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Quality Assurance Resume

Dallas, TX

Seeking a Quality Analyst position where my skills and knowledge will be fully utilized


  • 6 years of extensive experience in the IT industry with emphasis in Quality Assurance, Testing, Analysis and Documentation of various applications
  • Testing of GUI and functional aspects of the Client-Server and Web based Applications on multiple levels of the SDLC and Testing Life Cycle (TDLC)
  • Expertise in designing and developing strategic Test plans, Test Cases, Test Scenarios, and Test Reports for both manual and automated tests.
  • Involved in GUI testing, Functionality testing, System applications
  • Experience with Integration testing, Performance testing, Stress testing, Front end testing, Backend testing and Regression Testing of Web based applications.
  • Expertise in scripting web application with mercury automated tool , QTP 8.2/9.0/9.2/10.0
  • Good Exposure on Mercury Load Runner 7.8/8.0 for performing Load Testing
  • Experience in using Mercury Quality Center/Test Director for writing the test cases, executing the test cases and defect reporting.
  • Familiarity with UNIX shells scripting and tools such as FileZilla.
  • Experience with Web services and Soapui.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries for database using PL/SQL developer & DB Visualizer
  • Experience in Java/Web Testing environment where the Software Development using Java/J2EE, XML, HTML, JavaScript, Oracle.
  • Strong knowledge of Agile Iterative model, Testing Methodologies and Techniques.
  • Understanding of software architecture technologies HTML, XML, Java, Java script, Web Services, SOA, SOAP and UNIX knowledge.
  • Interpersonal skill, Quick learner and self motivated. Also can work well in demanding situation.
  • Skills Summary

    Testing Tools:

    Quick Test Professional (QTP)8.2/9.0/9.2/10.0, Mercury/HP Quality Center, Test Director, LoadRunner 7.8/8.0, Clear Quest, Bugzilla.

    Operating Systems:

    Windows XP/2003/2000, UNIX.


    SQL Server ,Oracle (SQL), Oracle 9i, DB2, MS SQL server 2005

    Web Technologies:

    HTML, MS FrontPage, XML,Webservice

    Scripting Languages:

    VB Script



    General Tools:

    PL/SQL developer, DB Visualizer, Filezilla, SOAP UI

  • Confidential,Client: Confidential,July 2010 – Till Date Confidential,Dallas, TX
  • Role: QA Lead

    Confidential,is the Retail sales Platform for managing leads and contacts, performing direct
    mail and email marketing, and ordering approved marketing collateral. One stop resource to
    access all brand-approved materials and tools that you need for reaching your potential
    customers and Business Partners.


  • Develop and document test strategy/plans and detailed test scenarios, while working in a
  • Agile/SCRUM software development process.

    • Reviewed product requirements document and functional specification.
    • Involved in developing test strategy, test plan and test case documents.
    • Involved in writing and implementation of the UAT/SIT test plan.
    • Collaborated with BA and developers for bug reviews and requirements clarification.
    • Proactively came up with innovative methods to improve software quality, test coverage
      and regression.
    • Conducted daily team meetings with business users, developers and junior testers to get updates on the status and raise any issues to the management.
    • Coordinated the production certification
    • Performed Negative Testing and Position testing to test various input file formats using XML and web services to test the SOA (Service oriented architecture) integration
    • Developed Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM) to track requirements during the QA Testing Phase.
    • Actively participated in Project meetings and discussions.
    • Frequently communicated with developers and BA to assist in clarification of technical and Business Issues.
    • Carried out enhancement of test cases and test scripts for functionalities added as per the new business requirements.
    • Documented the smoke test documentation for the production certification.
    • Investigated bugs using Quality center and interacted with developers to resolve technical issues.

    QA Tools: Manual Testing, Mercury Quality Center 9.2

    System Environment: C# ,.NET 2.0, JavaScript, Transact SQL, HTML,Flash 8,IIS 6.0 ,MS SQL server
    2005, Windows 2003 Enterprise Server.

  • Confidential, Mar 2010 – Till Date
    Dallas, TX.

    Role: QA Tester

    On-demand testing via a global community of professional testers. The testing platform includes, web application, mobile application, gaming application and desktop application.

    • Involved in functional testing of web site for SaaS Companies, or mobile application testing for gaming company.
    • Performed Exploratory Testing designed to catch bugs that are regularly missed by automation and test scripts.
    • With the help of a dedicated uTest project manager, verified the functionality of your application across location, language, OS/browser, anti-virus, firewalls and other criteria.
    • Experience testing mobile devices app, including iPhone,Android, etc.
    • Performed the usability testing for various application and delivered unbiased high quality feedback to the customer.
    • Performed survey based usability testing for companies launching web, mobile and desktop application.
    • Involved in performing live load test by testing the application simultaneously.

