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Quality Assurance Resume

Hyderabad, IndiA


  • Overall 4.1 years of experience as Software Quality Assurance Engineer in Manual as well as Automation Testing.
  • Having sound knowledge on security concepts and product testing (Installation and Configuration).
  • Having sound experience in software domains including security, databases and e-commerce.
  • Administration and Configuration of CA Siteminder R6 and R12 versions on cross platforms with diversified web servers to the Web Agents and policy Servers
  • Configured SSL on Apache 2.0, IIS and Sun One web Servers
  • Got good knowledge on integration of CA Siteminder with CA eSSO and CA Service Desk applications
  • Given CA Siteminder product demonstration to the customers and trainings to the other teams and stake holders.
  • Have fair understanding on Federation concepts
  • Having good knowledge in TCP/IP Suite and Proxy / Reverse Proxy concepts. Reverse Proxying and creating required modules with Apache 2.x
  • Installing the Web,App Servers, LDAP and Database servers on different Environment (Cross Platform) – windows, Solaris, RedHat-Linux, AIX
  • Got fair troubleshooting skills with various technologies including RSH, Rlogin, Telnet, FTP issues on Linux and Solaris
  • Proficient in working with all web servers (IIS, Apache, SunOne, IHS, Domino) and application servers (jboss, weblogic, websphere)
  • Having good understanding of all security and web technologies
  • Proficient in developing automation test framework and authoring test scripts with QTP.
  • Adequate experience in authoring and reviewing test cases for both manual and automation projects.
  • Expertise in Functional, Integration, System, Regression testing and Database Testing.
  • Exposure to Bug Tracking tools like Rational Clear Quest, JIRA, Bug Zilla and exposure to Test Case Management tools like HP Quality Center and QaTraq
  • Maintained and reviewed the process documents in lieu with the standards laid down by SEPG in the role of SQA coordinator. Involved in preparing the Test Plan and Risk Management documents.
  • Certified with ISTQB (testing certification – foundation level) and OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) certification
  • Proficiency in Backend testing on different DB Platforms like Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase, IBM DB2 and MySQL.
  • Installation and maintenance of MS SQL Server 2000, Sybase, DB2, MySQL and Oracle and also Strong SQL background in Oracle 9i.
  • Involved in Agile testing methodology interacting directly with the developers at the client end.
  • Maintained databases for online entrance exams (ACE AppLabs Centre of Excellence) as part of AppLabs recruitment drives.
  • Good Communication and Interpersonal skills.
  • Provided trainings on security testing, database and automation concepts to the new trainees, peers and other team members.

Technical Skills:


Security, Database testing, e-Commerce, Automation

Automation Tools:

QTP 9.2


SQL, PL/SQL, VBScript, PERL, Java

App Servers:

Weblogic 9.0, IBM WebSphere and Jboss

Web Servers:

Apache (1.x, 2.x), Domino8, IBM-HttpServer6, IIS, SunOne webserver


Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2005,IBM DB2, Sybase ASE 12.5


Apache DS, ADAM, AD, RedHat Directory Server, CA-Directory and iPlanet

Operating Systems:

Windows 2000/2003/2008/Vista, Solaris10, Linux5, AIX

Configuration Tools:

VSS 6.0

Educational Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Bachelor of Technology (Computer Science and Engineering)

Summary of Experience:

  • Working with Confidential,Hyderabad as Quality Assurance Engineer since Sept ‘08
  • Worked with Confidential,Hyderabad , CMMI Level 5 Company as Senior Software Engineer Since Apr ’06 – Sept ‘08
  • Worked with Confidential,Hyderabad Since Nov ’05 – April ‘06

Project Details:

Project 1

Project Name : Confidential,
Client : Confidential,
Designation : Quality Assurance Engineer
Duration : Sept ’08 – Till date
Teamsize : 3
Organization : Confidential,
Location : Hyderabad, India
Environment : Windows 2k/2k3/2k8, Solaris9/10, Linux 4/5


Confidential,Web Access Manager provides an enterprise-scale Web access management system that enables you to control access to Web applications and portals for employees, customers and business partners—both securely and efficiently. CA Siteminder provides user authentication and authorization component of an access management suite and auditing of access to Web applications and portals from Netegrity (www.netegrity.com), a division of Computer Associates. Siteminder provides policy-based authentication as well as single sign-on for all Web-based applications. It supports UNIX, Linux and Windows, as well as mainframes, application servers, Web servers, ERP, CRM, RDBMS, directory and other systems. CA Siteminder provides varied types of Authentications in terms of protecting the Web applications and portals, and also it has varied types of Web Agents in order to be compatible for Different type of Web applications and portals.

