance, E-Commerce, Financial, Manufacturing, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Data Transformation, Educational using N-Tier Architecture and Service Oriented Architecture.
  • Wide exposure and experience in Internet advertising and marketing, including web content development, concept design, strategic planning, database designing and implementation.
  • Special emphasis on large-scale projects, information base systems and in-house intranet tools development, entertainment, Financial and business/news oriented consumer directed media.

    .Net Technologies:

    C#.net, VB.net, WPF/Win Forms, Silverlight, WCF,

    ASP.NET (MVC) 2/3, WWF, Ajax, LINQ.


    C#, VB/VB.Net, C/C++, Java, COBOL, Pascal, Ruby, F#, SAP ABAP.

    Test Driven Development Tools:

    N-Unit, N-Ant, N-Cover, Test Driven.Net, Cruise Control.Net, Nmock, Mocq

    Web Technologies:

    JQuery, JSON, ASP, XML/XSLT/SGML, Cold Fusion.

    RAD Tools:

    Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010, Cold Fusion Studio 4.5.

    Databases Technologies:

    SQL Server 7.0/2000/2005/2008, Oracle 7.3/8.1/9/10/11, DB2, MySql.

    Database Utilities:

    Erwin, Oracle Developer (PL/SQL, Forms & Reports), Red Gate.

    Rules Engine:

    Corticon Rules Engine, Corticon Server.

    Reporting Tools:

    Crystal Reports 7/7.5, Business Objects, SAP ABAP.

    Web Server:

    IIS 4/5/6 Cold Fusion Server 4/4.5.


    Visual InterDev 6/7, Front Page 98/2000, WIKI, SVN Tortoise,

    Ms-Office 98/2000/2003/2007/2010.

    Server Utilities:

    MTS/ COM/COM+, MIS, MSMQ, Index Server.

    Source Control:

    VSS 5/6, Smart CVS, SVN, TFS, Serena Dimensions, Mercurial.

    Bug Tracker Tools:

    PVCS Tracker, On Time Web 2005, Rally.


    • Microsoft Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/.Net/64/MCE, Red Hat Linux and Ubuntu.
    • IIS with server components and SQL Server 7/2000/2005/2008.
    • Microsoft Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010.


    Confidential,Atlanta, GA

    July 2011 - Jan 2012


    Consultant/Sr. Technical Lead


    • Review project plans to plan and coordinate project activity.
    • Manage backup, security and user help systems.
    • Develop and interpret organizational goals, policies, and procedures.
    • Develop computer information resources, providing for data security and control, strategic computing, and disaster recovery.
    • Consult with users, management, vendors, and technicians to assess computing needs and system requirements.
    • Stay abreast of advances in technology.
    • Meet with department heads, managers, supervisors, vendors, and others, to solicit cooperation and resolve problems.
    • Provide users with technical support for computer problems.
    • Evaluate data processing proposals to assess project feasibility and requirements.
    • Assist and manage technical teams to deliver project plans.

    Environment: C#/VB.Net, ASP.Net MVC2/3, Jquery/JQuery Templates, JQuery Mobile, JavaScript, Sql Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Titanium developer, Android/iOS/Windows Mobile development.

    Confidential,Atlanta, GA

    May 2011July 2011


    Lead .Net Consultant


    • Study and transition the existing system architecture.
    • Document and suggest implementation of new technologies and methodologies.
    • Technical liaison to IT Director and Program Managers.

    Environment: C#/VB.Net, ASP.Net, Jquery/JavaScript, Sql Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Oracle 10i/11g.

    Confidential,Norcross, GA

    Jan 2011 – Apr 2011


    Senior .Net Consultant


    • Participate in daily stand up meeting and provide status to team members.
    • Participate in bi-weekly iteration meetings to estimates stories and task.
    • Involved in product development (planning, development, unit testing and deployment).
    • Responsible for writing and executing Unit tests.
    • Participate and present bi-weekly sprint demos.

    Environment: C#, ASP.Net with Razor view Engine, MVC 3 framework, AJAX, JQuery, Sql Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010, Mercurial, Visual Hg, Jenkins/Hudson, Nunit, Mocq, Resharper 5/6, Fluent nHibernate.


    Oct 2009 – Jan 2011


    Senior .Net Consultant

    New Account Setup, Flex Web services, Policy Holder address validations, Commission Calculations, Partnership Workspace, Wingspan Enrollment System (ETL/Reports),


    • Work with on site and off site resources. Meet with Offshore teams to gather status updates and provide to high management.
    • Participate in project meetings and provide suggestions on product enhancements and development.
    • Responsible to provide User cases and presentations/demos on developed product.
    • Analyze and provide project estimates to project managers.
    • Review and standardize existing architecture to meet AFLAC coding, designing and technical standards.
    • Provide technical support when necessary to related internal teams.
    • Collaborate on regular basis to provide status updates.
    • Provide technical support to old and new system.
    • Provide support in resolving production issues to development and release teams.
    • Analyze, design and develop reporting requirements to meet the business needs.

    Environment: WCF, WPF, C#, ASP.Net, AJAX/JQuery, WPF/Silverlight, Business Objects, Sql Server 2005/2008, SSIS , Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008/2010, TFS, Serena Dimensions.

    Confidential, CA

    Jun 2009 – Oct 2009


    Technical Architect/Consultant


    • Gather and analyze user requirements.
    • Gathering information from peer meetings for requirement analysis.
    • Collaborate in design sessions.
    • Provide design and development estimations.
    • Designed and Implemented core framework for reporting solution.
    • Designed and implemented reporting application to fit business requirements.

    Environment: ASP.Net, Visual Basic.Net, AJAX, Oracle 10g, DB2, ODP.Net, Visual Studio 2008, HP QTP, XML/XSL, JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, Windows XP Pro/2003.

    Confidential,Atlanta, GA

    Apr 2008 – Jun 2009


    IT Lead/.Net Consultant


    • Collaborate with business users and analyst on regular basis to document the product features.
    • Provide regular status updates to Systems Directors and product owners.
    • Document application design documents and application process flows.
    • Provide Proof of concepts for finalized requirements.
    • Provide design and development estimations.
    • Provide high level documents with following information:
      • data model and data access layer.
      • business systems and layers.
      • Service layers.
      • UI layouts and best practices.
    • Mentor other team members on business and technical requirements.
    • Maintain technical support for existing legacy applications.

    Environment: ASP.Net, C#, Visual Basic.Net, AJAX, Component Art, WCF, Web Services, XML/XSL, JavaScript, DHTML/HTML, Windows XP Pro/2003, Oracle 10g, DB2, ODP.Net, Visual Studio 2003/2005/2008, Corticon Rules Engine.


    BS in Computer Sciences
    Post Graduation Diploma in Computer Applications

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