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Quality Assurance Test Analyst Resume

St Petersburg, FL

Professional Summary

  • Over 6 years of experience as a Quality Assurance Test Analyst / Quality Assurance Engineer, performing both manual and automation testing of applications in the client server, internet/intranet environments using HP Quality Center including Quick Test Professional (QTP), Mercury IT Governance center.
  • Exposure in Finance, Banking and Marketing industries.
  • Expertise in project management skills by handling all meetings, data analysis, documentation and business reports.
  • Extensive experience in testing of large client server applications, Web based applications, E-Commerce Applications and Middleware applications on various Window and UNIX Environments.
  • Full life cycle experience in Quality Assurance, including Black Box, system, integration, database, performance, GUI, Functional, Regression, Unit testing, User Acceptance, Smoke testing and Sanity testing of both client-server and web-based applications.
  • Hands on experience with all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Software Test Life Cycle (STLC) and also have Exposure to Agile process and methodologies.
  • Well conversant with software testing methodologies including developing Test plans, Test scenarios, Test cases, Test procedures, Test reports and documenting manual and automation tests.
  • Expertise inManual/Functional Testing,Automation Testing.
  • Involved in developing and maintaining Test Matrix and Traceability Matrix, and performing Gap Analysis.
  • Working knowledge of ad-hoc product testing and test Automation using testing tools like QTP, Sahi, Selenium, Quality Center, Win Runner and Load Runner.
  • Effectively involved in bug tracking, reporting reviewing and analyzing test result using Quality Center
  • Developed automated test scripts using VB Script (Quick Test Professional), Test Script Language (Win Runner).
  • Creation and execution of Synchronization statements and Checkpoints in Automation testing.
  • Knowledge of using bug reporting tool like bugzilla and ZIRA for reporting bugs to developer.
  • Proficient in using Microsoft Office tools and Well versed with SQL, PL/SQL queries to run the data integrity tests.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills with problem solving abilities, effective in working independently and an exceptional team player.

Technical Skills:

Testing Tools

Win Runner, Load Runner, Quick Test Pro (QTP), Sahi, Selenium, Rational Team Test, MS Visual Studio 2005, 2008

Test Reporting Tools

Test Director, Rational Clear Quest, Quality Center.

Operating Systems

Windows 98/2000/XP/NT, UNIX, LINUX


Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MS Access

Programming Languages

TSL, VB Scripting, SQL, PL/SQL

Bug Reporting Tool

ZIRA and BugZilla

Web Technologies


MS in Computer Science

Professional Experience

St. Petersburg, FL October 2011 to Till Date
QA Automation Analyst
Catalina in-store network consists of 50,000 food, drug, and mass merchant locations worldwide. It delivers an advertising messaging and promotions. We performed automation testing on application using selenium and used JIRA to report bugs.
Role: - Responsible for automation testing and issuing bugs.


  • Perform Installation of Twist agile (Java) Methodology on network to make expandable to other team members.
  • Created Test Scenarios and Test Cases according to the business and system requirements
  • Used Tortoise SVN for subversion and checkout Test scripts for java developer.
  • Executed test Scenarios using both manual and automated testing using Twist Agile Methodology
  • Recorded and executed Test scripts manually using Sahi and Selenium2.0 as web driver
  • Co-ordinate with Java Dev. to write code on backend for automation testing using selenium 2.0
  • Used Firefox browser to installed Selenium IDE to test the Catalina test portal BPT server
  • Used firebug to track the error of recorded script in selenium IDE
  • All the Bugs that came up during testing process were reported through JIRA bug reporting tool
  • Involved in UAT-SQA testing on application like Manufacturer and Client Package
  • Involved in deployment of SQA staging environment into UAT
  • Raised the Ticket in JIRA against defect of each module in Manufacturing Program
  • Participated in reviews and defect report meetings weekly
  • Involved in regression testing for the modified builds.
  • Intentionally raised defects by giving validations and doing negative testing on applications
  • Interacted with developers and Managers to identify and resolve technical issues while performing automation testing using Selenium in Twist.