    QA Tools: Manual Testing

  • Confidential,Client: Confidential,Mar, 2008 - May, 2010
    Confidential,Dallas, TX.

    Role: QA Tester
  • Confidential,software allows Airline to manage all aspects of in-flight operations such as food, beverage,
    etc. The software reduces airline costs while improving the overall effectiveness of the airline In-flight
    operation. It streamlines aircraft provisioning needs by reducing meal boarding overage levels;automate
    invoice audit process and decreasing costs of invoice inaccuracy.


  • Involved in User Interface, Functionality, Navigation, Volume, Load, Performance and Security testing,
  • Beta Testing.

  • Set up the test environment, defining detailed Test Requirements, converting them into Test Cases and
  • collected Test Metrics for analyzing the Testing Effort Extensively used \'Mercury Quality Center\' for
    creating tests and logging defects.

  • Executed Test cases on front-end and back end, maximizing test and validation coverage.
  • Develop, maintain and conduct smoke test cases for QA environments.
  • Tested extensive backend testing using SQL Queries to retrieve the data from the database and
  • checked data integrity.

  • Testing of the Web service (SOAP & XML) messages using SOAP UI
  • Plan, coordinate, and conduct Systems Integration Testing with other application test leads to ensure
  • end to end coverage

  • Performed Sanity testing for each new build of the application
  • Conducted cross browser testing to check the compatibility of the AUT with different Browser\'s (IE,
  • Netscape, Mozilla)

  • Created Load test data in Load testing environment by using LoadRunner.
  • Experience creating regression scripts utilizing QuickTest Professional
  • Wrote simple SQL queries to verify the database tables for the data inserted from the GUI.
  • QA Tools: Manual Testing, Mercury Quality Center, QTP 9.2/10.0, LoadRunner, Bug tracking system

    System Environment:
    JSP, Servlet, EJB, HTML, JavaScript, Apache ANT, Weblogic, UNIX, Oracle, Java
    JDK version – 1.5

  • Web based check-in product – Client: Confidential, Nov 2006 to Feb – 2008
    Confidential,Minneapolis, MN
  • Role: QA Tester
    This is a web based check-in product developed by Northwest Airlines. The product is developed using
    J2EE framework with 3 Tier Architecture. The product allows the passengers of the airline to check-in into
    their aircraft from the web. Product also has a set of complex business functionality based on business rule
    such as, allows a coach class passenger to upgrade and fly on a first class seat, Change of flights, Change
    the seat, Fly as a standby on a different flight, Add bags etc.


  • Developed the Standard Documentation for the Test Plans, Test Specifications and Test Summary
  • Sheets

  • Scripting of application flow as per the requirement using QTP.
  • Optimized QTP scripts for Regression testing of the application with various data sources and data
  • types.

  • Used Test Director to indicate the progress of automated testing during weekly status updates to
    the project manager
  • The Prepared Test Matrix and Test Procedures for the different modules of the application.
  • Installed, maintained and used Testing software’s
  • Set up the test environment and created the Test data
  • Integrated QTP with Test Director to run the scripts in unattended mode.
  • Evaluate performance test in LoadRunner Virtual User Generator
  • Created bug reports, verified bug fixes, logged bugs into Bug Tracking System
  • Generated reports using the Analysis in Load Runner.
  • Communicated with developers and management to ensure delivery of a Quality product on time
  • QA Tools:

    QTP, Test Director/Quality Center, Clear Quest

    System Environment
    JSP, Servlet, EJB, JSTL, XML, HTML, Javascript, ANT, Websphere, UNIX, Worldspan, Oracle

  • Confidential,Client Confidential, May, 2005 – Oct, 2006
    Confidential,Minneapolis, MN
  • Role: QA Tester
    Confidential,product that allows customers to perform various personal banking activities. The
    activities include withdraw money, look for balance in the various savings and checking account. Transfer
    funds from one account to another account. Deposit cash or check. The application interacts with the back-
    end J2EE server and executes the same business logic/layer as used by online banking software.


  • Review User Requirements, Design Documents and interact with business Analysts and end users to
  • understand the requirements.

  • Involved in creation and execution of functional, Integration, User interface, security test cases,
  • Compatibility and performance test cases.

  • Track bugs and report defect-using Test Director and Mercury Quality Center from Mercury Interactive
  • Developed and Executed Test Cases in Test Director.
  • Recorded & created Automated Scripts using QTP to perform Functional & Regression Testing.
  • File reports using defect tracking software applications, Bugzilla
  • Worked closely with the application and technical architecture teams to plan testing cycle (assembly,
  • product, performance, integration, system, user acceptance tests).

    QA Tools: QTP, Test Director/Quality Center, Bugzilla.

    System Environment: JSP, Applet, Servlet, Struts, EJB, XML, HTML, JavaScript, ANT, Websphere, UNIX,
    DB2, Java JDK version 1.4.

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