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Software Test Engineer Resume



  • Software Test Engineer with 10 plus years of experience with progressively increasing levels of responsibility.
  • Hands-on experience in writing & executing test plans, on Solaris and HP-UX platforms and documenting results.
  • Experienced in using bug-tracking systems.
  • Organized, detail oriented with excellent interpersonal communications skills.
  • Works well independently and enjoys achieving results through a team effort.


Confidential, (Client: Confidential,NC) May 2007 – Oct 2008

Software Verification Engineer
I tested Wireless Manager, a PC based application, that managed the PC300 Mobile Broadband (HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS) PC card. The Wireless Manager Software allows a user to control connections, data usage, messages (SMS) and contact details, GPS and can be customized for corporate deployment. My responsibilities were:

  • Review requirements and develop test plans and test cases
  • Execute and maintain test plans and test cases for different flavors of the Windows Operating System (2000, XP and Vista)
  • Open DMS records in ClearQuest that document defects found while testing and the steps to recreate them
  • Install weekly builds of Wireless Manager and drivers on client machines running different versions of the Windows Operating System
  • Flash PC300 cards with new version of firmware
  • Tested transmission and reception of SMS messages between the PC300 card and Anritsu 8470A.
  • Verify customized Wireless Manager package that were supported in 26 different languages.

Confidential, (Client: Confidential,NC) April 2006 – May 2007

Software/Hardware Test Engineer
I tested IBM Director remote manager software. IBM Director is an integrated, easy-to-use suite of tools that provide customers with flexible systems management capabilities to help realize maximum systems availability and lower IT Costs. My responsibilities were:

  • Execute and maintain test cases in a multi-OS environment - Windows Server 2000/2003, RedHat Linux Enterprise, SUSE Linux Enterprise
  • Develop test cases and execute them. (Test Tracking Tool - TTT)
  • Use defect tracking software (Configuration Management Version Control - CMVC) to capture summary and detailed steps to recreate defects found in IBM Director
  • Install weekly builds on server and client machines running multiple operating systems
  • Use various types of IBM workstation and server class machines to execute test cases
  • Install drivers like IPMI, RSA on servers
  • Assist team members with various day to day tasks in a large team setting

Confidential,Cary, NC Feb 2005 – March 2006

GUI Test Engineer

I tested the e-Data Collect product GUI. The e-Data Collect is a highly extensible, scalable, OS and device independent framework to develop, deploy and manage mobile enterprise applications or mobilize existing enterprise and legacy applications.
I was responsible. My responsibilities were:

  • Review requirements for each release
  • Develop test cases and execute them
  • Document test cases and results (MS word and Excel)
  • File bug report for issues found during product testing (Rational ClearQuest)
  • Develop test cases for customer found bug reports and add them to the regression test suite.
  • Regression test bug fix releases

Confidential,NC Jan 2001 – Mar 2002

System Test Engineer

I worked on the IP7 Secure Gateway and the Eagle STP products. The IP7 Secure Gateway is a carrier-grade packet switch that provides a centralized, seamless signaling platform for call control in next-generation networks (NGNs). Tekelec’s EAGLE 5 system provides the capabilities of a signal transfer point (STP), signaling server, service control point (SCP) and application server.
I was responsible for system testing features and bug fixes on new and maintenance releases. I developed and executed feature and system tests for GTT, End Office Support, ISUP Normalization, IP7 Internationalization, and Upgrade Secure Gateway features. My primary responsibilities were to:

  • Analyze requirements and study design documents.
  • Develop and document Test Plans, Test Configuration and Test Scripts using “Test Expert” tool.
  • Setup MGTSs to simulate SS7 traffic load.
  • Setup lab workstations, patch traffic generators and system under test.
  • Install and configure different types of SS7 link cards in the lab e.g. DSM, DCM, E1/T1, EDCM cards.
  • Create problem reports using Rational ClearQuest.
  • Test bug fixes after each new build.