Environment: Twist Agile version 2.3 and 2.4, Tortoise SVN 1.6.1, Win merge, Java, JIRA, HP QTP, Oracle, IE 8, Firefox11, Sahi, selenium IDE 1.7.2

Cincinnati, OH April 2011 to September 2011
QA Test Engineer
Confidential, an Americanmultinationalfinancial service which provides best financial solution to clients. System testing, Integration testing, load testing is perform to check application and report bugs in bug reporting tool and also used QC to create test plan.
Role: - Responsible for developing and Executing Test cases.


  • Understand the business requirement and technical specification documents by KT Session.
  • Reviewed change request documents and defect description and attendant meetings to document the required changes.
  • Involved in project management skills by handling details of required methodology and test management tool.
  • Developing test cases, test procedures and test data from requirement document
  • Involved in test plan and test case review meetings
  • Updating the test cases document according to review comments
  • Develop test cases on various insurance plans, annuities
  • Perform functional testing and regression testing on each field of insurance plan and annuities.
  • Worked validation testing on annuities.
  • Created parameterization for agencies using QTP.
  • Wrote java script for client-side scripting and cross-browser compatibility
  • Given validation to see errors while executing test case.
  • Extensively used PL and PL/SQL query statements to verify the data integrity and validation between the front-end values with the backend database values of the application.
  • Designed and implemented automation test framework using Selenium, multiple load,
    performance, and stress tools.
  • Used Selenium IDE to record, edit and debug test
  • Used Sahi for complex tasks like data-driven testing for automation framework.
  • Performed Smoke, System testing, system Integration Testing, User acceptance testing, Database testing and Regression testing.
  • Prepared Test cases, procedures, Bug Tracking, Logging and reporting bugs using Quality center
  • Experience developing a Comprehensive Test Strategy inclusive of all testing activities
  • Updating status report daily basis and weekly basis by conducting meetings with QA team.
  • Involved in writing of modification reports for errors identified in testing and clearly communicated with development via defect tracking system using Quality Center
  • Conducted system testing for applications to ensure requirements are meet and defects are managed under insurance plans and annuities.
  • Involved in Database testing to verify data integrity tests.
  • Extensively interacted with developers to analyze and resolve the issues that were encountered while testing the application.

Environment: Win Runner7.0, sahi, Selenium, Quality Center 9, Oracle, HTML, Java Script, J2EE, UNIX, SQL, Internet Explorer and MS Windows.

Plano, Texas April 2010 to March 2011
QA Tester
Confidential, is a U.S.-basedbank holding companyspecializing incredit cards,home loans,auto loans,bankingand savingsproducts. We use maximum check points using QTP for application and work on times issues by synchronizing to test application.
Role: - Conducting Backend testing manually and generating automated scripts using QTP.