Major Siteminder Components:

Web Agent
Policy Server
WAMUI (Web Access Management User Interface)
WTI-STI (Automation)

  • Supports Reverse Proxy Environment to protect a web resource
  • Resource authentication to provide SSO to protected resources
  • Integrates with existing SSO solutions
  • Provide access control on web resources
  • User Authorizations based on
  • User/group/role(Applications)
  • Rules, IP Address, time, user profile, Realms, Policies and variables etc.
  • Multiple(14 by default) Authentications provision
  • Multiple Web Agents for Different kind of Portals

Roles and Responsibility:

  • Installation/configuration/upgradation of CA Siteminder on different platforms windows/UNIX flavors with variety of web servers and App servers
  • Installation/configuration/upgradation of CA Siteminder also includes the configuration of the product to different LDAP servers and Database servers
  • Building the configurations/setups (SSL/Cert-based Auth Schemes, Load balancing, Fail over, clustering scenarios) of the product for the QA cycle. Troubleshooting of configuration issues and solving issues for the team.
  • Test plan preparation and execution matrix for the sustaining QA release.
  • Performing test cases authoring and execution of the features.
  • Reviewing of authored test cases, bugs and other scenarios/use cases
  • Performing verification of the fixed defects and also the fixed customer issues by creating the environment accordingly.
  • Performing Ad-hoc testing on the functionality of the product and post defects on the defect tracking tool (Rational Clear Quest)
  • Performing the execution of the automated scripts (Perl) as part of Build acceptance testing and regression testing. Scripts are called as WTI-Web Agent Test Interface and STI-Siteminder Test Interface
  • Performing Installation, Functional, Regression, Scenario-based testing with respect to the plan
  • Updating the execution status (test case execution, new defects logged, etc) to the management using the Quality Center

Project 2

Project Name : Confidential,
Client : Confidential,
Designation : Software Engineer
Automation : QTP
Duration : Apr’07 – Sept ‘08
Teamsize : 5
Organization : Confidential,
Location : Hyderabad, India
Environment : Windows XP, Jboss, WebLogic, Oracle 10g,MSSQL 2005,IBM DB2 9.0
Confidential,is a comprehensive Web content management solution to support personalized Web sites, throughout the entire content process including creation, version tracking, preview, editing, revision, approval, and site deployment. By enabling business users to manage and publish content directly, ATG Content Administration helps us maintain a more informative, accurate and relevant site that can ultimately increase revenue and customer satisfaction.


  • Designed and Developed the automation test scripts and functional libraries using QTP
  • Reviewing and Approval of the scripts authored by other team members
  • Performing a regression cycle of the scripts developed
  • Performing functional testing and posting defects in defect tracking tools
  • Involved in the process of code optimizing techniques
  • Maintaining and reviewing Process documents in SQA coordinator role
  • Involved in giving Knowledge Transfers on product

Project 3.

Project Name : Confidential,
Client : Confidential,
Designation : Software Engineer
Manual : Database Testing (Agile Methodology)
Duration : Oct’06 – Apr’07
Teamsize : 6
Organization : Confidential,
Location : Hyderabad, India
Environment : Windows XP/Vista/2k, Oracle 9i/10g,MSSQL 2000/2005,IBM DB2 8.0/9.0,
MySQL 4.0/5.0, Sybase Ase 12.5/15
Confidential,the leading cross-platform database administration solution, helps DBAs maximize availability, performance, and security. Comprehensive graphical editors and wizards boost productivity by reducing errors and permitting existing staff to manage more databases. Support for all major database platforms allows organizations to standardize on one solution. Makes the tedious tasks of the DBAs much easy.


  • Design/Author and Execution of test cases
  • Perform Ad-Hoc testing on DBArtisan Application
  • Maintaining and reviewing Process/Project documents related to the in SQA coordinator role
  • Performed the following types of testing:
    • Installation Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • License Testing
    • Maintaining bug track
    • Review and Approval of the Bugs to be posted.

Project 4.

Project Name : Confidential,
Designation : Associate Software Engineer
Duration : Jun ’06 – Oct’06
Teamsize : 5
Organization : Confidential,
Location : Hyderabad, India
Environment : Windows XP, Oracle 9i, Sybase ASE 15, MySQL 5x,
IBM DB2 UDB, Microsoft SQL Server.
Confidential,, a model-driven data architecture and database design solution, helps companies discover, document, and reuse data assets. With round-trip database support, data architects have the power to thoroughly analyze existing data sources as well as design and implement high quality databases.


  • Performing functional for conformance with client requirements and exploratory testing as the product is complex and no FRS was provided
  • Preparing DSR and WSR
  • Posting defects in defect tracking tools
  • Review and Approval of the bugs to be posted
  • Key player in the team towards meeting client requirements
  • Solving critical database and data modeling issues for other teams
  • Involved in giving Knowledge Transfers on product

Project 5.

Project : Confidential,
Designation : Web Designer cum Tester
Teamsize : 4
Duration : Nov’05 – Apr’06
Organization : Confidential,
Location : Hyderabad, India
Environment : Windows XP

Confidential,is a project maintained by Premium Web Services with a basic aim of creating web pages for their clients across the world using Dream-weaver or other tools and prepares appropriate content for their sites. The web page then gets uploaded to the web through the FTP server. The uploaded site will be linked to all the other web directories, links, and guest books and message boards for more hit ratio. This ultimately results in the high ranking of our client\'s web page.

In Testing Perspective - As there is no testing team available for the project, the designing team itself used to perform the extensive functionality and UI testing of the portal. Team is used to identify bugs and maintain a record of it and then fix the same.


  • Create web pages depending on the requirements using HTML or other third party tools
  • Uploading web pages to the web
  • Linking the uploaded web pages to other directories, links, guest books and message boards
  • Perform maintenance of the site ranks using SEO techniques
  • Review site content, Hyperlink check and Look and Feel of the web pages before uploading
  • Performing functionality and UI testing
  • Maintain bug database in an Excel book for bug tracking.

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