Confidential,Ohio Aug 2000 – Nov 2000

System Test Engineer

Call Attempt Data Collection (CADCS) Project.
CADCS provided an end customer with a real-time view of their toll free network terminations. Real time data collected was used to identify and manage customer call volumes and call distribution. CADCS data was also used to trouble shoot customer network problems and to help AT&T plan future toll free service growth. The CADCS product was developed on the HP-UX platform and had a Web based GUI.
My responsibility was to system test the GUI interface for new releases, features and fixes for customer reported problems. My duties included:

  • Reviewing requirements and design documents
  • Developing test plans
  • Writing test cases
  • Test script development in Korn Shell (ksh) and Perl.
  • Test execution including GUI testing
  • Reporting test results
  • Creating change requests (MRs) for developers (Sablime)
  • Setting up simulators and lab test machines

Confidential,Dublin, Ohio 1999 - 2000

Network Routing Engineer

Switch Operations Center, Routing Department

  • Maintained the routing tables in DMS-250 utilizing PC skills and technical knowledge.
  • Built and routed trunk groups in the DMS-250.
  • Served as the focal point and interface with Switch Engineering, Network Optimization and Customer Service Center (CSC) for the reporting of cost implications of incorrect routing.
  • Maintained project schedules and acted as liaison with various departments with the North American numbering plan as it pertains to area code splits.
  • Researched and resolved routing trouble reports from the Customer Service Center.
  • Participated in the project engineering for new switch turn-ups and prepared the routing tables as required.
  • Provided support for the development of a new routing database program.
  • Worked with IT to enhance current and future systems (CORE, RADIS, IROSS) for network routing needs.
  • Interfaced with international facility cost management, switch optimization, and IS for frequent international route changes via IROSS.

Confidential,Columbus, Ohio 1995 - 1999
Software Tester

  • Network Fault Management Project, December, 1997 to October, 1999
  • System Verification and Current Engineering for Trouble Tracking System (TTS) Feature. Work included reviewing requirements, writing test cases, test script development, lab setup, testing requirements and reporting results.
  • Switch Support Subsystem - Developed patterns for 5ESS, DMS, Motorola and Nortel Switches. Work included writing design documents, pattern development, mapping, unit testing, feature testing and Current Engineering. Patterns were written in a \'C\' and awk style language.
  • Current Engineering for OSAP and TIM subsystems. Fixed defects in these subsystems. The code was written in C in a Unix environment.
  • Mentored two newly transferred employees to make them productive members of the Switch Support team.
  • New Network Switch (NNS) Project, June,1996 to December, 1997
  • Problem Report system development - Designed, developed and tested a system to track vendor response time for defects found in their products. The tracking system was developed using \'C\', Perl and Korn Shell (ksh) languages.
  • Vendor Management for Stratus Computer for NNS:
  • Administered Sablime MRs and Problem Reports to track defects in vendor products.
  • Maintained lab machines by applying patches received from vendors.
  • Telecommunication Management Network Object Model maintenance - Updated the TMN GDMO for NNS using GDMOpro, which is a third party software package.
  • No. 2 Network Control Point (2NCP) Project - June, 1995 to June, 1996
  • Ported the Measurements and Collected Data (MCD) subsystem of the 2NCP product from Fault Tolerant Unix (FTX) version 2 to 3 (OS upgrade). The MCD subsystem was written in C.
  • Regression tested the MCD subsystem after the port to FTX3.
  • Vendor Management for Stratus Computer for 2NCP.
  • Administered Sablime MRs and Problem Reports to track defects in vendor products.
  • Maintained lab machines by applying patches received from vendors.

Languages: Korn Shell (ksh), Perl and \'C\'
Operating Systems: Solaris, HP-UX, UNIX, Linux, Windows 2000/XP, /Vista and FTX3.
Tools: Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Rational ClearQuest, MGTS, Sablime, CMVC, Test Tracking Tool – TTT, Beyond compare, NetPerSec – To measures the real-time speed, DebugView – To capture the logs on Windows operation system, WSFTP_Pro – Used to transfer files and messaging software, DebugMux – To capture Firmware logs.
Hardware: HP K460, Sun Workstations, Stratus Computers and PCs.


  • Developed a relational database for a rental car company using PC/FOCUS (4GL) as my project.