  • Analyzed system specifications and business requirements and helped create the detailed Test Plan.
  • Created Test Cases to check the functionality of Application
  • Highly involved in KT sessions, wrote test plan and conducted reviews on each test plan.
  • Involved in maintaining and uploading the QTP Scripts to Quality Center.
  • Involved in writing stored procedure, triggers using SQL Server 2008.
  • Performed Database Validation Testing and manipulations using SQL
  • Graphs like Vusers graph, Transaction graph and web resource graph were analyzed in regards with Load testing for better results.
  • Executed the test scripts and store each iterative result with related properties (Date, Time, Defects, and Expected/Actual results).
  • Created parameterization for agencies using QTP.
  • Used load runner for analyzing graph of Annuities, life insurance plan and agencies.
  • Worked validation testing on annuities
  • Generated automated scripts using Quick Test Pro; modified script-using VBScript.
  • Used VB script to write executable functions that are embedded in or included from HTML pages and interact with theDocument Object Model(DOM) of the page.
  • Conducted system testing for applications to ensure requirements are meet and defects are managed under insurance plans and annuities.
  • Recorded scripts in QTP to perform Functionality testing.
  • Created Text area Checkpoints to test the properties of the text in the application using QTP.
  • Included XML check point, to check the property of the web page.
  • Tested the properties of the tables using table checkpoints using QTP.
  • Created page checkpoints to test the properties and contents of the web page QTP.
  • Timing issues between Application and the Test were taken care of by using Synchronization points.
  • Conducted backend testing manually
  • Develop test cases on various insurance plans, annuities
  • Develop automated test scripts using the Selenium automation tools
  • Perform functional testing and regression testing on each field of insurance plan and annuities.
  • Communicated changes to requirements promptly and precisely to all personnel involved.
  • Responsible to report bugs using Quality Center and MS Excel.
  • Updated bug status in Quality Center through regular communications with Development team.
  • Reported directly to the test lead and discussed all issues occurred during testing.
  • Collaboratively work with developers, business analysts and discussed technical problems.
  • Met with the developers and technical content writers on a daily basis to update the test documents.
  • Extensively participate in weekly status meeting with Project manager to discuss the current and future issues for testing plan as well as testing procedures.

Environment: VB Script, XML, UNIX, QTP 10 and 11, Quality Center 10, Windows 2000, SQL 2000, SQL 2008 visual Studio.

Latham, OH September 2008 to March 2010
QA Tester
EIM specialize in creating performance-improvement programs and marketing solutions that deliver results to employee and clients worldwide. We create test reports to check the results of application
Role: - Involved in developing Test scripts and reports


  • Analyze user requirements, procedures and problem to automate processing or improve existing system.
  • Work with project management for handling issues of changing requirements and change whole test cases in QC.
  • Interacted with Product Experts for understanding the customized application and Business users for creating test cases.
  • Creating Test cases, Test scripts as per the requirement documents and Coordinating Quality Center with QTP as per the requirement documents.
  • Used java script to write functions for Opening orpopping upa new window with programmatic control over the size, position, and attributes of the new window (e.g. whether the menus, toolbars, etc., are visible).
  • Used java script for validatinginput values of aweb formto make sure that they are acceptable before being submitted to the server.
  • Responsible for Functionality, Usability, System, Compatibility and Navigation Flow Testing
  • Used Standard checkpoints to check the attributes of the application across several builds and versions.
  • Validated the application against the expected results by inserting Databases, Bitmaps and GUI checkpoints.
  • Involved in Drives the effort for End-To-End Test scenarios and test script building for UAT
  • Involved in End-To-End testing and was responsible for the Quality Assurance of this application to complete in an estimated time
  • Created batch scripts to execute the various test scripts, thus saving time by performing tests overnight and at off-peak hours.
  • Developed reports and graphs to present the load/stress test results.
  • Confer with personnel of organizational units to analyze current operational procedures, to identify problems and learn specific input and output requirements such as forms of data, how data is to be summarized and format for reports.
  • Involved in Author proposal for web-based automation testing utilizing Selenium IDE.
  • Designed and implemented automation test framework using Selenium, multiple load,
    performance, and stress tools.
  • Used Keyword Driven for automation testing framework to launch application directly without any scripts.
  • Created test schedules and formulated deadlines and strategies.
  • Reviewed and approved test runs.
  • Prepared work flow charts and diagrams to specify in details operations to be performed
  • Wrote SQL scripts to back-end and data integrity testing.
  • Participated in Defect and General Review meetings with the team members.

Environment:Quality Center, QTP 9.5 and 10, NETframework2.0, selenium, Java Script, VB.NET, Visual Studio .Net, COM, COM+, XML/XSLT, IIS 5.0, SQLServer2000 and Windows 2000.

Omaha, NE April 2007 to August 2008
QA LEAD Manual Tester
Confidential, financial institution division provides investment program services to their clients and members. We develop test framework to validate data on application.
Role: - Involved in writing Test cases for application to perform manual testing stages.


  • Analyzed system specifications and business requirements of end clients and used agile Methodology.
  • Created detailed Test plans to check the functionality of Application.
  • Responsible for creating test case templates to facilitate mapping of manual test cases to automation test scripts.
  • Developed Tractability Matrix which is a proof of document to ensure that all the specifications are been tested and has no defect.
  • Planning and reviewing the Test cases for Functionality, Security, Performance, Database and User Acceptance testing.
  • Participated in walkthroughs for the evaluation of the test plan with the QA Lead and design and development team.
  • Performed manual testing on different Modules of the Application by executing the Test Cases.
  • Perform cross-browser testing using different browsers like IE, Firefox Mozilla and Chrome.
  • Cross checked calculations using Microsoft Excel formulas.
  • Extensively used SQL to validate the data in the SQL-Server database by writing Procedures & SQL Queries.
  • Involved in Black box testing, Functional testing, Integration testing, ad-hoc testing, Backend testing, User acceptance testing, Smoke Testing, Security testing, Regression testing.
  • Effectively involved in bug tracking, reporting reviewing and analyzing test result using bugzilla
  • Responsible for collecting the test data in the pre-testing phase for positive and negative scenarios.

Environment: Manual Testing, Ms EXCEL, Agile methodology, Java, SQL, Web applications

Columbus, OH October 2006 to March 2007
QA Tester
The leading financial firm with investment, banking, finance, insurance and Credit card services. Enterprise shared service development system having different credit card services like CPS, E-pay, CRDM, Feature Manager and ECMS
Role:Involved in testing credit card services.


  • Migrated manual test cases into QuickTest professional (QTP) scripts for Regression testing using Web add-ins' and advanced functions using VB Script.
  • Exported Test Cases using Mercury Excel add-in into Quality Center and converted them into Test Scenarios for automating in Test Plan and Test Lab module.
  • Reviews test plans for teammates and coworkers.
  • Involved in the preparation of automation Scripts for CPS Rewards method and E-Pay initiate payment and make payment methods.
  • Parameterized dynamic data with base line test data for each load and developed Recovery scenarios for a smooth run when scheduled over 200 scripts in Test Lab module Test Sets.
  • Worked on Requirements, Test Plan, and Test Lab and Defects modules in Quality Center for Regression testing.
  • Created and maintained SQL Scripts and Unix Shell scripts to perform back-end testing on the oracle database.
  • Enhanced Scripts by Putting Check Points like standard checkpoints, Text Checkpoint, output values by putting Text Area output value Check point, passing values between actions if the scripts needs.
  • Worked on a UNIX platform and experience in backend testing by executing SQL queries
  • Generated Project status reports thru Quality Center and Document Generator for team meetings and Management review.
  • Developed Automation Scripts that runs around 4000 test cases in a single run without any exceptions in UAT for regression testing.
  • Involved in CRDM, ECMS and Feature Manager Sub-systems Regression testing
  • Manually tested the new test cases for new functionality and automated them for further loads to reduce testing effort and time using Quick Test Professional.
  • Enhanced QTP Scripts for every load to support new and existing functionality for the application for Integration and System testing phases.
  • PerformedStress,LoadandPerformanceTesting on the web-based application usingLoad runnerto determine the reliability and capacity of the server.
  • Written test scripts in VBscript using QTP.
  • Inserted checkpoints in the test scripts for checking functionality testing using QTP.
  • Test Directorfor bug reporting, tracking and documentation on theBug tracking System.
  • Interacted with the developers to report and usingQuality Center.
  • Developed and maintainedTest & Traceability Matrices.
  • Manually tested the web application to ensure the flow of the application functionality.

Environment: Windows NT, Windows server 2003, Quick Test Professional 8.2 and 9, Load Runner,Quality Center, Oracle, UNIX

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